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Blake Shelton Called Jake Gyllenhaal Gay During ACMs

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Blake Shelton Wasn't Tasteful

Blake Shelton took a crack at hosting the other night at the ACMs.

If you ask us and some others, though, he overstepped a few boundaries with a few of his jokes. The frustrating part of it was that he WASN'T that bad as a host, which confuses us as to why he'd have to stoop down low with a few of his lines.

Other than the jab at LeAnn Rimes and the circumstances around her marriages, we're referring to Jake Gyllenhaal being called a gay man, all because he is no longer with Taylor Swift, and spinning it as if it would be a bad thing if it were true!

Here's the joke:

"Don't make jokes about Taylor Swift. If you make her mad, she'll write a song about you. She writes songs about guys who break up with her. Which I don't understand in the first place. She's beautiful, she's talented, she's sweet. What in the world was Jake Gyllenhaal thinking anyway?

Wait a minute, he was in Brokeback Mountain."

You're right, he could have said much more offensive things at the sake of the same joke, but we just think it's in bad taste regardless of severity.

We're a little disappointed, Blake. You did fine without that kind of stuff!

How do U feel he did?

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164 comments to “Blake Shelton Called Jake Gyllenhaal Gay During ACMs

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  1. 1

    Come on! As a gay guy and country fan, it was funny. He did a great job. I do not think he intended to offend anyone.

  2. 2

    perez. im ALL for gay rights. but your being too sensitive. he wasnt making fun of the gays in any way, & blake shelton didnt write that joke. he was reading what was on the teleprompter. blake and reba did an AMAZING job together. get over it perez.

  3. 3

    Get over it fatboy, don't be so fucking gay. HA!

  4. 4

    WOW!!! im shocked!!! i love blake…don't know if i still want to support him! I hope Miranda will smack some sense into him!

  5. 5

    OMG, people need to get over it. Leanna Rimes deserved it; she's a home-wrecking whore. And seriously, taking offense to Blake making a joke about being in Brokeback Mountain? Gay people are really getting a little ridiculous and full of themselves. HE MADE A JOKE, RELAX!

  6. 6

    That's dumb. He wasn't using insinuating that being gay is a derogatory thing. The joke is straight girls shouldn't date gay boys (even if they aren't gay).

  7. 7

    gay people just cant take anything at all can they?

  8. joka says – reply to this


    it was a jooooke. he did say those things, but he NEVER inferred that being gay was bad..jeesh. there are certain people who are just out LOOKING for things like this. bad attention for the homosexual community. it makes them seem like they just throw fits over stuff like this, when that is not true.

  9. Blunt says – reply to this


    omg everything is gay related huh?

  10. 10

    He isn't spinning anything into a bad thing… he was trying to make a joke explaining that Jake broke up with Taylor because he is gay (and therefore isn't into females)… not just some typical gay bash.

  11. 11

    3rd gay related post today..and they all are over exaggerated. I find the joke funny. Jake probably did too considering he choose to be in the movie. He probably got alot of shit when the movie came out so I really doubt he was offended.

  12. 12

    jeez Perez, we love you, but really? Not everything people say is a direct stab at gay people. i'm all for gay rights as well, but he was not making fun of him for 'being gay', he was merely trying to say that perhaps that would be why he would dump a girl as amazing as Tay Swift. You need to relax and stop attacking people and trying to make them look bad when they aren't doing anything wrong.

  13. 13

    I see nothing wrong with this, it was a fucking JOKE. Was it a lame joke? Perhaps but if this were Letterman or Jimmy Kimmel saying this, you wouldn't give a rat's ass.

  14. tasha says – reply to this


    Get a life perez. There was nothing in bad taste about that joke. Get off your high horse.

  15. 15


  16. 16

    Who hasn't called him gay? Also, this story is super old!

  17. 17

    What a loser. Maybe because Gyllenhaal came to his senses and realized he was dating an immature, attention whore with no talent? Just because Shelton wants some little blonde girl ass himself he disses another dude's manhood. You could make all the jokes you want but don't bring your own insecurities into it.

  18. KHop says – reply to this


    I felt the same way. After he said the joke about Jake, I got that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. It's 2011, jokes about a person's sexuality are just tasteless.

