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Watch Britney's Good Morning America Performance IN FULL!

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Whether she's dancing like she used to or not…you can't deny that gurlfriend knows how to put on one hell of a show!

Check out all of the footage from Britney Spears' mini-concert for Good Morning America, which aired this morning in honor of the pop star's new album, Femme Fatale, being released today (above)!

She looks pretty damn amazing, if you ask us! And relaxed! And HAPPY!

And there's definitely some of the old school Brit Brit dance moves peeking through, slowly but surely! We have a feeling that once she's back into the swing of things and a little more comfortable, she may be able to really get down!

What do U think?? How did U feel about her San Fran performance?

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136 comments to “Watch Britney's Good Morning America Performance IN FULL!”

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  1. 1

    she sucked.

    xtina is better
    robyn rules
    and lady CACA IS A JOKE.

  2. 2

    Oh My GOD! Brits back. Not as good as she used to be (Slave 4 u, Baby One More Time). But she is still HAWT!

  3. 3

    Damn, she can't sing or dance now. Why not just put a monkey on stage to jump around?

  4. 4

    Femme Fatale is NO LIE her BEST album!!!

  5. 5

    You could just turn up the volume all the way up when listening to her album. save your $96 to $346.50 for something else.

  6. 6

    Such a shame with all that auto-tune and her lip syncing!

  7. 7

    I was in the audience for Britney's GMA concert. What no one is talking about is how most of the audience on the floor couldn't see SHIT because EVERYONE had their phones and cameras up for the ENTIRE performance. I am 5'3 so I am a little short but my boyfriend is 6 ft and he couldnt see either! I waited in line since 5AM and my entire experience was ruined by these jackasses! I understand if you want a picture - but take 1 picture and put your fucking phone down! Its being recorded for TV - why would you need video footage of it? ALSO - NO ONE IN THE AUDIENCE could hear what the GMA hosts or Britney was saying! It was mic'ed for TV but not for the concert venue!

  8. 8

    She's def on the right track. I hope the best for her.

  9. 9

    She looks stiff, needs to hit dance studio and maybe take some yoga to get some flexibility back.

  10. 10

    THIS is what she expects people to pay up to 400 bucks for? HA!

  11. 11

    I love the optimism Perez. I really do. And as a huge fan of Britney, I do hope she can bust a move on the upcoming tour (if it actually happens now with all this Enrique drama), but sadly there's something holding her back. Whether its her knee or the medication, I don't know…but I just don't expect the jaw-dropping dance moves that she used to deliver 10 years ago. I still love her, and always will, and I'll go to see the show - because she does put on an amazing show - but the hopes of seeing her dance like she used to one day were finally dashed this morning.

  12. 12

    Actually Perez, we CAN deny it. She SUCKS! She can't write, she can't sing and she can't dance. Who the hell buys this washed up trailer trash's crap anymore??!! Except you of course Perez, you'll kiss the ass of any trick that throws you a bone.

  13. 13

    Why on earth dont these people sing?

  14. 6one9 says – reply to this


    I would never pay to go see Brit live in concert. I'll watch all the You tube videos that people post of her show. Now back in the day “““““ I'd go in a heart ♥beat! What she really needs is to get back in the dance studio!! period.

  15. 15

    Songs are fun, she's beautiful, can deal w/ lipsyncing because her live voice is so terrible (check youtube), she used to be a much better dancer…bummer

  16. 16

    she's so stiff when she's dancing!

  17. 17

    she did GREAT

  18. 18

    DIDNT watch it…DIDNT have toooo…………..Ive seen it before. Shes a ONE TRICK PONY……..and shes been rode so dam hard she can hardly trot anymore. The comments at Good Morning America says it all…..and her tour mate CANCELLED….LOL LOL LOL…………………. HOW SMART IS HE

  19. 19

    OMG! That was hideous. She looks like she couldn't be arsed to be there. What a joke. Thought it was supposed to be live too? LMAO Oh the shame.

