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Don't Cry For Pia, America! Girl's Getting A Record Deal!

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Fingers crossed!

Last night, to the astonishment of everyone even though they didn't vote for her, Pia Toscano was voted off of American Idol.

For those of you who woke up this morning still clutching your remote control and wad of Kleenex, get a hold of yourself and listen up because things ain't all that bad for Pia come the light of day!

This morning, girl was seen getting out of fancy car and walking straight into…the offices of a record label!

Now, look at that face! Is that the face of a girl who feels rejected and unwanted by the American public? Hell to the no! Girl's gonna make herself an album without all your precious votes!

Just keep saying it: Jennifer Hudson! Chris Daughtry! Pia Toscano !

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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41 comments to “Don't Cry For Pia, America! Girl's Getting A Record Deal!”

  1. 1

    no one voted for her because she has no personality and comes across as phony. she was like a robot for the entire show

  2. 2

    Man, I don't watch AI, but that's all I've been hearing about since last night. My friends are completely distraught, lol. You would think this chick has a golden vajayjay or something. But I agree w/ the Daughtry statement. He has been killing it since Idol.

  3. 3

    Same old… Just needs to be willing to suck the right c**k in music industry and Hollywood. Hopefully is not a stinky nasty one (or ones) …

  4. 4

    lol, She was boring. No surprise. She kept singing the same thing over and over even after saying "I'll change it up next week if I make it"

  5. 5

    American got the vote right because they were getting tired of the deaf judges proclaiming her the best thing eva! Her voice was pitchy and sounded so generic, nothing special. Giving her a record deal is a mistake, she'll be the next failure who got a record contract and never to be seen from again. By the end of idol, she will be an after thought.

  6. 6

    BRITNEY SPEARS FEMME FATALE DEBUTS AT #1 THIS WEEK making BRITNEY SPERAS the first female ever to have six No.1 album debuts, and marks the second biggest album debut of the year but Mario does not want you to know that.

  7. 7

    Perez reporting on American Idol??? has hell frozen over?? I thought you became Mr. X-FACTOR exclusive now. Who knew. *shocked*

    Will you report on The Voice of America as well???

  8. 8

    Too bad the judges wasted their one save on Abrams.

  9. 9

    Re: mvvvvvvv

    britney spears is a miserable person who has been pimped out and used since she was a child. you claim to love her but all you love is what you're being sold. this poor woman wants to be alone but the industry won't stop until she's dead.

  10. 10

    Pia got the boot only because THE JUDGES FAILED her! The Judges keep saying to every contestant "You did great, you did great too ect" So people at home think everyone is great… there is a HUGE diff in talent from PIA to Stefano if Simon was still here He would have said to people that was alright but you arnt a PIA ect… PIA should have won the whole thing… i think the judges along with the online the numbers a messed up and i KNOW we all thought PIA was safe… so voted for others sadly ;(

  11. 11

    Thats my girl PIA…can't believe they sent her home and that fatass Lauren who has seven of JLO's assess is still up there…Lauren is 15 or 16 and looks like she's 40 with six kids back home in the trailer park waiting for her to come home
    insane!!! PIA PIA…and Scott Mcreary is Alfred E Newman…from Mad Magazine for those that don't know unreal!!!

  12. 12

    Re: xman66

    yea nice way to talk about a kid. in your entire life you won't achieve a shred of what this girl has at "15 or 16"

  13. 13

    Re: BOOYEAH – the judges failed her? lol every single judge expecially Randy told her "stop singing ballads" Pia just nods and said ok, then the next show she would do the same thing all over again, like cmon, i liked her tho i wanted to see her on the bottom 3 just as a "reality check" but y for her to go out instead of Stefano was odd. anyways maybe AI should only do male auditions since only teenager girls vote

  14. 14

    America got it right. Pia is no Celine Dionne! Pia was boring and has a steak face to boot…and a hugh ass! I am so glad she lost.

  15. 15

    They should just rename the show America's Next Male Idol or better yet American Idiot . Pia deserved to win . This show has become a joke. You can make a Top 13 of 12 talented girls and 1 cute averagely talented boy with a guitar and my money is on the boy winning .

  16. 16

    yey love pia!

  17. 17

    Talk about judjes wasting the one save on ""Abrams when he has no chance of wining. They should have saved it for Pia. Now here is a girl who can really sing and sing so well. Jlo probably wishes that right now. this girl looks like a star. all she needs is confidence on stage and that comes with practice. Remember Carrie Underwood. She was so stiff on stage in the begining of her season on idol. Look at her now. she is a bona fide superstar with a capital S. Pia, of all the contestants this season is a vocal standout but I think the win will probably go to Scotty(the country singer) or Alaina, the 16 year old. america loves those two. I was shocked to see Pia go and very saddened that America let her go.

  18. 18

    No one voted for her because she looks too much like the no-talent Kardashians.

  19. 19

    I agree, the judges should be taking the heat. The nerve of them to say THEY"RE ANGRY? They should have decided before the save came into play this is for either Pia, Jacob Lusk, or James Durbin. NO ONE else is a rare, bonafide talent, certainly not Casey. Is he a can't miss superstar? I think not.

