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Rihanna's Too Bootylicious For You, Rolling Stone!

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Those hot pants were so hawt, they burned right off of her!

Girl looks excellent as always!

Rihanna is next month's Rolling Stone cover girl and she is working all that her momma gave her!

Hmm! Hmm! Woooork!

But can we just put this out there - the hair. We hated it, it grew on us, but now we think it's time for a change. Something different. Something…edgy but more subtle. Just a thought.

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59 comments to “Rihanna's Too Bootylicious For You, Rolling Stone!

  1. 1

    I can dig the whole booty, but the cloth… I didnt even know was Rolling Stones magazine, I thought was some of those old cheap porn magazines.

  2. 2

    hey slut bucket, fade away into oblivion, you are talentless.

  3. 3

    most excellent booty. most excellent.

  4. 4

    Yeah she look great and no photoshop which is really great!

  5. 5

    she's fucking gross.

  6. 6

    she has a big ass but compared to her massive thighs the ratio is 1:1. i dont get the appeal.

  7. 7

    She looks like Side Show Bob from the Simpsons

  8. 8

    i hate her hair……maybe if it wasnt red.

  9. 9

    Re: Tecknotootoo – Agreed. Why do female singers have to be so vulgar? A talented singer shouldn't have to take her clothes off to get attention. Sad.

  10. 10

    Side show bob, from the Simpson!………just say'n

  11. 11

  12. 12

    Nasty whore. And that side-show-Bob hairdo has to go.

  13. 13

    I miss the "old" rihanna, when she didn't need to use sex as a way to sell records. this new sexy rihanna is just too much sexappeal.

  14. 14

    haters… ask her if she cares? bitch will show you a bank receipt of her balance and you'll stfu. big olllll booty rihanna LOVE IT!

  15. 15

    Re: SweetSummerNight – Yeah I thought so too maybe she's a big fan lol.

  16. 16

    Some one bounce a quarter of her ass quick.

  17. 17

    Re: justtospeaktruth – she should start caring considering she just spent an inane amount of money on a house she doesn't need, ticket sales are dropping and she only markets herself to black men - who are jacking off to her pics, not buying her albums. you're as dense as she is.

  18. 18

    Re: justtospeaktruth – And that's the problem instead of outlining her musical talent you point to her money. That's why most pop stars will continue to make mediocre music because they know you will buy it quality is obviously not important.

  19. lolli says – reply to this


    thats a smack-worthy ass *akon's smack that* not chris brown smack that, uuugggghhh hes a douche

  20. 20

    what is wrong with being a singer and still having some class. She is talented, she doesn't need to pose like this - looks like a cover of playboy - boo

  21. 21

    Yeah, I hate that hair, too. It's terrible. And, I guess the only way to draw people to the magazine (the one's without a subscription) she has to pretty much show her ass. It's very sad that a female has to sell her body and her soul to become successful in today's world. It's a shame that her music sucks, though. I guess she sold both for nothing.

  22. 22

    You really shouldn't be giving people advice on their hair, rainbow head.

  23. 23

    Re: justtospeaktruth – i don't give a fuck how much she makes, i'm doing what i want to do and it lets me buy the things i want. all the money in the world couldn't make her any less gross.

  24. 24

    Re: April 20th – Pretty much. Her hair and her physique are all she has going for her.

  25. 25

    Re: Annie Marie Gibson – yeah, that's debatable too……..

  26. 26

    I am so tired of the women singers relying on body parts for their popularity! Enough! She has shown me way too much of her sluttiness for me to EVER want to see her again…period. There is no respect for her ability now-if she even has any.

  27. 27

    For once i agree with Perez.. the hair has got to go. Sideshow Bob called.. and he wants his look back. LOl.. do you guys remember "Seperated at Birth" that perez use to do.. if he still did those (which i assume he doesn't because of his anti bullying shit) he sooo wlda done one of her and SideShow Bob.. lmao

  28. 28

    Re: Carousel – no photoshop? Are you serious? You certainly cannot be that naive….

  29. 29

    I doubt she would give a crap about your suggestions. and after you black swan ego trip, you're hardly in a place to offer them up.

  30. esj says – reply to this


    She looks like Carrot Top!

  31. 31

    Rihanna is gorgeous and one of the most talented in her music genre…and everybody is entitled to their opinions but if you got anything negative to say about such a positive person…then we like to call that "hating". plus if she lets you have a glimpse of her bank acount all yall will "stfu" and then shit yourselves. F*ckn haters.

  32. 32

    and most of yall that are posting comments cant sing…ya body is bad built and ya broke. ive seen some of yall that are leaving comments and let me just say some of yall need money just so you can look better. lmao. and you wana talk about rihanna. shid yall wish you had that ass or even half of her talent just to get a buck. F*ckn haters!!

  33. 33


  34. 34

    Re: Martrell Williams – WTF Martrell! Was that even English? Or ebonics?

