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Lindsay NOT Dropping Lohan From Her Name!

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Although Dina Lohan somehow got it into her head - or maybe she was desperate to have something to say to the press, who knows? - that Lindsay Lohan was dropping the Lohan from her name in order to distance herself more from father Michael, her representative claims that this is NOT happening!

According to a statement:

"Lindsay Lohan has not changed her name. It remains Lindsay Lohan."


Thank goodness this isn't happening.

Seriously, it would have just been embarrassing.

Imagine having to just refer to her as 'Lindsay?!'

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha.

[Image via WENN.]

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15 comments to “Lindsay NOT Dropping Lohan From Her Name!”

  1. 1

    Something tells me that Dina is the root of 99% of Lindsay's problems. Dina is worse than Michael by a long shot.

  2. 2

    I'm looking forward to calling her Inmate #2230800, or whatever that effed up state of Cali can come up with

  3. 3

    Please please NO more posts on this skank along with the rest of her family so they can just go away.

  4. 4

    Why is Dina even giving interviews? Why is it she and her husband and her youngest child can become famous just because they're related to Lindsay? I mean, her family isn't making movies or doing anything besides giving useless interviews. Her mom needs to stay out of the spotlight! Didn't she say she wanted to start all over? idiot. And she says her husband is bad, she's just AS bad.

  5. 5

    If dina hate michael so much why is she still using his last name to me its seem like dina want to have control over all her kids and she is the reason why Lindsay and her siblings have problem with their father. Because Dina is alway talking crap about their father that is all she does she talk crap about him to press to her kids it no wonder they all have issues Michael is bad but Dina is a stupid bitch who is using her daugther to have fame. Dina and Miley mother should be friends they are both trying to live throught their kids

  6. 6

    perez, one more time you're like " oh, what we've said previously was wrong"… and that's happening everyday now. is that a new trend? create news then rectify everything? burro!

  7. 7

    Re: BlahBlahBlah3009 – you gat THAT right!

  8. 8

    Oh no.. mean Perez is creeping back in! Fight him good Perez, fight the dark side!!

  9. 9

    Everybody knew this was just more Lohan lies. A day can't go by without DUIna running her mouth about precious, innocent baby Lindsay. Here's how I knew that this story about dropping her last name was bullshit. Legally changing her name would take a lawyer. Lawyers cost $$$$. Lohans got no money. Nobody in this trailer park crew has a job. Shawn is draining every drop of blood left in this group of criminals. Also,you can GO by one name, but I don't think that legally you can have just one name. For social security and other legal matters I would guess you would have to keep two names. I'm sure that is why Lindsay is now changing her mind. Stupid twit

  10. 10

    I can understand her wanting to distance herself from her dad but can anyone tell us how to distance us from her!!

  11. 11

    I don't blame her for wanting to change it but not to just "Lindsay" that's not good. Changed my son's name to my maiden cuz his father is a douche too. How about her middlle name or Morgan? Wasn't that her stage name?

  12. 12

    i can't believe you even believed that. idiot.

  13. 13

    WHY DOES ANYONE CARE ANYMORE! this girl has been doing this crap for years now, when was the last time she did a decetn movie? Shes a mediocre actress and not worth keeping around. She always looks so trashy and is basically the girl Charlie Sheen. I get that kids like to have fun ect and party but she has gone way overboard and is completely unprofessional.

  14. 14

    Ideas. Concepts. They go in and out of that head with the air. Poof! There goes another one…..

  15. 15