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Let Bristol Palin Be Your Role Model! It Pays To Get Knocked Up!

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Oh, we're not being facetious. If we were all teen moms, we'd all be freakin' rich!

If MTV has taught us anything, it's shown us that teenager girl who have babies when they are 16 have it rough for the rest of their lives unless they get cast on their reality show. If Bristol Palin was anyone else besides Bristol Palin, she would have a similar story to share. As it is, she's rolling in dough despite getting knocked up in high school, but its BECAUSE she got preggers that she's as rich as she is.

Allow us to explain.

According to tax documents uncovered by some crafty sources, Bristol pulls in a decent size paycheck to scurry around the country and preach the good word that is abstinence as part of the Candie's Foundation. Her yearly paycheck for speaking to kids about teen pregnancy prevention? $262,000!

Yes, those are three zeros. Yes, this girl barely made it out of high school, has no college education and has no life experience except giving birth at a young age. Yet, she is making more money than most us will see in our lifetimes. Teachers sure as hell don't make that much. Neither do nurses or police officers or fire men and women.

Anyone else seeing something really wrong with this scenario? And what, may we ask, is she doing with all that money she's raking in? Is any of it going back into the system? Is any of it being donated to clinics or health programs in public schools or anything like that?

Do tell us, Bristol. We'd be delighted to hear.

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62 comments to “Let Bristol Palin Be Your Role Model! It Pays To Get Knocked Up!”

  1. 1

    don't blame her, blame the idiots who pay her.

  2. 2

    You rag on this young girl, savaged in the press because she was knocked up, daughter of a wacky vice presidential candidate. What the fuck do you expect her to do. The amount of money she has is a pittance in this world. She will raise that child by herself, will not and probably never has gotten a dime out of the baby daddy. YOU have the fucking nerve to ask how much she gave to charity. How much money do YOU make? How much do YOU give to charity. Do you know what it will cost to raise and educate that child? She probablu needs security because of drive by creeps like YOU PEREZ.
    Why would you take a shot at this young girl?
    DID you ask the fucking Kardickems about the 63 million fucking bucks they made. How much did the Kardicksuckers give to charity. There is not a brain cell or iota of talent in the whole fucking family.

  3. 3

    The company who paid her? They only gave 35K to groups that help prevent unplanned teen pregnancy. Disgusting.

  4. 4

    THANK YOU FOR FINALLY SAYING SOMETHING THOUGHT PROVOKING PEREZ! You just went up 100 points in my book. This girl is an uneducated idiot and has no right to preach ANYTHING besides how NOT to use a condom! Bristol and the rest of the Palins are the epitome of what is wrong with this country.

  5. 5

    +1 to everything rickraton said. You're a douchebag, Perez. Stop shoving your political bias down our throats and stick to damn celebrity news, which is what I come here for.

  6. 6

    And why do people think she is nice? I knew her personally and has classes with her in highschool at West in Anchorage AK. Shes really full of herself and straight up rude. She gave a boy in our class the finger when he asked about her mother. She doesnt work for this money and there are tons of people who are actually struggling without rich ex-governor mommys to support them who this could actually help.

  7. sanaa says – reply to this


    "Due" tell us?

  8. 8

    of all people to comment on how someone makes a living. Perez your claim to fame is being cruel to people and drawing coke on their faces. People who make mistakes do this all the time. They give speeches to try to prevent people from going down the wrong path. If she can convince even 1 girl to stick with abstinence isn't that a good thing. Or in your sicko world is it okay for 13 and 14 year old girls to be sexually active. Perez you are just a horrible human being.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    She was given quite a plum with this.

  10. 10

    Well I read the company paid her MORE than they actually spent on the program itself! Bogus program and someone just giving her money as a kickback for her mom is the way it looks…so unfortunate…this entire family-not role models.

  11. 11

    Re: RachelSarahM – \
    Get a freakin life. Rude, full of herself, gave someone the finger?
    Oh my, how awful! YOU RACHEL are whats wrong with this country. Are you jealous because the late shows don't make you the brunt of jokes? She ain't getting welfare and food stamps. Hence YOU RACHEL, ain't supporting her.
    Get a life of your own.

