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Miley Cyrus Is NOT On The Rebecca Black Bandwagon

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miley talks rebecca black

Why all the hatin' on Rebecca Black, Miley? Are you jealous that these days people would rather party on a Friday than in the U.S.A.? Ha!

Recently, Miley Cyrus was asked for her thoughts on Friday singer Rebecca Black, and she had the following to say about her:

"It should be harder to be an artist. You shouldn't just be able to put a song on YouTube and go out on tour."

We see where you're coming from, Mileybird, but the times they are a-changin'! And given the fact that Black is back in the recording studio, she's clearly doing SOMETHING right.

Do U agree with Miley? Or do U think Rebecca Black deserves all the success that seems to be headed her way?

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133 comments to “Miley Cyrus Is NOT On The Rebecca Black Bandwagon”

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  1. 101

    Re: floptaRe: flopta – Except Rebecca Black's rich parents from the OC plopped down 2K for that terrible video, which in turn got her famous. It's basically the same thing. And sad.

  2. 102

    Re: sereiazinha – You mean like Miley right? When the Hannah Montana sountrack came out, she was only 13. She got that job because of her dad, her parents let her legally change her name for the show and everything.

  3. 103

    I don't really like Rebecca's song but Miley is fucking one to talk by sayin ”should be harder”. She became famous at the first place because of her dad !!!! Please look at yourself first Miley honey.

  4. 104

    She has no say in this. Miley is not an artist . The only reason she was on tv was because of her dad.

  5. 105

    Totally agree with what was said, totally against who said it, haha!
    Especially with Rebecca being so young, she should be hanging out not posting on youtube and ending up all over tv and in a studio, plus the song is horrendous!

  6. 106

    i agree with Miley, Rebbecca sucks! she cant even sing on tune, dude this song is so annoying in the first few seconds u listen to it, you cant sing Rebbecca so dont even try, YOU SUCK BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 107

    when people say miley cyrus is famous because of her dad i dont think soo her dad was a one hit wonder and not that famous to make someone famous, name me 3 other huge hits other than achey brakey heart

  8. 108

    If Rebecca Black had any talent at all I would have to disagree with Miley. And for the record Miley is not famous because of her dad, he was a washed up singer by the time Hannah Montana came around

  9. 109

    Miley is right. And Miley is 100 times more famous then Billy Ray Cyrus was, or ever will be. She worked to get the audition for Hannah Montana. And they didn't consider him to play the father until she had already won the part. Rebecca Black is known, because we made her known. Not because we like her, just the fact her music video is like a car wreck that you can't stop staring at. Who cares if times are changing? You want to be an artist, then work for it.

  10. 110

    at least rebecca black became famous because of her talent NOT because of who her father is like miley did…

  11. 111

    Re: Nikki B – what talent hun? She sounds worst than that kid who plays Fred

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    Tell it to Bieber. Miley has no idea how much work the girl has done or for how many years, before they're noticed on youtube. I don't think a celeb's kid should be cherry picked to do Disney and have instant stardom conferred upon them. Miley's way to fame infers far more who-you-know privilege. In Miley's and other Disney star's cases, Disney parks their stars in front of captive viewers and dictates public interest. Being grabbed from youtube is based on large groups of viewers actually choosing their interest.

  13. 113

    First of all, level of success one reaches does not define whether or not they create "art." Miley's never done anything I've seen or heard that would qualify in my book as art. She did have to work for her career, but lets face it, she's a product that was sold to us no differently than shampoo is sold to us. Maybe she's bitter because Rebecca Black did something on her own that a lot of people decided they liked on their own. No marketing ploys, no promoting, no gimmicks, no help. Can Miley say the same for anything she's ever done?

  14. 114

    Re: lovechristinalynn – please, art today basically means someone doing popular music. Kesha, Rihanna, etc. are called artists. That's the criteria. So Miley, who is more versatile in her music than either of those, is an "artist" by those standards. And also, I seriously wonder how many of you even know Miley's music. Have you heard her songs or how she sings them? Party in the USA, Can't be Tamed, Who Owns My Heart is not her strong stuff. Robot, When I look at You, Liberty Walk, even The Climb are stronger and you should see her performing them on youtube live before coming to any conclusions of her abilities as a singer/performer. Also watch her perform "Jolene" with Dolly and Ready, Set, Don't Go with her father. You may be surprised how good she is at country music, her roots.

