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Rihanna Opens Up About Actually Being Into S&M!

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Holy shiz! Well, wow!

Rihanna recently took the connotations behind her latest single, S&M, to a whole new level when she revealed that she likes to get a little more than frisky in her own private life, as well!

She explains:

"I live feeling like I'm somebody's girl. I love to be tied up and spanked. Using whips and chains is too planned…you have to stop and look for the whip. I prefer them to use their hands."

Unfortunately, she also goes on to explain that she thinks some of her more masochistic tendencies in the bedroom stem from the abuse she suffered as a child, at the hands of her father, which seriously bums us out!

But we think it's very brave of her to not only be so candid about it, but have enough of an understanding of herself to accept that her past is responsible in part to who is she is now.

And frankly, there's nothing wrong with having a little good, safe, consensual fun! It's nothing to be ashamed of, regardless of what it may stem from, so as long as you're comfortable, gurl, you do you!

[Image via WENN.]

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65 comments to “Rihanna Opens Up About Actually Being Into S&M!”

  1. 1

    as an adult she is free to do what she wants in the bedroom, but this makes me pause as she was a victim of abuse by not only her father but the domestic abuse from Chris Brown……no, no one asks for it, but this is an ill times remark from her camp I think…..you think she would avoid this sort of comment really

  2. 2

    Whatever floats her boat…..

  3. 3

    if she really did like S&M she wouldnt have thrown a big fit about chris brown

  4. @v@ says – reply to this


    Too. Much. Information. This poor kid.

  5. 5

    So what kind of encouragement did she give Chris Brown into slapping her around regularly? If that's how their relationship worked, par for the course and all, it's not surprising it got 'out of hand' and she ended up more bruised than she typically likes. It's all f^@kt up as far as I'm concerned. Mr. Brown has anger issues obviously, and he found the girl to work them out on, with her encouragement. No good can come of that for either one of them as they move on to their next abusive relationships.

  6. 6

    Okaay? Of course she gonna say she like it. She singin a song about it in which btw is one of my favorite songz of hers. Not her biggest fan but I like a lil S & M too. Love to be spanked and bit…Fun stuff lol

  7. 7

    Is she crazy or what to come out with private stuff like this?
    I think it's extremely confusing to start saying she likes S&M along with her prior problems with Chris Brown.
    Pity the next guy that comes along, that gets a little rough, and all of a sudden she's on 911 calling for help, because she forgot the "safe" word.

  8. 8

    So she liked what Chris did to her. Seems to me she's into being beat.

  9. 9

    Trying WAY too hard to be edgy.

  10. 10

    What a filthy little slut she's become.

  11. 11

    Her fame is running out…has to be more and more outrages just to stay relevant…will be used up in 5 years…maybe glue a little hat on her head next

  12. 12

    What an attention whore.

  13. 13

    Maybe that whole chris brown thing was a misunderstanding - no safety word or something ;-X

  14. fiera says – reply to this


    I don't get it, whips and chains excite her but she couldn't handle a slap from Chris Brown? I think she is full of shit!! I don't know what the hell she is talking about, but S&M can be pretty rough. I knew someone that was a dominatrix and she told me about some of the things that she was paid to do.

  15. 15

    wow she shouldn't have said that. I believe this takes away the seriousness from the crime chris brown committed.
    She has a lot very young fanbase and I'm sure they are going to believe that she brought the beating on herself or kinda enjoyed it.
    Doing S&M in bed is totally different than getting ones ass beat by a crazy douchebag with anger issues.

  16. 16

    I agree with Passing the time. Wow, I can't believe she said this. Not about a spanking but talking about whips and chains and going too far. And saying that some of her tendencies in the bedroom came from the abuse she received from her father. Just WOW. She's almost as sick as Chris. I know women who were abused, and they don't seek it out afterwards. Like I said, a little spanking in the bedroom I get her saying, but she seems to be into it much deeper than a spanking.

  17. 17

    don't understand it at all. she actually said that? So, did she let Brown slap her around in the bedroom? If so, kind of a hazy line, okay here, but, 'YOU ARE AN ABUSER, ETC, ETC. ETC' when it takes place elsewhere then tempers fly…….

  18. 18

    Maybe what happened between her and the incredible Hulk, Chris Brown was just foreplay.

  19. 19

    There's a big, BIG difference between a little "all in good fun" play in the bedroom and being beaten to a bloody pulp guys.