  12. 12

    I really was starting to like you again, but you think saying something in a "nicer" form isn't still bullying? Whenever, you try to put someone down in ANY form it is bullying! Given sometimes you have to say the truth and the facts but you are going to go after someone who really has no REAL reason to be harassed and how liberal of YOU to think that her effin money NEEDS to be given to others… yes, donating is a good thing, but it is HER money not YOURS so why does it matter. And PS GOOD for her! she found a way to make money, for herself and her child.. that is called being smart. You found a way to make tons of money and get celebrity out of blogging. You really should THINK before you post. But as usual you only have one agenda in mind.

  13. 13

    Also, I am sure if you substituted Jamie Lynn Spears name into this article, you would be PRAISING her for being a single mom doing her thing.

  14. 14


  15. 15

    It doesn't surprise me…just shows the priorities of Americans.

  16. 16

    Role model????
    They say the t.v. show Teen Moms might be a bad influence on young teen girls - Bristol is a BAD influence!

  17. 17

    It's just a softer form of prostitution. Her money flows from selling her deflowered sexual dignity. You gotta love the hypocricy of a fornicater who gets paid for preaching abstinence, and the fools who would pay to hear what they already know. Christians really know how to twist it. They really know how to fling it too.

  18. 18

    If people are willing to pay her, there is no reason why she should oblige… the real idiots are the people giving her all that money.

  19. 19

    OMG, who's paying this idiot? Have you heard of ONE teenager who does what she says (but doesn't follow herself). What a freaking joke the right wing is!

  20. 20

    Re: rickraton – Ain't is not a word fuckface, now……go back to school

  21. 21

    And just how much do nasty, hate-filled, celebrity bloggers make whose job it is to mock, ridicule and bully anyone with a differing opinion?

  22. 22

    Wow. Storyline aside, this is HORRIBLE writing. I honestly would be embarrassed to have this on the internet. Factious? Unless you're writing about the factions within the GOP, I think the word you're looking for is facetious. Also, "DUE" tell us? Seriously, a first grader knows the difference between "do" and "due." I don't think you should be talking about her education(Which pains me to say since I can't stand the girl).

  23. 23

    This girl really has made getting pregnant a fashion statement…..
    Everyone that doesn't see that is probably the same age as she is and just as dumb….
    The Palins are such FAME WHORES it's ridiculous, what is she like 17 now with a nanny…

  24. 24

    ummm we also have people that make shit tons of money just getting drunk and stupid on tv reality. but you aren't complaining about that?
    a lot of people who preach to others to not do drugs, etc. have done them, themselves.
    so she had a kid learned her lesson, and got the opportunity to tell others what life is like having a baby that young.
    who really listens to you about that stuff unless you've had it happen to you firsthand?

  25. 25

    Perez, how much money do you make for talking about other peoples personal lives!?

    This girl had sex, like many teens do. . .and now she's trying to have open discussions about the outcomes of what happens when you have sex before you may be ready.

    And how much do actors make!? Like SERIOUSLY, someone needs 20 million, for saying lines. . .they're not curing diseases. . .they're playing dress up and delivering lines. . .and they don't even have to be perfect at it! With editing and gag reels!

    Please don't start discussions about salaries. . .when you make money based on gossiping about people!


  26. 26

    Don't get me wrong I don't like her at all but why single her out? What about all the low life celebs that are making boo coo bucks too. Snookie, and her crowd on Jersey Shore, Miley, Linsay, The Klowntrashians, Kate plus her 8, etc. etc. NONE of them deserve the money that they are making and NONE of them give anything to charity. It's we the ppl that are making them rich and they are all laughing on the way to the bank.

  27. 27

    So she's a Teen Mom trying to get past it by taking the opportunities that come her way - WOULDN'T YOU? Good for her. She has a child to support. Why tear her down? Because of her mother and your POLITICAL PREJUDICES… She's damned if she does and damned if she doesn't…

  28. 28

    Perez you make about 5-10 times what Bristol does and all you do is sit around showing picutres of stars and taking noise. what REALLY is the difference. it seems she puts in more effort (as she has to travel) for less dough.

  29. 29

    Really Perez? Hmmm and how do YOU MAKE YOUR MONEY by being hateful, gossipy, drawing on folks faces oh and being a BULLY. Bristol Palin is supporting herself and her child and doing the best with her situation. Bravo for her choosing life. Would have been much easier to sneak off and have an abortion.
    Despite all the ugliness thrown her way and her families, they continue to stick by their faith and go on. Whether you like their politics or not–they have not taken the easy way out and they LIVE what they believe.