    You BLEW IT Randy, J-LO!

  20. 20

    I haven't watched this season of 'AI', but I was flipping through channels last night and saw her get eliminated. I didn't find her singing to be particularly great. It could be because she was upset, but her exit song wasn't all that.

  21. 21

    beauty pageant

    she's dull and predictable. The music biz doesnt need another one of those, thanx.

    and she only came 9th so clearly she just didnt have the fans to back her up. Definitely couldnt have won if she cant even make top 8 at this stage!

    and Hudson only got success thanks to an extremely lucky ACTING break. What are the chances of that happening to Pia? ZERO. she'll be forgotten once AI continues next week

  22. Low says – reply to this


    She should not have gone but…..

    that girl was as stiff as a…… well, a stiff.

  23. 23

    no one voted for Pia because she is boring. I like James Durbin and Taylor because they have talent AND personality. Great singers are a dime a dozen. Let's move on!

  24. 24

    You people are acting like y'all have NO IDEA why they saved Casey!! I don't even watch that stupid show, and I know the answer to that!! They didn't save him because he was "Casey". As a matter of fact, they were gonna save whoever got that bottom spot that night so they could carry along an extra person on the AI tour. So instead of having "12" people on tour, now they're gonna have "13" (or w/e the number is). They explained it all on E! News.

  25. 25

    Pia has a great voice, but was very stiff and boring. The only time she moved on stage were her windmill arms. She was afraid to ever do anything to look stupid, which in the end always made her look really stupid. I am glad her and her snobbishness are gone.

  26. 26

    She looks like she should be on Jersey Shore. Go work the pole, honey.

  27. 27

    Re: elsie72377 – shes not snobby. i know her and shes just shy. every week i felt she broke out of her shell more. shes an inspiration love her

  28. 28

    Re: mondavia – that is so truee. pia has the looks to be a star and the incredible voice

  29. 29

    She's boring, she has no personality, she's no Celine Dion BUT she just signed a record contract unlike the rest of you haters! Go back to your miserable lives while Pia will shining in the spotlight and making $$$$$$. Jealousy, jealousy!

  30. 30

    Re: nikkiroseee – I know her from the neighborhood also and she was never snobby always polite. People are just jealous and hateful.

  31. 31

    Good for her…we all knew she was going to get a record deal so yay! But..I never voted for her. Yes, she's beautiful, Yes, she as an amazing voice. But..NO..she has no passion or personality behind it. If Simon were still on the show, he would have told he she was "old fashioned."

  32. Jules says – reply to this


    shes amazing and gorgeous and im sad to miss her performance from now on but she will be out with some music sooner than later.. you are awesome girl.. not only super talented but DAMN you are gorgeous, rocking body.. life has been good to you!.. The best is yet to come.

  33. 33

    Im shocked at all the ppl being disappointed with her being voted off. SHE WAS BORING! and NOT original. She could sing - wooohooo lots of ppl can sing very well. Not alot of ppl have the presence to be a star.

  34. 34

    The ONLY reason they are rushing to get her signed and out with a record is because everyone knows who she is at the moment, but it doesn't mean anyone will buy her boring o'l record lol She'll be another Katherine McPhee, mark my words.

  35. 35

    Told you Pia doesn't need AI to become famous. with that beautiful voice of hers she can be famous on her own and she's off to a great start. AI is for losers. Pia was born to be famous. she's got a voice that should be heard on the radio and america needs to know about her. Pia has some amazing talent. none of that kim kardashian, paris hilton, adele crap. like, that's not talent. that's garbage. Pia Toscano is an example of what talent is. Pia is gonna go far. Can't wait for an album. and for you haters saying she has no personality. lol she's being herself. she can't be try to be someone she's not, like. that's just being fake. she's real and she's being herself. haters just jealous. keep on hating.

  36. 36

    Love you Pia Toscano. Your an amazing singer. Keep up the good work. You dont' need idol. AI is a big joke. Your a true artist.

  37. 37

    All these people complaining & moaning she shouldn't have been voted off, in that case why didn't they all vote for her ??? Then she wouldn't have been voted off. So basically they all loved her so much, thought she was the best singer ever to grace the Idol stage, but couldn't be bothered to vote for her. What great fans she had.

  38. auds says – reply to this


    Oh please, the girl was boring. She only got so far because she's pretty. She won't be going on Daughtry's path, more like Katherine McPhee.

  39. 39

    People can bitch and complain all day that she got voted off, but that isn't gonna change the fact that she's no longer on the show. How many of you complaining actually voted? The judges kept saying America got it wrong, but she was boring each and every week. She may have a phenomenal voice, but who'd want to go watch somebody standing on stage singing ballad after ballad. There's no way I'd pay money to see her live. But good on her for getting signed. Although being signed to Interscope Records is kinda a slap in the face to anyone else who's been eliminated or will be eliminated this season.

  40. 40

    This girl does not need to win american idol to succeed!

  41. 41

    A record deal? How wonderful…that means she'll be posing for a Hustler spread to pay rent and Lap Dancing at some Hollywood Blvd Strip Joint, ain't nobody going to buy that CD!

    ARE YOU?