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If We Said Britney Ticket Prices Are Absurd, Would You Hold It Against Us?

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britney ticket prices are absurd

Better start saving up if you want to see Brit Brit live, because tickets prices are EXPENSIVE!

Ticketmaster has posted prices for Britney's tour, and they're seriously ABSURD!

Prices range from $96 to $346.50…and that's BEFORE additional fees!!!!

You heard right!!! $96 for the CHEAP seats!!!!!

WTF? Don't they actually WANT people to go see Britney perform?

These ticket prices are CRAZY! We feel awful for all the hardcore Brit Brit fans out there!

It really concerns us that they'd charge SO MUCH for these tickets. We are NOT impressed.

Will U still see Britney in concert? Or do U think these tickets are too ridiculous pricey?

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166 comments to “If We Said Britney Ticket Prices Are Absurd, Would You Hold It Against Us?”

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  1. 1

    Those prices are too high. Nothing negative against Britney, but there is no justification for those prices.

  2. 2

    Too expensive is right. Plus with her lack of energy on GMA, it's not likely I'll shell over 96+ bucks for lousy nosebleed seats.

  3. 3

    It is a tour featuring TWO shows.

    Enrique and Britney are both doing two fulls with full production for each set.

    You make everything about Britney and it is really fucking ridiculous.

  4. 4

    Its not only Britney its Enrique too. So the price seems reasonable. Honestly I would pay more then 96 dollars to see her alone. She always puts on a great tour.

  5. 5

    this is gonna flop big time. i love britney thou'!

  6. 6

    Well Perez you might have a point but you have to give me Rhiannas, Katy's , Gaga's, Madonna's ticket prices so we can determine if the price is too high. Just giving out Brit's ticket prices and saying its ridiculous doesn't mean that they are. If they can be sold at that price then they aren't ridiculous. Simple supply and demand.

  7. 7

    Production costs are high when the main goal is to hide the fact that she has very limited talents.

  8. 8

    I've followed Britney since the beginning, I've been a huge fan but with this economy there is no way I am going to pay that, besides I don't even think she is worth seeing in concert. Her recent performances have been a joke, I am not going to pay 96 dollars to see someone semi dance and lip-synch. If this had been the Britney from '03 no problem, but not worth those prices today.

  9. 9

    thats a little ridiculous… ok i could understand the best seats being that high… but all the way in the back… 96? thats crazy… and i love u britney but cmon now LOL

  10. 10

    Enrique just backed out of the tour…so..at least, the prices should be cut in half…

  11. 11

    Also the link you posted was from Long Island. new york charges higher prices than say Kansas City would.

  12. 12

    Those prices are totally insane. I was so happy this morning and I read she's coming to Montreal on september but now…I guess I'll just buy CD. I hope the tour worth the price for people planning to buy 300$ for a ticket….

  13. 13

    Are you drunk? How much do you think a ticket for Gaga costs?

  14. 14

    that is absolutely ridiculous. i paid $163 dollars to see LADY GAGA and those were floor seats. thinking of paying $96+ for nose bleed seats for BRITNEY is just a little out of control.

  15. 15

    Who the hell would pay to see Fat Britney??? No, I don't mean she is fat but I am using the same analogy reffered to by Elvis Presley. There was early, "hot" Elvis and there was 70's "Fat "Elvis. Fat Elvis, had lost any charisma and star quality he had , compared to when he first cam out. Britney has suffered the same. She was horrible on GMA. All her spark, charisma is gone.

  16. 16

    It is ABSURD! She doesn't SING OR DANCE WTF are people going to her concerts for????? Her crew really needs to rethink there strategy BRITNEY'S career is gonna go down the toilet if she doesn't start WORKING for her money. Nothing in life is given YOU GOTTA EARN IT!

  17. 17

    lolz… I'm not going, pay $100 to listen to a echoed CD? nope -_-'

  18. 18

    She doesn't write, she can't sing live, she doesn't play any music-instrument, she has the personality of a 14 years old southern girl, she can't dance . . . mmm . . . Thanks but, no thanks!

