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What Is This Nonsense — GaGa Who???

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Seriously - how was ANYONE actually confused by this?

A woman was spotted all over Miami earlier and the public - and even some paparazzi - somehow confused her for Lady GaGa, and all, it seems, is because she was shopping with a security crew!

Check out the picture (above) and see for yourself.

What the hell, right?! Even if it were supposed to be GaGa dressed down, IT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE HER!

Our Gagita is only 25 (happy birthday, gurl!) and this woman is clearly more in the Real Housewives age bracket (no offense, lovely Bravo ladies)!

So bizarre! Clearly, this was a ridiculous PR stunt! We hope no fans were disappointed!

What do U think?? Does she look like Mother Monster to you??

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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83 comments to “What Is This Nonsense — GaGa Who???”

  1. 1

    she looks absolutely nothing like her wth!

  2. 2

    who the fuck i lady gaga… oh that's right the madonna wanna be

  3. 3

    Shes actually prettier but has the same horse mouth

  4. 4

    dats a gat dam tranny!

  5. 5

    Uhm at first, second, and third glance it looks like her. If you hadn't said it's not her I would think it was her. The only difference is this woman isn't scary thing. Gaga is looking old and drugged out, not at all pretty lately.

  6. 6

    Lady Gaga looks like she's 45, so yeah, I can see why people would be confused.

  7. 7

    Sorry Perez but i actually think she looks like GaGa. The thing that im surprised with is that GaGa is only 25; she looks older with all the make-up she wears

  8. 8

    HAHAHAHA This girl TOTALLY looks like Lady Gag-me.

  9. 9

    Calm down Perez! The people got the Gagaloo fever…….they seeing her everywhere….. Lawd, help us all.

  10. 10

    hell no this looks nothing at all like Lady Gaga!!
    this chick is ugly and just tryna get some press..
    Gaga is flawless and much more beautiful then this woman.


  11. 11

    First glance I thought it was her too, but then I read the caption, looked again and now I wonder how I thought it was her to begin with… lol

  12. 12

    wow, talk about overreaction perez! i thought it was gaga until i read the article.

  13. 13

    Gaga is only 25? She looks really old for her age…

  14. 14

    They look the same - fugly!

  15. 15

    WTH!! This chick looks MUCH younger and hotter than CaCa. how could they mistake a 45 years old for 1 60 years old hag? What? Gagme is 25? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH Good one!!!

  16. 16

    Looks JUST like her! Who can tell what Gaga looks like without her makeup on. Same face.

  17. 17

    People are so stupid and gullible

  18. 18

    You and Gaga should be FLATTERED by the comparison to this woman. Your wife is a troll.

  19. 19

    First of all, her ass is covered (unlike Gaga to cover up), second, do they think every ugly blond looks alike?

  20. 20

    She's not quite as ugly as GagMe,but she's pretty close. I can see why people thought it was her.

  21. 21

    Same horse-like mouth.

  22. 22

    gaga sucks.

  23. 23

    oh puh-leaze. gaga could pass as 30+ with that haggard face of hers.
    only people who don't obsess over her for every second of every day would not mistake this woman for gaga at first glance - even though this would be her most shocking outfit to date in my opinion…
    wipe the drool off your face, mari-ho.

  24. 24

    Yeah this woman doesn't have a bulge in the crotch area

  25. 25

    Yeah, how in the freaking hell could anyone ever confuse this security detailed woman who looks exactly like Lady GaGa with Lady GaGa?

    Absolute craziness.

  26. 26

    Very alike I would say.

  27. 27

    Gaga better lay off the cocaine. She definitely does not look 25 or even 35. She looks like a washed up squid.

  28. 28

    She looks younger then gags

  29. 29


  30. 30

    No there is a big hint that it's not her she isn't wearing a ridiculous outfit duh lol.

  31. 31

    Of course that's not Lady Gaga, she hasn't wriggled herself up in some shit costume to tickle the balls of her narcissism.

  32. 32

    To be fair Gaga never really looks like anything, she is always covered by some giant outfit- You never really just she her. This is a skinny blonde woman- which is kind of like Lady Gaga. The outfit is the give away its not her.

  33. 33

    the real point here is why is this loser, nothing, shopping with 'guards' that would make the pap's think she was something to care about?

  34. 34

    How can they confuse that somewhat hot woman with that assface Lady Gaga? Seriously, people are either blind or stupid.

  35. 35

    Neither one is attractive..LOL

  36. luvu2 says – reply to this


    I know I'm being nosy, but who is this woman and why does she need a security crew with her?

    ummm..also I love Lady Gaga but have no idea what she looks like without makeup, so I'm not surprised by this.

  37. 37

    yeah, maybe that's how gaga may look without all those layers and layers and layers and layers and layers and layers and layers and layer on top of even more layers and layers of makeup, costumes and fakeness. actually this woman looks better and younger than the original monster, i mean gaga

  38. 38

    Yeah, this person actually looks like a woman and a human being unlike Caca.

  39. 39

    This is what gaga will look like in a few years but it looks like her.

  40. 40

    she's a better looking tranny than your mother

  41. 41

    Yes she looks like her, like after gaga peels off her monster equipment.

  42. 42

    I highly doubt Gaga is 25, she looks every bit of 28, 29, and to think just a day ago Gaga was 24, um yeah ok. They all lie about their age. I'm sure next year she will be 25 again ! Yeah Nicky Minaj said she was 25, we all know how that turned out ! Almost 30 !

