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39 comments to “Homophobic Church Condemns Ricky Martin's Tour In Puerto Rico”

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    The world really is discussing. hypocrites and people placing chains on each other. it's sad. Are we really any better than we were 100 years ago?

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    oh yes…bad bad Ricky for "converting" children to homosexuality! Get real! Best of luck with your tour Ricky! Stay strong!

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    OH PLease…loca!!! go get a llife !!! you probably need some pinga!!! yeah you do cause if you had a man you wouldn't be worrying your little head about Ricky and his man!!!
    get a vida

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    i dont know if im going to hell or not…but i do know that i had a blast at his concert!!!! super show and i support him and his foundation for children…i think he's a better person now that he is free…love rickyyy!!

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    "Don't be afraid to live, Puerto Rico." I don't understand why he is getting so much praise for coming out at the age of 40, to me he was the one who was afraid to live. I used to like him, but not anymore and not because he's gay but for being a hypocrite.

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    OH please god will send that women to hell more likely who the hell is she to judge someone on who going to hell or not only god can judge someone so fuck off so called priest.

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    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions… It's just really sad that church people (not all) are suppose to accept people, and practice acceptance (God does accept all good people); yet, they treat homosexuals like demons on earth. They're human beings and most of them were born they way they are, just like each one of us. Everyone sins in their lifetimes, sorry but that's human nature… so for them to criticize homosexuals as sinners, is wrong. What about the criminals in Puerto Rico (the ones with no regrets or guilt)? Criminals that keep committing crimes are the biggest issue this world has, and people that should be condemned.

    Also, how does a homosexual turn someone into being homosexual? That makes no sense what she said. People don't just 'turn' homosexual anyways, if someone likes the same sex, they like that to begin with usually… no one can turn someone else gay. That is totally up to each and every person. I've always been a straight female, and even if the most gorgeous lesbian in the world tried to be with me, I just couldn't do it… it just doesn't turn me on and I couldn't hold a relationship with someone I'm not sexually attracted to… it's that easy.

    When someone makes a remark about something like this, they should use some logic… not just by what their religious book states. Uhg. I feel bad that he gets bashed so much… he's not harming anyone and he's probably a very good person. Sad.

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    Re: diamondheart – Yeah, I kind of agree with him being a hypocrite. Coming out at 40 is kind of a late age to decide who you are and being honest with yourself.

    I just wish this whole 'coming out' thing didn't make someone who they are. You shouldn't have to 'come out'… you should be who you are just like a straight person… what does it matter? The sooner people just stop feeling like they have to tell people they're gay, the more equal they'll feel. Putting that out there like it's something to be ashamed of I think holds that homophobic tenancy that society has, in place. I didn't come out and say to my family "hey I'm straight", and I don't think a gay person should have to come out and say to theirs "hey I'm gay".

  10. 10

    Even as a gay man, I am SICK AND TIRED of the media being so cunning and manipulating and putting a twist on everything. Lately, all these cute "buzz words" (such as: discriminating, homophobia, hate) are added to every news article that mentions any person, group, or church that stands behind its belief system and honors their God. They have every fucking right to express themselves and fight for what they believe in, DON'T THEY!? If we (gays and lesbians) can be vocal and go parading up and down streets, showcasing our glitter and rainbows, then they, too, have a right to stand up for what they believe in.

    And, frankly, it does sickens me how the LGBT community is quick to label everyone that doesn't agree with homosexuality as a bigot, hateful, or discriminatory. Why?? I don't think they HATE us. I personally do not endorse, support, or condone the use of drugs but does that mean I HATE drug users? Absolutely not. We, as a society, need to pull the stick out of our asses (no pun intended) and chill the fuck out.

  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    Using her religion as her ticket to pass heavy judgement on others pretty much speaks for itself.

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    Re: Andy27 – honestly sometimes i think u are the most confused person in the world, and dont take this the wrong way but ur posts make me feel like you are a either a self righteous pompeous asshole, or a homophobe in homos clothing….im not saying u are im just saying what i see reflected in your posts

  13. 13

    religious people doing what they do best: hating people! i'm shocker!

  14. 14

    Re: Andy27 – Very well said.

  15. 15

    Re: hcoboy – Well you're kinda going against what he's trying to prove, are you not? He is using common sense and respect to other people. The world isn't just about EACH person and what EACH person feels… we have to ALL accept what everyone believes in and carry on our merry ways… stopping to call someone a homophob is just as bad as being one really. I cherish Andy's words, because everything he said is true… and I agree with him specially on this part, I don't condone homophobia, but I'm not going to stop my life to point it out… it's much more self gratifying to turn your head and be the better person, is it not?

  16. 16

    FINALLY comes out of the closet and then proceeds to make out with women during his concert. Does he make out w/ any men, or is it just women.

    And this is what that nut job church has a problem with? With a gay man acting like he's straight?