  30. 30

    A "new" Perez? B.S., unless you fit into his agenda he is still the same prick he always was. By the way, I figured out why Perez doesn't bother to spell check his posts, he loves when people make a comment to correct his spelling/grammar, it just means he gets a couple extra page hits. The man is a lowlife scam.

  31. 31

    Re: meado002 – I totally agree with what you said. Perez, I can't stand this girl or her family, but you have no right to ask what she does with her money. She does have a child to take care of, which I imagine is expensive, not to mention everyday expenses for herself. I don't agree with people paying her to speak about abstinence (oh, the irony!), but the fact is, they do. Why don't you post what you make, then let us know what you do with your money. I know, it's different when it comes to you.

  32. 32

    Re: GayRay
    For your information "fuckface" is not a word either, although it does apply to YOU

  33. 33

    um…262,000 isnt even enough for a house…are you dumb?!

  34. 34

    Perez: What is your problem? Picking on the daughter of someone you don't like. You are pathetic

  35. 35

    why does this holier then thou born again barebacking matress queen get so much money when the charity only spent 68,000 on the campaign?

  36. 36

    Yet you believe Lady Gaga has more life experience to talk about-hypocrite as always Perez. And when know how much you love what Levi Johnson says.

  37. 37

    Re: yeahokayalright – The main difference between Bristol and The Jersey Shore is that Snooki isn't out there talking about abstaining from alcohol and partying. Bristol is a teenage mother talking about abstinence. Oxymoron aside, she's not living the life of a single mother at all. That's great, it really is. She's found a niche in the market and her and her kid are going to be fine. I think the problem is that she is living a fairly good life where-as many single parents find it next to impossible to make ends meet. Bristol is glamorizing the idea with her new house and designer brand clothes.
    $262,000 isn't enough for a house (I realize this was a different post) are you kidding me?

  38. 38

    And a no talent, bully-blogger named Perez who knows nothing about grammar and spelling is "writing" a children's book makes how much per year? HYPOCRITE!

  39. 39

    "Oh, we're not being facetious. If we were all teen moms, we'd all be freakin' rich!" I'd be careful saying something like this.. teen moms are impressionable- and I'm sure some of them take into consideration the things you say.. we really don't need any more babies having babies…

  40. 40

    Bristol is BAD…Planned Parenthood is GOOD! Right? PLANNED PARENTHOOD who Takes about $270 MILLION from the Federal Government each year (your tax $$ at work). In the year 2007, Planned Parenthood made only 4,912 adoption referrals yet performed 305,310 abortions. But of course this is OK! Ms Palin could have chosen the easy way out, but she chose to bring her child into this world just like your mother. Mario, you could have been an abortion.

  41. 41

    Fuck off Perez. You constantly praise the fucktards on "Jersey Shore" who make MUCH more than her for what???? Being drunken, promiscuous shithead D'bad morons. Fuck you! And YOU make tons of money for what???? NOT writing a blog that does nothing but bully other people. Yeah, you have room to talk about anyone else, shithead.

  42. 42

    Unfortunately, I know with the upcoming election we will get a full load of Perez's bullying full force. Will you lay off the Palins and Bristol?? She's making her own money, not on welfare, and has a dead beat dad as the baby's father. Good for her!! That is 9 speeches at the rate that Snooki charges!! And you people that continue to call her a whore and worse…You are so disgusting to be talking about women that way. I feel sorry for you.. Fortunately, for the rest of us we see the pathetic character that you have, but the good thing is that it's YOUR character, and not mine!!

  43. 43

    I do not understand why people are paying her to speak! She is a shame to AK and to Bristol Bay, AK…

  44. 44

    How much do you get paid to slag celebrities off? You're hardly curing cancer, Mario.

  45. uyeah says – reply to this


    How the hell is it any of your business what she does with her money you pandering idiot? You make liberals look like hypocritical baffoons and they don't need your help to do so! Why don't you ask any of the plastic acts you prop up, like GaGa and Katy Perry, what they do with their money? What do you do with yours?

