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GaGaloo's Big Announcement Is…

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She's invading New York! Rawr, rawr, oooh la la!

Good Morning America announced this morning that they will be kicking off their summer concert series with the one and only Mother Monster.

If you are in the Big Apple on May 27th, than you can see Lady GaGa tear up Central Park as the summer's first explosive act!

Check out the official announcement video (above)!

Little monsters!!! Are U excited???

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58 comments to “GaGaloo's Big Announcement Is…”

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    OH Shit! Im GOING! Ill sleep there for the whole month of May if I have to! I can't wait for some new music!

  3. 3

    She is famous, I get it, She's a big thing, I get it, But . . . Big Big Announcement? C'mon, They should've announced it Like this: ”Hey guy Lady gaga, May 27th Central Park as the summer's first act”
    All this ”Noise and Fireworks” She'll just end up like britney, madonna and all the others . . . This pop divas are a disposable thing for the record labels

  4. 4


  5. M: says – reply to this


    shes a noone outside usa. all lies what the video says. she isnt unique. she is a wannabe that is OVARRETED

  6. 6

    gay gay…gay gay gay.

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  8. M: says – reply to this



  9. china says – reply to this


    keep the ugly bitch in the states busy and it`s at least good news for the rest of the world.
    isn`t loud and unharmonic noise forbidden in parks, though?

  10. 10

    Ok can we please stop calling her "Mother Monster"?? It just sounds really stupid and really weird at this point, PLEASE stop.

  11. M: says – reply to this


    no thanks. she is not madonna at her best…

  12. 12

    Re: M: – R U kidding me? She is actually a lot larger outside the US than in the US so just because you have a hatred of Gaga does it give you the right to spread lies about her or anyone.

  13. M: says – reply to this


    Re: Electro_storm – dear madonna didnt end.a nd madonan is not like britney. madonna is the bigest thing.even after 30 years she breaks records with her tours.an everytime she goes some country that country stops.it doesnt happens 2 brit or gaga.gaga is nothing outside usa. MADONNA ALBUMS ARE A SUCCESS, her confesions album sold more than gaga it was 3 years ago. and gaga is just starting. its easy when u start hard is to keep it like madonna does. madonna is a huge success. with her s&s tour last yera madonna just in brazil performed for 300 thouand ppl. never gaga would do that or britney. MADONNA DIDNT END SHE IS ACTUALLY THE ONLY LEGEND THAT KNOWS HOW TO KEEP A CAREER.in europe amdonna is God.in south america too asia. america is not everything but after all everybody i always trying to see what madonna is going 2 do next.,

  14. M: says – reply to this


    whats next~? she is not madonna to have this kind of presentation. shes a wannabe. when madonna started she was even bigger than gaga. everybody was crazy crazy 4 madonna.gaga is just a fase.nothing new. ppl are tired.her new single is never on the radio outside usa. madonna singles are still on the radio.madonna at 52 does better performances and better shows than gaga she even breaks the records even after all this time.gaga is a noone. try to make her into a madonna but she is no amdonna.she isnt sassy or talentyed. her shows are 80% copied from amdonnas shows

  15. M: says – reply to this


    Re: Quiandez McAfee – lol no ur so wrong, i live outside usa. and im telling u shes not on the top.she is never on the radio.shes a noone.she cant even sold out her mini shows here. madonna last tour broke all the records. and she was perfroming 4 80 thousand ppl per night in each concert, gaga isnt successfull in europe. rihanna or beyonce or even katy perry are bigger than gaga.we all call her wannabe.

  16. M: says – reply to this


    Re: Quiandez McAfee – lies? lies is what gaga tells. she is pure bullshit. i used to like her not anymore dear. she is a wannabe, even the meat dress was copied. she is lame

  17. 17

    Re: M: – Where outside the US exactly? In Asia such as Korea, China, India, and Japan gaga is big. Brazil, Argentina, Mexica she has a hugely powerful fan base. Canada flippin' loves lady gaga. And the only countries in Europe with not a strong fanbases are countries like Poland, Greece, Italy. And of course she isn't popular in the continent of Africa but how many modern artist really are?

  18. 18

    agreed that this is a boring announcement… but still major gaga fan!! :)
    ummm ps she is big outside the US you loser.. i live in Australia and we love her so does all of asia and europe so get a brain and research before you post dumb ass..
    Born this way is always on the radio.. so move along and get some facts. RETARD lol

  19. 19

    Corporate poster puppet for the New World Order.