  19. 19

    Where does it say Jake was called gay? He wasn't, Blake told the truth Jake was in Brokeback Mountain. You are protesting too much Mario. Get a grip

  20. 20

    He didn't spin it in any way. I don't think it was in any way offensive. I support gay rights as well, but I think you're being a little too sensitive here.

  21. 21

    Has it ever occurred you that maybe someone else wrote these jokes for him?? I don't think anything he said was distasteful- they are called jokes for a reason!

  22. 22

    Blake was reading off a teleprompter and obviously there was no thinking on his part of how this could possibly offend someone. Also it was a lame joke and could have been written better.

  23. 23

    Sorry - I don't see a problem with what he said. Once again, trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

  24. 24

    They were sticking up for Taylor Swift, thats how I took it. Not that they were insulting the "gays".

  25. 25

    i dont see what the problem is?

  26. 26

    i really dont understand what the big deal is, Jake did that movie and he has said he thinks its funny when people make jokes about it. I say no harm no foul. and where is the part where he makes it seem like its a bad thing. you are just picking on people because YOU didnt think one joke was funny.

  27. barb says – reply to this


    It's a joke stop being so sensitive, your the ass hole to everyone. Now we are to believe your just the perfect guy. screw you perez

  28. 28

    IT WAS A JOKE. Comedy is a way to poke at awkward, politically incorrect, or sensitive issues by drawing attention to the humor in the hysterical fanatics that take this too seriously. Loosen up. Bringing attention to a topic through humor does nothing but increase awareness and leads to tolerance and acceptance. I don't want to live in a world of political correctness but rather in a world were everyone will just lighten up and be able to laugh at themselves and the hilarious world around them

  29. 29

    Re: !hateperez – Ya, Brokeback Mountain out of a molehill!

  30. 30

    He wasn't saying it would be wrong to be gay, he was simply making a joke that any man who wouldn't want to be with Taylor Swift must be gay because she is so perfect. It's a compliment to her, not a knock toward gay men.

  31. 31

    ugh…again with your gay shit mario. stop making us gay men look like whiny bitches…it was a joke. it was an awards show. hollywoods sassiest website? please! report on the news/gossip, dont try to push your agenda as your reporting it.

  32. 32

    The whole joke centered around the point of view that being gay is a negative thing. THAT'S why it was offensive. It dosn't matter if HE wrote it or not. Everyone is responsable for what they chose to say. It's quite typical of country boys though. Being a gay man myself who grew up in the south i saw bigotry bread in people like him at an early age, often. That way of thinking is just plain ignorant. Those kind of little remarks are bound to slip out by guys like him because no matter how PC ignorant people try to act to keep their fame it will eventually show it's ugly head.

  33. 33

    Uhhh, didn't you used to only refer to Hayden Christensen on here as "Gayden"? How is what he said any different? It was obviously childish, but YOU have no right to call him out on it with your track record. Pot meet kettle.

  34. 34

    The joke was fine! People are overreacting!

  35. 35

    It wasnt even an insult…but a reason. Why would a gay guy stay with a beautiful girl? Its not like he said anything that would be an insult unless the person listening assumes its bad to be gay. If you think that way, then you need to do a lil more soul searching to see if you yourself are comfortable being called gay in the first place…

  36. 36

    I love Blake, he is hilarious! Although he is really funny on his own, its highly unlikely that he even wrote that joke. Either way, I don't really think he was making fun of gays. (I dont think Jake is gay, but…) He was just saying that maybe Jake broke up with Taylor because he is gay…now I'm sure that wouldn't be the first gay guy to date a girl…just sayin'

  37. 37

    I'm gay and I could care less… It wasn't offensive in the least. I actually got a good giggle from it.

  38. dodo says – reply to this


    Re: Mr.Johnsson – No, Perez can't take it. Other gays think it was funny. More disturbing is you attitude that all gays are the same…

  39. 39

    WELL YOU WANT EQUALITY!! EVERY kind of person gets made fun of,why should the gays be any different??

  40. 40

    um perez, no offense. i think you're great. but YOU actually just insulted people who are gay. the line was that no one should be able to turn down someone as great as taylor swift. enter joke: jake was in brokeback mountain- maybe he's not straight, because who could break up with taylor?! by taking offense to it, you're implying that being gay is "stooping down low." equal rights for all- but that joke was as tasteful as anything and you made it something bad

  41. 41

    As an avid and passionate ally of the gay community I was surprised by the "gay" joke Blake Shelton made but not at all offended. I think it was light-hearted and carried no malice and I don't see Jake or the gay community being offended by it either. If I had a penny for every Brokeback Mountain joke I've ever heard, I would be crazy rich.