  20. 20

    Like Ive always said..if that picture hadnt gotten out nothing wouldve ever happened to Chris Brown. Her camp made her do all the legal stuff and the interviews. Now she's really dumb for comig out with this. Dont admit to liking S&M after getting slapped around by ur boyfriend

  21. 21

    That colud work.

  22. 22

    I didn't need to know that. lol But good for her. I'm all for women being able to express their sexuality just as freely as we men do.

  23. 23

    Re: Kathagr – I agree well said.

  24. 24

    Another programmed Project Monarch victim from the Illuminati chapter of the Jesuits…they also run the porn industry. Don't submit to any of it,it is being used to control the masses.

  25. 25

    Sad, explains much of her music and life.

  26. 26

    i KNEW IT! i knew rihanna was into that stuff. no wonder she didnt get too mad about chris brown (which was completely intolerable), im not justifying it, but.. 1+1=

  27. 27

    Re: mejakiki – Of course, there is. But it sounds sick to say your tendencies in the bedroom come from a bad place, that of abuse from her father. She's got issues. She's not just talking about a little spanking here.

    Chris is sick himself for brutally beating someone, hitting them over and over. But it sounds like she needs to be in therapy, too, if she's turned on from stuff that happened in her youth as far as abuse from her father.

  28. 28

    "them", she says… ha.

    Also, those of you saying they don't seek it out later (re: abuse)? BULLSHIT. Almost all victims of violence in their childhood seek it out in some form later. You might not see it, but it's there.

  29. 29

    Uneducated world at large. Getting the crap beat of you is completely different. It was not consensual. As it goes most our tendencies act out in adulthood from our childhood. Nothing about what she said is actually unusual. People just don't talk about it much. I'm a complete sadist. I was born this way. :p

  30. 30

    Re: mejakiki – YES. Thank you.

  31. 31

    Can somebody clue me in? what's a s&m?

  32. 32


  33. 33

    yea yea she is such an attention seeker. she must be VERY insecure because it's like she is trying to force her sex appeal on the world, she used to be MUCH sexier and confident I think…now she is trying to hard. I think this is an attention thing.

  34. 34

    Re: you want this – Sado-masochism ;)

  35. Soup says – reply to this


    Ugh. People are so stupid. As much as I find Rihanna annoying, I can't believe people are finding connection between Rihanna enjoying consensual S&M bedroom play and getting beaten and abused by the hands of her boyfriend. THEY. ARE. COMPLETELY. DIFFERENT. THINGS. To whomever said she received just a slap from Chris Brown–yeah, it was waaay more than a slap.

    And BTW, I don't honestly think Rihanna is into actual S&M shit. I think she just likes rough passionate sex but I really think she's just saying crap to sound edgy.

  36. 36

    So one would assume someone who has experienced the abuse she has, whether it was from her father or Brown, would not draw attention to their sexual exploits, especially those that are on the violent side. I'm all for women expressing their sexuality and whatnot, but something just isn't adding up for me here.

  37. 37

    She just lost my vote. Any women who presses charges against being hit and then admits that she likes it … wow … she definitely loses my vote.

  38. 38

    She's just feeding into the publicity circus that goes with the territory of being an "out there" performer to keep up with the likes of Gaga, Christina etc. Churned out factory stock standard hyperbole! In Sydney, Australia, she was photographed coming out of a sex shop with bodyguards! Why the hell would you go to a sex shop at 11 a.m to get your own toys??????? PUBLICITY FOR A S&M SHOW! The stuff she says is probably what her 'people' tell her to say.

  39. 39

    Barf. Too much information. A little mystery never hurt, ladies!

  40. 40

    Re: mejakiki – Very true, but my God you think she would have more sense than to talk about this stuff? Not to mention, Chris was ALSO abused as a child. They are both fucked up, but shes such an idiot saying that kind of thing.

  41. 41

    Isn't that what Chris Brown did?

  42. 42

    There is a giant difference between BDSM and abuse. Not everyone in the lifestyle is there because of daddy issues. Comments like this make the whole BDSM community look bad.

  43. 43

    attention whore

  44. 44

    Re: AynRandy – Thank you :)

  45. 45

    OK I really did not need to know this imformation about Rihanna but I'm pretty sickened by the people on here implying Chris Brown was somehow justified in BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF HER because she likes CONSENSUAL spanking during sex. WTF? Are you people really that naive/young/unaware of legal and ethical concepts like consent?

