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Mini Bieber Performs At Perez's Birthday Bash!

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CLICK HERE to watch 8-year-old rapper MattyB perform at our big party this past weekend!

So cute and talented!!!

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42 comments to “Mini Bieber Performs At Perez's Birthday Bash!”

  1. 1

    Perez i trully like you, like your humor and how you hate on some selected celebs, howeve, this child makes you look like a pedo!! Guys you are a man, so stik with men, or with you are a pedo stick with kids but face the law…i like you though, like your humor, just not the kiddie taste

  2. 2

    Do you realize that you are crippling his career with your horrendous marketing knowledge? Do you understand that by calling him 'mini bieber', people are going to forever compare him to Justin Bieber? When people think Justin Bieber, they think, star and they immediately have really HIGH expectations. Then, they hear this kid and no matter how good he is, he will never compare. This is the same thing you did with your last guy when you said he was better than Justin Timberlake. What's the kid's name again? Where is he today? How many records has he sold? Does he even have one? Honestly, you're a complete moron comparing new artistis with zero credibility to industry giants. Congratulations on burying another kid before he even gets a chance. Pick up a book on marketing one day, you desperately need one!

  3. 3


  4. 4


  5. 5

    Sorry but this is pathetic. 8 years old is too young to be singing about chains acting slick & fly. I'll bet this kid's grades are average if that and this is encouraging him to not use proper grammar and vear off into a shallow direction with his life. Fail.

  6. 6

    he's cute. he's 8 years old. he just passed kindergarten. no one knows if he's gonna be better than bieber or anyone else. but if he's already doing this at 8 then he's probably going to be awesome. and this kid is a youtube phenom, so having him performing at a bday party is fun, not creepy

  7. 7

    MooMoo Mario is the funniest name ever lol am laughing heaps. Justin must have some star quality, just because a kid copies what Bieber that doesn't mean that he will ever be big as him please

  8. 8

    Re: shebangs – Preach it!

  9. 9

    nothing to be proud of senor perez

  10. 10

    You probably came on to him that night you creepy cow in your pee stained pants…….stop with the infatuation with kids and teens already!

  11. 11

    Did you get his phone number?

  12. 12

    @yeeeah No, he's a no talented child that Mario has a pedophiliac crush on. Don't confuse the two. Don't confuse corn with maze. Don't confuse your perception with reality. Don't post ever, again. You're an idiot. This kid is a product of his twisted parents. Fuckin sad. Like Mario's pre pubescent fetish with him

  13. 13

    This child is signed to his record label so obviously he would have him there. Perez's failed marketing strategy is to post video after video of his "artists", but fails to mention that he is the one behind them. His other "artist" on his label is Kat Graham. How many records have this people sold Mario? I'm willng to guess zero. You have no idea how to properly market your talent. Shoving them down our throats is never going to work. You are a failure and you are ruining these peoples lives. Oh and you are a pedophile.

  14. 14

    He has got A LOT to work on… but he honestly does seem to have a passion and enjoy doing this… so long as he gets to a KID for MANY more years, I wish him the best! Main thing for me.. he needs to realize all the people infront of him… it's not just him and the FLOOR. :)

  15. 15

    Do you think it is natural to invite 8 year olds to your party. His parents should be ashamed not because that you are gay, but because you are in your 30's. Stick to men pedo

  16. 16


    You're absolutely right. I can only imagine Mario being a child molester. Why else would he have this kid at his coked out party?

  17. 17

    WOW> You're in your 30s???? Yikes, I thought you were like 46, 47. Not good.

    Seriously– step away from the children, Pedo. That kid's parents should be incarcerated for child abuse subjecting him to your presence.

  18. 18

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – Kat Graham?? I didn't know that! Thanks, I had been trying to figure out who the hell that chick is and WHY Perez kept posting about her like 100x a day last week! Mystery solved.

  19. 19

    P.S. can we say exploitative parents??? I think that's the real issue here.

  20. 20

    ew. lame.

  21. 21

    It's bad enough that you're dressed like the fucking white swan …

    What the fuck is your obsession with this kid? Seriously dude, find a man your own age.

  22. 22

    were any restraining orders filed?

  23. 23


  24. 24

    Mario think he's got the next Bieber. Who do you think already has a contract with the kid. Jesus.

  25. 25

    you're a fucking pedo

  26. 26

    Perez you really need to stop, you are getting way to creepy, the kid cant sing or rap for that matter. I see you going to jail for this untalented little puke.

  27. 27

    and STOP insulting Justin Bieber

  28. 28

    ok im not trying to be mean or rude, but, ENOUGH WITH THIS LITTLE KID!!!!!!! WHO GIVES A SHIT

  29. 29

    Perez, be honest, you would have sold this child to Michael Jackson if he was still alive right???

  30. 30


  31. 31

    The only two comparissons I can find between him and Bieber is Youtube promotion and annoying.

  32. 32

    You people calling Perez a pedophile are ridiculous!! Just because he has a young talent at his party doesn't make him a perv. What the hell is wrong with you people?? But, this kid is sooooo over rated! The whole thing, the idea of an 8year old being a rapper is just stupid.

  33. 33

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – He did pretty good by Gaga. Just sayin.

  34. 34

    Re: thobora – What's wrong with US? What's wrong with YOU? Perez obsesses about male CHILDREN. He SALIVATES over them. We see Perez exactly right.
    Mario: We don't care about your crappy birthday party. Stop milking your F-list event. Most of us know you're dying for attention, but you're a gossip hack, not a star. And stop loving the children too hard. It's just too creepy.

  35. 35

    Didn't the Ancient Romans parade nude young boys around for entertainment too? Although this one isn't nude, the concept is vile and truly disgusting. Shame on his parents for allowing this. This is disturbing.

  36. 36

    Give that kid a Sam Adams, he needs to get rid of the taste of roofies and Mario spit out of his mouth!

  37. 37

    First of all…I agree with a lot of commenters here…STOP using the name Beiber when referring to this kid. He has a name and his own talent. Secondly, why is this birthday 'bash' in such a shitty venue? To go with your shitty getup? Let this kid alone Mario. He is too young to associated with the likes of you.

  38. 38

    cute maybe….talented? um.NO!

  39. 39

    I know he's a kid but I just found that really annoying.

  40. 40

    If you made a sex tape, we don't want to see it!

  41. 41

    This kid is nothing like Justin Bieber, first of all Justin CAN SING. This kid is not talented, he's just like any other kid this age. I used to sing and dance to Spice Girls when I was a kid, just like all of my friends. We didn't sound very good, but we had fun, just like any other child and just like this Matty. He's having fun, why make him out to something he's not? He's not good on stage, he doesn't sing good at all, he has no starqualities whatsoever.

  42. 42

    he is super cute but i think he kinda sucks!