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Sing It Selenita! Watch Her Sing Who Says, Live & Acoustic!

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This is her best live performance of this song to date!

Check out Selena Gomez and The Scene perform their new hit, Who Says, live and acoustically for Radio Disney's 15th Anniversary! (above)

So pretty!

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50 comments to “Sing It Selenita! Watch Her Sing Who Says, Live & Acoustic!”

  1. 1

    Lovely, no autotune; no lip sincing.

  2. eg85 says – reply to this


    She sounds great! She is really talented, not like Miley (nothing against Miley but she never seems to sing right…) So Go Selena!

  3. 3

    love her!!!! such a good role model, actress, and singer!

  4. 4

    I loved it is selena gomez the most amazing singer no. but her voice is decent and she keeps improving every single time. good job selena I love you I wish you the most success. you deserve it.

  5. 5

    It's not very impressive imo, but she's far better than Rebecca Black.

  6. 6

    she sounds way better than other singers when singing live. lovee her, she's amazing.

  7. 7

    that's clearly not live. there's no room sound. and live instruments don't sound that way.

  8. 8

    She's cute but really people she can't sing at all.

  9. 9

    Hey at least she is using her real voice and I think its a nice voice not christina aguilera but it's soothing.

  10. 10

    also better than taylor swift though that's not really hard lol.

  11. 11

    a cutie, but singing wise, she was okay.

  12. 12

    i think it's sad that we're supposed to be impressed when these people who make millions as "musicians" actually sing well live. katy perry, taylor swift, britney…none of them would even make it past auditions in american idol

  13. 13

    Hello autotune! She's adorable, but that is not live singing. It's so processed it's not even funny.

  14. 14

    @ owlastronaut You are soooo right! The vocals have clearly been worked on after the performance. Shit, if you can't sing than DON'T!!! ”Who says” you have too?! Where is our industry going….

  15. Blunt says – reply to this


    Good but she's no demi lovato

  16. 16

    Hello autotune. She's adorable, but that is not live singing. It's so processed it's not even funny.

  17. 17

    theres no way that was live it sounded so fake. its sad that they pass it off as so

  18. 18

    Sounds like it's auto-tuned to me…

  19. 19

    it sounds good… actually it sounds way too good to be live :/

  20. 20

    It's definitely not auto tuned, there's parts where she goes flat and her voice cracked on a few high notes. She sounds almost exactly like on her album but it's not as clean. So you can tell it is live. Also to those who said you can not here the room noise, they prepare those rooms so it will not sound like that because it would not sound right on video recording.

  21. Busta says – reply to this


    so who was playing the invisible tambourine? and why wasn't there any breathing or puff sounds on the mike when she was saying B and P sounds..? oh that's right, because it wasn't really 'live.' yay for playing a live track over a video of her doing an acoustic show

  22. 22

    why is it so hard just to enjoy a performance without making silly assumptions on whether or not she's singing live. clearly, if you aren't deaf and so cynical, you can hear that it's live. she did a good job.

  23. 23

    she sounded good. you can tell it was live cause in the song after i wouldnt want to be anybody else she says yeah and in this she dont . plus on some parts her voiced cracked. who ever says its autotone needs to listen more cause you can tell its not.

  24. 24

    Wow! Always thought she had a strong and unique voice when I heard her talk… but singing… this is amazing!!!

  25. 25

    Re: Busta – I saw the tambourine, the third guy from the left would pick it up and put it back down. And I heard the breaths so I don't really know what you were listening to. I think she has a very unique voice and sounds better than most stuff that is on the radio today. She is actually a good role model unlike most singers now a days. Wish I could get the acoustic version on iTunes.

  26. 26

    She's clearly singing live.

  27. 27

    Re: owlastronaut – i think she sounds nice and its not studio edited at all. if anything this is a live recording. they did use this for the Radio Disney Anniversary, maybe they sung it live and videoed it but used it the audio from the radio recording.

  28. 28

    Awesome!!!! i love her…she sounds great live!!!

