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WATCH Britney's Good Morning America Performance HERE!

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We've got the footage before it's aired on TV!

Okay, now that we've seen the final performance….

She's not 19 anymore. She's 29.

And not everyone is as athletic as Madonna!

The Britney that used to be able to dance fiercely is no longer. We're not exactly sure why she's gone, but - like we've said before - we'd love to find out!

If Spears gave an interviewing blaming her knee surgery and multiple knee injuries, then we'd understand why her movement has been impaired and our expectations would be different/lower. Or, there's also speculation that medication she may be on might be impeding her ability to dance.

It is what it is.

Thankfully, though, Britney is still Britney, bitch! And, we do LOVE this song! And we do love her!

Check out Spears performing Till The World Ends live for Good Morning America (above).

You will see this on TV Tuesday morning when the Brit GMA special airs.

P.S. Yeah, it sounds like she's lipsynching. We always expect her to mime, but we do always hold out the lingering hope that maybe she'll go back to live singing again some day!

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287 comments to “WATCH Britney's Good Morning America Performance HERE!”

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  1. 201


  2. 202

    Re: Freddie Minuto – Finally!! I have read almost 200 comment to find it someone would mention this douche. Brian Friedman is the biggest loser on the plant, and is living off the fact that he chorographed "Slave". This idiot needs to be kicked off the team

  3. 203

    I can't wait to see her! youtube/thelexicake

  4. 204

    if shes not going to/not able to do fierce dancing anymore then she should be singing live considering how much ticket prices are!! love the new album so far but the performances are lack lustre

  5. 205

    Britney's fat that is why she can't move around like she used to. Also, I suspect she is still on medication to keep her mind in check. Her outfit is NOT flattering…her big ass is hanging out the back…she may think it looks sexy and draws attention away from her lousy performance….but it doesn't. When you are this short and stubby you have to be careful to keep your weight in check…5 pounds looks like a lot more on her.

  6. 206

    Re: Maureen Costello – lol britney only used her upper body in her old videos? i beg to differ…brit used every single part of her body back then..and it was fluid. But watching that performance she was better with her upper body. You can tell she still had that grace. I can't say the same about her bottom half. She didn't even exaggerate the most simplest moves like swaying her hips. But oh well..still LOVE her till death!

  7. 207

    She definitely has a different body shape than she did 10 years ago. That is one thing. She's NOT fat, just womanly. After having two kids myself, I know I constantly have groin area issues which slow me down and in no way could I dance the way I danced 10 years ago. Britney just definitely cannot dance the way she used to. She's a good 2 paces behind what she used to be. We all just need to accept that. With less dancing she really should look into singing live if she goes on tour. Make up one for the other.

  8. 208

    I love her and will always support her but honestly, it didn't look so much like she was injured, it looked more like she was to tired to keep up. I'm no dance expert, not by a long shot, but you can see that she barely finishes half her moves. It's like she'll start to do something then go on to something else. I wouldn't be surprised if a tour wasn't coming up to promote this album. All I can say is she should take whatever allowance her dad is giving her still and hire a trainer. I do love her though and will be a britney fan til I de.

  9. 209

    Re: Sudipta LuvsGaga – please! Gaga + Britney = shite. You want someone who can act, dance, sing and write = Beyonce. Beyonce is thee entertainer in the world today. And what I love most of all about her is, she doesn't need elaborate sets, props, dramatics, theatrics, tedious costumes to rely and fall back on like other 'artists'. She just gets up there and kicks arse. end of.

  10. 210

    It's a good thing Britney has the sympathy vote locked up because there's nothing else left.

  11. 211

    She lip synches and she doesn't dance anymore. SUCK !

  12. 212

    Others had the footage too, Perez.

  13. 213

    Knee Surgery story is BS!!!!!!! My brother had the same surgery and then JOINED THE ARMY AFTERWARDS!!! So tell me how can my bro have the same issues and join the Army MP and serve in Afghanistan but Britney can't dance to a 3 minute song on stage. Still love her, but damn she need to put forth a bit more effort if she wants to still have fans after this album.

  14. 214

    what happened to "epic", "genius", and "amazeballs" perez. Im glad you finally see the truth. with autotune and lipsynch anyone can be a great singer. I mean really who wants to pay hundreds of dollars to watch someone lipsynch-thats what videos are for. give up on her she is past her prime.

