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Kevin Williamson Speaks Out About Scream 4! Why He Really Left The Project!

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Wow. The truth is finally out!

Ever since Scream 4 began production last year, there have been rumors of problems on set and massive re-writes, ultimately leading to writer Kevin Williamson dropping the project and refusing to discuss what went down publicly - until now!

In the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, the writer has finally opened up about what exactly went down between he and exec Bob Weinstein, what led to Scream 3 writer Ehren Kruger coming in to do re-writes, and if he still supports the long-awaited sequel!

He explains:

Oh, I got in a big fight with Bob Weinstein. God love him. I’ve worked with the man for 16 years out of my 16-year career. We get in some fights. We’re a very dysfunctional family over there at the Weinstein Co. We got into a massive fight creatively and we hugged it out and then we moved on. Oh just, you know — I felt strongly about this and he felt strongly about that and then I did this and that wasn’t right. Everyone was second-guessing everything because everyone wanted it to be so perfect. That’s exactly what happened. The one thing that Bob and I connect on very basically, why we’ve worked successfully together for 16 years, is we’re passionate. And no one is more passionate than Bob Weinstein. And it is that passion that allows you to make a movie where he will believe in you and trust in you and it’s also that passion that can cause fights and cause struggle. For 16 years, he’s kept me gainfully employed. I love him. Yes, we got into the fight, but then the big clincher came: Contractually, I had signed on to do The Vampire Diaries [Williamson's series for The CW]. You know, the little thing called first and second position? I was in first position to do Vampire Diaries and second position to do Scream 4. So guess what? It was a contractual thing. Warner Bros called up and they said, “Dude where are you? You have a show that’s on the air — where are you?” I did double duty as much as I could but The Vampire Diaries was also very important to me. But then one blog got a hold of it. It’s fine. What are you going to say? Yeah we got into a massive fight, but at the same time the fight ended and we hugged it out and we continued forward and we tried to make the best movie possible. But it was also very raw and sensitive.

I’m very supportive of the film and I hope everybody likes it. Not for a second would I dare do that to Wes Craven and Neve and Courteney and David and Bob Weinstein, who made my career. The reality is I did I worked very hard on the film. I did my darndnest to try and make a really good movie. I gave it my all. I wrote everything I thought I could write. Then they had to film it and I had to get back to The Vampire Diaires. So I think I really contributed. I hope it all turns out! My fingers are crossed!

Wow! He really lays it at all!

We can't imagine how much pressure must have been on their shoulders for this movie to be a hit, given the amount of fan dedication, so we can't blame them for having a blow-out over a creative difference!

Clearly, it happened how it happened, and they both have the movie's best interest at heart, so hopefully there isn't any lingering animosity and the movie turns out to be AMAZING! We having a feeling that it won't disappoint!

And check out the rest of Kevin's interview, and whether or not he's willing to do a Scream 5AFTER THE JUMP!

Do you remember coming up with the premise for Scream 4 and the new trilogy?

One day I’m just sitting around and I go, “Oh wait — I think — oh my God, I think I have it.” And then I started thinking about Scream 4. And I kinda worked it all out and what the story was and who generates the plot. I had written this treatment for Scream 3 that was not what they filmed. It was a return to Woodsboro. Scream 3 was supposed to take place in Woodsboro. You know how they’re making a movie in Hollywood? I had an entire film crew going to Woodsboro. So then I always wanted to go back to Woodsboro. Once I figured out where Sidney was today, who dies and who doesn’t, I said, “Okay maybe now I can have a conversation with Bob [Weinstein, producer and co-chairman of Dimension Films].” I called him up and I pitched him. Of course, he just heard Scream 4. [Laughs] Literally, after I pitched the first scene, I think he just stopped listening and was just like, “Write it, write it, write it.”

Obviously there were some bumps in the road.

There might have been a few. [Laughs]

When did you and Bob reconcile?

Oh, I haven’t talked to him yet.

How do you know if he’s over it?

Oh please! Oh come on, it’s Bob. It’s fine!

I think the Scream fans felt like Kevin Williamson had disowned or disavowed Scream 4. That doesn’t seem to be the case?

Scream is so special to me I’m never going to disavow it.

Would you want to do a Scream 5?

Let’s just get through Scream 4! If people really respond to the film, then yes, there are more twists and turns.

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    Why is Neve Campbells name not right in the middle of the poster? She is suppose to be the star lol

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    Re: yeaman – I was worried that it meant something about her role in the movie… but I just looked at the covers for the other 3 and realized they just go alphabetically lol…

    I can't wait!

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    the guy sounds as high as a kite. Did you share some of your meth with him, Mario?

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    why so serious about a crappy movie?

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    My god Hollywood is full of nothing but suck asses.

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    Can't wait to see this.. Us "X" generation grew up on this series… Can't wait to see Neve back on the big screen!!

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    Of course a movie that glorifies murder and gore would have the old all seeing eye of horus(satan) somewhere on the poster.

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    I really don't think people care about this movie's release. I'm guessing Perez was paid a bit of monry to promote it.

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    Re: douseekamy – But they have Hayden P after Emma R lol that was why i was confused becasue i thought the same thing! Anyways, I am excited too. I remember these movies freaked me out when I was younger and I always checked my closet and behind the shower curtain lol