  20. 20

    i love brit-brit but DAMN. at least try and look like you give a shit. doesn't anyone tell her that she looks AWFUL? who choreographed this? is this really the best she can do? ughh, time to retire girl.

  21. 21

    I'm Sorry … but that was Just Awful…how do u say that was good

  22. 22

    Get it Britney!!! I love you!!!

  23. 23

    I think the Doctor needs to change her meds…she seems dizzy and unable to perform the way she really wants too…I can totally see it! She wants to do much more and "let loose" but her meds are making her too calm and sedated. Change the meds Britney! love her new music though…love it!

  24. 24

    all those writers…for such BS…stupid lyric's

  25. 25

    Re: BeeLahhve – Agreed!!! That and "Blackout".

  26. 26

    amazing music amazing look she just needs to let go free when she dances it ll b just perfect in a couple of weeks when she gets into it all the way nodoubt best artist ever….!!!!

  27. 27

    She's not dancing like she use to becasue she's had 2 kids back to back, knee problems, possibly over medicated & dancing in HEELS not SNEAKERS like she use too!!! Still ♥ her more then anything though ; )

  28. ONIT says – reply to this


    general performance: great entertainment, you don't even notice in the audience that her usual fan is gay

    dancing: I'd rather have her stand all the time than this. She's not even 5 percnet what she used to be.

    singing: what singing? It's been playback.

  29. 29

    Yawn…If all you need is some machine soundin lip syncing and a bunch of dancers workin the stage around a clearly tired so called popster than I guess it looks good to a teenager. Best thing can be said that yes its a well choreographed show around her, yet bet ole Brit-Brit would rather be sitting poolside eatin bon-bons, watchin her kiddies play.

  30. 30

    She looks great, but she makes no attempt to appear like she's not lip synching, and the dancing was terrible. She's lost it. Its sad, but true.

  31. 31

    She can put on a production for sure, but I'm so confused: With all of the dancing rehearsals she's talked about having, why hasn't her choreographer emphasized POPPING her moves? Her background dancers are killing it and B looks like she has a slipped disc in her back or something. I wonder, did she watch this performance back and notice that she does her moves like an 80 year old? I love Britney and I'm not slamming her, rather asking if there's a health problem or else I'm slamming her dance instructor for not doing his/her job!

  32. 32

    she atleast looked great. not hating coz i like brit brit. but how come she is so much loved when she isnt dancing or singing where as Bionic flopped. America is crazy!!!

  33. 33

    ..That was kind of horrible!

  34. 34

    Im VERY disappointed in our girl Britney. Ive been a hardcore loyal fan since day 1, even named my daughter Britney (not just for BSpears, but I needed a B girl name to match my son's B boy name). This mornings performance was terrible. She looked half asleep and barely did the moves. Her arms were floppin around and there was alot of hair tossing which didnt make up for the lack of movement. Even the audience shots of the 2nd performance - none of them were dancing - just standing there. Awful.

    In the past, i would've paid $350 for a ticket and gone alone, nowadays not so much. There's no point in sitting all the way in the back for $96 either so even though there have been years Ive cried, borrowed and begged to go to her concert, I wont be doing that this year because there's no way I'm paying that much to see performances like I saw today on GMA.

    Also, i know her dancing days may be over, but the ONLY reason I never cared about her lip syncing was because she was all out on stage. Like crazy good. I can't defend her critics against the lip syncing if she's barely moving around enough to warrant it.

    Im so sad about it and Im really disappointed in her and her team for making such high prices.

  35. tasha says – reply to this


    I've always liked Britney but she has diffinitely lost her mojo. I wouldn't pay money to go see her tour now like I used to. I work to hard for my money now. I'll use it for artists who really can sing and or dance. Wish her the best though and hope maybe she can just retire and be happy.

  36. BTrue says – reply to this


    LOVE THE SONG! But she MUST Step it up. No offense to Aubrey O'day, Eryka Jayne, Ke$ha but that's the level she is at right now performance wise which is WAY below her standards. Britney Spears needs to step it up BIG TIME! GOOD JOB TO THE DANCERS THOUGH WHO WORKED IT OUT!!! BRITNEY WAKE UP!