  15. 215

    Perez I don't see what u r seeing. She did the Choreography… and did it exactly like the dancers. As far as the choreo goes… it could be better i think. Britney did awsome tho. Perez loves to hate

  16. 216

    Buttom line this skank is old, fat and crazy. Never forget this what drugs does to your brains. She will only ger worse with age not better. I hope she lives till 35 but I dought it.

  17. 217

    When you start the post with every excuse in the book…NOT GOOD

    Bottom line is that without dancing..there's no reason on earth that she should not be really singing…Sad that everyone is ok with this!!! My gosh, just flash a pic of her on screen and just play her music….isn't that the same thing that she does anyway???

    And I love the song…I just don't love her live…Just reminds me how purely untalented she really is…

  18. 218

    I enjoy watching a slow-moving train wreck as much as the next person, but what's with this royal 'WE' shit Perez? 'WE' don't all love Britney nor do 'WE' all love her songs. Of the three Mousketeers I've always thought Christina and Justin have better voices. Britney's is okay but too nasal for my taste. And she doesn't have to be as athletic as Madonna, she just has to whip herself into top shape-she's ONLY 29 for fucks sake! You make it seem like she's 89! Jeez.

  19. 219

    she can't / doesn't sing and can barely keep up with her dancers. why do people pay to see this charlatan ? I've never understood her fame, guess I never will. that piece of swamp trash got REAL lucky.

  20. 220

    imo, there are several things going on here. first of all, the choreography is lame. seriously, i danced far superior choreography in high school showchoir! secondly, any woman with a level of maturity can tell you, she severely lacks confidence, you can see that in her movement. the things she's been through over the past decade have left a mark. i agree with earlier posters who said they thought she was probably on adderall in her early career, i'm sure if she went back to that and lost about 30-40 pounds (no, i'm not saying she's fat!) she could probably come close to her early dancing. however, her mental/emotional state as well as her body have changed drastically. she's human. but she needs better choreography. still better than rhianna walking around stage grabbing her crotch, though.

  21. 221

    Seriously what the FUCK is wrong with you?

    She danced really good you idiot.


  22. 222


  23. 223

    "maybe she'll go back to live singing again some day!" This would imply that at one point in her career she did sing live..She hasn't!

  24. 224

    the way she dances kinda reminds me of back when i was a cheerleader. sometimes we would just run through dances but not do them "full out" and that's exacttllllyyy what she looks like she's doing. her dancers are upstaging her because they look like they actually care! this is really sad, i just want britney back to her old self. it's totally possible i knooww it!!

  25. 225

    who in god's name choreographed that?????!!!! did her young boys have input? it's mediocre at best….she has enough money….retire already….and hangout at Starbucks all day.

  26. 226

    Why does she still feel the need to put on dance performances like this? They should give her a mic stand so she has a reason to stop and take breaks in the midst of short dance numbers (MC Hammer did it that way and his shows were awesome). -She looks winded. It's obvious she's lip syncing. Her promo shots are definitely 'shopped - her physique isn't anywhere CLOSE to what the shots look like (she's MUCH thinner in the promo pics - but on the bright side for her, her boobs are much bigger in real life)! ;)

  27. 227

    No she's not 16 but 29 is not ancient. But she moves, not dances, as if her body is much older. Some of the problem may be her knees; women athletes (including dancers) are more prone to career-ending knee injuries. But that's not the whole of it. She moves as if she's not connected to her torso at all She's got all the arm movements down but when it comes to moving with her hips and legs, she's totally disconnected. She's completely lost that kinesthetic talent that made her such a great performer. The HIAM video was chopped up like cole slaw to cover the fact that she couldn't finish the movement phrases

  28. 228

    It's pretty evident that Britney is trying - more so, I think it's a shame that rather then becomming an advocate for individuals with mental health issues, an area in which she could break stigma, raise awareness and become a champion - her loyal fans are left to wonder why a vibrant, entertaining young woman can go from just that to what we are left to observe now. Either that… or she just hates what she does now…. I mean it's obvious something is up with her, she's still under conservatorship so, at 29, I think that may just be an answer for us in and of itself. Being that I am tuening 29 in 2 months, I can say that I am able to move as easily as I did at 19… nice try with that excuse Perez ;) I think it's time the fans get some answers, otherwise it just feels like we are being played.
    Still love Britney - but it's just not the same (I will say, the music is awesome though and I will still buy the album… but I can not say I would fork over the money to see any form of "live" show).