  42. 42

    there is no anti-gay sentiment in that joke at all. about 2 yrs ago i read on this site some post where U also insinuated that jake was gay. can't remember what it was about now tho, but i wasn't too surprised when he broke up with reese because of it. since you've now decided to 'adopt' a new positive attitude since your meeting wit jen aniston IS THIS YOU'RE WAY OF DRAWING ATTENTION TO jake's sexuality once again??? fine if it is, but please don't take a harmless joke and turn it into something nasty. this kind of overreaction only detracts from the more serious instances of homophobia.

  43. 43

    Re: Blibberblabber – how did he say that being gay was negative? because he didnt stay with taylor? talk about an overreaction… like i said before. perez calling the joke "stooping down low" implies that being gay is stooping down low. i cant believe this is actually a conversation on here. ridiculous.

  44. 44

    It was funny and it was just a joke. Jake is not gay, I hope not anyways, he is hot!!! Stop being so sensitive and making a bid deal about stupid shit just cuz your gay.

  45. 45

    stop making stuff out of nothing & leave the country family alone. blake was awesome as a host, and you have no clue about his sense of humor or anything. leave it be.

  46. 46

    I thought it was kinda funny but then again I'm not gay or overly sensitive

  47. 47

    Why are you JUST reporting this? This happened on Sunday stupid.

  48. 48

    Re: redmond – LOVE your perspective. I love Perez, but you are absolutely right!

  49. 49

    Isn't Jake gay? Didn't you already out him Mario? Can't take a joke can you Phag Boy?

  50. 50

    Give me a break… it's like people can't take a joke anymore. Lighten up… with all the homophobic comments out there today, this is not a big deal at all. Maybe we should reserve our annoyances for people who really deserve them.. HOMOPHOBIC people. Not Blake Shelton. He was joking around.

  51. 51

    Really…This happened 48 hours ago. Why does it matter. It was a joke. Get over the PCness of it all. He didn't say "Death to Gays".

  52. 52

    seriously.. it's a joke. he could have said a lot worse. blake did an awesome job

  53. 53

    it really is more of a weak joke rather than an offensive one.

  54. 54

    Perez, don't you think you're being a little bit over-sensitive about this? Learn to take a joke. Come on.

  55. 55

    boo hoo he cracked a gay joke so what ! it wasnt even that bad …stop being so sensitive and get over it …he did an AMAZING JOB

  56. 56

    I don't believe Blake even wrote any of his jokes, or lines. It's all pre-written by a writer for the show isn't it? Blame the writer, not Blake, you dumb ass.

  57. cuete says – reply to this


    as a gay person i do not think that is offensive at all… and most of the gay people are not as disgrace to the world as Perez. we can take a joke, most gay people are as normal or as crazy as all of you, but most of as are not as sick or crazy as perez he is just talking for himself.

  58. 58

    Re: Blibberblabber – Just because you found homophobic assholes in the south wherever you grew up, it doesn't mean that all southern people are that way. Blake Shelton is not a homophobe. It was a joke insinuating that maybe Jake broke up with Taylor because he is gay. He didn't say it was a bad thing. There was no negativity attached to it.

  59. 59

    Um are YOU joking? Who cares that was the most harmless joke I've ever heard. Perez you are the hugest fake in America and everyone knows it.

  60. 60

    jesus christ. who cares? it was a joke.

  61. 61

    Wow. That's all I have to say.

  62. 62

    Uuuh..Pretty sure Jake IS gay..