  37. 37

    She just spent a year (or whatever) on her past Circus tour where she "danced" just as pathetically as she's still dancing. Why the fuck would she now get back to getting down when she obviously hasn't been able to?
    And she didn't look relaxed or happy. She looks like a deer caught in the headlights. Like a robot. Like a puppet.
    She could also lose a few more pounds… that stomach sticks through the corsets.

  38. 38

    I like to strategic use of long shots to cover up her awful miming. She is one lazy-ass performer!!!

  39. 39

    Remember back in the day when the camera actually focused on the performer? I ABSOLUTELY HATE how nowadays the people in the editing/camera room spend more time messing around with panoramic shots than actually focusing on the artist. I don't care how the performance looks from afar! I don't care how big the room is! I don't care to constantly see how many people are in the arena! I want to see the artist and the dancers!! Hold the fucking camera still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 40

    OMG She was AMAZING!!! I dont care what Perez says, I will save every cent I have to see her live! So worth it

  41. 41

    There is nothing impressive about lipsynching.

  42. 42

    What? She sucked! She looked like a fat aging stripper with no talent. She doesn't sing, and walked and sat h er fat ass down every two seconds! She should have sang "Bit Fat Ass" instead of "Big Fat Bass". gross!

  43. 43

    It's the same tired routine she did in Las Vegas, there is nothing new or special about her GMA performance, Perez needs to stop pumping junk otherwise this gossip site is one step away from being a trashy gossip site. Now I said it before and ill say it again, if your not going to sing LIVE! you need to DANCE! you need to give something to your paying fans when your in concert, something that shows your blood, sweat and tears, otherwise put a drag queen Britney look-a-like because that drag queen would give you a performance, 1. the girl is back on drugs or is on heavy mental meds, or 2. She just don't care about it no more, she is pooping on a plate and your eating it and she is laughing all the way to the bank. The album is solid very solid but if this is a prelude to the concert it's a waste of money, Kylie Minogue (42yrs old) said they worked with the same people for tour creations, but Kylie's sets are always amazing visually I know she don't DANCE but her ass SINGS like a bird through the whole thing, Look up Janet Jackson (44yr old) on YOUTUBE she is on tour now, (Singles Tour) and she dances like a 25yr old, so what is Britney's excuse? I think she needs to fire some creative people on her team, they are not giving her an image that bests suits her, sorry if I offend fans but I am a Britney fan too I just feel betrayed and I am not going to fake it.

  44. 44

    I dont understand why Perez keeps hyping her up so much. Yes its great that she overcame her problems but as far as Im concerned her act as an artist is just a joke. She cant sing, write songs, or dance. There are so many talented musicians in this world who work their ass off everyday writing songs, playing in any venue they can to try and make it big. Watching terrible performances like this one breaks my heart for these struggling musicians. Its a slap in their faces.

  45. 45

    I love Brit! She seems to have lost some mobility and her speaking voice seems to be different. It sounds like she has a cold. I don't really see the point of having concerts though if you are just going to lip sync and bob around.

  46. 46

    When she goes into the first chorus of HIAM it sounds like she IS singing live, just over a really loud backing track? in parts (especially Till The World Ends) I think they may have added the track over the performance in post-production, if you get what I mean.
    For sure she was miming at times, but I'm guessing it wasn't as bad as it's being made out to be? :/ love her anyway!

  47. 47

    Re: Unbelievable! – Help me understand why Perez preaches her so much. It drives me crazy. She is terrible!!!!