  43. 43

    When I first saw this pic I thought it was gaga…only she had come to her senses and taken off her 3 layers of makeup…and actually looked a lot better than normal

  44. 44

    Ya Gaga was 25, 11 years ago…lol but really, this woman doesn't look like a coke whore, so really, she should be offended at the thought of being compared to that dirty madonna wanna be

  45. 45

    Re: TRUTH-TELLER – truth teller ur a bitch. THE TRUTH

  46. 46

    she looks so much better really, but i can see the resemblance.

  47. 47

    The only reason I knew it WASN'T her is because of the outfit. Gaga's are soooo much worse!

  48. ed69 says – reply to this


    Gaga is 25… 25 pounds.. thats what happens when u snort cocaine day in day out….

  49. 49

    That's actually quite unfortunate for this woman to be confused with Stephanie. I get it, but this woman is more average looking than her. It seems like this woman pulled this stunt on purpose, because I really can't see any other reason as to why a regular person would walk around shopping with bodyguards. Why would she draw so much attention to herself if that wasn't the purpose? But who knows in this deranged world we live in?

  50. 50

    Well, first of all, I refuse to call her Mother Monster. It makes me want to throw my fucken computer out the window every time I see you call her that or her refer to herself in that way. It's ridiculous to me. This lady doesn't really look like her once you really pay atteniton, but I can see how, at first glance it does resemble her. Really Perez. There are many more important things for you to get upset over than a case of mistaken identity. In the grand scheme of things, does this really have any impact on your world? Or Gaga's? So they thought it was Gaga for a minute. BFD!

  51. 51

    Who gives a fuck??

  52. 52

    Re: CatAttack – LMFAO!

  53. Lumie says – reply to this


    I don't think she looks like Gaga at all. This lady doesn't look much older than her, though. They have very different features, and I don't think Gaga would wear clothes like that.

  54. 54

    Saying that this woman looks like Lady Gag is insulting to her.

  55. 55

    SHe looks better than Lady Gag…..

  56. @v@ says – reply to this


    At a glance? Yes, it does look like it could be Gaga, until you notice that this woman isn't dressed in a lampshade.

  57. 57

    I really doubt it was a PR stunt. You have no idea who this woman is or why she was shopping with a security crew. She could be someone of some type of importance who just so happens to have a security crew with her. Up close she may not look like her (Gaga looks older and is much uglier), but from a distance, I can see how people may have thought it was her, without her ridiculous makeup, even though she is dressed far too normal. As everyone knows, Gaga is attention starved and never goes anywhere without wearing some pathetic LOOK AT ME! ensemble.

  58. 58

    Re: Everything popular is wrong.

    Oh shut the fuck up moron. "did that on purpose". Seriously shut the fuck up. NOONE LIKES CA CA ANYMORE why anyone would purposely try and look like that junkbag is beyond me

  59. 59

    this is much better

  60. 60

    Lady Gaga may only be 25 but she looks older. And yes that woman looks like Gaga with minimal makeup.

  61. 61

    haha wtf

  62. 62

    Hold on Gaga is only 25? Wow she did not age gracefully.

  63. 63

    aside from the fact that this girl is bigger in the hips, it TOTALLY looks like gaga. i thought it was gaga without makeup when i first saw the post.

  64. 64

    though SHE is not gaga theres no need to disrespect her by calling her 'IT'
    not cool man

  65. 65

    Yes, she does look like her…Icky-icky-poo!

  66. 66

    its Lady Onga, according to sky writing over the skies or miami, same day

  67. 67

    I thought this was GaGa when I first saw the picture…and you gotta admit that Gagita does look older than 25.

  68. 68

    I don't see why you're so mad, Mario, you should take it as a compliment that the paps mistook this attractive, classy woman for that hag GagGag.

  69. 69

    there's no way this lady could match up to GAGA!! GAGA is GAGA!!! maybe she's from some Easten European family doing shopping in The USA. When i come over i'll make sure I'll have my entourage with me.

  70. 70


  71. 71

    The nasty ass skunk roots had me fooled for a minute, but then I saw this woman was dressed normally and knew it couldn't be GagGag.

  72. 72

    i can see why people would think that. kind of looks like her and has security around her.

  73. china says – reply to this


    this woman looks younger than she probably is, caca already looks old enough to start menopause.
    this woman is handsome, caca`s got a butterface and saggy tits.
    this woman has natural hair, caca needs wigs, coz she looks like an exploded guinea pig without…

  74. 74

    Caca might be 25 but she really does look 45.

  75. 75

    LOL Hell NO. This lady is OLD

  76. 76

    Gaga wouldnt be caught dead in this HIDEOUS outfit! She has more dare in her fashion sense then to wear this!! That should have been a dead giveaway! In addition, this "wannabe" looks nothing like her!

  77. 77

    She doesn't look like Gaga she looks better.

  78. 78

    Re: @v@
    Haha, exactly what I thought!
    I think their features are kind of similar, but this woman looks natural and normal, two things GaGa will never be, as much as I would love her to.

  79. 79

    Oh Perez, people make mistakes. I can totally see how they mistook her for Gaga.

  80. 80

    hey hey no way Lady Gaga has the crazy outfits, this woman has normal clothes.

  81. 81

    Re: foxy fay – She's not from some Eastern European country or else we would have smelled the body odor and greasy hair that you guys have…….sorry but true

  82. 82

    Re: Glyzinie – You are really not that intelligent, are you? Your aggravation makes you seem infantile and unable to read between the lines. You should try to breathe, calm down and read the comment again. If you are unable to do so, I would recommend getting cognitive behavioral therapy.

  83. 83

    this woman is good looking and healty…lady gaygay is something out of this planet… disgusting