  17. 17

    Re: hcoboy – Lol…no. I'm not self-righteous by any stretch of the imagination. Trust me. My life consists of WAY too much debauchery for me to even come close to that.
    However, I don't agree with this bullshit gays love to do: to label everyone that doesn't side with their agenda as an evil, hateful person that wishes to see them dead or thrown into a jail cell.
    I myself believe in the Christian faith, therefore it is my choice to also believe what the Christian Bible says (including its warnings against homosexuality). It is what it is. I don't go telling people that someone added and manipulated stuff in the scriptures. You either believe it or you don't. I believe it 100%.

  18. 18

    Now, does that mean I live life accordingly? No. But I recognize it for what it is. It doesn't mean I'm a "confused" person. I'm okay believing what I believing in and living the lifestyle I choose to live.
    For that matter, I also consume greasy burgers, toxic cigarettes, liver-destroying amounts of vodka, and yet, live a happy, non-confused, turmoil-free life. I look at homosexuality as just another "bad" thing I do in life, but it doesn't stop me from living my life how I want to live it, nor does it stop me from being happy. Really, who here eats a Big Mac and cries in sorrow & grief because it packs 540 calories? If you eat it, you just say 'fuck it' and you enjoy it. That's how I digest the homosexuality in my life.
    What sets me apart from the majority of gays, is that I allow let the lifestyle I choose to cloud or blur my beliefs. Actions and beliefs don't always have to align perfectly, just so you know. THINK OUT SIDE THE BOX. I'm far from confused.

  19. 19

    Re: Andy27 – I totally agree with you Andy 100%, what you have just written makes a lot of sense to me.

  20. 20

    Re: mustbenargles – I believe you proved Andy's point.

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    Re: MarioMonjack – Calm down, there is no need to insult a book (!), that was written 2000 years ago, people back then thought different.
    The church is supposed to understand, that Jesus, their Messiah, was a tolerant man, who preached love and acceptance, so they should be loving and accepting, too.
    But instead, they stickt to a book, written after Jesus death, by human-beings, that even got falsified, due to copying mistakes and the personal opinions of the writers.

  23. PepeX says – reply to this


    Have you seen videos from Ricky's Puerto Rico MAS Tour concerts?
    Ricky is happy and proud of his sexuality.
    Church hates that.

  24. 24

    Re: BitchyBonbon – Well, you might as well also state that the entire story about Jesus Christ was also made up and totally invented by those other 'human being' writers. If you're not going to believe what those other guys have to say about homosexuality, you might as well not believe ANY of it.
    As a Christian, I choose to believe the Bible and everything in it. I'm very confident that God is powerful enough to protect His Holy Word and ensure a true, and accurate, message reaches us without the manipulation of man.
    But, whatever. People will make up and say things that make them feel better about themselves and less guilty about their decisions.
    Anybody who is foolish to say they believe in Jesus Christ and simultaneously chooses to disbelieve any other part(s) of the Bible, should adopt a new religious belief system because, clearly, Christianity ain't for them. It's an all or nothing Book.

  25. 25

    Is very sad how some religious organizations use god as excuses to hate and condemns others. What she is doing exactly the oposite of what the bibble want to spread, she is spreading hate, while the bibble spread love.

  26. 26

    I think I'm sick of you calling out Christians for being homophobic (not all are - I know - shocker) yet you haven't called out any of the Muslims for chopping of the heads of gays. Everyone is always hating on Christians lately bc they know if they hate on Muslims the crazy ones in Iraq will go apeshit and start blowing more shit up. Man what the hell is this country coming to.

  27. 27

    Re: Andy27 – You said it perfectly.

  28. 28

    @ DIAMONDHEART what are you sayting make no sense at all, I am wondering if you really think before to talk ? Do you really think that everyone is a self proclaim queen like yourself. Ricky Martin ( like many of us ) had to go through the process of self accepting of who we are, because what pur parents, and church told us about being gay was completely different. Ricky is LATINO SUPERSTAR ( WHERE HOMOPHOBIA IS HUGE) people still making jokes about gays.

    So you are nothing but an ignorant in judging him for not coming out before. The IMPORTANT THING IS THAT HE CAME OUT, AND CAME OUT AT A GREAT AGE 39, THAT HE STILL YOUNG, HOT AND SUCCESSFUL, he is nothing but a honest man that is open the doors for all the gays latino in LATIN AMERICA. HE IS THE ONLY OPENLY FAMOUS DECENT GAY LATINO CELEBRITY IN HISTORY.

    Unlike you what have you done for the gay community? perhaphs if you enrich your intellect you can understand things. You are acting not different than the church people judging Ricky because he did not come out when you wanted him to come out. Another thing, if you dont like him, what the hell are your doing wasting your time on his topics?

  29. 29

    Re: Andy27 – I agree 100% with your # 10 comment. It's sad when you don't agree with something you are then labled a homophobe. Maybe I should call gay ppl who hate straight ppl heterophobe….