  48. 48

    I'm disappointed!! What happened to my brit brit that used to dance full out? Come on girl? She looks tooo relaxed while performing now. Almost sedated, which she actually might be!!!! www.theprettydish.com

  49. 49

    Sad to say but true - Britney has lost her mojo. I watched some old footage yesterday on youtube of her dancing and actually singing at the VMA's and she (back in the day) was AMAZING. I love her, I am a big fan and have lots of her music on my ipod including the first song from Femme Fatale. However the worst of it is on the rest of the "record" It is all autotuned. Anyone and I mean anyone could have sung it. So, what have we got here, she can't sing, does not sing live EVER, and now she is not dancing. She looked like a middle aged woman who is trying WAY TO HARD to look good in a corset outfit that is to damn tight on her and makes her look fat. She is dancing like she is on drugs and has is still in rehersals. Will not go see her and will NOT be paying that much money to see her. It is with great sadness that I write this but girl, it's TIME TO RETIRE. Let people remember you for the great one that you were.

  50. Blunt says – reply to this


    Considering she made an effort to dance, i'm sure she'll get better. Alil stiff but a few studio dance rehersals and she'll be great. The performance was ok, not her best but it was cute. Im cheering 4 u brit :) god bless her

  51. 51

    She should take off her heels and then im sure she could dance. Why is she always in 4inch heels during her shows??

  52. 52

    why give her a mic/headset? everybody knows she lip synching……….her dancers also out perform her.
    her fans want her comeback more than she does……

  53. @v@ says – reply to this


    That's a great song, and top notch sound, lighting, stage set and dancers.
    Why does it look phoned in? It's lipsynch, so she could be dancing gone wild, but is literally almost standing still. She needs new choreography, stat. She can be 10 times more, AND I think she could sing live. Where's Usher when you need him?

  54. 54

    yeah i agree she looks like it's painful for her to move. and i do love her! she's better off not even trying to 'dance' anymore…i think she's lost it..

  55. 55

    she looked like she couldn't even move her legs during hiam

  56. @v@ says – reply to this


    Unless she has a major injury that can't be rehabbed, she needs an entire new team around her to put together a show worthy of her stature. The fans, stadiums and customers are ready made and waiting. If this is what they give them, I see a possible fading and dwindling outcome.

  57. 57

    I don't see how she's one bit better than Rebecca Black. As a matter of fact, I think Rebecca might actually sing.

  58. 58

    Re: Shannon Lea Schutz – Jlo had twins … she can still dance her ass off… she has no excuse… sorry

  59. 59

    She may not be dancing like when she was 20 but I respect her a whole lot more than other stars out there. Shes is by far the most remarkable hollywood recovery from drug abuse story. She is absolutely wonderfull. Recovery is not easy, I've been through it and it is hard as hell. Give her a chance. The road to recovery is long and shes one of the few who make it through. I wish her all the best. Whatever she decides to do in life, I will always have my best wishes for her.

  60. 60

    She always seems like she's just going through the motion. I love her - but she needs to show the same engery as her dancers.

  61. 61

    Britney's fans are fat girls and flaming gay boys. Wake up people

  62. 62

    Perez defends her because he was hired by her staff for the Circus tour, dont forget that guys

  63. 63

    She really looks like she just does not give a shit anymore.

  64. 64

    let's see how do i put this? HOT MESS! she danced like her performance when she was under medication. UGH poor thing needs to rethink this and hit the studio BEFORE she starts the tour!

  65. 65

    she's gonna charge people 300 some bucks to see this crap?! she better work on her moves & that auto tune… NOT impressed. go listen to some real music kids

  66. 66

    Oh dear…. what on earth are her management doing letting her perform like this? Dancing is not good enough. I've loved Brit forever but not this is painful to watch.

  67. Cree says – reply to this


    R u fricking kidding me u people go crazy after Britney who lip syncs the entire show?! she hardly even shows that she even wants to be there by doing so called dance moves hey I can do that I can lip sync, charge people outrageous amounts to see my show and wave my hands around. I've seen more talented children act, sings and dance better than her. She is useless after watching 2 minutes I had to turn that train wreck off horrible and I feel like people r getting ripped off by watching this so called show if u r that stupid to buy her tickets u deserve the lip synced act And who is the hell ever thought she was talented was on some medication- horrible, horrible, horrible

  68. 68

    Wow she sounds JUST like the album here! Goes to show no studio trickery is needed!

