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Awkward! Will Smith Has His OWN Men In Black III Writer

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will smith brings in mystery writer for mib 3

Way to keep everyone on the same page, Will!

Men in Black III has been experiencing all types of delays because of screenplay issues…and now another bizarre issue has come up with regards to the script.

While other writers were working on the script, Will Smith brought in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air writer Mike Soccio to "punch up his part," but NONE of the other writers even knew about him.

Here's what Sony had to say about this mystery writer in a statement:

"[Soccio] was hired for minor on-set punch-up work during our initial production period while [screenplay writer] Etan [Cohen] was not on location. If any writer was unaware of his involvement, we regret that.”

No word on any writers taking any kind of extreme offense to Soccio's involvement, but that's definitely strange.

Maybe they can flashy-thing the writers, so nobody remembers any of this!

…But then they'd have to flashy-thing us too…we take it back! We like our memory as is. Ha!

Do U think it was shady for them to bring on a writer without telling anybody? Or do U think it's not a big deal?

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11 comments to “Awkward! Will Smith Has His OWN Men In Black III Writer”

  1. 1


  2. gooby says – reply to this


    yes, it sounds shady.. if i was the original screenwriter i'd be mad as hell. of course no one will will say anything because they'll be afraid to rock the 'will smith money boat'. even if cohen knew about it he won't say a word - don't want to piss off the "talent" and studio bigwigs.. follow the money!

  3. 3

    Fuck you, Will Smith, try upping your credibility without buying it. You already make enough goddamn fucking money, why don't you pick a supporting role for once in your life? Find an interesting director, you piece of shit? Something with a good story that isn't all about you.

  4. 4

    Who'd he hire - Willow?

  5. 5

    Is Smith the Executive Producer? If not, the producers could just fire his ass and replace him with a younger, more likable and more attractive version of him. Or they can just decide to pull the plug on the whole damn thing.

  6. 6

    Will Smith has been hanging around Tom Cruise way too much because now he thinks he's the SHIT..
    All the FAME is getting to his head and he thinks he's KING SHIT…

  7. 7

    I hardly think Cohen needs anyone's help.

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    I don't know if this is frowned on or a regular occurrence in the industry. I do know that Will likes to win, and is the kind of guy who takes steps to see that a project succeeds. Are there union rules against this practice or something?

  9. rsvp says – reply to this


    He has a rep for bringing in his own personal writer on everything he does. Probably a Scientologist.

  10. 10

    A Scientolostar gets what a Scientolostar wants! Clear?!!?

  11. 11

    First off, hiring multiple writers for a production polish or to punch up dialogue is a common occurrence in filmmaking. Etan Cohen is a writer for hire, therefore has no say as to who gets to contribute to the script. They do not have to alert him or ask his permission. All they have to do is alert his union who will make the final determination as to who will get credit.

    Secondly, it is hypocritical of you to criticize someone for (supposedly) hiring a writer without telling anyone. It is widely known that www.PerezHilton.com has a team of writers who post the stories on the site and that you hardly contribute to the 100 daily posts. Yet I haven't seen you give credit to your writers!