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LiLo Responds To Betty White's Slam

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Oh shiz, gurl! You better respect!

Betty White slammed La Lohan and MaSheen, saying that she "cannot stand the people who get wonderful starts in showbusiness, and who abuse it"…along with a few more inneresting opinions.

And now, LiLo has responded to Mz. Betty putting her on blast:

"Wow. I've always been a fan of hers. It's just a bit strange when people feel they must speak publicly about others. Especially a grown woman."

Listen, Linds. We get that you're not too happy with Betty's words, but the fact is, she's not just a professional in this business, but she's a legend. It would be wise to listen to what she has to say and check yourself before you wreck yourself (again).

[Image via WENN.]

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103 comments to “LiLo Responds To Betty White's Slam”

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  1. 1

    boo hoo lindsay. betty is amazing and she's 100 % right. it's your own damn fault that you're so messed up. take responsibility for it, for once in your pathetic life.

  2. 2

    LocoLohan isn't even working. Why is she still a "celebrity"? Enough from her, PLEASE! No one really cares if the spoiled brat ODs. YOU'RE UNGRATEFUL, LINDSAY!! And you act like a CHILD! GROW UP!

  3. 3

    I think it's a big more "strange" when rich people who have it all, like Betty, said, waste their life & money away on partying and drugs. Just sayin'…

    Lindsay needs a slap on the back of the head. Geez.

  4. 4

    Yeah Linds, when Betty White is calling you out that means you better get your shiz together gurl.

  5. 5

    I'm surprised Lindsay even knows what a grown woman is. She is always acting like a misbehaved child so she doesn't even have any room to talk. Betty has herself together, if Lindsay could accomplish as much as her it would be a miracle.

  6. jham says – reply to this


    Lindsay needed to just NOT respond to that. Every word Betty White said was 100% true.

  7. 7

    when will Lindsay learn to keep her trap shut? Not responding would have done more for her in trying to salvage her "career". Never bash a legend, Linds.

  8. 8

    Betty is right Lindsay.She was being nice.She could have just come out and called you a Pathetic Loser.

  9. 9

    Why does Lindsay always make herself out to be the victim?
    You really can't pull off "vunerable", Lindsay. Although, you have "trashy" and "classless" down to a tee. Bravo.

  10. 10

    Please make Lindsay go away!

  11. 11

    Re: UhYeah – LOL. I think she's using "grown" as a euphemism for "old."

  12. 12

    Lindsay is 100 % right. Why would this old has-been feel the urge to suddenly call her out? She needs publicity.

  13. 13

    another bad decision in the constant stream of mistakes from lilo.

  14. 14

    Of course Lindsay gets all defensive (as all addicts do), she knows she's an embarrassment and it's all her fault and her own doing, she's her own worst enemy. How disrespectful for her to even respond to Betty. Betty White can say whatever the hell she wants to say (and she was cordial about it), she's proven herself in this industry with grace and class. Now, if it were Courtney Love trying to point the finger then she'd have no right since she doesn't practice what she preaches.. whereas Betty does so STFU Lindsay!

  15. 15

    Lindsey would do herself some good if she just packed her bags and moved in with Betty for a year with no contact from her dysfunctional parents.

    *@curiousred you're kidding yourself if you think Betty White needs any publicity.*

  16. 16

    She should have just kept her mouth shut. Why does she always feel the need to respond? Stop acting surprise when people call you out famewhore.

  17. 17

    Wait a Minute…Who said she was even talking about U Lind's….u just assume that…hahahahahhaha

  18. 18

    It's hilarious that she still can't see or doesn't want to admit the truth behind Betty's comment. How can she still deny that she's the one who royally effed up everything for herself! hahahaha. She really doesn't seem to be serious about making it better.

  19. 19

    Wow you notice how everytime she has a problem with something someone has said about her, she start off by saying she is such a huge fan of theirs. Okay, just because you are a huge fan of them does not mean they are of you. Everyone has the same opinion of Lindsay. She needs to get her act together. Stop acting like a baby everytime someone calls you out on your shit. If you do not want people in your buisness, then keep it to yourself. I think will be alot happier with you, if they knew less. Just go away!!! PLEASE!!