  63. 63

    Ug, look, i'm all for equal rights, amongst people who are gay, of different nationalities, whatever. The way you (or your writers) have been coming off lately is overbearing and somewhat ignorant. You might as well say "gay is the new black" based on how at every little comment, or action regardless of how harmless it is, become misconstrued as you howl in protest like you and those like you have been burned to the core. Are there still hatemongers in the world who abuse people based on their choices or race? Yes. Is every single person who makes a single comment even remotely hinting at sexuality or race out to get you and destroy everything you stand for? No. I've been reading Perezhilton.com for 4 years, and i'm straight, and only recently have I noticed this trend that quite frankly makes me shy away. The comment on the CMA's was merely a was of saying the only reason not to like someone as (reportedly) wonderful as Taylor Swift would be if you didn't like girls at all. To say that it could be considered hatemongering is ignorant. *End Rant*

  64. 64

    Jake is the good guy….taylor whores around and plays games…Blake wasn't doing anything bad unless Jake was upset. I respect Jake for making such a movie…I miss Heath:(

  65. 65

    Most men seem to only be able to take 2 months of Taylor. Look at her dating record. She must be really annoying or boring. I personally don't find her music to be interesting in the least. Bubble gum county - it can't get worse than that. She is attractive, but there's got to be something amiss with her.

  66. 66

    SInce when did hosts write their own jokes?

  67. 67

    Actually, I thought Blake restrained himself quite amazingly on the show, because he could have done some real damage.
    And while I'm all for political correctness, I think you're seeing something that isn't there. The only negative thing that Blake was pointing out in that joke is breaking up with Swift. He did not negatively say Gyllenhaal was gay, only that it might be a possible excuse for breaking up.
    Calm yo tits.

  68. Laura says – reply to this


    Well, look at the target audience.

  69. 69

    Ok I am all for gay rights, but really? This is offensive? In reality he stated a FACT. Jakes was in fact in Brokeback mountain. It wasnt a derogitory(sp) comment, it was a funny comment that is being taken way to seriously.

  70. 70

    Shut up, you hyper little girl. I think it's damn funny. Sorry your labia are in twist Perez, but it's called free speech. Deal with it.

  71. 71

    lulz that joke was funny

  72. 72

    The broke back mountain jokes will never end until jake gyllenhaal is irrelevant. and if gays want to be equal, which they should be, then they should be able to have jokes made about them if they don't insinuate that being gay is a bad thing.

  73. 73

    and btw he never said jake was gay .. thats ppl jumping to conclusions. could have been talking about his choices in movie roles

  74. 74

    Jokes not funny or offensive.

  75. 75

    I am Gay and I find zero of this joke offensive. It is funny. We have to find humor in things Perez! Take a chill pill girl!

  76. 76

    Re: coconutgirl0213 – THat is EXACTLY what i was going to say

  77. 77

    OMFG I seriously think Perez has multiple personalities! That was a harmless joke, it tastefully if anything done, they could have really went for it. I am amazed that you think this was distasteful yet you call Zac Efron "Zaquisha" or post comments about your imaginary boyfriend of the day and most are straight and that can be taken as distasteful - what happend to a nicer Perez? You are two faced - when Britneys songs were leaking you were all gung ho and saying she is the queen and she is back etc, etc.but the minute the critics slam her live performance or lack there of, you change your tune. If GLAAD had any issues they would be the first to say it was uncalled for. We all need to lighten up and not take this shit so seriously and make it worse by throwing unused two cents in. No one will ever hire you for X-Factor, American Idol etc. stop pimping yourself out, just because you post music on your website doesnt mean you are the next Music Mogul

  78. 78

    This guy has to be a raging homo. I have a great sense of humor, but how is this a joke? Some men are so insecure that the only way they feel comfortable about their gay tendencies is to bash other guys about dumb sh*t like this. Some guys really need to grow a pair and learn to be around other guys without having to "belittle" one another in order to reassure their manhood. This action can mean one of two things:Closet queer or a small d*ck. Either way he reeks w- insecurities!

  79. 79

    God forbid you watch a Roast's on Comedy Central!! Learn how to take a joke Perez! Really??????

  80. 80

    Taylor needs to stap on a dildo and fuck Blake in the ass.

  81. 81

    it was a joke…BFD

  82. 82

    I'm gay and was not offended. The joke is a little dated, though.

  83. 83

    big freakin deal.. don't get your pantiets all in a bunch… Ricky Geravis comments were funny to you.. but yet because this makes a lil jab/insinutation that Jake is gay you find is sooo deplorable.. STFU..

  84. 84

    Note to Perez. Your fight for GAY equality includes being the "butt" (no pun intended :-) of jokes also like everyone else. Sensitive bitches!

  85. 85

    didnt say being gay was a bad thing, cant even make a joke now days ppffftt!!!

  86. 86

    At least Jake isn't into beastiality like Blake. His fiance is a fat COW!!!!!!

