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Mariska Hargitay's SVU Partner Says She Was "Stressy" Before Adoption

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Anyone would be! Adding the responsibility of another life into your own is a BIG step!

Earlier this week, Mariska Hargitay revealed that she and her husband adopted a baby girl, which they named Amaya Josephine. Though we just found out this week, Chris Meloni, her Law and Order: SVU costar, has known for quite awhile! As he put it, "Uh, yeah [I knew she was adopting!] I'm her partner!" Ha!

Anyway, when asked how things are going for Mariska and her new bundle of joy, Chris sang his partner's praises, calling her "extraordinarily intelligent" and insisting that she has a lot of "love" to share with her new daughter. However, he added that though she possesses "endless patience," Mariska still was "a little stressy stressy" while she was planning her adoption.

If she was a little stressed then, she's going to be a WHOLE LOT stressed now with a newborn in the house. But we bet, if you ask her, it's all worth it!

[Image via WENN.]

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11 comments to “Mariska Hargitay's SVU Partner Says She Was "Stressy" Before Adoption”

  1. 1

    It is definately a stressful process, but well worth it. Congrats.

  2. 2

    How do you KNOW MARIO? FIRST OF ALL, the STRESS OF ADOPTING and the STRESS OF RAISING A CHILD are 2 TOTALLY DIFFERENT STRESSES. If she and her husband were looking, found and then waiting for a young, single woman to give up her baby, YOU HAVE THE STRESS OF HER POSSIBLY CHANGING HER MIND (if they went that route and not surrogate). As for raising the child, it all depends on the person AND THE CHILD. Does this baby have SPECIAL NEEDS? ALOT MORE STRESS. Later on, if your child starts into addictions, STRESS STRESS STRESS. Life threatening Diseases -STRESS! But, for most people, parenthood is a joy, yes with stress, but THAT STRESS GOES AWAY MARIO, it is merely a bump in the road.

  3. 3

    and she already has a son. as for telling her SVU 'partner' SO WHAT? They are work friends at the very least and work what? 40+ hours together? talk together? OOOHHH he was able to keep a secret!!!!!! guess what? HE IS AN ADULT! Mature adults DO THOSE THINGS!

  4. 4

    This is awesome. She should also be commended for adopting a baby in her own country. I have so much more respect for a celebrity that helps her own country as opposed to going outside and adopting.

  5. 5

    Re: perezisadumbass – Personally, I don't think it matters where the child is from. But I think some people adopt from overseas because they may be actually saving a child's life. An orphan in the US may not have the best life, but they will not die from lack of food or medical care, which is a real threat for orphans in certain countries.

  6. 6

    Babies are good news–but exhausting. Congratulations to her!

  7. 7

    The stress of adopting a kid that doesn't even match your family.

    Looks like Sandra Bullock's son. Louie (not cute)

  8. 8

    Re: rosebud99
    I'm from Quebec. My wife and I adopted a girl from China. We know we saved a life, but that shouldn't be the reason to adopt. You want to give love, that's all.

    And the reason we went overseas is that adopting in Quebec can take up from five to… ten years!

  9. 9

    How dare you make the comment you did about her being stressed! Have you been through the adoption process? NO. You have no idea just how stressful it is. Every aspect of your life is scrutinized and brought to light. Raising a child is stressful in an entirely different way and nothing at all like the stress you're under when you adopt! This shows how ignorant you really are!

  10. 10

    why do you talk about parenting as though you know what youre talking about?

  11. 11

    At least she lives in the real world unlike Angelina she will be very stressed once her house turns in to teen drugiee place. At least Mariska is thinking about it properly and knows what to expect, I wish her all the best :-)