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Born This Way Tops Billboard Pop Songs Chart!

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Just keep the accolades coming, bitches, because she ain't slowing down!

Lady GaGa's Born This Way has become her seventh number one single on Billboard's Pop Songs chart, which ties her with P!nk and Rihanna for the most songs on the radio airplay ranking!

Excellent excellent!

Such amazing accomplishments - and right in time for her 25th birthday!

We can't wait to see what she'll have achieved by the time she's 30!

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26 comments to “Born This Way Tops Billboard Pop Songs Chart!”

  1. 1

    Please, for the love of God, stop with that expression "bitches". It's extremely offensive. How can you not realize that? Thank you!

  2. 2

    Which version there's a hundred of them by now?

  3. 3

    Don't get me wrong, I like Gaga but…this song is just terrible. I don't get it. Just goes to show I guess what sheep pop fans are…

  4. M: says – reply to this


    the son g is crap.her fans buy her single many times, thats not fair. and whayt a big deal.its easy to acompliche this stuff noe hard is too keep perez. almos all the artists started full of success an now the dont have it. and this is already happeing 2 gaga.shes never on radio in europe.ppl trash her .ppl lost the credit for her cause shes a wannabe. she proved she hs not big talent. and ppl lots the faith in her. like me. the only artist that kept her huge success ll oer the years was madonna. not even MJ ha sher success nly after his death. gaga is smaller tha bieber. gaga has success in usa not in other countries like madonna.

    so if i were u i wa worried cause noone talks about her or her lame video… lame lame. even madonna express urself went to itunes after c22 years.thts success. for some reason madona is the one who can perform for huge masses and gaga not.not now imagine her in 20 years. no chance.ppl were crazy for madonna. and still. noone is crazy 4 gaga.sorry but she is no big deal.NOTHING NEW. EVEN RIHANNA AN PINK HAVE THAT RECORD AND THEY DID IT BEFORE. AND U SEE THEY CANT DO NOW. SO GAGA WONT DO IT IN FEW YEARS,FOR NOW ON HER SUCCESS WILL ONY DISAPEAR CAUSE THATS WHAT HAPPENS

  5. 5

    By the time she's 30 she'll have achieved complete and utter dissolution of her "pop star" career, period. She will have pounded the final nail in her proverbial coffin, ciao bitch

  6. 6

    On Airplay ranking? SO basically meaningless! Would be nice for this site to go back to the fun interesting place it used to be. ie minus Gaga overload and Gay rights.

  7. 7

    Honestly.. people cannot really think this is a good song. It sounds like something from a Disney Channel movie… Old gaga was good.. poker face- paparazi, just dance.. new gaga needs to go!

  8. 8

    Re: secretstar – ya know.. I always thought that too.. I always was like..h mm way to insult your readers by calling us all bitches…particular because when you refer to someone as a bitch- you are essentially saying they are beneath you… So I guess all of his readers are bitches.. awesome!

  9. 9

    Let's all hope by the time she's 30 she disappears.. How long can she go ripping people off and wearing stupid costumes last? Really. The only way she's dragging her fame is because of her cult following.

  10. 10

    What a bunch of haters…………..

  11. 11

    congratulations to Madonna for this great song!!!
    100% copy of express yourself….you stealing whore!!

  12. 12

    Its by far her worst song! she has fallen so much!

  13. 13

    Good for her. All this and only 24 years old. Amazing woman.

  14. 14

    this is one weird chick, but I will give her credit for giving to charity

  15. 15

    Hopefully by 30 she'll join Debbie Gibson and Tiffany and star in a low budget ScyFy channel movie. I tried to liking her, trust me I did, but her blatant Madonna ripoff just turned me off completely. Hopefully she'll be forgotten by the time she's 30 really.

  16. j.no says – reply to this


    Gaga stopped making good music halfway through her last album. not to mention she's out of creative ideas and has to steal from a pop icon and a gay bishop that put out a disco song in 1978. do you even realize how pathetic you sound when you're praising her? be careful to not drink any kool aide she gives you.

    besides, if she looks 45 at the age of 25, she'll easily look like she's 60 in 5 more years…..and not a good 60 in a Madonna rock hard sort of way. more like a bloated cracked out sort of way.

  17. 17

    Re: M:
    You accuse the success of LG's single by claiming it was bought multiple times by her fans, yet in the same posting, you praise Madonna for having her single resurface on ITUNES after 22 years, when the only reason it surfaced again was because of a campaign launched by some of her crazy fans to have the song reappear on the charts. Many of those fans most likely own the single already in multiple formats, and most likely bought it multiple times again on ITUNES.
    I don't know if you actually pay attention to the charts, but Pink and Rihanna are still having hits and haven't been showing signs of slowing down. I don't know from where you're getting your information that they're not anymore.
    And MJ only had massive success after his death? Do you just pretend to be this stupid?

  18. 18

    Christina Aguilera's Beautiful, 2011 version . . . This pop divas have to change her marketing plans . . . it's just getting old

  19. 19

    and yet never made it to number 1 in the UK…….guess we have taste

  20. 20

    Take that Pigney fans Born this way estroyed Flop it against me :3 in every espect sorry

  21. 21

    It's Hollywood, they can make a dog turd a star, didn't they prove this point when they made all those turds on American Idol stars? come on people! wake the **** up and stop worshiping these turds, go against the "HERD MENTALITY" and make yourself a celebrity, stop feeding your energy into their bull****.

  22. 22

    Re: caffman – Not really, you guys love Rihanna

  23. 23

    Not surprised. So pound of her. This makes me happy as one of her little monster. Love this song.

  24. 24

    You guys are just serious haters because you thought that the song was going to be a total flop. But it wasnt. Get over yourself. Shes achived sooooo much in such a short amount of time. And I have no idea what makes people believe that an artist is irreplaceable. I love the Madge but dude her reign ended shes passing the torch. It happens to everyone. As much as i love GaGa, it will happen to her to, its the nature of the Biz. Shes going to have a long career just like Madonna.

  25. 25

    And just for those haters. Gaga is ahead of both Rihanna (hate her!!!) and P!nk (love her!!!). Because Rihanna has had like 20 singles and only 7 have gone to #1 same with P!nk she has had over 20 singles and only 7 are #1. Gaga has had 8 and 7 went #1. That is how amazing she is. Out of 8 possible opportunities she has had THE MOST PLAYED SONG in American radio SEVEN TIMES BITCHES!!! I can't even imagine what she will come up with next!!! SHE IS THE QUEEN OF POP!!!! Proven by her domination on the POP charts!!!! BORN THIS WAY!!!!!! 05.23.11

  26. 26

    Re: imgoingtobeGFF – Queen of pop my ass