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Carrie Underwood Talks About The "Challenges" Of The Newlywed Game

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It ain't all kisses and sunshine. Marriage is hard work, even in the beginning.

This morning, Carrie Underwood stopped by Ellen DeGeneres' show to chat for a bit and she brought Ellen up to speed on her first week of marriage. She admitted that being married has it's "own wonderfulness and challenges," and then jumped right into what those challenges are for her and her hubby, Mike Fisher.

Like most, the transition from separate living spaces to a communal one hasn't been easy for Carrie and Mike. Carrie admitted that he has a lot of stuff - she even at one point called him sort of a "hoarder!" So, when he initially moved his "crap" into her Nashville house, there were some disagreements about which stuff would stay and which stuff would go. She explained:

"We had it in all the guests bedrooms and he had it boxed up and stuff. He's like babe, I need more space in the closet and my heart just sinks. He'll keep like shirts and stuff and I'll go through it…He loves to shop. He's going to kill me. He has stuff come in and I'm like it's not going out fast enough. If you bring stuff in and stuff needs to go out. Do we need this shirt? It has a giant stain on the sleeve. Are we going to wear this again? No, then do something with it. It's still hanging up there."

Boys will be boys, no matter how old they get!

Thankfully, Carrie added that she and Mike have learned to compromise on some things and this new understanding has helped them to live a more blissful existence.

Well, that's good. Oh, and can we just suggest something real quick, in case this becomes an issue again? Man cave! Perhaps with an attached garage! That'll keep his crap contained!

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10 comments to “Carrie Underwood Talks About The "Challenges" Of The Newlywed Game”

  1. 1

    Forget the man cave, just send him back to Ottawa. Our Sens need him! =[

  2. 2

    first year of marriage is usually the hardest, they say.

  3. 3

    I lived with my husband for almost 4 years before we even got married. I know not all people share in that mindset, but if you live with someone before you marry them, you will at least know what you're in for. It makes it easier to adjust, and you can tell real quick if it's going to work out or not.

  4. 4

    Re: Sand Pocket – Actually, the Sens are doing pretty good now..(better late than never right?), but I think that there last couple of games are a positive sign of what's to come next season. Goaltending was always an issue for the Sens and I think they may have something good in Anderson. The players they should have gotten rid of were Phillips and Spezza. Both of them have done what they can for Ottawa, (which wasn't much in my opinion) and now they need to go while the Sens can still potentially get something good for them! They are close to being past their prime as they say, so it would have been best to let them go when the getting was good.

  5. 5

    …oh, shut yer pie hole…..u have nothing to complain about.

  6. 6

    Perez, since you live with your mom and sister, what is your "cave" called-The Queen's Royal Chamber? don't forget to flush.

  7. 7

    Wow can't they afford to just buy a bigger place or closet?

  8. 8

    OMG, I can't stand her. Every time she opens her mouth she offends me. She's so insincere. If you look at photos of her and Mike at HIS charity events, she always looks like she doesn't want to be there - like she has better things to do. Mike is too nice a guy to be with such a shallow, spoiled brat. Shrink your ego sweetheart, you aren't that talented.

  9. 9

    Re: girl76 – Yeah, I get the mega bitch vibe from her, too.

  10. 10

    @girl76 and catlover…you guys are so off. Carrie, a bitch? yeah you have shitty instincts. And btw Perez, way to cut out the part where she said, "He's not a hoarder."