  35. 35

    That hair looks so frickin ridiculous. You look like a clown Rihianna

  36. 36

    Re: MissPriss – no, that's just how ignorant, racist, ghetto pieces of shit that feed at the troughs the tax payers fill, speak. :)

  37. 37


  38. 38

    Re: April 20th – GET OFF PEREZ HILTON!!! You comment on frickin EVERYTHING and it's always negative. I bet your fat and ugly

  39. 39

    Wow This is why I don't like reading comments on this website, everytime is do it's just a bunch of bitter, sad, racist people who hate on everyone. I thinks she looks hot and her music is good

  40. 40

    This makes me wanna cry.
    Girl says she was abused in her childhood, and - obviously - does NOT make the best decisions on the men in her life, and then she does THIS.
    She may as well be naked with a biker guy holdin' his dick up to her ass. THIS is disgusting.
    Geez, how will they top this in another decade?
    Will ALL WOMEN be forced into slutty porn clothes on magazine covers eventually, if they want a MUSIC career?
    I mean, SERIOUSLY… where are we headed with this????
    Are all women supposed to be booty-licious, just to get attention?
    This young woman - considering her musical choices, ie., the WHINY BULLY DICK Eminem - is falling victim yet again to the horrendously enevolved and unenlightened opinion of so-called "liberated" women these days:
    "Take yer clothes off, bitch, and if we like yer ass, we'll support ya."
    If not, we're gonna "break yer neck like a popsicle stick."
    WOW, that's empowering.
    Rihanna, get some fucking help. PLEASE.
    And those of you who support this crap? I'm curious to see how your country treats its women in another twenty years. Afghanistan, here we come!

  41. 41

    Re: frankiebabeey – and you'd loose that bet

  42. @v@ says – reply to this


    Carrot top did the hair FIRST.

  43. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: williberto85 – She doesn't look to be selling music here, and the majority are offended. They have better taste, imo.

  44. barny says – reply to this


    Re: Carousel – WRONG,it's photoshopped.

  45. 45

    Re: April 20th – she markets herself to black men?? wtf uhhh just cuz WHITE GUYS DONT like big ol booties it doesnt mean SHES not marketing herself to them… you must be crazy. This little girl is 23 years old and has WORKED her ass off to get to the position she is today. You say shes talentless then go back to the fucking 60's and listen to "real" music!!!! no one is asking you to be in this era and put up with dance music my goddddd let the ones ENJOY the little bits of our lives left on this planet and you go waste yours hating on people somewhere else

  46. 46

    Re: MJJ – I point to her bank account so that you can hate her even more obviously. In case you haven't noticed but the stars with the most haters are the ones all over the cover pages of magazines. I guess your conservative top of the line vocals acceptance is just too high for rihanna sooo maybe some celine dion? barbara streisand? ok have fun listening to them and dont come back here anymore :)

  47. 47

    Re: mer908 – what is so gross about her? jesus Beyonce has some shots like these do you hate them too? maybe its a race thing idk. Like shes a fucking human being just like us just 50% hotter then some of us and you can do WHATEVER the eff you want no one is telling you to love rihanna, also no one is telling you to click on her picture and talk trash :)

  48. 48

    Chris just slapped the HOE out this bitch. It was already there, he just helped it come out. She is a fucking nasty.

  49. 49


  50. 50

    I just loveeee how everyone is acting like she spread her legs and spread peanut butter all over her snatch and a dog was eating it. wow i thought you ppl stopped being shocked at sexuality when britney did it in 2000?? get over it.

  51. 51

    Re: Martrell Williams – white women are gorgeous… and many of the "black" women men worship are actually part white. rihannas legs are tree trunks and her hair is disgusting.. and fake.. just like her autotuned voice. suck a dick, martrell. no ones jealous of fuckin rihanna. if we say we think shes gross its because shes gross.. not because we secretly want to be her. stop reading so far into comments.. its very feminine.. speakign of which, what are you doing on this website? (:

  52. 52

    Ok its time for a different hair style. The red weeve looks BAD. It reminds me of yarn.

  53. 53

    This is getting old, boring and frankly desperate. This isn't edgy, strong, or interesting. It's Rihanna in a knockoff Daisy Dukes looking like Side Show Bob. It would be nice if she could stand on her "talent" instead of her looks, but if you take her makeup off she's quite ordinary looking. Not impressed, she looks the same as she does in every photo.

  54. 54

    Re: April 20th – Why do you even look at these people if you don't like them?? Go do something else with your life

  55. 55

    Rihanna has a massive ass for her size, but that photo has clearly been shopped. As for people being shocked that she uses her sexuality… Hello? Do you guys remember the video for Umbrella?

  56. 56

    Re: sunandsand – THANK YOU.

  57. 57

    I'm not a big RiRi fan but i like the look. However, I've never seen her look anywhere NEAR as good as when she first came out with pon de replay. She looked so fresh and beautiful. The last few years she's been tryin to hard.

  58. 58

    Re: April 20th Re: MissPriss – WTF are you people talking about? What century are we living in??? Racist much?

  59. 59

    Re: Brainiac – I have to agree. Is that really an Eminem line? Pretty warped…and yes it's sad that to be a popular artist women need to resort to being overly sexual. I'm all for being able to express oneself sexually but it's gone overboard. It's more along the lines of exploitation of women. I think Rihanna sounds like a pretty messed up little girl too and I feel kinda bad for her.