  19. 19

    It probably because Enrique is on tour with her so the inflated prices probably cover his costs as well. Though it's pricey and some people just want to see one or the other. Too bad I would have loved to check out this concert, but not for over $150 which let's face it the cheap seats are not worth it.

  20. 20

    All Major Tours are pricey Madonna charges twice as much and Gaga charges the same amount and this is her first major tour. Plus how else are they gonna make money no one buys cds anymore.

  21. 21

    I just went to ticketmaster and there is one date available and the info still seems to be incomplete. So before you pass judgement on the cost of her tickets, you should wait until the complete info is available on ticketmaster's website.

  22. 22

    I read on another site that Enrique allegedly bailed out.

  23. 23

    both enrique and britney can't sing for shit, so no. If i wanted to see people dancing i would go to a dance studio

  24. 24

    I'm not a huge fan..but considering you're paying to se her lip sync..HELL NO!

  25. 25

    perez and you other haters and people say its gonna flop… you really do not understand the magnitude that is Britney Spears do you? These concerts will be sold out no doubt. its what happens when britney is performing….every seat is filled no matter what. and yes it is 2 artisit dipshits. really… i was really happy when i heard the prices. Circus tour was one of the highest grossing tours of 2009 and this series will all be sold out as well just deal with it. stop trying to bring britney down because you guys are only making her stronger and driving more people to like her. I'm sorry Lady Gaga can not charge so much for tickets but you know, she has to become and icon, living legend, top selling artist, first.

  26. 26

    Ugh I tottally agree.. prices for concerts in general now are soo expensive. Honestly I blame it on the ease of downloading music online, artists are having to come up with other ways to rake in the cash now that the piracy rates are so high.

  27. 27

    I wouldn't see her in concert even if the tickets were free. She's charging way too much in this type of economy and it shows she's only after a hefty profit and doesn't care for her fans or what they can afford economically. I would never pay more than 100 for a concert ticket and most of the shows I go to are under fifty bucks.

  28. M: says – reply to this


    more ridiculous was th eprice gaga wanted for hers. she is no madonna to ask those prices.

  29. sm87 says – reply to this


    lol - love her to death and planning on seeing her tour but WTF are you kidding? Celine Dion ins't even charging that much. She's either on crack for charging so much, thinking people will actually pay, or Perez is an absolute idiot and is getting his info from an erroneous source - just as he got ALL the tour dates wrong earlier today when he posted her lineup.
    We shall see…

  30. 30

    Of course it's too expensive. Who wants to pay that much for a lip sync performance?
    I can see her lip sync on music videos.

  31. 31

    No way in hell i'd pay $96 to watch lip synching for 2 hours.

  32. 32

    She is too fat and out of shape to dance. She basically walks to a box and plops her fat ass down while lip-syncing.

  33. 33

    If you are willing to pay those prices to see that talentless c**t, then you deserve to be ripped off!

  34. 34

    Fan of Britney, but that is too high, especially since she doesn't sing live or dance as well as she used to. I think its just too much and def won't be paying for any tickets. I'll watch her damn concerts on Youtube.

  35. 35

    I have been a Britney fan since she came out and would love to see her in concert, but I'm not going to pay that much money to see her waving her arms around and have her dancers do more dancing than she does. I feel offended that they would charge that much.

  36. 36

    The tickets are too expensive to watch someone dance and lip sync.

  37. 37

    fuck that. i love britney but lets be honest, she fucking lip syncs! why on earth would ANYONE pay $100 to watch someone lip sync? boo britney and britney management! tickets should start at like $30!

  38. 38

    Maybe if she didn't lip sync so damn much it'd be worth the $96
    Love her, but….

  39. 39

    I would NOT see Britney in Concert, I went to her concert on the last tour (CIRCUS) and she lipsynced the entire show. NOT worth it. Atleast GAGA actually sings live.

  40. 40

    LMFAO , Sorry But Thats Not Even Expensive.