  29. 229

    Oh my god!!! Please she is 29 not 89, I am soo tired of society making it seem as if being over 25 is such a bad thing and your life is over. I am 31 and I am in the best shape of my life. Britney can still move and dance she just doesnt want to. Look at Jennifer lopez she is in her 40's and still got it.

  30. 230

    sooo… well I´m not the biggest fan of britney but I do like her music a lot … compared to just a year ago she has gotten so much better and I feel that she gave her all with this show … I don´t know what wrong with you perez what did you expect ?? I really liked it and the whole time I was going like yeah she is back

  31. 231

    Re: kdub87 – You're right. She looks like she's just doing a walk-through, hitting her marks. This is not dancing, certainly not of any professional calibre. The HIAM video had the same problems which is why they chopped up all the dance sections so badly, so we couldn't see that she wasn't completing any of the movement phrases with any competence. Maybe her knees are shot, but that doesn't explain why her torso, hips and legs are completely disconnected; there's no kinesthetic flow at all any more. I don't know what has happened to her (I'm sure chronic knee injuries are contributing) but if she can't dance and can't/won't sing live, what's the point of performing? She can still make great records in the studio but if she wants to continue performing, she's going to have to make drastic changes to have any kind of credibility.

  32. 232

    perez i didnt know they were still casting for the role of "two face" in batman. how many bridges will you torch and burn. i am by no means a "britney" fan, but she is somewhat of an instituion….and from her performance's over the last few years its clear to see, she is no longer able to move her lower body like she once could.as a result of her knee injury no doubt, but you cant deny, she has the something, and come lets face it…she aint ever going to belt out a ballad like the other ladies, but that wont stop the die hard's from purchasing her records, and why should it! who gives a shit what music gets you dancing infront of the mirror at the end of the day, as long as you enjoy it.

    your website is like a car crash…you dont want to look but, you cant help your self.

    PS. does your tongue ever get tired of licking lady ga ga's rectum ?

  33. 233

    I am just tired of the excuses her fans give for her. No matter how much it becomes obvious she is not talented at least anymore (if ever) they just keep excusing it, praising her as the queen. When people critized her lack of song writing ability her fans said well she can dance and entertain. when it became known she doesn't sing much if at all, the fans said well she dances her arse off and entertains…plus she's so hot. then dancing went her fans said..well she can still entertain and she's so hot. plus she's injured and older. SHE MAKES MILLIONS TO PRACTICE DANCE ROUTINES AND POSE FOR PICS, IF SHE CAN'T HANDLE THAT SHE DOESNT DESERVE TO BE A POP STAR. PLUS SHE IS ONLY 29. 29 ISNT THAT OLD SHE SHOULD NOT BE TOO TIRED TO DANCE YET. HOW MANY BASKETBALL AND FOOTBALL PLAYERS HAVE KNEE SURGERIES AND STILL PLAY. (EVEN 30 YEAR OLDS)

  34. 234

    Now with brittney not writing her music, not picking her style or personality, not coming up with or being able to perform good dance routines, and her looks are that of someone who just doesn't want to be overweight but doesnt care about being in shape, not singing on record or even attempting any live vocals……….what are you guys admiring, giving credit to her for or buying. what of brittney is it you love so much. anything you mention isnt her, the brittney empire has zero imput from …..brittney. so you guys are fans of a couple of 30/40 something year old guys and a bunch of no name stylists and set designers. at least the other no talent pop stars give you something of them (voice over backing track and dancing) but that still isn't much. i just don't get liking the legend of someone despite the fact they actually produce zero of the product you love.

  35. 235

    So freaking SAD! Her day in the sun is so over!!!

  36. 236

    So….Janet and Madonna can still move like they're 19……if you dont use it, you lose it.

  37. 237

    even if she dances like a lame cow and lypsincs,she looks way better than LAZY CACA…..

  38. 238

    PS- it's very polite and nice to LEAK a TV SHOW before it's official air day…. true gentleman,PIGASS

  39. IMaG2 says – reply to this


    OMG…..britney looks like crap….she's barley even moving cuz she's to fat and i bet if she were to "get down" then she wouldnt be able to get back up……that courset is holding all that shit in ….and who ever said this was her best performanjce in years might be right but that is very sad for brit brit….but i do hAVE TO SAY I LOVE THE SONG ….and she's lucky who ever wrote her last two singles is lucky they let her sing them…..but i will admit she is the best puick for both songs…..cuz that her style…..when she's not singing stupid she like opps i did it again.

