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The Truth About Madonna & The Investigation Into Her Raising Malawi Charity

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We're about to clear the air via Madonna's agent on a couple of things.

The last few weeks have been rough for Madge. A lot has been said about her and the mismanagement of her charity, Raising Malawi. We've heard reports of the government intervening and the disheartening news that her planned school for girls has been scrapped. However, there has been no official word from Team Madge on any of these stories…until now.

This morning, her rep took to Madonna's website to release an official statement, saying:

"In recent days a number of wild and totally false rumors about Madonna's philanthropy–spread by bloggers and tabloids–have begun appearing on the internet. As we have said previously, Raising Malawi is currently undergoing a series of positive changes in an effort to serve more children. Neither Madonna nor Raising Malawi is being investigated by the FBI or the IRS. It is unfortunate that people have chosen to say things about Raising Malawi and Madonna that are not true. Madonna remains committed and focused on what matters helping the children of Malawi."

Finally - the truth. Granted, there's not a lot of truth there, but at least it's something.

Perhaps, with a little more time, Madonna and her team will fill us all in on the real issues that are hindering this incredible project. We know it must be something fairly serious as we know Madonna's passion for it.

[Image via WENN.]

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22 comments to “The Truth About Madonna & The Investigation Into Her Raising Malawi Charity”

  1. 1

    of sourse her reps are going to say something like that. she killed her assistant and she dosent care about the children at all. she needs to stop stealing babies from there parents .

  2. 2


  3. 3

    How would someone be able to confirm/deny an FBI investigation on themselves or their companies/charities etc?

  4. 4

    oh, because her agent said it, it's "the truth"? you fat f*ck.

  5. 5

    Of course YOU know Madge the Vadge's passion for it, since the 2 of you are so close and all. Idiot, you haven't got a fucking clue, for all you know, she could be laughing all the way to the bank.

  6. 6

    People can condemn Madonna all they want but thats not going to solve anything. I am really hoping in whatever situation is going on that the children of Malawi will be given a chance in life. And it certainly seems that Madonna is distraught and wants to make things right. So I hope for the best with this. The kids deserve it

  7. M: says – reply to this


    Re: blaise05 – ahu?? are u insane? she is always with her kids. the kids loves her mum. u are a joke. and she killed her assistent? lol she didnt steal any baby asshole.those babies were orphans and leaving alone.
    when she adopted david she was dying and she took him to london to take care of him. before she adopt him. u are insane. she helps everybody.
    her spokewoman says the true she wouldnt have say it is false if it was really a FBI investigation.thats too serious

    what happened is that madonna gave lots of money to her charity foundation she donated and that money disapeared- cause the administration stole it to buy cars and boats.madonan doesnt even have boats. ur delusional girl

    its all false. her achool for girls will keep on works. why ppl criticizing those who help-.go criticizing those who dont do a shit for others. this foundation is her passion. her loves her kdis her kids are everything to her. go learn more about madonna cause u need to. what a stupid comment

  8. M: says – reply to this


    Re: BAEEAB – OF COURSE all amdonna want is to help them she alreday gacve them water and electricity and build an orphanage she goes to malawi twice a year. she adopted her kids from there. her foundation is her passion.ppl read the tittle and thing that amdonna stole the money.
    was never about that. they alreday know ppl from administration stole it. she actually donate millions from her own money to that charity. she would never do that.madonna is a aserious woman. she does charity for years. ppl fucked her on her back. thats why she has to be a bitch to get things done. she cant trust anyone. everybody is looking for her money
    if u notice madonna never said a bad word about an ex or something,madonna has respect for ppl.