  20. 20

    Lindsay is a cry baby. No one can say anything about her. She's a loser who ruined her own career and is now a running joke. Betty was absolutely right. This girl is ungrateful for the success she used to have. The only reason she still makes headlines is because she's a dysfunctional twat with a dysfunctional family.

  21. 21

    Dear Lindsay,

    Betty White has a better career, and more loyal fans, than you can ever dream of having. Maybe you should just shut up and take notes.


    The General Public (who is sick of your shit)

  22. 22

    betty whites the man!…errr woman ! 100% correct. anyone who doesnt appreciate these kinds of opportunitys needs to have it stripped away. lindsays a fukin narcisitic kunt with some wierd sense of entitlement…..i hope she loses everything.

  23. 23

    That quote from Lindsay doesn't even sound like her. Too elequent. Actually the 911 call from the BFC sounded more like the real deal. Screaming and swearing sounds a little more on the button.

  24. 24

    Re: curiousred – this old has been has been working steadily for 60m years. and is more popular now than ever. betty's got plenty of work. Lindsay ? not so much.

  25. 25

    Maybe Betty is the one who should keep her mouth shut. I don't understand why she would speak out against a 24 year old former child star with a bad family life, and a man who clearly has mental problems from taking too many drugs. Not classy.

  26. 26

    Grown Women? Its her way of saying "Old Lady". Guess what Lindsey SHE RIGHT!!! You had it you blew it and I hope you get it back. When you get it back the questioin is are you going to blow it? Grow up!

  27. 27

    he truth isn't always pretty lindsay. she's an embarrassment to all actors. oh wait, she'd have to be working to call her an actor. what a piece of shit.

  28. 28

    You go Betty!!!! The trash of today's Hollywood..mindcontrol and stupidity. Simple

  29. 29

    You'd think Betty White hadn't said something that Lindsay Lohan's own mother ought to say right to her kid's freaking face, preferably while not partaking in shared "libations" and "such'n'such."

  30. TCYB says – reply to this


    If she needs to respond is because she will never get it together. What's with these 2 am falling on your knees outside a night club in NY just last week, with a cigarette in your hand? Grow up Lohan.

  31. 31

    What, so because Betty White is a 'legend' she can do no wrong and we shouldn't question what she says? I hate to say it, but I agree with Lindsay defending herself - she did nothing to Betty and it reflected a lack of class on Betty's part to single her out. Lindsay Lohan is obviously an addict with mental problems, I fail to see how Betty factored that in.

  32. 32

    sorry lindsay but you had it coming…if you want pitty go call MR T cuz "he pittys the fool" hahahaha get over it bitch

  33. 33

    Re: curiousred – You motherfucker! I'm so sick of your posts. You trash America and Americans in all your posts. Why the fuck do you visit an American website like Peretzl's? Write this shit down, asshole: Betty White is not a has-been. Her fucking career is at it's peak. She hosted SNL last year, was in a SuperBowl commercial that was a huge fucking hit and she's a tv/movie casting director's wet dream.
    Lilo, Betty is right. Get your shit together.

  34. 34

    well said betty white, sheen and lohan and other stars are a disgrace.

  35. 35

    Well said betty white, sheen, lohan and other celebs are ungrateful.

  36. Laury says – reply to this


    Shut the eff up, Lindsay. Betty speaks the truth and you know it.

  37. 37

    Re: curiousred – Betty doesn't need publicity, she is still doing her thing. Way to cheeer someone like Lindsey on..no wonder our society is screwed up with people like u and lindsey,sheen and others.lol

  38. 38

    Re: CuddlyCarla – Pipe down druid. Betty White can have her opinions. Lindsey shouldn't get all but hurt b/c America's Treasure brought the truth. Lindsey is a alcoholic druggie who has been accused of stealing and harming others. Her career is in the shitter because of her ridiculous behavior. Lindsey needs to call the whaaaabulance. She also needs to chickity-check herself before she wrecks herself cause fucking with Betty White is bad for her health.