  46. 46

    Re: rickraton – Youre the fucking psycho going on rants about shit you don't know anything about so maybe your the one who needs to get a life? You arent any better hating on Perez for posting this article, so stop being a fucking hypocrite and get over it. My point was she isn't as nice of a person as the media makes her look to be, and its very sad that somebody would get so butthurt about an opinion of my own. You are whats wrong with this fucking country because you support dumb bitches like Bristol! Loser

  47. 47

    Re: GayRay – Hahaha amen! :) Rickraton is SOOO upset that somebody isnt being nice to poor rich Bristol

  48. 48

    Re: rickraton – By the way, LOVE your cool flower icon next to your name, RICK… really bad ass. Its not hard to take you serious AT ALL. And I'm so sure you aren't an idiot at all with your use of the term "savaged". Oh wait… YES YOU ARE! Savaged in the press makes ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING SENSE!!! WEIRD… Now that I think about it maybe you SHOULD go back to school instead of spending your time fighting with random people on Perez's site when you just talk shit about him… what do you think? Sound good? great

  49. 49

    The thing I see wrong with her speaking to people about the hardships or teen pregnancy is that she doesn't really know the struggle. Sure she went through birthing him and now has to raise him, but she has a privlaged life and doesn't really know a lot of the financial problems average teen moms face.
    She doesn't have to worry about bills, food, a job or anything like that because that is all covered. While many teen mom's have to figure out how to survive on minimum wage.

  50. 50

    BRAVO, PEREZ! I would like to see a response from Bristol. The whole thing is shameful.

  51. 51

    Re: rickraton

    What do you expect her to do? How about to live by example by continuing her education and if she's raking in that much money how about giving back to charity. NO 18 yr old makes $262,000 except for this brat.

  52. 52

    Re: UstinkA – I agree!

  53. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: sayswho – Perez knows that something doesn't seem quite right, but he's just a little off track.

  54. 54

    Thank you Perez for making this post. That's pretty disgusting that she makes that much and all she is known for is having a baby in her teens while being a governor's kid. She's preaching on how you should do absinence mean while her baby has pretty much become a cash cow for her. It's sickening. Call me a Nasty Liberal but keep in mind I have great respect for some republicans. Just not the Palins. To me they're nothing but Fame whores with a personal agenda.

  55. 55

    Re: duelastar – Well said my friend!

  56. 56

    Re: SayWha? – Well said

  57. 57

    really? you, of all people, are going to comment on her salary? you make just as much, if not more, for running this grammatically suffering blog. get off your high horse. bristol palin is a product of her surroundings and an unfortunate happening in high school. i'm sure if she could, she'd go back and make sure her boyfriend wrapped it up, but the fact of the matter is she can't. at least she's attempting to do some good by telling her story to other teens so they don't make the same mistakes she did. the fact that you can't give her any credit, at all, and continually pick on her even though she's just a young girl is all validation of the fact that you're still a bully underneath it all. oh, and why does she have to donate her money to anything? is there a law that requires her to do that? and if she does donate, why does she have to announce it, especially to the likes of you? ..

  58. 58

    The only thing kids will get out of this is that you can get pregnant, become famous for it then get paid. Having a baby is a career move. That whole family needs to go back to the trailer park.

  59. 59

    Re: mexicanbb – i want to like this even though its not fb. u stated perfectly what i wanted to say.

  60. 60

    She is so NOT a role model for teen girls.
    If it wasn't for her mother, no one would care about Bristol.
    I'm not so much mad at her as I am with the people who actually pay her to speak.
    Eventually, she has to do something with her life besides talk about teen pregnancy because she's getting older and no one wants to see an old woman talk about teen pregnancy. Right now its working for her, but she has to go to college or something.
    THAT family could definitely use someone with education!

  61. 61

    Re: 4America – "4America"?! LOL did u purposely create an account on Perezhilton.comto support her because you either know her or work for her mother? SO LAME! SO PATHETIC!

  62. 62

    Re: mexicanbb – You obviously DO NOT know who she is. No one cares about the fact a teen girl is talking about teen pregnancy. People are upset because they do NOT like Bristol because she is so fake and doesn't care. She's just in it for the money. That's why Perez is asking what she's doing with that money. Sure, she earned that money, but at the same time she could use her fame and money for some positive use and ACTUALLY help.