  87. 87

    You trolling Perez, or whoever writes your stuff. Where did he say gay at huh??? Someone writes that crap for hosts anyways. Gah, I mean really, give it a rest. Starting to sound like an annoying, broken record.

  88. 88

    A)you being to sensitive
    B) If he didn't have a southern accent you wouldn't care
    C) Maybe he was insinuating that once you date Taylor Swift any other girl just doesn't hold a candle to her.
    D) I have seen drag shows where they say that like that about Brokeback Mountain
    E) You have even done stuff like that on this very website that you call your own
    Oh and LeAnne Rimes and what ever her cheating boyfriends name is better get used to it, because jokes like that are going to follow them and any future children for the rest of their lives. She will have that Scarlet letter forever!

  89. 89

    He did a FANTASTIC job! You (as usual) are just looking for an excuse to whine "I'm a big gay boy and somebody made fun, wahhhh!!" It was funny. And he did not insinuate anything, you are doing that. You really think anybody cares if Perez was offended? We all know you just look for a reason to bitch, bitch. Get over it. Nobody cares. I have many gay friends and you are an embarrassment to most of them.

  90. 90

    Okay Perez, as someone who used to make fun of people for a living, you should understand the comedic humor in this. It was a joke and when joking, you run the risk of offending people, that's just how it is. With that said, he never called Jake Gay nor did he ever make fun of anyone being gay. I think you might be reading a little too much into this. I love reading your stuff but sometimes, you take things a little too seriously.

  91. 91

    Re: Emma Louise – Love it love love it!!!

  92. 92

    Re: DaisyHalt – I have heard from a Nashville friend in the biz that Taylor is very very focused almost to a fault. I also find her to be beautiful but quite awkward in her stature. She is also really young and who at that age has boyfriend more than a couple of months. This person also said she felt that people will try to date her and break up with her to get a song written about them.

  93. 93

    Okay Perez, as someone who used to make fun of people for a living, you have to understand that this was a joke. And I've never met a funny joke that doesn't offend someone. Blake never called Jake gay and he didn't make fun of gay people. I'm a fan of your work but come on, lighten up.

  94. 94

    So… are all gay men whiny panzies? Or is it just you? PLease, grow some balls, man! It was a JOKE!!!! Some gays have to ruin everything these days. I'm beginning to think that being a gay man, with all the feelings constantly being worn on the sleeves and the constant emotional roller coaster, must totally suck. Good luck with that.

  95. 95

    I am not the worlds biggest country music fan, but Blake Shelton is a excellent songwriter and singer. Plus he gets to busy with Miranda Lambert (duh) whom is the true New Queen of Real Country Music. Comedy, if being funny, funny and TRUE on his comment, Jake is not gay… but, for the rest of us… how, does a person break up with Taylor Swift???? (hmmmm, perhaps a maturity issue) or a girlfriend!!!!! start dating real guys??????? i.e. "Being a real guy, does not really exisits, everyone just has to be themselves, but in her circle it is, "hey T., let me introduce you to someone… she's like, "he's cute" but at her age, let's be honest… I would CRINGE if I was connected to my every relationship as true love.

  96. 96

    I absolutely agree that the joke was tasteful. He didn't make fun of any gay people… he simply stated that Jake was in Brokeback Mountain, which is a fact… he didn't target anyone, he wasn't rude and he didn't cross the line. If you look at any hosts at any awards show there is always going to be jokes make at some other entertainers expense, i think it comes with the terriotry.

  97. 97

    He did'nt say it as a bad thing he was just saying he must be gay!! I thought he did a good job and for the Leann Rhimes joke so funny she is a stupid slut not to mention so fucking ugly she deserved it!!!

  98. 98

    p.s. Brokeback Mountain was not a gay movie, but a very well acted movie about relationships, love and a very interesting dynamic (take out the sex, and it boils down to love, and because life is so whackkk, LOVE is always a good thing……

  99. 99

    I love you Perez & I'm all for gay rights but I don't see anything wrong with him saying this.. Umm, he didn't say anything BAD about gay people. I think you're just being way to sensitive. I love Blake Shelton :)

  100. 100

    Lighten up Perez! It was not meant to be offensive. It was funny, Blake is funny. Jake is not gay, too bad for you. Piss T Swizzle off and she will write a song about you. Be a total dumb ass……Blake will have something to say. Get over it and go read his blog.

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