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Date Set! Charlie Sheen VS WB/Chuck Lorre In $100 Million Lawsuit

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This is going to get nasty.

A date has been set for Charlie Sheen to finally legally go head-to-head against Warner Bros and Chuck Lorre over him being fired from Two and a Half Men.

Rather than bore you with a lot of legal jargon, we're going to explain the dealio fairly simply - Charlie wants what Charlie wants and he isn't going to stop until he gets it. Right now, what he wants is his $100 million lawsuit against the studio and the exec to be a public trial. He wants the whole dog-and-pony show aired live around the world for everyone to see. That's the last thing the WB/Chuck want, so they are fighting him on that point before they even get to the $100mil lawsuit.

So, on April 19, all parties will go to court to decide on whether or not this whole thing should play out in court.

Make sense? Good!

If not, blame Charlie.

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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22 comments to “Date Set! Charlie Sheen VS WB/Chuck Lorre In $100 Million Lawsuit”

  1. 1

    well, I don't care for Charlie Sheen AT ALL, but since WB did not fire his sex addicted ass when he was in CO beating up his wife, then the WB deserves whatever money they lose on his crack addicted ass. Hope he gets his eyes checked out with that money because obviously he sees those women as GODDESES when they are look more medusa.

  2. 2

    sound of crickets chirping

  3. 3

    I stopped listening to anything Charlie Sheen ever since he started all of this, but does he really have a chance at all? He really shouldnt EVEN be entitled to one million dollars let alone 100. It is sad that celebrities make millions and billions of dollars and the average person struggles daily.

  4. 4

    You Mario are a TURD! Nice insinuating that you are soooo smart and we are to dumb to understand. Moron. Charlie is a loser and you are a bigger loser.

  5. 5

    This lawsuit really brings out the thing Charlie is BEST at = blowing giant wads of cash!

  6. 6

    This a$$ does not want arbitration, because he believes, and evidently is correct, that there are still enough IDIOTS out there who are 'star-struck' by him, and would acquit, just like OJ. Everyone KNEW OJ did it, but he was acquitted because of his star sports status. Charlie figures the same thing, I guess I can understand the men who think he is just Mr. Man, but the women that I read defending him? Wow, go figure! So sure, Tiger-boy wants a jury trial. But he agreed to arbitrate, so they should hold him to it.

  7. 7

    Stop giving this fucking monster press.

  8. ed69 says – reply to this


    how long before he hangs himself to death after foreplaying?

  9. 9

    Sheen has ruined my favorite show. He has left a bunch of people out of work. He put down Jon Cryer who had always been a big supporter for him. He also lied and said that Cryer had not contacted him and he had. Sheen is abusive to woman and can't be trusted with his children due to his mental issues. I don't think he has any money coming to him. He should move on.

  10. 10

    Does that look like the face of a winner to you?

  11. 11

    My entertainment law friends say Charlie has a chance to win this, since his bad behavior was ignored for so long. So it's going to be interesting.

  12. 12

    $100 million is an awful lot of moolah to demand for redress for any wrong, let alone being the author of one's own misfortune. He cannot, on one hand, declare his rights to act as he sees fit and, on the other, blame the studio or producers for their ultimate response. However this all plays out, his career is beyond any hope of redemption. Unlike Robert Downey, Jr's troubles, Sheen's made a very, very public spectacle of his personal demons and has blamed his employers for his own behaviour. He's made himself an utter liability to any serious production. He'll never be able to work in Hollywood again. Will he win the case? At best, he can expect a Pyrrhic victory that only underlines how unemployable he's become. At worst, he'll be placed on a very public 5150 and forced to receive treatment.

  13. 13

    No matter what, i think he should get at least the rest of this seaon and what he would have made next season..Maybe what he is asking for the crew etc. also. He has been with that show for a long time and made the show. Without him, sorry but i won't watch it. They knew what he was like in re: to the drinking etc. and even worked a new contract and even knew he might go to jail..They still stuck by him…esp. through that hotel tear apart etc. He was always there when the show was being taped etc. and when it mattered. He was spot on with his lines and as they said somewhere even, he never showed up out of it on anything. If he was ready ,willing and able to work, they had no right to shut the show down because their little feelings got hurt. This kind of stuff was not in his contract, so they should pay the man.

  14. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: iloverickymartin – I thought he was dumb like a fox until I read about the two dogs with malnutrition, and to top it off, turning his wrath on the person who tried to save the one living dog is unconscionable, IF it's true.

  15. $onia says – reply to this


    If this goes to a public trial, Charlie and his lawyers are going to have to prepare for things to come out that they may not want the public to hear. Things such as what happened on the set, why a live audience was no longer in attendance during tapings, all the no-shows, blow-ups on the set, etc. Once people hear how many accommodations were made to hide his tumultuous personal life and habits, he may lose both the trial and the vote of confidence from his remaining fans. It will be interesting to see if he can hold himself together long enough for the duration of a trial before showing up to court wasted and requiring a different kind of "escort" out of the courtroom. If the judge doesn't rule in his favor, will he threaten to kill him too?

  16. 16

    You wont explain the legal "jargon" because you don't understand it, douchelords. He's asking for a public trial because what Warner did wasn't legal. Period. Regardless of what you think of Charlie Sheen.

  17. Catty says – reply to this


    he looks like shit!

  18. 18

    he is gonna lose his shirt

  19. 19

    Re: @v@ – —– I agree. It makes me physically sick to think that someone could be cruel to a little child or a helpless animal. If Richards did indeed confirm it, then I would believe it. She doesn't poke his cage unless she has to.

  20. 20

    Maybe you should have included the legal jargon, because your analysis is totally wrong. It's not that WB/Chuck Lorre don't WANT a public trial. Arbitration is part of Charlie's employment contract. Any dispute arising from the contract must go to arbitration. So instead of resolving the issue on the merits, the court must first determine WHERE the suit can be heard: in a court or by an arbitrator.

  21. 21

    Re: ed69
    Hey man, you could be more right than wrong.
    This dude is headed towards a very big, "I'm INVINCIBLE!" mistake, and whether it involves 1) utter humiliation on the world stage as his tour falls apart, 2) legal distress (as all of the crap he may have pulled on WB over the years may come out in trial), or 3) physical/mental illness or worse… it's gonna happen. Only a matter of time.
    Re: Good Karma
    Nicely put! I'm betting, however, that all of his drunk, douchebag friends think he looks like a winner. Yeah, sure… an wrinkly sack of dead liver being held up by two 20-somethings with low self-esteem and STD's… that's REAL attractive. ;)

  22. 22

    And, LOVE the court date!
    "… Dispatch, we gotta a 419 in the justice system."