  30. 30

    What Perez doesn't know is that this so called "apostol" used the Legislature Building for a press conference to condemn Ricky with some of these surrounding her. The sad thing of all is that other legislators opposed to this kind of commentaries didn't come forward to denounce the use of a public funding building for religious purposes which is forbidden in the Constitution. Perez… I could link you with some people who can tell you more about this so called "apostol" inclusive a Transexual who interviewed her.

  31. 31

    Re: BeeLahhve – I completely agree with you, I think humanity has reached its peak and is now going backwards. and this is truly rich criticism. Puerto Rico is known for reggaeton, which I'm pretty sure isn't gospel to a funky beat. a lot of other straight Puerto Rican artists are shooting music videos with naked chicks, liquor, and smokes but you don't see this hypocrite bitching about that. as a woman, I take offense when I see a fatass singer feeling up a hot a chick. it's false advertisement, is what it is, when you try to trick people into thinking a hot girl would give a Fat Albert the time of day. besides, Ricky isn't whipping out a blackboard to teach his audience how to be gay. he's SINGING, ENTERTAINING, quit ruining religion by taking it too far! if you don't like his music, then don't fucking go to his concerts, duh

  32. 32

    Ppl are so quick to call someone who doesn't agree with the gay lifestyle as a homophobe and yet they want to shove their lifestyle in everyone's face and expect for everyone to agree with it. God forbid we choose to disagree with their one-sided beliefs b/c they we are anti-gay. Gay ppl feel only they are entitled to practice their ammendment rights…God loves us sinners but hates the sin. I forsee oneday that even polygamists, peodifilers will oneday want everyone to accept their lifestyle as well…

  33. 33

    I am a Christian and what people forgot is that we are to love each other unconditionally. Who are we to judge. The bible says "do not Judge." So how about you take advice from your own bible and stop judging other people because that is not for you to judge. Oh and God see's sin as all the same. So look who is sinning now. We are all the same and people need to start acting like that and maybe then the world will live as a united whole. Knock it off Puerto Rican church. Act religious instead of saying your religious…

  34. 34

    Re: Andy27 – I really didnt want to say this because i dont do fights over the internet cuz u end up meeting people's worst qualities, and truly ignorant people. That said i dont believe for a second you are a gay man, if u want me to be honest i think you are either some sort of troll or a straight person that does not like anything that is hetero-normative. You go on preaching your gay, yet 2 seconds later your next posts says something about how homosexuality is wrong, and then 2 seconds later you posts something that makes it seem like all homosexuals are these deviants. Like how randomly you will say you want to stick your tongue down someones asshole and do all these things to them, or right now how you said you do drugs alcohol etc etc. I think you are a very clever troll at best, you are a

  35. 35

    Re: Andy27 – (cont)
    heterosexual person that knows very well the best way to be homophobic but not be openly homophobic is by saying you are a homosexual man, that believes what he is wrong, and that represents all the negative aspects of life which in turn get tagged onto homosexuality because a gay man is doing them. You are portraying the classical gay character in movies before homosexuality was better accepted, you know the one that was made out to be extremely sexuality active, did drugs, was always drug, was extremely flamboyant and innapropriate at times and at the end of the movie something bad happens to him. It wouldnt surprise me one bit if one of your recent posts would say you have some sort of STD, not because you have it, but because it would stand out as saying " see this is what happens to gays".

  36. 36

    Ricky…you just forget about all of those HATEFILLLED people that don't have enough love for you and your family. This has become such a political contest that I cry for my country. I couldn't get more native born-caucausian, but for some reason there seems to be an essential part missing….a heart!!! No matter who the parents of the children are….that's only biology…the "heart" of the home is what matters. I will pray for your detracters. Many parents of same sex give their children wonderful lifes. To make an issue otherwise is just irresponsible.

  37. 37

    I live in PR, and this womans comments were way off and exaggerated I believe here in PR we have issues that are way worst than a gay man filling up 3 concerts at a Coliseum. With that said I also agree with other posts if ur homosexual good for u I am not homosexual, that doesnt make me a homophobic neither does not accepting ur lifestyle. U wanna get married good for u it's your life best of luck but I do not approve, HOMOPHOBIA is spreading hate and anger not opposition. I am tired of GLBT or how ever u write it slamming at people who just isn't OK with homosexuality, I dont go out my way to slam homosexuals, make their life a hell or condemn them. So please the next time someone says I do not approve homosexuality don't go screaming and crying Homophobia

  38. 38

    Crazy woman! I don't know if I'm going to hell or heaven, what I know is that the concert was AWESOME! I jump, and dance, and sing and did some more dancing and had such a good time!

  39. 39

    tHESE RELIGIOUS FREAKS. Why do they show such unchristian actions. They act anyway but Christ like.