  40. 240

    Britney's performance was fun, sassy, and sexy! Her songs are hot.
    Her album is gonna be HOTT!
    My TiVo is ready to record this!

  41. GIO says – reply to this


    She is on so many pills to get her going and not being depressed. It takes it toll.

  42. 242

    You people are total SHEEP. Baaaahhh. She's not good at all. She's collecting millions and she can't even sing live during her concerts. First her excuse was she can't sing live because she's dancing too much. She barely dances as it is now. LAME.

  43. 243

    Shut the Fuck up Perez, this is an AMAZING performance !!! Britney has the best moves since 10 years.

  44. 244

    Re: HeidiHotPot – what you said was very nice :) but i believe because britney fans are so aggressively loyal, we put allot of our time and energy thinking about her, and then she dose something like this which isn't to her best ability or not as good as we've come to expect, its almost like a slap on our face.

  45. 245

    Beyonce and CACA suck! BRITNEY IS #1! perez shut the fuck up! or i know what i will do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. 246

    WTF was that blue rope for? I mean I thought the back up dancers might do a jump rope routine but no. I think it was to prevent her from doing a nose dive when she had to do that minor hair toss. I gave middle aged post "Gimme Gimme" Britney a chance and went to the Circus tour. It was just like this performanc: NO CREATIVE DIRECTION, NO SINGING, and NO DANCING REALLY. I wonder if she watches what Gaga does because if so you would think she would at least try to turn the songs others have written for her into something of her own. Alas I don't see Britney in this performance. There is no point of view, no artistic perspective, no soul.

  47. 247

    all haters!!! I know U love Spears so much! and Comment her in every NEWS! ohhh thanks ugly motherfuckerssss! lol! your comments are nothing! i feel sorry for haters hehehehehehhehehehehehehe

  48. 248

    If she's injured then why couldn't she just do minimal dancing/movement and just sing live?

  49. 249

    Man she's got some HUGE thighs!

  50. 250

    Re: Turqut Ttwe – We feel sorry for people like you. You like garbage like this. She has no talent outside of the studio. I feel sad for you that you have the same taste as a 6 year old girl.

  51. 251

    Dare I say that this performance reminds me of Hedi Montag's at that pageant show? TERRIBLE! Come on Britney, if you're gonna dance, DANCE! If you're not, quit making pop songs and move in a new direction.
    I'm embarrassed for her.

  52. 252

    I think all she lacks is the confidence she used to have. She is a good dancer, but c'mon, lip-syncing? i don't see the point in it all if she lip-synchs, and we all now she can sing. Sure she has no range and sometimes has trouble carrying the tune, but c'mon she has a nice voice. Please, use it Britney!!

  53. 253

    Re: Jacksbquik – I couldn't agree with you more! This girl has gotten a heck of a second chance, the type not many artists get in this business, yet she constantly fails to deliver.
    If you're gonna have a comeback, don't do it half-as*ed, give the audience a show they'll never forget. It's sad to see she her not giving a damn about her fans.

  54. 254

    I'm like one of the biggest britney fans I will support her until the very end, but this is not what she can fully do! That choreo for this, hiam, and bfb were horrible! I want to punch Brian Friedman in the face! Like wtf dude! All she did is walk back and forth do a little move there and do the same thing again. It's so frustrating! Get it together! Tour needs to be SPECTACULAR!

  55. 255

    She did look injured like she was protecting her knees or back.

  56. 256

    Bahahahahaha! SHE IS A LAZY, FAT MENTAL MIDGET PIG THAT'S WHY. IF she used the knee injury excuse, it would be just that - an excuse. This moron does not have what it takes to be the superstar she once was. She is a frickin' laughin stock now. The kids on American Idol have more talent than she does. Can't wait for the other artists albums and singles to drop and blow this lifeless cow outta the water. BRITNEY RETIRE NOW WHILE YOU HAVE JUST A SHRED OF DIGNITY LEFT.

