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9021-UH-OH! Shenae Grimes Had A Rough Night Last Night!

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Such a lady!

A obviously disoriented and disheveled Shenae Grimes left Trousdale last night looking worse for wear and gave the paparazzi a hard time.

Well, more accurately, you can see she is giving them the one-finger salute, which they in turn took pictures of and made their month's rent in selling.

See, these girls have to learn to keep their shiz together. If they can manage that, then the photogs will be less likely to harass them.

She's young though…and maybe she needs to learn the hard way like so many other starlets that have come before her.

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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12 comments to “9021-UH-OH! Shenae Grimes Had A Rough Night Last Night!”

  1. 1

    first whole page… 9 stories & 34 comments

  2. 2

    I didn't even recognized her on the photo!

  3. Jaded says – reply to this


    Who cares if she gives them the finger. Hell I give about 10 drivers a day in LA the finger. Who knows what they were screaming at her or if they were trying to get those gross upskirt shots of her. Hell if the worst thing this girl does is give someone the finger then she's not trying hard enough to get in trouble.

  4. 4

    This doesn't even look like Darcy!! Miss her on Degrassi!!

  5. 5

    Lol, you make it sound like she looks/is acting like the second-coming of Courtney Love. She's young and was likely being egged on by negative comments. Give the girl a break. Also, maybe focus on her Japan relief efforts instead. Besides, I don't recall you giving the Biebs such a hard time for flipping the bird to the paparazzi.

  6. 6

    holy shit perez…. this site is going downhill so fast….

  7. 7

    if she's making them that much money by just flipping them off, can't she just do it all the time and keep making them money? maybe she's raising the middle flagpole of support.

    and britney gave the same guys the finger YEARS ago. and it wasn't a big deal then, and it shouldn't be a big deal in 2011. people can flick off whoever they want.

  8. 8

    go back to degrassi whore

  9. 9

    Oh Perez, you so don't know what its like having a crowd of people follow you to take pictures of you. But let me paint this image for you, kay? "A obviously disoriented and disheveled " Maybe she's disoriented because a ton of people are taking pictures of her with flash that's too bright. I get disoriented when ONE person is taking a picture of me and the flash is too bright. Can you imagine 10 of those going off in your face? I'd be annoyed too. Stop being such a dick. I don't know what it is you have against women in the industry but you always seem to be finding something to pick on whereas the men you always go on about how hot they are. =/ Get a grip man, your biased gay is showing.

  10. 10

    SUCH A HYPOCRYTE. When Gaga gives the finger at a national baseball game she is the next coming. Some poor girl who has prob been hassled by the paps all night does it and she a mess. Pick a side and stick to it oh and Get over yourself

  11. 11

    She should be happy to be getting photographed. She is D list at best.

  12. 12

    Classy. However she is young so I can forgive if she doesn't make a habit of the Party life. I'm still pissed she banged my man Josh Groban!