  69. 69

    Hate it, afraid that I might cut myself were I to hear it again.

  70. 70

    Wow, it still sucks as much as it did the other day.

  71. 71

    She STILL sucks. Give it up Britney!

  72. 72

    She got back an incredible body and yet she looked so stiff in the beggining and very lazy by the end, with movements being at half or like "whatevs", and in a part she even mistaken. People say she is under meds, prolly those mistakes and lazyness by the end are due to that. But honestly, was boring. Her voice also is weird, in the second song couldnt even recognize her, did they really change her voice that much in the studio, way much autotune.
    Basically all there was lots of hair, skimpy suits and half-half dance. She should change the costumes to something that it could "trick" the eye and make her pretend she is moving more and lose the high heels.

  73. 73

    people are nuts and will scream and listen to anything
    this is just garbage
    all she does is try to be sexy that is all she has ever done she cannot sing and dance she is a mess

  74. 74

    Sigh..brits dancing will never be the same :(

  75. mw says – reply to this


    she just stood there, moved slightly and things happened around her

  76. 76

    I'll say another thing, I thought the conservatorship is running her life? Well did they forget to sign her up to dance class? The unfortunate thing is Britney probably doesn't even know what's going on due to all the kiss ass people around her.

    And come on, stop with the 2 kids and stuff or 29 (when did 29 become "old") She needs to get in the dance studio and bust a move for 3 months straight. Actually it looks like she needs to get another guy to bang that stiffness out of her. I am available Brit and I can be a FREAK!!

  77. 77

    I think she did really well. She looked good. She looked energetic and happy. Has anyone else notice that she sounds sick when she speaks? She sounded that way in the GMA promos too.

  78. 78

    You really can't candy coat this. Her performances to date are absolutely terrible and you really can't give her any credit for the music. It is not written by her a so over produced. Bleh bleh bleh. It sux sux sux!!

  79. 79

    The reason why she sucks is b/c she doesnt SING LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate, no, LOATH her concerts. I can't believe people PAY to see her lip syncing!!!! It pains me…

  80. 80

    Is this how concerts are now a days? Everyone is just standing there holding cell phones? If i was an artist (i.e. Britt) I wouldn't go all out either. Standing there like drones.

  81. 81

    What was up with all of the far away shots and shots of the crowd. That reminded me of the disastrous Gimme More VMA performance. It wasn't even that bad people…

  82. 82

    as usual…. I was crossing my fingers she'd nail this… and she didn't :( SERIOUSLY… WTF has happened to her? I'm a huge fan and always will be… but there's something missing… has been for a long time. She's a shell of her old self :( I hope she'll do a sit down interview one day and explain all this. It's either the meds, her insecurities, no passion anymore… I don't know! I'm grasping at straws!
    I'm just so sad :( Her moves are just so stiff and lethargic :( She's gotta see today's footage of herself and REALIZE she's not up to par like she once was. I would think if she watched her old performances, vids, that would inspire her to step it up and SHOW THE WORLD she's still got it!?! Oh, well… at least the music is still good :)

  83. 83

    She's still not the same. Her new music is too "made-up". Maybe if she stopped trying to wear those 6 inch heels, she could dance better. I still love her though, it's just gotta take awhile for her to jump back into the game. And whats wrong with her voice??

  84. 84

    She needs more time to heal. It wasn't so long ago that she had a complete meltdown. Trust me, the healing takes a lot time. I hope she would start to sing live, at least sometimes.

  85. Lumie says – reply to this


    Re: Smonies – I agree completely. It can't be very rewarding for artists to perform to a bunch of people who are looking at you through their cell phone's camera and can't be bothered to cheer, sing along or even look interested. Thank god I mostly listen to rock and metal, in rock concerts the atmosphere is usually still good. Then again, rock bands actually perform live unlike Britney.

  86. 86

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …the dancing isnt even any good…..anyone who pays to see this mediocer crap is an idiot.

