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Oh man! This look HAWT! Check out some pretty FIERCE screencaps of Britney Jean Spears, clad in leather and filming the music video for the second sin… Read more…

28 comments to “New Pics From The Set Of Brit Brit's Till The World Ends!”

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    Zzz here we go again. When it comes out you're gonna find something to bitch about. Flop blogger.

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    "Slave 4 U, 670 fraps, 234 big macs and 50 pounds later."

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    Awesome pics. There's a good one of Brit on www.papUrazzi.com taken by a fan. Cool new site where regular people submit and can comment on pics they take with celebs.

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    OMG Britney standing around, trying to look sexy. What an original video concept

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    Britney's new, Till the World Ends Video is "FIERCELY LAME"

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    Re: fable123 – Also, two kids later! Give her a break.

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    Omg so hot!

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    And more musical porn from her corporate Illuminati owners.

  12. Blunt says – reply to this


    Britney started the sweaty under ground dance club trend back in 2001. Slave 4 u was number 1 on the hot 100 chart for 11 weeks in a row. Today its hard to find someone who can stay at number 1 for 2 weeks smh. Britney is the only 90's pop icon left, Nsync,xtina, etc are all gone. Britney is the only survivor

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    There's going to be two versions of the video, 1 is the main version and 2 is nothing but choreography! i'm excited oh and to the HATERS calm the hell down. She's had two children and her body is still hotter than ANY OF YOURS will EVER be! And Britney doesn't need to TRY to be sexy she just IS! I bet your bfs and gfs would leave you for her in heartbeat gay straight bi or trans. so fuck off!

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    Ke$ha sounding song/Ke$ha looking video. (esp in that 4th picture)

  15. 15

    fuck you haters

  16. 16

    Can NOT wait!!!!! the only reason there are so many haters is because they are mad that she is back and having more #1s than before

  17. 17

    Re: Blunt – That's Bullsh*t!! "Slave 4 U" peaked at number 27.

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    Perez, who writes your blog? In this entry you're talking how hot Britney is in leather and in another you question J-Lo wearing snakeskin in hers. Cattle v. Snake? Where do you stand on feathers?

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    The top pick, it looks like Rhianna in the top left by Brit. LOL.

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    Re: Nearrr – Angelina gave birth to twins and a girl, she looks thin.

    Your argument is invalid.

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    LOVE BRIT!!!!

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    Here we go again, Mario is hyping it up like every other time just so he can post about how "disappointed" he is once it comes out. So transparent. We've all caught on to your backhanded attempts to tear down anyone who is in competition with your business partner GaGa.

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    Re: Nearrr – "Also two kids later, give her a break!"

    Did she eat her kids? o_O looks like it

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    Re: i love britney spears – Are you serious? Oh my I'm soooo insanely excited because now we have TWO versions to look forward too! And I bet they are both gonna be hot!
    And whatever this is looks AMAZING you can watch her shooting the video on I Am The Femme Fatale the documentary that MTV released yesterday and it looks awesome!

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    Re: fable123 – best comment of the week on this website lmfao

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    Once again Mario, you have to applaud her, but at the same time take a dig at her.
    She's awesome and have has many years and many #1s to back it up.
    Love Britney! Can't wait for Till the World Ends!!!

  28. 28

    Critics have been mostly unimpressed with the new record, review after review reminding fans that if Spears's talent wasn't in the singing but in the making us think she can, Femme Fatale is no longer about keeping up pretences.

    Spears is lost on most of the tracks, her thin vocals overpowered by production and outside forces, an ironic parallel for an entertainer who displays a faux strength on stage but in reality seems a powerless little girl lost, by choice or fate.

    As Spears preps for a summer tour, she is doing "interviews" by email and pre-taping "live" performances for Good Morning America, clearly so stage-managed that she has been stripped of the personality that once endeared her to fans.

    Britney Spears has simply run out of time, her best-before date long past its palatability.