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Matthew Morrison Understands Why You All Think He Is Gay

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But alas, he is not. Bummer, we know, but baby, he was born this way. (Waste!)

Glee's Matthew Morrison, despite being linked to several of Hollywood's most lovely ladies, still has to deal with a constant barrage of gay rumors. However, coming from a Broadway backround, he understands where people might get that impression, but he's happy to report that he is straight…and enjoying every minute of it. He says:

"I sing and dance for a living and there is that connotation associated with me. I don’t care, I know my truth. Does it make it difficult to get with women? No. It makes it easier. My time on Broadway was the best. There was a lot of beautiful dancers - and being one of the only straight guys… I kinda had a lot of options."

Whoa! Look who's a pimp! LOLZ!

Hey, whatever happened to him and Olivia Munn? What, did you suck her face off that one time and never call her again or something???

[Image via WENN.]

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20 comments to “Matthew Morrison Understands Why You All Think He Is Gay”

  1. 1

    coz he IS!

  2. 2

    hey fatback stop trying to out celebs that are not gay or don't want it to be known. just because he will never sleep with you is no reason to get all bitter and post stories like this

  3. 3

    who ever thinks Matt is gay, needs to have their Gaydar checked b/c it's seriously out of whack and should NOT be trusted

  4. 4

    this guy is gay super gay please dont lie fucker of course he dont wnt the people to know beacuse his career may go down to hell also i think he is like 30 and he looks super old like 48 , he is super ugly super ugly

  5. 5


  6. 6

    sorry but the scarf and hair say otherwise. "one of the few straight" try "one of the many gays"

  7. 7

    Who writes this shit?

  8. 8

    If he were gay he'd deny it if he was closeted. This whole thread makes me sad. When in hell are we going to stop speculating about people's sexual orientation.

    Usually when someone is speculating about someone else being gay, they aren't doing it for a compliment. They are doing it as an accusation as if there was something bad about being gay.

    The toxic atmosphere is making some gay men decided to stay in the closet. Look at the pain Ricky Martin went thru before he finally had the courage to come out. We don't make it easy for people to come out, do we.

    The atmosphere is so bad it affects a person's ability to get jobs. Not everyone can be accepted like Neil Patrick Harris. I can honestly say I do not care if Morrison is gay. And gay or straight 99% of hte boys and girls out here don't stand a snowballs' chance in hell of getting with him anyway. Who. Cares. if he is or isn't.

    Perez, you might want to spend some time helping to create an atmosphere that will help and support people coming out instead of helping to push them further into the closet.

  9. 9

    He and Munn are still dating they are just keeping on the down low.

  10. 10

    I love him on Glee but it real life he sounds like a serious jerk. "Does it make it difficult to get with women?" How old is he? I guess he's not looking for a meaningful relationship, he just wants to use lots of women. Matty Whorrison.

  11. 11

    So fucking hot! He can do the horizontal mambo wit me any day. "sigh"

  12. 12

    Re: lemonbird – Oh cry me a fuckin river…

  13. 13

    Re: lemonbird – Please, strong people come out of the closet. Ricky only came out to stay relevant since his career was just in the gutter, and he was being blackmailed. and of course, guess what? HE HAD A BOOK IN SPANISH AND ENGLISH COMING OUT!! YEAH RICKY WAS IN SUCH PAIN!!

  14. 14

    I don't care enough about him to actually care if he is or isn't. Remember not everything is gay or straight, there is also BI-sexuality in the middle, and believe me SO SO SO SO SO many people are bisexual, girls are more open about it since is more "cool" but men is a different story, they stay in the closet, get married, have families and have their "M2M" fun on the DL. that is very common, feel bad for the women married to them, but oh well…

  15. 15

    He looks so old to only be in his 30's!

  16. 16

    "WASTE"???? If a strait person said that about a gay man you would be PISSED.

  17. 17

    really? i know a few boys who were in a musical with him back in the day who would seriously disagree

  18. 18

    what are you talking about? i have meet bucher men who are gay as fuck… Niel Patrick Harrison, Robert grant among others! shut up about gaydar!

  19. 19

    Lemonbird-you are 100% right. I wish Hollywood journalists,(I use the term loosely when speaking of Perez), would just focus on the "talent" of actors,singers etc… versus their sexuality and personal lives. I think then, the industry might actually develop more talented entertainers versus the current crop of PR Famewhores. I almost think some of the talented entertainers feel they have to play the PR game in order to stay relevant to industry insiders. I personally could care less if the entertainer is gay or straight when I buy a movie ticket. I just want to see a good movie with great acting.

  20. 20

    gay or straight he sounds like a jerk "i had my options, i slept around"