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WOW! $175 To Listen To Video Game Music???

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final fantasy concert tickets on sale

If we were gonna throw down that much money to experience a video game in person, we'd just go see the Broadway version of The Lion King video game. And yes, The Lion King WAS a video game! Google it. LOLz.

Disney-video-game-adaptations aside, we're not 100% sure that we think it'd be worth $65 - $175 to go see a live performance of video game music, but we could be wrong.

The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) is def hoping we're wrong, because this weekend they'll be featuring Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy, which will showcase compositions from the hit video game series performed live to "state-of-the-art HD videos and stills shown on a massive screen highlighting the games’ most memorable sequences."

We ARE aware the Final Fantasy fans can be pret-ty hardcore, so maybe this event will end up being a hit!

Will U go to BAM to experience Final Fantasy music live?

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21 comments to “WOW! $175 To Listen To Video Game Music???”

  1. 1

    Perez, the FF soundtracks are possibly one of the most beautiful creations in music. They span an epic series and the composer has millions of fans around the world. It's orchestral and it's amazing. Don't knock it when you don't even research the music behind it.

  2. 2

    If I had the time yes I would 'throw down' that much money to go see it. The music is gorgeous and I have many orchestral variations on my ipod that I listen to on a regular basis.

  3. 3

    if you played the game you would know that each game has a very detailed story line and also a classical music feeling. I love the music for this game and kingdom hearts. I actually have some of it in my ipod!!! :)

  4. 4

    Yes, I actually have my ticket for Atlanta. You really don't do any sort of research, do you? Distant Worlds has actually been quite popular all around the world, and it's one of many Final Fantasy concerts that have happened. Just because it's music from a video game doesn't make any less beautiful or amazing. Oh, and $175 isn't that much of a price tag when you take into account you also get a meet and greet with the conductor, Arnie Roth (who is a Grammy winner) and Nobuo Uematsu, the composer of the music being performed

  5. 5

    Look up Yuki Kajiura Live on youtube , Performances of "In the light of twilight under the moon" and "Vanity" both are part of an Anime/Video Game series and they are extremely successful . I would pay top dollar to see a show like that .

  6. 6

    The OSTs of the Final Fantasy series have been famous since the 90s, Perez, it's hardly a surprise.

  7. 7

    The OSTs of the Final Fantasy series have been famous since the 90s, Perez, it's hardly a surprise. It's obvious you have no idea what you're talking about - and worse, you didn't even bother to check - or you wouldn't be embarrassing yourself by running your mouth like that. Hint: All of us geeks are laughing at you right now.

  8. 8

    Final Fantasy is an amazing Franchise… i hope they fix up FFXIV soon….that game is horrendous compared to FFXI

  9. 9

    If you are a Perez hater, don't visit this site on April 1st. Let's show him the power of the haters.

  10. 10

    The music is amazing, and beautiful. One winged angel is great, and it's not that much for a ticket, really. I mean, concert tickets to see current artists can be more expensive. I plan on getting tickets for the Atlanta date, it will so be worth it.

  11. 11

    people pay to see Shitney Spare-me, so why not this crap? asians & scenesters feed on this geeky buttfuckery!!

  12. 12

    Video game composers work just as much as regular recording artists, and in some cases, they work harder because it's even more difficult to break into that particular music industry AND these artists can do just about all of it by themselves. I have a close friend who actually writes music for video games, and he does everything on his computer, keyboard, or his own guitar. "Regular" recording artists can't always do things like that. I think these prices are totally justified, especially because, as everyone has said, Final Fantasy is one of the most well known video game soundtracks ever.

  13. 13

    You come off soooo ignorant in this post. I'd much rather pay $175 to see AMAZING music than to see Britney, Gaga or Madonna gyrate on stage. Final Fantasy in particular has some amazing music that I enjoy listening to even outside of the game.

    Also, Lion King is a video game? No shit. So is almost every popular children's movie ever.

    Who am I kidding, though. You have a horrid taste in music so I'm not surprised you're oblivious.

  14. 14

    Wow Perez this is the dumbest post today.. u really need to do your research before posting..these types of concerts have been going on for years!!! They travel all over the world!! They are the best! Their concert experience is awesome better than any one else.. these people work hard, they don't pull shady stunts like gaga or nicki acting all crazy to sell tickets…Before talking about final fantasy you should learn your facts..

  15. 15

    Are you kidding me? I don't even like Final fantasy but I would go to this over any crappy britney shit. Besides, video game music is amazing, it takes a lot of work to make it the way they do, especially when they have not only real artists working on it (Akira?) but entire orchestras as well. This is about as rude as someone who ONLY likes pop makes fun of people who listen to metal, or rap. Completely ignorant of everything, highschool style.

  16. 16

    I would go for sure. The composer that does Final Fantasy music is amazing. Try listening to some of the music before making ignorant posts.

  17. 17

    Re: Cassandra Richard

    You win this thread.

    @the hypocrite of this website that I visit out of pure boredom while I farm my archeology on WoW when im not at Uni.

    You sir are ignorant beyond belief. Do you know how many Orchestral Video game concerts there are ? Do you know how many have been to montreal alone in the past few years? No I didn't think you did or else as usual you wouldn't of posted something so stupid.

    I'd rather listen to video game OST's over anything that's made from hip-hop/rap/metal. Anything from that kind of commercial garbage that everyone just seems to jump onto and suck it's dick.

    Concerts for video games have been going around for awhile and the prices that they are charging aren't very much when you compare them to an abused and overpopular Lady Gaga. You close your eyes you can actually create an adventure or a specific scene just from that alone.

    But you wouldn't know that because you are too caught up in Celebs asses AMIRITE?

    Research your shit first at least your site wouldn't be so hypocritical.

    PS. Instead of always replying to positive comments only how about you man up and actually reply to real replies.


  18. 18

    I took my husband to see Distant Worlds about a year and a half ago. He loves the FF video games, so I surprised him with VERY good seats for his birthday. I am not into video games at all, but seeing this show was absolutely amazing! The music is compelling, so beautiful, and so worth the money. I would absolutely go see it again. And spending $70+ to see a symphony is not that ridiculous.


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  19. 19

    Its better, a looot better, than waste it on a Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber show :P

  20. 20

    the lion king for super nintendo is fucking sweet!

  21. 21

    That show was at my work in Toronto!!!! We had tons of crazy fans come dressed up and a meet and greet with the composer. It actually sold out!