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So WHO Exactly Is Replacing Steve Carell On The Office?

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They really are doing a good job of keeping us guessing, but it's making us effing anxious!

Steve Carell only has a few more episodes left as Michael Scott on The Office, before his character departs from our hearts forever with new fiance Holly Flax, and despite a few names having come up as his full-time replacements, recent news announcements are throwing some serious wrenches in our theories!

As you all probably know by now, Will Ferrell will be joining the cast in a few weeks as Deangelo Vickers, the apparent successor to Steve's position. Then it was announced that Will Arnett would be appearing the finale, along with Ricky Gervais, who has already cameo'd this season as his original, British version character, David Brent!

SO…there's three potential replacements - now, let's break it down:

Will Ferrell was originally signed for a four episode arc, ending with the season finale. HOWEVER, he recently made some comments that suggested that he may be taking on the series full-time, leaving many to wonder if his original plans had changed!

NOT SO, says producer Paul Lieberstein, who explains:

"Will was joking. But he commits to his jokes so fully that we're hoping he's with us long term, just as a [comedy] bit that won't end."

All right, so he's out of the way…

Will Arnett seemed to be the biggest contender for the spot, as his announcement came along with rumblings that he had struck a deal to take over for Carell full-time, before it was made public yesterday that he had signed on to co-star in the new Christina Applegate NBC comedy pilot, essentially nixing any plans he may have had for the former, which leaves us with…

Ricky Gervais.

WE KNOW. He's said he wouldn't do it.

But between his cameo, and then news that he'd be returning as David Brent for the finale…we feel like the only person fans would truly respond to positively as the successor to Michael Scott would be him!

Think about how amazingly full-circle the entire franchise will have come! One last season - let's face it, that's about as much life as the show has left - with the ORIGINATOR of it all!

Call it wishful thinking…but we honestly can't thinking of anyone else that could do it, so our fingers are staying crossed!

What do U think?? Who will replace Steve Carrell??

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9 comments to “So WHO Exactly Is Replacing Steve Carell On The Office?”

  1. 1

    Why not call it quids? The original Office UK was one of the best comedies ever but it only ran for 2 seasons (and a double christmas episode). Maybe they can starting remakes of the follow up, the hilarious 'Extras'…

  2. 2

    Lee Marvin.

  3. 3

    This show started off so great then kind of hit a slump and has been barely watchable for me for a long time. I would definitely still watch if Farrell took over, probably watch if Gervais took over, and absolutely not watch if Arnett took over. So sad! It was so funny!

  4. 4

    There needs to be a faceoff between Dwight Shrute and Gareth Keenan

  5. 5

    I bet someone within the Office actually takes over after this whole process. Either Andy or Darryl. Both are somehow the most logical of the bunch, plus they are hard working and seem like they would be ancy and jump at the chance. It could be a good twist.

  6. 6

    Not sure why they need anyone to replace him! He is the worst part of the show. He always tries way to hard to be funny. There are more then enough people on the show and some could use more screen time.

  7. 7

    I think that Will will be the new manager at first, then he'll do something crazy that gets him fired. Ricky Gervais and Will Arnett will apply for the job or maybe even be the people coming from corporate to interview potential managers. Darryl and Andy will definately be two of the people from within the office that apply for the job. In the end, I think Andy will get it wich will cause some tension that will carry over to the next season between Darryl and Andy, who have become friends. Why do I think Andy will get it? One, because he is the most Michael Scott esque. He's socially awkward, considers the office family, he tries really hard, and is sort of a train wreck to watch. Despite all these things his character is still lovable and you root for him and feel for him when he messes up. Two, because I think after the Hangover 2 is released this summer he will officially be a big star who can draw in an audience. Those are my conclusions. Let's see if I'm right!

  8. 8

    WILL ARNETT Please Please! He would be excellent in this role. Please please Will Arnett.

    Pretty Please !!!

  9. 9