  41. 41

    So…they want us to pay at least 96 bucks to watch her lip sing? Nah, I'll pass

  42. 42

    That's 96 bucks to see (most likely) lip-synching. I just can't understand how anyone could pay that much to see someone that doesn't even put on a live show and is, essentially, singing along to the cd. If I want to listen to the studio version of a song, I will listen to the album.

  43. 43

    Nope, sure wouldn't regardless of who she's touring with. I've seen her shows before, and honestly… she's way over paid. She's just back to where we was, rocking back in forth in place on the stage, just like I remembered live. But then, I was a kid, and very disappointed :(

    I like Britney, but she's kind of a let down… She doesn't sing live and she doesn't dance… what is everyone paying for then?

  44. 44

    If I wanted to see somebody lipsync, I'd go see a drag show for free.

  45. 45

    First of all Lady Gaga's floor tickets are standing! I LOVE BRITNEY, She's hustling. Who doesn't do that.

  46. 46

    I wouldn't pay anything to see someone lipsync an entire concert! What the hell for?!

  47. Lumie says – reply to this


    Um, that's absolutely ridculous. Britney doesn't even sing live, for goodness' sake. Nor does she dance especially well. 96 bucks for awful seats? Yeah, I don't think so.

  48. 48

    Some people ask for more, others less. I'm hitting two shows, regardless.

  49. 49

    uh what in the world ! that is TOO PRICEY doesn't she know the economy is low right now and whats happening in japan?

  50. 50

    NO thanks, She sucks. She is worse than Kesha, and rhianna combined. Its boring.

  51. 51

    These prices are AVERAGE!

    Your damn GaGa bitch charges even more.

    NOW STFU stupid asshole.

  52. 52

    I have Katy Perry tix on the floor and they were only $55.00 with fees!!! Wow Brit!!!

  53. 53

    Damn you all must be poor ar something 96 dollors is right in line with lady gaga and riri and katy perry tickets so whats the big deal! Well i bet they still sell out haters i know im going i think britney is quiting music after this album! This is her last contracted album after this shes free from jive and sony.

  54. 54

    After GMA this morning I wouldn't go if they paid me, well…..maybe $1000 - no one wants to see a lip synching head case dancing around like she has a 2X4 stuck up her ass and coming out of her mouth…….she must be watching Ca Ca's videos

  55. 55

    Those are WAY too high, I was looking at GaGa tickets and they weren't even that much. I don't think the Rolling Stones charge that much either

  56. 56

    Re: Ben LeBrun – I paid less than $50 for good seats at Gaga.

  57. 57

    Re: Sara Gehringer – Standing room, idiot! General admission, and there are floor seats too. SMH.

  58. 58

    Britney I love you and do wanna see your show SOOOO bad but your tickets are WAY to expensive. Hope I win the lottery.

  59. 59

    $96 - $346 per ticket for a concert?? Umm….. there is still a RECESSION going on.
    Brit, that is really SoStupid.com

  60. 60

    Her concerts are awesome! Pay more, and don't go to as many. It's bad for your hearing anyway.

  61. 61

    $$$$$$ ??? to see her lipsynch??? EPIC FAIL !

  62. 62

    I really really wanted to go see her but if the prices are going to be this high, I'm not going to be able to go. I planned to spend at the most 100$ on tickets thinking they wouldn't be the worst seats in the house, but I guess not. Really disappointing because I had a great time the last time I saw her and was really looking forward to seeing her again.

  63. 63

    $96 - $346 per ticket for a concert?? Umm….. there is still a RECESSION going on.
    Brit, that is really SoStupid.com !!!!!

  64. 64

    Another thing , maybe i missed. Are those prices for her actually singing or her lipsyncing?? I still think it's too much.

  65. 65

    LADY GAGA in cleveland nose bleed for $86.

  66. 66

    I'm not a huge Britney OR Gaga fan, so what I am about to say is an unbiased statement: comparing their ticket prices is like apples to oranges. Britney may put on a good show, but she does not sing live, play an instrument or dance like she used to. Gaga sings live, plays piano (and possibly other instruments that I'm not aware of, like I said I'm not a huge fan) and dances.