  29. 29

    she is nooott singing! she prob sang live there, but when radio disney added it online they put a recorded version over it. Pretty face, but this girl cant sing!

  30. 30

    LMAO at the hating going on..wtf??? she is CLEARLY SINGING LIVE…ppl are so ignorant…she sings very well and has a unique voice…autotune/fake track?? on an UP CLOSE cameras everywhere with film fans and jesus mary n joseph there?? really ppl wise up..listen to the song its directed at you skanks…and dammn right, she's NO DEMI, Selena isnt ashamed of her Mexican roots like Demi "im Italian" Lovato..who has a decent voice but she has no real appeal..sorry but its the truth. Selena shall continue kicking ass and putting a bite in ya's hating ass tongues!! GONE GIRL MISS SELENA!!!

  31. 31

    She's super cute and she sounded great, I love hearing acoustic versions!! I love Brit Brit, but I really get tired of the over processed sound after a while.

  32. 32

    I love this girl..such a positive amazing young lady…so refreshing to see a beautiful girl act like a lady….her voice sounds great….now this girl is a role model….stop bagging on her.

  33. 33

    She sounds way much better than that silly Milye Cirus.
    This performance and the song makes me feel that Im hearing Lisa Loeb hehe.

  34. 34

    She sounded great and she is oviously singing live, whoeve is saying otherwise is a hater who can't accept the fact that she can actually sing without autotune

  35. 35

    Such a sweet young lady for such an amazing sweet song…. stop being mean to her, she is a sweetheart and she never embarasses herself or her fans. all the family can watch. proud of u lady! have fun

  36. 36

    She is really talented! Not fake at all!

  37. 37

    Wow. She sounds really good! And she's so pretty, especially her smile…it's almost hard to look away. She's adorable!

  38. 38

    Very talented and delightfully beautiful girl!

  39. 39

    i think this is really good. better then her autotuned one.

  40. 40

    I actually like this version way better than the original video version. There, she doesnt sound like herself at all. The song is so catchy and makes me want to sing along, but by editiong it, they destroyed it.
    Here, she sings absolutely awesome. There is no autotune, to all those who claim it's not her actual singing. She does breath and her voice is not flawless, I guess you should listen to the song and the features without just giving negative comments on her. If you guys dont like her, why do you listen to this?
    Yes, Demi Lovato has a stronger voice, but THIS Selena, the one who always keeps improving, is a better singer than Miley whose songs are all edited.

  41. 41

    Look at the mic,thats not like the ordinary ones so maybe thats why theres no puff on it.Face it,the girl is just a good singer.

  42. 42

    Justin as trully won the Jackpot, she is so beautifull and so tallented.Man!!! Selena Gomez is nothing but Fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


  43. 43

    She is beautiful, inside and out. I agree with Htownspitfire, people should stop hating. If you do not like it, why comment on it. She's only 18! Let it go…

  44. 44

    I think it's funny that, even though it's pretty obvious she's singing live, haters (or jealous people) are trying to find every excuse in the book to continue to hate rather than just admitting it was a good performance. It's just silly.

  45. 45

    You would have to be an idiot not to realize she's not singing live. Her voice got adjusted because she's not a good singer at all. Selena Gomez cannot sing live.. Miley Cyrus CAN sing live..

  46. 46

    i thought it was really good! idk why people are saying it wasnt good. she improved so much from her previous live performances and i thought it was flawless. and at least she was singing live!

  47. 47

    is this really like the real american singer? ohhhhh god thanks she is not join on american idol!!!! if she join on idol, she will die!!!! selena is not really talented!!! miley is better!!!! she has a cool style, powerfull voice, energetic and not boring. but when i see selena sings, its soooooo boring, she cant run when performs on stage, because if she run the she will fall cause she cant run lol she is not energetic

  48. 48

    That is the first time I hear her singing right! I really like her as an actress but i don't really like her as a singer!

  49. 49

    um if you think this is live you must be stupid. Some auto-tuning is definitely going on and even then she sucks at singing.

  50. 50

    wow she surprisingly sounds really good