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27 comments to “Demi Lovato Speaks! Sits Down With Robin Roberts For ABC Interview”

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    So proud? So proud? Seriously?!?!

    She went nuts, made her boyfriend super uncomfortable, punched a chick, cut, and just had a mental breakdown, and when stuff like this happened to Lindsay or Miley, they're insane, out of control, whatever you want to call it, but when someone LEGITIMATELY goes out of control…. IT'S GOOD FOR DEMI, WE'RE SO PROUD OF DEMI, DEMI'S SO STRONG!


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    Re: Ethan Scott Haden Hayes – WHY do people think they know anything about celebrities, it drives me crazy. People are so f-ing dumb to take gossip and rumors as facts. Seriously, it's sad. The punching part is probably the only thing close enough to the truth but NONE OF US have ANY idea what happened so I don't think anyone has a right to judge that. Hopefully this interview can clear things up, and when it does, stupid haters can judge all they want since that's what they do best.

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    Demi Lovato is an inspiring person in my life.. She lifts me up when I feel down. Around 6 months ago she went to treatment & shocked everyone.. In order for her fans to get over the shock of there hero going to rehab, they came together to support Demi instead of ditching her. We formed Lovatics & HeartsForDemi.. After seeing & being involved as a fan myself, I strongly believe after seeing the reaction to this situation. Maybe it really does only take one person to change the world… I know a lot of tissues will prob be used the day it premieres for a lot of Demi fans lol I myself will prob be one of them.. Good luck to you Demi!

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    Can't people be happy that she found herself in a bad place, got help and now feels better? Success stories are wonderful yet people only want to put down, put down. All the best to Demi and anyone else who is struggling with issues of any kind.

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    She plugged a toilet at Good Morning America and then after her interview she busted a window….she's not an inspiration…every single person goes through hardships that they overcome. She was a spoiled brat, who was abusing herself, drugs, alcohol and the people around her. Glad she got help but she also had to seek help or her career would have been over when she was found out…she's got managers…they don't want their money maker self destructing.

  7. 7

    I did not know who this skank was before she sucker punched some unknow dancer all I can say this skank is finished, She has an ugly look and she can never compete with a,b,c,d listers. Just let her go away before she loose it again.

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    SERIOUSLY? Perez, why haven't you gotten over Chris Brown, who I realize is a huge dbag, but you've gotten over the fact that this troubled young star has been known before rehab to do a shit ton of coke and punch randoms in the face. Like, really? It's great that she's better or whatever, but holy shit report the truth… SHE FUCKED UP HUGE and every post about her is "Oh, I'm so proud of her.." "She's so strong" …as far as im concerned she's a little brat who needs to get over herself.

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    i think there's a big difference between what happened with Demi and what's happening with other girls, like Lindsay and Miley. I truly don't believe Demi is to blame for having such emotional and psychological problems that led to her cutting and eating disorders. This is mental, not easily fixed without intense professional help, which we should all commend her for finally seeking. Lindsay gets shitfaced every weekend because she can, because Mommy and Daddy didn't raise her to be an adult, but a cash cow. and Miley is the same. you think a responsible parent wouldn't tell their underage kid to stop flashing vagina? when her dad spoke out after her salva scandal, Miley had the balls to be mad at him for showing concern. she also seems to be taking responsibility for her past actions and learning from them, unlike Chris Brown who keeps insisting he doesn't understand what the fuck the big deal is about beating the shit out of another human being. there's no double standard here for Demi and others, because she's handling her shit now, which actually is a more mature response than some what some of her older companions have avoided. I love Demi, I hope she stays healthy, and I can't wait for her to start singing! maybe take up Timbaland's offer??

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    Way to go Demi. Eating disorders and cutting are no joke!! I'm proud of her for doing this interview because it really will help girls.

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    Re: Ethan Scott Haden Hayes – The difference is she saw what she did wrong and corrected it. She had the balls to go to a treatment center and fix it unlike Lindsay Lohan.

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    God I'd like to do really raunchy things to her.

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    She's amazing.

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    can't wait for this. i hope she was completely honest about EVERYTHING. glad she's setting the record straight and not ignoring it. she will finally be able to move on with her life/career and can help girls/people struggling with the same issues she did. love her! only talented disney singer/musician.

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    Re: kathie! – Wow! Were you there? Did you see that? That's so shocking!

    Obviously people like you don't understand, and none of us do. How do you know she's spoiled? How do you know if she did drugs or not? Or even drink? Do you know her? Are you her friend? Because I highly doubt it. We don't know the story, and she doesn't have to tell us. It's her business. Not ours. People like you amaze me! You're life's perfect right?

    I'm happy for her and I'm glad she's back on track. She may have a long way to go, but I know and her true fans know she will succeed.

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    Re: Edgenet – well for a finished star…you seem tO keep thrusting her name back into the spotlight. I kinda fnd it funny that you have no idea who she was until this happened. Guess what dumb ass. You know who she is now. And you are putting her up there with all those a listers.

    COngrats tO you lOser. You just gave her her career.

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    Re: kathie!Re: Edgenet – well for a finished star…you seem tO keep thrusting her name back into the spotlight. I kinda fnd it funny that you have no idea who she was until this happened. Guess what dumb ass. You know who she is now. And you are putting her up there with all those a listers.