  15. 115

    Rebecca Black is popular because most people can't believe she has the gall to want to become a singer and singer horrible songs!

  16. nuage says – reply to this


    Not a fan of either miley or rebecca, but miley is being hypocritical. we all are entitled to our own opinion but it seems rebecca black's annoying but catchy song are entertaining people and that's what music is about. friday has that quality that would get horribly stuck in your head making you catch yourself humming or singing to it. just like miley's dad's achey breaky heart XD UGH

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    Miley will realize that there's room in this world for everybody to have some success. If people are liking or buying this other girl, what's it to her?

  18. 118

    Yes, I think she's jealous, but in a sense, I fully agree with her. But that should be coming from someone with real talent.

  19. 119

    But in the end, will any of them be remembered in 10 years time… Nope.
    So let them have their moment, even if they aren't talented…

  20. bvang says – reply to this


    The name Rebecca Black is nowhere to be found in the actual interview. So what does that tell you? Yep, Perez on the media bandwagon of putting a negative interpretation on a story.

  21. 121

    Re: Scatter – Yeahhhhh…hannah montana…NOT being an artist..two totally different categories. IMO she sucks hardcore and definitely has NO SAY.

  22. 122

    Re: toolman85 – GaGa writes her own music and plays it. (if you meant that she doesn't)
    Just saying, btw, if you are gonna replay you should know I wont answer you.

  23. jla6 says – reply to this


    I agree with miley, but to some extent… Rebecca's parents made all this happen. I think you should get your career by YOUR own TALENT. Her song means nothing. I don't think she really puts the effort into her music or even passion; its all about the fame. At least Miley sings mostly meaningful songs.
    and the people who hate on miley for being "washed up" she just turned 18. She is doing things any 18 year old wouldn't try. Lay off.

  24. jla6 says – reply to this


    Re: Nikki B – - really? because im pretty sure her PARENTS paid 2000 dollars for that video

  25. 125

    Wow Miley Cyrus …wow….r u serious!?

  26. 126

    This makes me like Miley more.

  27. 127

    one musical joke talking about other…okay, she was asked about it, but i think that is about time for miley REALLY learn how to ACT, SING, and PLAY that DAMN GUITAR that she keeps showing around, she might want to reconsider going to college now, other than keep making ridiculous movies were she refuses scholarship to famous art schools that she couldn't get in, in real life…

  28. 128


  29. 129

    Rebecca black's "FRIDAY" wasn't good…Agreed.! But what Miley said is so pathetic! She need time to breakthrough! Miley's being a bum…:P
    I don't know why Miley said it (Slouch,Slouch) Well,Whatever…Miley's always gonna be the best!!!!

  30. 130

    In my opinion, Miley IS AND ISN'T right. Look at Bieber, I'm not a fan but I admit that he's got a great voice while Black doesn't know how to sing and has NO TALENT. Miley is ENORMOUSLY RIGHT on don't being supportive to Rebecca Black(since she has no talent), but is COMPLETELY WRONG on the fact that if you have talent you should BE ABLE to put a song on youtube and go out on tour.

  31. 131

    Right because it was SOOOO difficult for Miley to cut an album, what with her famous father and godmother (Dolly Parton). It was REAL hard for you to become an artist wasn't it Miley?

    If people like your music that is all that matters. And despite all the hate spewed towards Rebecca Black, her sales on iTunes show she's got quite a following. Jealous Miley? Now that your Hannah days are bye-bye, will people still buy your albums? Somehow I doubt.

    P.S. And personally I think you shouldn't just be able to make a fictional show about being a singer and then go out on tour pretending to be that fake person. But hey that's DIFFERENT, right?

  32. 132

    Re: Eugenia Vivaloca – Actually Rebecca Black does have talent. Its just a horrible song. She sang the national anthem, unedited, on Good Morning America and I was amazed. Her voice is raw and real and pretty - that song, though, is just horrid.

  33. 133

    i dont like rebecca black and im not a fan of her's,but miley shouldnt talk about about another artist even if they suck that is sooo pathetic.the only reason why miley is rich and famous is because her daddy got her that stupid show on the disney channel,miley has no talent what so ever,her voice sounds like a turkey is being tortured,she has the most horrible teeth ever and she's a slut….

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