  46. 46

    Half you people are absolute MORONS. How does enjoying S&M during sex justify Chris Brown beating the shit out of her? Saying she ENCOURAGED it? Why would anybody encourage getting their face smashed in? Grow up!

  47. 47

    Boy, her tour must really be tanking for her to be so desperate for attention.

  48. 48

    As someone who was an abused child, God help the first man who lays a hand on me at all. I would kill the motherfucker. So, her saying this is from her father's abuse is not only stupid, but untrue.

  49. 49

    no offense but if she is into that stuff
    why does it matter that chris brown hit her…

  50. 50

    Well her daddy issues explain alot about her love life.

  51. 51

    Abuse is not S&M. BDSM is a loving form of expression. Abuse is unconsentual violence in many forms. Don't get the two mixed up. Chris Brown's assult has nothing to do with S&M bedroom play.

  52. 52

    So…maybe Chris Brown got confused?

  53. 53

    NEW TOPIC: Chris Brown on DWTS Tuesday PM
    I was stunned. You were AWESOME!!!!!!
    Chris, you came out tonight on that dance floor and you owned the floor!
    You did the tight dance numbers, that we're longing to see from BritBrit of old!
    Both songs were great.
    Nice and tekky, but still could hear your voice and the songs, so very danceable.
    Costumes were SO EFFING GREAT!!!!!!!!
    Watching you and your posse was almost as good as your first "e'.
    Chris, I'd go see you in concert in a heartbeat.
    Before your first number, I yelled out to Mr. cannottango, "For Christ sakes, they're pushing that Rihanna guy on us now, and he'll come out and do that JayZ and Kanye crap. UGH &@&#." (I've never heard anything you've done before)
    Wonderful stuff in an ocean of mediocrity and crapola.
    You're rehabilitated in my book.

  54. 54

    Is it not a little ironic that she likes to be hit during sex and was abused by her father, and we are all shocked that Chris Brown hit her? Maybe she let him hit her in the bedroom and it got out of control. It's still not right but just sayin…..

  55. 55

    Rihanna, give it a rest. You are annoying as hell. Get a vocal coach and come back with some REAL MUSIC. This is pathetic and stupid and desperate. Just shut up.

  56. 56

    Physical and emotional abuse affects the natural processes of the brain. That interference of the natural process of the brain results in abnormal behaviour. Therefore, homosexuality and other deviant behaviour flows from brain malfunctioning, not for some freedom of enlightened choices.

  57. 57

    Re: mandaa13 – lmao!

  58. 58

    Re: Blondie100

    Blondie, just because you "know" a few women who have been abused, it doesn't mean you know how ALL women who've been abused will react to it. In either case, children act out their childhoods into adulthood unless they find a solution/therapy for it. For instance, a woman who did not have a father around will choose men that refuse to commit as mates. Or, like Rihanna's case, she will choose potentially abusive mates if her father was the same.

    Also, for those of you who don't understand what CONSENSUAL sex/foreplay is, being beat to a pulp in a limo is NOT S&M.

  59. lolli says – reply to this



  60. 60

    Uhm yeah…I don't see anything wrong with that by itself but that fact that she's talking about it publicly is so disgusting to me. Like nobody needs to know these type of things so it just makes it seem like she's begging for attention. Ew.

  61. 61

    best to have kept this to herself
    can just picture young fans of hers being slapped or worse by boyfriends telling them it's a big turn on and they should love it because Rhianna does!
    the teen years are confusing enough without muddling tings up with this
    terrible message!
    teens don't have fully formed brains-it's a medical fact
    can easily see them confusing the "fun" hitting with abusive hits
    hope parents reading this pass the word to other parents they know so that they can educate their teens on how Rhianna's abuse factors into this and that because they come from loving homes-no need to go this way and have someone hit them for any reason-it is outside the norm

  62. 62

    Re: mandaa13 – Yo DumbA! There's a big difference between a little smack on the butt & getting the H beaten out of you.

  63. 63

    ah, all these stupid commenters connecting this to the Chris Brown accident and justifying it, that's not related. Being into rough play during sex, is not the same as violence outside sex, when you are arguing. So stupid

  64. 64

    Re: pareidolia – You honestly don't know the difference between a bit of spanking in the bedroom and brutally attacking someone?

  65. 65

    I congratulate Rihanna on her continued success, but I miss the Rihanna from the old days when she was more fun and sweet, instead of all the sex she's now promoting. Sure sex sells, but she had better music back then, but I guess singers evolve in their music over time.