  20. 20

    Re: M:
    lol what a joke you are… FAIL! "we all call her wannabe!" who does? you and your best friend? hahaha you sound like an idiot, stop posting darl.

  21. 21

    why is this a big announcement. didnt raise as much as an eyebrow with anyone I know. How come all of her big announcements or exciting news coming soon are doing $$$$ opportunities.

  22. 22

    Lmao at her list of accomplishments.. they are totally laughable

  23. Dnk says – reply to this


    Um @M, Your actually really wrong… I live in Australia, and she is the biggest singer around, they always talk about lady gaga on the radio. On tv. everywhere. She's very huge here. and she's only been here a couple of times. Shes also very huge in England, Asia, even deep down in Malta shes quiet huge. shes called a world phenomenon for a reason, because she is… you might not like her. but get it right. she's the biggest pop star on the planet right now. even with Britney spears. shes bigger then britney these days. everyone knows it. Brits nothing here In australia, most people hate her because she lip sings…

  24. 24

    Re: M: – ”Dear” Madonna is an Old lady, she looks like a freak with all that Plastic work on her body, she is NOT hoy, her music sounds like bad 90's eurodance, the only people who like madonna: Gays, Old gays, Old ppl, She suck, she's only famous for looking like a freak, fucking young boys and . . . LOOKING LIKE A FREAK

  25. 25

    Re: M: – Bitch please!!! You must be . . . a gay dude, an old woman, or an Old gay dude . . . Or (more sureal) Madonna herself trying to ¡¡stay around” I am not a ”Little Monster” but . . Madonna? hahaha She's so 80-90's . . . Hahahahaha I mean . . . Realy? hahaha

  26. 26

    Re: M: – In Denmark they pass her terribad song ALL day in the radio, like you could puke from the so many times she is aired. Im gona be honest, everytime the song starts I change the station. I just cannot stand it. I dont really think they pass her song cause people love it, but cause she is just mainstream and radio stations get paid for the music they pass, so they shovel it deep in your throat until you got no choice but hear it.

  27. 27

    She sucks. Period. = )

  28. 28

    Less than a week after Britney, she does it.
    Will she ever stop and be humble?
    She keeps trying to shove her music down our throats.
    Some people just aren't fans of yours.
    I laughed at the word "Original" in the promo.

  29. 29

    I think GaGa needs to take a break now she is too visible novelity is wearing off!!!!!

  30. 30

    Re: BAEEAB
    And what have you accomplished in your pathetic life? I'm sure the list of your "accomplishments" will give Perez readers their daily fix of comic relief.

  31. 31

    Re: M:
    " i live outside usa. and im telling u shes not on the top."
    So since you live in some provincial cow town outside of the US where you don't hear her songs, you're fit to speak for all countries outside the US? Have you even looked at any of the charts from the different countries of which you're pretending to represent? There's nothing you can say to diminish her success, no matter how many times you state Madonna has done it.

  32. 32

    GREAT!!! We get to hear 'born this way' again, and again & again!

  33. 33

    Re: Sissy Burden – You don't know this person to even say their life is pathetic.

  34. 34

    Re: Yenny87
    How do YOU know WHO I know? Fight your own battles and stay out of mine.

  35. 35

    I bet it is actually live on none of this pre-taped Britney business.

  36. 36

    Re: Dnk – actually love gaga isnt that 'big' in England…try bloody Rihanna who is fuckin everywhere and who can bloody well piss off

  37. 37

    I like her and all but I do agree with whoever said that she takes herself too seriously and her whole "I'm the greatest thing that's ever happened to music" attitude just makes her seem arrogant and it's IMO what makes some people dislike her. Also Re: Electro_storm – aside from old people aren't those people you mentioned like more than 50% of Lady Gaga's fanbase? gay people? As much as I like her she's not madonna and should really stop trying.

  38. 38

    Re: Dylan Kardashian-Minogue
    Britney lip-synced her way through a GMA performance; GaGa is kicking off an outdoor concert series. Those are two different things! What does that have to do with her being humble? Did you ever stop to think maybe she was ASKED to do this? Like she’s supposed to say, “no, I can’t do GMA because Britney already did it and I don’t want to steal her thunder.” Please! As if all these other female pop stars aren’t constantly thinking of ways to outdo each other…it’s all part of the industry.

  39. 39

    Re: LHakaLH – Don't you see?? Lady Gaga, Madonna, et al hahah All of the Use you, Wake up !!! they know that gays are the perfect loyal fanBase . . . they just sell this ”Love and peace” product, they care not about anything else other than fame . . . that's why they do it . . .

