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15-Year-Old Lesbian Wins X Factor In Denmark!

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She's fab! She's edgy! And now, Sarah, the 15-year-old lesbian from Denmark is an X Factor winner!!!!


Check out one of her performances from last night's finale - Lady GaGa's Poker Face! (above)

Congratulations times 1000!!! We're so proud!

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105 comments to “15-Year-Old Lesbian Wins X Factor In Denmark!”

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  1. 101

    As long as there are people who judge others because of them being gay, and people who feel bad for being gay, there will be people who go up against those judgements (and they should). And it IS easier to make people understand, if they’re ‘rolemodels’ or idols.
    And as someone pointed out – there is no reason why straight people should ‘be proud and yell it out loud’, because no one looks at them in a bad way for it.
    As goes for Sarah, she has great talent, she’s young, she’s hot, she’s mature for her age, and she’s proud of herself for being honest about who she is. And she should be, because not all have that kind of courage. Her being lesbian does not define her as a person, but being proud of herself even though she’s different, sure as h*ll does. AND, I saw someone in another article on here, who said that Sarah inspired her to come out of the closet. And THAT right there is the reason it’s important to say she’s gay.

  2. 102

    Ok - I'm actually danish. Of course we don't have as massive a number of talents as the US or UK, but her winning is seriously a joke. It's 100% a result of a rediculous amount of media hype (all because she's a 15 year old proclaimed lesbian). This season of x-factor has been lacking good singers from day one, and for some reason, some of the best singers were cut in the early stages (still not even top20 american idol material).

    A show like this cant go on for more than a few seasons in a country this small, so when they keep it going for 5+ seasons - it'll just end up being a joke (like Sarah being able to win the contest).

  3. 103

    Re: BeautifulDisaster311 – Europes lack moral? check your double standart in the states before you start accusing us. youre not approving sex amongst young people, yet you dont find it a good idea to teach them about how to awoid being pregnant IF (god forbid) they act teenage rebellious and have it anyway? are you aware that in 2005 you had 41,9 teenage pregnansies pr 1000 teengirls in the states? to comparison in denmark its 8.1 kid pr 1000 teenagers

    so get youre factsa straight and stop putting us down because we believe in another way to do things than you do. especially when facts show youre sooo way off!

    and to the gay factor:the mahjority of danes couldnt care less we allow gay marriage, gay people have right to adoption, and insemination andits been like that for a looong time. the fact she is so young and so clear about what she is makes people respect her though! a respect for her maturity isnot a bad thing is it?

  4. 104

    Ok, people….Surely, I can't be the only person who has noticed that the title of the show isn't 'American Idol'. It's called X-Factor! X-factor means: a hard-to-describe influence or quality; an important element with unknown consequences; also written X-factor! Sarah has x-factor - she might not has the biggest voice but her personality and the way she carries herself on and off stage is amazing! Even the fact that she has the guts to come out of the closet at such an early age tells me that a superstar is born! She sure isn't an 'American Idol' - but she's wicked, she kicks butt, she's got style and personality…Perfection is out - Sarah is in! X

  5. 105

    Wow, you american's really have high thoughts about yourself. You think, you are all so talented, and your country is the most amazing in the world. But here is the truth. Your country might be big and have a lot of talents and lot of power, but your country only make it trough, but you people still thing you are the most amazing. But look a yourself, before you judge Denmark and the rest of the world.

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