    COngrats tO you lOser. You just gave her her career.

  18. 18

    Re: kathie! – So then she would be an inspiration according to you right? If every person who overcomes hardship is an inspiration…then hat would include her. It has to if thats your definition. So in a way yes. She is an inspiration. Not very bright are you

  19. 19

    Re: Ethan Scott Haden Hayes – hmm last time I checked, Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan didn't get help for their issues and pretty much remained a basket case for their entire careers. Well Miley at least. And that is according to the public eye. Then again the public eye only sees a fraction of what really goes on. And anyone with half a brain would know that a FRACTION is hardly the entire piece of the puzzle. It makes me happy knowing that there are idiots like you out there, who base their opinions on someone they don't know off of groundless accusations. It does bring a smile to my face knowing that your stupidity will provide endless lulz for rational and intelligent individuals such as my self. I want to you thank you for being a moron and I want to thank you for showcasing your ignorance on Perez Hilton's page. So keep on posting oh inept one and continue to grace future forums with your stupidity.

    It's definitely worth a few yucks to see pseudo intellectual losers like yourself hate on people you don't know :)

  20. 20

    Re: Ethan Scott Haden Hayes – Lets see maybe because she ACKNOWLEDGED the fact that she had a problem and sought help immediately afterwards, she didnt DENY it like lindsay and she wasnt caught on camera doing DRUGS like miley, who has yet to actually apologize. And for one, she didnt make her bf "uncomfortable" he dumped her and then like 2 days later started dating a slutty bitch and bringing her on tour to flaunt in front of demi when he KNEW her emotional state, and she eventually had a breakdown. She is not one of these coke addicted little stuck up bitches who think they are too good to admit they need help or too far in denial (lindsay lohan) she is an actual inspiration and someone who was very brave. YOU need to go fuck off.

  21. 21

    Re: LagunaBarbie44 – You know deep down inside him, he's actually a piece of shit. I have the PM's from him showing just how insecure and stupid he is. It's actually quite funny and I am prepared to post them.

  22. 22

    "No I want to know what it is I said that upset you so much. Also, have you ever considered with all this bullying you're doing to me, I may kill myself? What if you were responsible for taking my life? You know I have a family? I'm married with a daughter. I'm the main source of income for them and you come in and start bullying me, because I don't even know why because you feel it's irrelevant. I'm also bipolar and medicated… So what if all your snarky comments lead to my death. You're making me feel like absolute shit. If I died, and you were responsible. Would you be able to deal with yourself knowing you took a dad from a fifteen month old girl. Leaving my disabled husband on his own… Would you be able to deal with that?"

    LMAO!!!! Are you kidding me bro? Really? You're gonna use this crap on me when you're gonna insult someone you don't know? Give me a break dude. Lol. Oh man. this is further proof that all haters are pretty much just sissy little cowards on the inside. Thanks man. You proved my point.

  23. 23

    As always I come out on top when it comes to my tornado of vivid truth and bad assness, and like always. Someone by the name of Ethan Scott Haden Hayes (Seriously dip wad, four names? What kind of pompous douche bag needs four names) got put on public blast.

    Lets see what He had to say Via PM's

    "Does it make you feel big by the way? Feeling like you're bring me down? Feeling like you're better than me? Is that how you find you're happiness? Attempts to make others miserable… Good try. But it lost all meaning with how hypocritical your message was." Wow. So this is what Mister bad ass hater has to say? Really? "You hurt my feelings. Weak dude. Really weak.

  24. 24

    "But I do want to know one thing… Why did you seek me out to belittle me?"

    Translation by mister Ethan Scott Haden Hayes (Seriously dude. pick one name. For fuck sakes pick ONE name)

  25. 25

    ""But I do want to know one thing… Why did you seek me out to belittle me?""

    Translation..bitch bitch bitch wah wah wah!. What a fucking tool.

  26. 26

    And that question you posted on your profile about if anyone has ever been cyber bullied is just priceless dude. Lol. Oh man. That is a hoot hombre…you gotta admit, I got you pretty good with that. Well these are the PM's that he gave me and I wanted to share them with you guys. This is pretty priceless lol.

    Oh man I rule.

  27. 27

    Re: Ethan Scott Haden Hayes – Your post is so full of contradictions, BS and over all misinformed tomfoolery that it's not even funny. You really should brush up on your celeb news gossip before you post. Hate to break it to you but when Lindsay first checked herself into a rehab center, people were rooting for her. In fact she garnered a LOT of support from fans and people in the biz cheering her on. It wasn't until she continued to fuck up her life that people finally started to call her "insane" as for Miley, well she never went to rehab nor did she have a break down. So I dunno why you brought her up. Pretty stupid on your end if you asked me. AS for making her boyfriend super uncomfortable, well I guess you would have a point there. If Pretty boy Joe's track record didn't include a string of unhappy Exes, where EACH of them had something bad to say about ole Joe Jo. Punching a chick, ok yeah she did do that. But in all honesty, who in the right mind would feel bad for a chick who is a fame whore? That's like feeling sorry for the school yard bully who got their just deserts for picking on the pweny kid too many times. It's hard to feel sorry for an extortionist and a coat tail rider.

    You really are misinformed ETHAN. Educate yourself dumb ass.