  40. 40

    Sad. I used to love her but she's way too over hyped. The words used to describe her prove that.

  41. 41

    What a stellar surprise to learn she would be performing where she is from and where she has been performing most of her life.

  42. 42

    Re: Electro_storm – 1st of all I ain't guy..I'm bi ;) and second of all so you basically just proved my point that Lady gaga IS an attention whore that used the gay community? or what were you trying to say

  43. 43

    Re: LHakaLH – Oh give me a break… there isn't a pop star in the the world who doesn't use the gay community to their advantage.

  44. 44

    That was her "big" announcement, huh? Why does she feel the need to announce something like that? Or announce that she's going to announce it? Plenty of artists simply do it. She's too self-important and it's a turn off - and I do like her work.

  45. 45

    P.S. do we really need the reminder of how big and famous she is? like, we get it. It'd be so much more enjoyable if it was just left to enjoy a little.

  46. 46

    Re: RyanD21wa – lol

  47. 47

    yup just like what everyone said on friday when Perez started posting this "surprise", it had to do with her performing on GMA. no surprise there

  48. ed69 says – reply to this


    how pretensious from GMA to portray that performing in their stupid show is as important as having a billion hits in youtube.. pffff

  49. 49

    keep it cumming GAGA!!!!! love, love, love you!!!!! your show in Louisville and at Connection afterwards were both fantastic……GAGA is a monster of the people, by the people, and for the people, ya'll…… ; )

  50. 50

    WisH I could be there.

    Re: MooMooMario – THen why are you searching her name then?

    Re: M: – If she is nothing outside USA then why has she sold out shows outside USA too? She isn't a wannabe, she is Lady GaGa, she is uniquen, she doesn't copy as much as you think, at least not as much as other does. She maybe copies about 25%, so does Madonna, look it up because madonna copies a lot too if you look closly. My point here is that your idol isn't that original either. People like GaGa, respect that and she is just going to be bigger ans she is oiginal.

    BTW, don't bother replay to thins, I don't awnser back anymore.

  51. 51

    Re: M:
    Dear M,
    sorry to dissatisfy but i can assure you there are more people who don't listen to Madonna in Europe than there are people listening to her.
    honestly she really isn't that big out here
    PS lady gaga is amazing, she spreads the message of loving yourself and accepting who you are the way you are.
    PPS how long did it take madonna to become famous in europe and how long did it last? coz lady gaga became famous in a couple of hours and just dance is still in the top 10 charts

  52. 52

    Re: M: – Her single is barely played on popular Chicago radio stations lol so that is telling you something..
    Re: Electro_storm – Um, ok because Lady Gaga looks oh so normal everyday. I believe Lady Gaga and freak are suppose to be together.Re: Baron87 – Did you ever think that maybe Lady Gaga is going to whore herself around some more? That maybe she wants to do this performance just for her ego and not for the "monsters" or whatever the fuck people downgrade themselves with.

  53. 53

    Re: Glamour_is_the_Life – "Oh let me not respond and act like a bitch with an ego like my mother monster". You are pathetic and I hope you do not read this..which i bet you do. You are a joke and I'm really sick of your lame responses to people and your bitchy attitude of not responding. It does nothing but show how much of a bitch you really are.

  54. 54

    Re: M:

    Oh M, you are the reason I got a Perez account. Your retarded comments and poor grammar make this site fun again! You stupid ass!

  55. 55

    Re: yeaman
    Did you ever think that you're incapable of coming up with an intelligent thought? I mean, do you really believe anyone is supposed to consider your conspiracy theories, as if you’re some special recipient of Lady GaGa’s inner thoughts, and know the actual motives behind every move she makes? Who wouldn’t turn down a chance to play at a summer outdoor concert series if asked, especially if you’re the one kick starting the season? At least try to make some fuckin’ sense once in your life. And then you're going to condemn someone else for making lame responses….do you not read your own before you hit submit?

  56. 56

    Re: Baron87 – I am sorry but I did not ask for your opinions. You are just another person sucked into Lady Gaga's world.

  57. 57

    Re: yeaman
    I really wasn't making that shit up when I implied that you were stupid. You clearly asked me a question in post #52. I may be sucked into her world, at least according to your genius brain, but it must even suck more to be you.

  58. 58

    Re: Baron87 – No, actually it was just something to consider. It must be horrible to be you and have so much hatred in your life. :) Apparently you do not follow your "mother monster" closely because she preaches to love everyone. Oh, what a true fan you are, have a nice day :)