    As an audience member at a Gaga concert, you are getting a one-of-a-kind show; that itself is the nature of live music. No two shows are alike. With Britney, you're getting the album with her singing over it at times.

    You get much more for your money when you see an artist that actually performs live.

  67. 67

    I think I paid $70 for nosebleed on her Circus Tour and I thought that was insane. This takes the cake. NO THANKS!

  68. 68

    Thats alot of scratch to watch her lip sync and dance badly to her own record.

  69. 69

    Re: Mikel Johnsan – can you say psycho fan?

  70. 70

    Re: Amy Mercer – Nope, he pulled out! Hahahahaha! The tickets haven't even gone on sale yet and there's already drama, priceless!

  71. 71

    I will most definatly be purchasing VIP seats to see this show! Britney is back baby! This is her best album in years, with songs that will put her back on top! You would be stupid not to see this show! Oh and I am pretty sure I paid 405 dollars for my Gaga tickets, and she is not near as legendary as Britney. There can only be one Queen of Pop!

  72. 72

    This was going to be the first year I went to see a Britney show, but after seeing the clips from Vegas… I can't right spending that kind of money to be let down.

  73. 73

    Well lets not blame Britney for this. Does anyone think that the girl has any clue what the value of $96 is?? Her puppet masters come up with the prices and she just goes along with everything.
    And $96 or 96 cents: Who the fuck would pay anything to see a girl lip sync an entire concert while she fast walks, skips, arm dances and does zero other dancing.
    She's a tremendous mess… but I'm loving her new song.

  74. 74

    Love her, but the prices are just ridiculous. You'd think they'd acclimate to the audience that they were targeting, and bring down the prices.. What teenagers / 20-year-olds could afford to spend that much money on a couple of hours of entertainment? I know I couldn't..

  75. 75

    Re: JCPiscool – i have seen gaga twice. pretty good seats for 35 bucks and bought a VIP package the next time for 200 dollars and was right up at the stage. she made eye contact with me and sang to my friend next to me and told him she loved him…200 bucks to be that close? heck yes. having to pay over 350 dollars to probably not even be that close? no thanks. these are def overpriced! sad :(

  76. 76

    I wouldn't pay 10$ to see her lifelessly go through the moves and lipsync. She should have retired in 2004. while some people still believed she had talent.

  77. 77

    If you are a Britney fan,that's ok to pay $100 ONCE IN 3 YEARS to go see her live…… recording industry sucks,people download music for free,so live shows are expensive

  78. 78

    who in their right mind would even bother paying 346 dollars. lol especially to go see some washed up used to be little miss popstar. lol she's not even worth paying that much. if anyone actually pays that price then you people are nuts.

  79. 79

    Re: Jayyyy – Actually Live Nation comes up with the prices, but yeah I agree Britney nor most acts out there aren't really setting any of their own ticket prices. Some of you guys commenting and getting angry about something you obvious aren't paying to see anyway is just hilarious. I ain't going either but if Britney can sell tickets at those prices then its obvious they weren't overpriced. Supply and demand. Take an economic course people.

  80. 80

    It all depends on the venue i guess, i was trying to get tickets for Taylor swifts tour a few months ago in Canada, it was supposed to be a cheap concert but i couldn't afford half way decent seats, come on Britney, i'd love to see you in concert too, but shouldn't you have a say in your performances?

  81. 81

    Let's be honest, 98% of people are going to this concert to see BRITNEY not Enrique. $96 for the cheap seats is a little ridiculous considering most people don't even really pay attention during the opening acts a.k.a enrique

  82. 82

    Considering that her fan base consists of probably 90% there-abouts of teenagers who get the $ from allowance or min wages,her greedy people better wake up an smell the teen spirit…

  83. 83

    she charged too much for the circus tour also-why does she do this? It is not good-

  84. 84

    I don't see pop stars perform. I see rock stars who can still give a great concert. I saw The Eagles at The Hollywood Bowl last April and they put on a four hour show. It was amazing. Britney will lip synch throughout the entire concert.