  57. 257

    Re: glaamMD – AMAZING, I think she worked it!! Best BRITNEY performance in years!! Sooo excited for Femme Fatale!!
    BEST PERFORMANCE IN YEARS??? LMFAO. YUP, that there is your typical britarded comment.

  58. barny says – reply to this


    Taking into account her bad knee's she did a great job.Even with bad knee's she is 3 times the dancer that Gaga is and will ever be.Her Concert is going to blow Gaga's out of the water.

  59. 259


  60. 260

    Re: catlover – Re: Turqut Ttwe – We feel sorry for people like you. You like garbage like this. She has no talent outside of the studio. I feel sad for you that you have the same taste as a 6 year old girl.
    Catlover, I agree with all you said EXCEPT, Britney has NO talent in the studio. She "sings" with her annoying nasally sound and talks more than she sings. Then a WHOLE LOT of studio mixing and auto tuning happen to make her sound half way decent. This chick is an overrated POS. I'm LMFAO at her utter failure as a performer.

  61. 261

    Love the song, hate the performance.
    what was the point of that Blue rope other than to get in britney's way? Whoever came up with that is an idiot…

  62. 262

    Re: M: – Well is madonna still on the charts today. i have amazing respect for Madonna, she is amazing and paved the way for many artists today, including Gaga. and predictable, i am sorry, i just have to call bs on that. cuz i am sure everyone was expecting a vessel and a dress of meat, but the thing is she doesnt do those things just for shock value, she does it for the meaning, you may not understand it, but some artists actually take pride in their work. but again, i love all of u, haters included

  63. 263

    Re: gymfreak – but she hasnt changed lives. gaga has, she has taught many ppl to be themselves, she has greatly impacted the LGBT community. i know kids who have come out, and even not commited suicide because of her influence. sure beyonce is a better singer in some ways, but as for a influnce? gaga , of course.

  64. 264

    first off, britney has NEVER sang live so wishing for the old days gets you the same shit you have now.

    second, madonna does DANCE. she moves around the stage and does yoga. but she certainly doesnt dance like britney does in her videos. and u say she is 29???? so? janet jackson is 44 and dancing on tour. at 29 she should be just as good as she was. Bottom line—since she went crazy, she doesnt have the same spark anymore. She lost her passion

  65. 265

    It looked amazing to me Perez, just because you're a big fat pig who couldn't do half as much as Britney
    Perhaps you should go and learn a dance routine like this one and see how well you do

  66. 266

  67. 267

    What does being 29 have to do with it? She looks so amateur. She's already lip syncing, is it really so hard to put some effort into the choreography? Her killer dance moves was the only reason I could overlook the fact that she wasn't actually singing. I can go to a drag show for a more convincing performance.

  68. 268

    Ok. I'm so incredibly tired of hearing all the BS excuses about why Britney's recent performances are less than mediocre. YES. I'm a HUGE Britney fan and have been one since I was 15. However, I am HONEST. She's lazy in her movements and she has little to no stage presence. The excuses are complete crap. Does no one remember the dance rehearsal video that leaked about 2 years ago before her Circus Tour??? She was dancing to her song "Mannequin" and was ABSOLUTELY KILLING IT. It had everyone so amped up and then the choreography on the tour was awful. That video was filmed AFTER her knee injury, AFTER her ride on the crazy train and AFTER she had her two kids. So, there is NO excuse for the way she is performing now. She has it in her because nothing has happened since that video was shot. So either her new choreographer SUCKS and should be immediately fired OR Britney just doesn't care to put the time, energy and effort into the performances her fans are WANTING to see. And THAT is just plain lazy.

  69. 269

    i'm gna reserve judgment until i see it more clearly on tv tomorrow. although, from what i can see, it wasn't as bad as most of you are making it out to be. she looks good, if not a little blurry.

  70. 270

    The girl doesn't move the way she used to. Who knows what the reason for that is. Her confidence is also gone on many levels sadly enough. But I was there for the taping, and let me tell ya, the energy was incredible. Her fans are a passionate and spirited bunch who have so much love for her that I guess it doesn't matter. They're simply happy to see her and be near her, and there's something really special about that. She makes a lot of people happy, and you know what? I'm all for it. Go Britney.

