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And The Name Of Rebecca Black's New Single Is…

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Next Friday!

…just kidding! We wish it were, though!

But perhaps it's just as well that they don't eff with the original!

However, as we've reported, Rebecca Black DOES have a new single in the work, now revealed to be called LOL, and is apparently recording even more tracks at the Flying Pig Productions studio in El Lay, although she doesn't have a record deal just yet!

And unlike some of the other kids from The Ark Music Factory (ahem, Miz Jenna Rose) she wants to stay focused on performing songs and filming music videos that are age-appropriate!

She explains:

"I like the fact I am singing like a 13-year-old girl, not trying to be anything else. I would consider some [songs on the album] teenage love songs but I want to keep it appropriate and clean. People were saying, 'You're the worst singer, this is the worst song.' They criticized my voice and the lyrics. But I call them negative Nancies. They can try to rain on my parade but as far as I'm concerned they are raining on their own parade."

Pretty solid attitude!

Who knows? Maybe this new single will actually be a legitimate hit!

We think she's proven that she holds a degree of staying power, as people are STILL talking about this song, so we suppose only time will tell from here on out if she's got what it takes to succeed!

Best of luck!

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24 comments to “And The Name Of Rebecca Black's New Single Is…”

  1. 1

    Can I just be the first to say, "Who gives a shit!". Another child fame whore whoop dee doo!

  2. 2

    Attention ppl. Please refuse to click on the "read the rest of this entry". Perez is playing his little games again and we should stand together and refuse to play. Why do we have to click to finish reading a blog. Ridiculous. He must be getting paid per click or something.

  3. 3

    Re: route40misery – you are missing the brilliance of the situation - this girl is the new fame

  4. 4

    Society has reached rock bottom. You cannot get any lower than this. When is the world ending? Or when is Russia going to bomb us to hell and back?

    A girl is rewarded fame/money. She shows up on local news and for what? Making the worst song/video in the history of music..Sad..Get me out of this shit hole country.

  5. 5

    No say it ain't why does this girl think she is talented she is not I watched the other video but will not watch this waste of my fuckin time!!!

  6. 6

    I swear to god this is true. I watched her video on you tube with that crazy stupid song and that night I had night mares, I woke up screaming stop stop. I freaked out my wife. Seeing her picture again makes me feel like barfing. Please please perez no more pictures

  7. 7

    Negative Nancies. What is she 13 going on 50? Nookies hit the nail on the head. That's why I'm moving to Ireland. I'd take a financial crisis over jersey shore anyday.

  8. 8

    Since 90% of all the singers out there have no singing voice, I'd agree that YES - she does have what it takes to succeed!

  9. 9

    Yup.. the world reached rock bottom, full grown adults ridiculing a little girl for not wanting to sing about sex.

    I think her voice is fine the chorus was just poorly edited.

  10. 10

    lol thanks but no thanks. i'd stick with taylor swift whenever i want "appropriate and clean" music.

  11. 11

    Negative Nancies? No. It's called being truthful. You are an awful singer/song writer. Taylor Swift writes most, if not all, of her songs and still manages to keep it clean. You, little girl, are just terrible!

  12. 12

    one name comes to mind ……………
    …………….. Pia Zadora

    in the old days you bought fame, now a days you just go on YOU-Tube

  13. 13

    You don't need to have a voice to be able to sing these day's all you need is the MONEY…. and computers that make you sound like you can sing….
    Just throw her in there with KIM K. and PARIS H……

  14. 14

    well maybe if we're lucky an asteroid will hit the studio while she's in it and the song will never see the light of day!

  15. 15

    every singer has haters, thats true, but when there are over 8 times as many dislikes as like on your video you should probably take a hint!

  16. 16

    I just watched the video for the first time to see what all the fuss is about. Is that some kind of a bad joke? It was painful to watch.

  17. 17

    This Ark Music Factory guy, Patrice Wilson, has created a monster. He's made his asking price just reasonable enough to make desperate parents think "WHY NOT?!" He's disabled the likes/dislike from youtube, so the public doesn't get to see that MOST of the hits are negative ones. (And Rebecca Black is showing a brave face, but all the negative press DOES hurt her feelings.) Now it's a big competition over at Ark to see who will be the NEXT popular one. Looks like Jenna Rose's parents have lost their damn minds and sold their child to the highest bidder. So sad.

  18. 18

    Please STOP with this kid, she is talentless spoiled little brat that mommy is trying to buy a career and it is just NOT going to happen

  19. 19

    See what a good promoter can do? make you famous even though you are talentless. If you got the money, anyone can become famous with the right promotion. The people are the ones that buy into this shit bag music. We must be like little obedient mindless idiots for the music industry and they can convince us that anyone has talent.

  20. 20

    Re: tonybotzRe: tonybotz – yeah, I guess I need to wake up and go with the mother fucking flow

  21. 21

    Re: LaughingOutLoud1 – parents gotta cash in our their new cash cow ya know

  22. 22

    Well I've heard other 13 year old singers and they are not as annoying as Rebecca.

  23. 23

    This song annoys me so much! lol.

  24. 24

    I cant wait to hear it!!!!!