  9. M: says – reply to this


    Re: Snarky404 – no she couldnt say anything. she wouldnt say its false when it was a fbi investigation are u kiding?? M is serious. very perfectionist. she is a huge woman a mother of 4 a huge career and that foundation that is her passion. ppl criticized her for all her charity work cause its boring blah blah but she didnt care. she is there to help those kids. and she found who stole her money and she will build that school.its the last thing

  10. M: says – reply to this


    God bless madonna. madonna helps and many ppl dont even know cause she never uses it 4 publicity. she helped many ppl that turned her back.even her brother asshole. everybody wants her money. its hers .she earned. she is a very down on earth woman. everybody that knows her says that. she is very perfectionist at her work. lady gaga said amdonna is the most wonderful person she met. madonna is real deal.but the different is that ppl thing that being strong is being a bitch. no its not. amdona has a huge heart.shes a lovin person.that does charity. that helps and the press doesnt even know. the press should trash those who talk the talk and not those who walk the walk like madonna


  11. 11

    you're brown nosing of Madonna is going to go to waste. It's you they are talking about when they say internet blogger you fool. The magic of Madonna is long gone. Shes now just a stuck up, irrelevant, oblivious snob running a cult a lot better than she runs her own musical career. and I can guarantee that you Perez makes her sick!

  12. M: says – reply to this


    GOD BLESS MADONNA i wish ppl were like her. serious ppl. that are strong and not afraid to do the right thing even when it gives u bad things. keep the good work. all u did was helping

  13. M: says – reply to this


    Re: mattyvoyager – loser madonna is not done dear. last year she broke all the records with her tour. mega shows with 80 thousand ppl per night. gaga cant even sold out her shows in europe.ur an asshole. madonna is god outside usa. usa is not the whole world. ppl like gaga are noone here. just a relevant person with something to say would have shows sold out with 80 thosuand ppl some places evern more.ppl from every ages screaming her name. and for some reason amdona is on the enws everyday that means ppl still care for what she does. and more new generatyion taht dont have great ideas keep copying her own ideas.that means madonan is relevant.shut up men. madonna is #1

  14. 14

    THIS JUST IN: Madonna to have new baby boy with Belgium global breakdancer 'Rafikihim-Carrotstick'. It is said they will name the child 'Jahbulon', after the 72nd demon among the realm of angels and demons of King Solomon himself!

    We interviewed King Solomon and here's what he had to say:

    "It was all just nuts I tell you…I mean it was one giant pyramid scheme!"

  15. L2303 says – reply to this


    Re: caravaggio the terrible – That is actually mildly amusing.

  16. L2303 says – reply to this


    All I can say to this is: I hope they get it sorted out & the money that was stolen from the charity eventually gets back to where it belongs. But I still don't trust this Kabbalah ish!

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    Celebs PAY P.R. people to smoke and mirror the truth. It's always deny, deny, deny until the thing comes out, whatever it proves to be; but, o.k., all is right with mad-donna world today.

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: M: – Amazing how bloggers can have cultural command of the language and its current colloquial expressions one minute, and then appear to be a foreigner struggling with the language and suddenly unable to spell by merely dyslexic switching of two letters in a word the next

  19. 19

    i bet all those ppl at her concert were old and drioed up just like her. and did you not see those poor parents on tv who were told that they could visit there child but madonna said they couldnt and stopped them from seeing there child and then when they asked for there baby back she wouldnt give it to them. she is a baby stealer .

  20. 20

    i bet all those ppl at her concert were old and dried up just like her. and did you not see those poor parents on tv who were told that they could visit there child but madonna said they couldnt and stopped them from seeing there child and then when they asked for there baby back she wouldnt give it to them. she is a baby stealer .

  21. 21

    Re: blaise05Re: M: – ok we heard you once nice that Madonna has enough time to go on Perez and comment on herself.
    I know that Rhianna reads everything about herself she said it in an interview but Madonna take it easy you don't have to defend yourself that much lol :p

  22. Foxy5 says – reply to this


    Madonna is a thief, she is being investigated because her staff have been subpoenard, she also is being sued by her Malawi staff who she abandoned in July 2010 and did not pay salaries up to now. The case is in court right now in Malawi. Perez is being used by Liz to spin this story, Madonna only sent US850,000 to Malawi after raising US18million, where is the money? She is blaming innocent Malawians when of the 3.8million only 800.000 less than a million, she is saying Malawians spent her money, Madonna did not use her money she raised the money from donors.