  85. 85

    Who would be stupid enough to pay that for a performer WHO DOESN'T REALLY PERFORM?

  86. 86

    Never Never NEVER! would I pay to see her now, I have in the past because she danced but now, I would never pay to see her, I could just youtube it and see the sloppy mess on there, ty for the try Britney.

  87. 87

    Britney is a performer, so you'll know you're going to get a show. But for someone who playbacks 99.99% of the time I would not pay $96 or more…I'd rather do that for Celine Dion or Christina.

  88. 88

    That's how much the cheapest Gaga ticket was in Norway, Perez.

  89. 89

    I love the Britster, but to pay those prices and not hear he sing — pretty unreasonable and those are definitely not "average" priced for a concert. I was bummed because of that for the circus tour and those were only like $150.

  90. @v@ says – reply to this


    I wouldn't pay $96.00 for her entire library of tunes. She needs to bring it, and what I've seen so far isn't even close. She could have a life long career, but rip off your fans once, and kiss a lot of the respect and admiration goodbye. Not many who love her have that kind of cash right now. Families will go without groceries to buy their kids a ticket. Gouging is unethical; there IS a happy medium. She may command those kinds of prices on this tour, but I think it will hamper attendance at future tours. Especially if she doesn't move and lipsynchs, which will amount to a rip-off. If you're going to entertain, ENTERTAIN!

  91. 91

    These are the exact prices we have had to pay in Australia and New Zealand for years now. $120 for Justin Timberlake, $120 for florence and the machine, $150 for Britney Spears…..Get over it.

  92. 92

    Re: alanball1985 – Nope. Enrique has pulled out after he saw her performances for GMA.

  93. 93

    $96-$346 to see some out of shape has been lip sync for 2 hours..FUCK YOU BRITNEY!!

  94. 94

    Re: JCPiscool – It depends on the venue but on average, Gaga's tickets range from $52 for GA floor to $75 for nosebleeds and about $175 for good seats closer in, plus service fees. AND she performs hard for almost 2.5 hours. She sings the entire show and she dances hard except for the brief piano song performance. If Britney could turn in a top-notch performance as she once did, the prices are still high but might be worth it. But in this economy, and based on her lackluster taped performances for GMA, I wouldn't pay these prices at all.

  95. 95

    Re: Pedrito79 – No, Gaga's tickets are about 25% lower than this. Madonna's are probably higher but a 30-year legendary performer playing stadium shows can draw the higher ticket prices. AND Like Gaga, Madonna can still dance like a muthah and she sings live. Britney does neither.

  96. 96

    i wouldn't pay more than 100 to see someone lipsynch. sorry Brit.

  97. 97

    I don't think so. I'm just glad I saw her when she did her circus tour. Prices weren't that outrageous. Besides, she didn't even do much at that concert. It was everyone else (dancers, lights, smoke, etc) that made the concert great, people just wheeled her around while she lip synced.. sorry britney, I still love you though.

  98. 98

    She's not worth a cent. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can get on stage and lip synch to a recording. Not to mention, she doesn't really dance much for you guys anymore, so just about anyone who has two working legs can get up there and do the same shit she does. It's no wonder the world is going to hell. People will pay this fat bitch money to do nothing.

  99. 99

    Re: Rubber Rat – well said!

  100. 100

    Re: MsJules – This is true but not for all artists. Lady Gaga sells millions of physical cds of her singles, remixes and albums AND she's broken legal download records for her first four songs (totals haven't been compiled for her last three singles yet). And there are other artists doing very well with CD and legal download sales. It's true that the majority of a singer's income is from touring, not record sales. Gaga has kept her ticket sales prices reasonable by touring for almost 18 months and 230+ dates. If you're only going to do a a two-month, 26-date tour, as Britney is doing, your prices have to be huge to pay for it.

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