  71. 271

    OMG why do people still question her state.
    The girl has been used up mentally, physically and emotionally….give her a break. It is so obvious her handlers are forcing her to compete with other artists, younger artists.
    Britney Spears has been abused and hollowed out, all you see is a sad shell and is controlled by mind controlling drugs. Whoever did this to this poor girl should be hanged.
    I have great great empathy for this girl. Her journey to stardom has been a long, arduous and dangerous one. She ended up losing her most precious resource.

  72. 272

    BORING…Sound and Fury signifying nothing..Looks like they dumbed down the dancers.to make her look like she was actually doing something

  73. 273

    she doesn't dance with conviction anymore. she just looks like she is going through the motions and doesnt give a fuck - her movement range seems fine, she is still very fluid, just isn't into it. She is also pretty chunky now compared to how thin and agile she was - she may just not feel sexy and can't get into the sexualised moves.

  74. 274

    Very pathetic and sad performance. If you are going to lypsinc, you should at least dance. This young lady has really lost it.

  75. 275

    I went to the Onyx Hotel Tour in Miami.. There she was Amazing! she did sing live. idk why when they aired it on tv they played the music as if she was lip-singing when she wasnt. One day she'll the dancing back. Sing live please! thats the point of seeing britney in person.

  76. 276

    she actually reminded me of gaga. both look bored when dancing.
    cut that crap "she is not 19 anymore"…xtina is 30 and burlesque proves she SURE can dance, and thats not even her biggest talent. britney is just not trying hard enough.

  77. 277

    So sad. Fat and can barely shake anything. This is the difference between a fad and manufactured product like Britney and a true talent like Madonna. At 50 she can still out perform and dance Britney and also writes all of her songs. Even those she has cowriters on, she is the major contributor to most. Britney however relies on Max Martin and at best adds a line or two to an already catchy song and chorus. It's like watching a trainwreck. Her photos are sooo photoshopped. Her hair is a mess and she always looks dreadful in public. So sad to look so ragged at such an early age.

  78. 278

    BRIT, you must loose the high heels and corsette! You can't jump or play with gravity gravity when you are wearing spike heels. And those corsette may prevent you from critics who demand that you be size 0 but your fans just want to visualize your powerful dance moves to your dance album, just be BritBrit, you had belly even when you were 17, bust some powerful moves for us sans 4 inch heels and spine binding corsettes.

  79. 279

    She is amazing, PEREZ you are suck !!!

    I know you wanna be her but impossible hahahaha!!!

  80. 280

    Um.. Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson still danced/dances their asses off at they were/are much older than Britney

  81. 281

    Re: Sudipta LuvsGaga – yea she has changed lives for a certain group of people, great for them…she hasn't done anything for me. You could say the same for Beyonce encouraging young girls/women to embrace their figure whatever their size, encouraging them not to succumb to the pressure's of women having to look a certain way. Encouraging them to be independent, etc…Every 'artist/singer' influence's people for all sorts of reasons. For me personally, Beyonce has more of an impact on me then gaga has.

  82. 282

    I don't understand why performers book live performances if they are going to lip synch.

  83. 283

    Nope, she's not 19 anymore, but most people are still able to dance when they're 29. She was just going with the motions in this one, moved around a bit and that's it. Also, seeing that she isn't 19 anymore but 29, she should've learned how to sing live by now. People are giving her a second chance. which means she should give it her very all. If this is it, then I'm afraid Britney's history. Calling this a performance is pretty far-fetched.

  84. 284

    She looks great and the performance wsa great. But,she does need to perform in lower heels. I think she is scared becaue if her knee and also, maybe feels uneasy. Shit, i wouldfeel nervous dancing in 4 inch heels. Also, maybe a little pilates before her performance to warm up.

    She is awesome. Hope someone puts her in shorter heels though. Even when she performed 7+ years ago, she was wearing a flat shoe (sparkly fashionable ones) when she performed.

  85. 285

    i love britney since i´m 15 years old but now she seems lazy…although on the 2 years ago "3" video she dances almost as she used too…i think, in this case, that corset is way too tight for her…she should wear something else, those type of clothes don´t really suit her at all…

  86. 286

    while i am a huge britney fan, i can't help but feel a little disappointed with the performance.it's not terrible, but it's not her best ether.also, lose the heels britney! nobody can dance in 10 inch heels except trannies maybe.;)

  87. 287

    She is "Fat Elvis" now. Both her and Elvis started out as trailblazers, instant icons that we wanted to be like.They both lost it and the Star quality is gone. She was really bad today.

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