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DanRad Wanted To Be A Stand-Up Comedian

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Okay, tell us if you've heard this one before…

A young actor thinks he's got what it takes to be a stand-up comedian, so he tries out his schtick with his costars on a major blockbuster movie and they tell him, politely as they can, that he stinks.

Oh, no punchline, that's just the story Harry Potter's Robbie Coltrane told about Daniel Radcliffe this week.

Apparently, the boy who lived LIVED for the day when he could try his hand at being a stand-up comedian. Robbie explained that in between takes on the set of one of the earlierHarry Potter films, DanRad would try out a joke or two with his fellow actors. It didn't go as well as he'd hoped. Robbie recalls:

"Well, my favorite thing is his terrible jokes. He went through a period, do you remember about three years ago, when he decided he was going to become a stand-up comedian? He'd tell me jokes that my father told me about 50 years ago. And I'd go, 'Timing, Dan. Better timing in that'. But they were terribly funny because he was so earnest. He's always been terribly earnest and determined to get it right. He'd say, 'You'll love this one. You'll love this one'. And I'd go, 'OK, yeah'."

LOLZ! Sounds like he should stick to wire-rimmed glasses and Broadway musicals!

But who knows? After his Harry Potter money dries up, maybe he should give it a go. When do you supposed that'll be? 50, 60 years from now?

[Image via WENN.]

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6 comments to “DanRad Wanted To Be A Stand-Up Comedian”

  1. 1

    He's already really funny, like when he acts heterosexual. GAYFACE!

  2. 2


  3. 3

    Looks like someone gave him the rear admiral.

  4. 4

    I think its painfully obvious to everyone but himself that he is one weird looking guy..not even handsome..but freaky looking…unless it is some sort of wizard role I don't see him being offered some Hollywood leading man role. I would suggest that he take is Harry Potter money and disappear from sight for 20 years or so…or commit suicide..either way would make things better for everyone!!

  5. 5

    well i'm never a fan of harry potter but i can see this guy's endeavor to be a serious actor in the future, so good luck with it.

  6. 6

    Oh my gosh hoochpit,leave him alone,he doesn't act hetrosexual and he
    doesn't have a gay face.