  87. 87

    FOR ALL OF YOU GAGA HATERS: IF you have not seen her in concert, shut up! You have no valid opinion….Gaga rules…period…she is a true artist….how can someone suck when she sells out concerts, writes her own songs and melodies AND has been a top seller for months? Shut up when you do not know what you are talking about…. NOW Britney sucks!!! a no talent….cannot hold a candle to gaga…..

  88. 88

    someone mentioned that it was her two kids and being almost 30… Gwen Stefani has 2 boys and is 40, she may not do choreography, but at a No Doubt show, Girlfriend never stops moving, Her Knee (Brit) was like in 04 and having that little accident lead to her not giving a fuck anymore, I don't blame her sometimes, i had my son and i didn't want to do anything either, but if i was as good as she is at what she "used" to do, man I'd want it sooo bad that nothing would stop me from getting it back again… boo Britney :(

  89. 89

    Regarding Britney's supposed drug addiction and current meds:
    I don't believe she was ever addicted to drugs. I believe she's bi-polar. If so then she's most likely on Lithium (as am I) and it does not cause fatigue or dizziness or any side effects. Perhaps she's also on an anti depressant too, which can initially cause dizziness, but that subsides after a few weeks.
    It's not medication that's causing her to give these horrible performances.

    She's mentally ill.
    Maybe she doesn't care to do this crap anymore but it's the only thing that's ever made her feel good about herself.
    Maybe her lack luster performance's are an unconscious "fuck you" to all of her puppet masters.
    IDK, but she has lost it forever. She fast walked her way through the Circus tour and she'll do the same w/ this one. And people will pay to see her and she'll make million$ more.

  90. 90

    She's embarrassing and sad to watch now. No energy, no dancing, no singing, just nothing. Anyone could do what she did in that "concert" and that's the problem with her now. It's crazy that people still think she's good! She's terrible!! People who still think she's great don't see her. Just look at her performances years ago vs. this one—like night and day. She should stop now while some people still think she's good.

  91. @v@ says – reply to this


    She could be heavily medicated. She did have a meltdown, but something sure as heck needs tweaking. Good for her for putting one foot in front of the other, though. I know shows. It needs work. Her part needs work, if she can't see it. Better people can help her to take this up several notches if it can be done. Call MJ's old crew, or call Usher.

  92. 92

    Oh, and also…
    If you never saw it then go to Youtube and watch her on the MTV awards "singing" Satisfaction/Oops IDIA.
    It was amazing. Look at how she shakes that ass to the music inside that spinning egg thing.
    She was alive and totally into it.
    She really does appear to be frightened and dead inside now. Very sad actually.

  93. 93

    I'm a HUGE Britney fan but this is just getting down right painful to watch. I mean, what are we going to go see her for if she's not singing let alone not even dancing. Something's gotta give Brit. Makes us believe again!

  94. 94

    Vocal's Base? WTF, Britney was more of a big thing she danced so cool but now . . . well She doesn't write, she can't sing live, she doesn't play any music-instrument, she has the personality of a 14 years old southern girl, she can't dance . . . Thanks . . . but NO thanks>

  95. 95

    Bah Ha Ha! Her feet are glued to the floor! She is sooooo over, except for stupid people who still think she can sing or dance. Lip-syncing auto-tuned voice and now she can't even move that fat ass. Buh bye

  96. 96

    Re: joliepitt007 – I couldnt agree more, i sometimes feel like the only Christina fan in the world LOL thats a little self-centered but doesnt every Christina fan feel the way?

  97. 97

    this made me sad

  98. 98

    And is it really that SHE wants to perform, or has her record company made her do tours? She really needs to start sing live, at least sometimes or partially, because she can't dance the way she used to. Or the dancing needs to get better. I would prefer to hear her sing. Those aren't so hard songs to sing.

    I just hope she feels good, and really want's to do this, and not because of people make her..

  99. 99

    She look super pretty… but not convincing. She lost her energy. KFed! Bring her back!

  100. 100

    Anywhere else in the world this fraud would be booed off stage. Her fans here are just too blind to the obvious.

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