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Hey Archie Fans! Kevin Keller Is Getting His Own Mini-Series!

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Oh man! This is excellent news!

Archie comics introduced their readers to Kevin Keller last year, an openly gay teen who ended up prompting almost universal accolades from fans and critics alike, and now, it's being reported that the character will be getting his own four-part miniseries this summer!

Publisher Dan Parent will be writing the comics, which will focus on Kevin's journey before coming out to his friends and family, as well as his positive relationship with his father, as well as his relationships with the other characters in the Archie universe!

According to the San Francisco Chronicle:

“There have been gay characters in other comics, but Keller's role as a friend to Archie, Veronica and the others at Riverdale High is part of the company's push to keep them relevant and contemporary.”

Amazing! And it's clearly working!

The first Veronica comic with him in it sold out completely! It's unreal!

We're so thrilled that the minds behind Archie have taken such positive steps toward bringing a normal, well-adjusted and likable gay teen to the forefront of their stories, and we're excited to see what will come from them with this new mini-series!

Clearly, it's resonating with people and helping confused young people come to terms with parts of themselves that they might not yet understand!

Congrats, guys!

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8 comments to “Hey Archie Fans! Kevin Keller Is Getting His Own Mini-Series!”

  1. 1

    Why do the gays have to ruin everthing…first you went after the Tellitubbies making a claim that the one with the purse was gay…..it was a show for children…then you make the rainbow your symbol so now it is hard for straight people to enjoy the rainbow without people assuming you are gay or are for gay rights….

    now you turn Archie comics into gay shit…..I will never read nor let my children read Archie comics again….

    go the fuck away…..all this bad karma you are creating will come after you.

  2. 2

    STOP THE GAY AGENDA PEREZ….or we will all stop reading your column.

    it is not longer gossip but a vessel for you to infiltrate your gayness upon us.

    enough is enough.

  3. 3

    I guess I have a different prespective from the above posters because I've actually read the Kevin storyline. The regular Archie franchise was getting rather dull. Whoever writes the Kevin story keeps it fresh and actually amusing. It doesnt push a gay agenda, he just is what he is and thats that. Just like Moose is dyslexic, Chuck is African American, and Weatherbee is morbidly obese, etc. The franchise needed something new to the same stories and characters who have been around for 50+ years, and he does it. And, given sales, its apparently working.

  4. 4

    to cool im back to and look at me now

  5. 5

    @ Kyle's original nose.
    umm, it is Perez's blog and he can post whatever the hell he wants. there are tons of gossip sites on the internet so if this one isn't of your taste do us all a favor and go somewhere else. it would be great to have one less homophobe trolling this one. plus if you really are a parent i feel bad that your children are being raised with such hatred.

  6. 6

    @ Kyle's original nose.
    one more thing. gay people didn't go "after" the Tellitubbies, (god people are so stupid) it was the paranoia of the religious right.
    Tinky Winky started a still hinted-at controversy in 1999 due to his carrying a bag that looks much like a woman's handbag. He aroused the interest of Jerry Falwell in 1999 when Falwell alleged that the character was a "gay role model". He warned parents that Tinky Winky could be a hidden homosexual symbol, because "he is purple, the gay pride colour, and his antenna is shaped like a triangle: the gay pride symbol".
    The BBC, who co-produced the programme, made an official response, "Tinky Winky is simply a sweet, technological baby with a magic bag." Ken Viselman of Itsy-Bitsy Entertainment, who distributed the show in the USA, commented, "He's not gay. He's not straight. He's just a character in a children's series."
    oh and one more thing, did i mention that you're an idiot?

  7. rcs says – reply to this


    Am I the only one who thought the Chronicle quote was NOT a compliment?

  8. 8

    wow who is even buying this shit anymore