  39. 39

    Lindsey is a grimey, rotted kunt ! Hurry and leave Hollywood, WE ARE ALL TIRED OF YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 40

    Is she kidding me even responding? Betty White was 100% right and even if Lindsay was offended she should have kept her mouth shut!

  41. 41

    This was actually a really mean thing for Betty White to do - I mean talk about kicking someone when theyr down! Betty White is supposed to be a classy lady - this was an extremely un-classy thing to do. I'm a little disappointed in her.

  42. @v@ says – reply to this


    Wow. I always find it strange when a person with such a growing rap sheet would be surprised that a truly grown woman might be very wise and care enough to comment on destructive behavior; and seemingly can't view themselves clearly enough to glean the wisdom of her words instead of taking umbrage that she said them.

  43. 43

    I think that Betty is totally right shes abused her fame to much….sorry lindz its time to be mature…sorry!

  44. 44

    AGREED PEREZITO!! 100% Linds needs to shut it, Betty is one of the few greats that are left around and she knows what its like to have a career, work hard for it and the repercussions given for doing things such as breaking the law..Its funny that Lindsy thinks shes a kid or something, she SHOULD be a grown woman and taken the comment, WOMAN TO WOMAN….AGAIN, Y ARE THESE CELEBS IN THE SPOTLIGHT WHEN THEY DO DUMB THINGS? UHHH AMERICA, Demi Lovato, Charlie Sheen must we go on and on??

  45. 45

    betty white should mind here own business/funeral instead of bashing other people… fuckin geriatric!!!

  46. 46

    Re: CuddlyCarla – so youre the kind of person that likes to b lied to huh…lindsay just likes to get patted on the back for simple things human beings are supposed to do..if Linds wants people outta her business then she should stop showing her stupid face at the police station…once youre booked your information is legally made public sooooooo she should just POOF dissapear.

  47. 47

    Re: juliath – what mental problems? she needs to get her act together. Betty is right and she can say anything she wantsshe's a legend with class.

  48. 48

    Betty has worked and worked and worked… she has earned her place. Lilo has partied and partied and stolen and lied. It is obvious who needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

  49. 49

    Lindsey needs to shut the hell up when a living legend name checks her she should be grateful she is still relevant enough to be name checked. I have no hate towards the Lohan, but girl has her issues and the day she admits them then maybe she will be set on her way to recovery, but for now she's still in denial. In the mean time if your going to put yourself out there in the public eye you better be welcome to criticism and stop trying to sue everyone who says how you have allowed yourself to be portrayed in public as an ungrateful drug addicted snob. We all have control of our own lives no matter what excuses you make and that's all Betty was saying be grateful and stop being a spoiled brat. Amen and long live Betty.

  50. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Betty's skills, comedic timing, 72 year resume are beyond reproach, and speaks for itself. Do you know that she started her career in 1939, BEFORE WWII?!? These people need to RESPECT.

  51. 51

    Lindsay has been down and has been trying to pick herself up. It's all been said. Why kick her now? Betty White in Lindsay's case is not helping… Not that it is not true…

  52. 52

    It is obvious that Betty knows what it takes to be in this bizness for a long time, especially in a bizness where women tend to get less jobs coz they can no longer be the pretty bombshell in movies! Lidnsay, your problem is not knowing when to SHUT up, just SHUT up and listen to people who actually can do much more good for you than your parents! And if anything should come out of your mouth, let it be "You are right, I am the one that effed up my own life" and stop blaming everyone else for problems that you caused yourself! PS… stop by Wally world and get a job coz honey, your days as a starlet are long gone!

  53. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: littlemissfob – Betty has no responsibility to 'help' Lindsay Lohan when she's not helping herself so far by her own actions. That's what Betty is pointing out.

  54. 54

    it is freakin annoying to see a actors to succeed, have so many people help them become famous, put them in movies, and have the whole world in there hands and then they just through it away like it wasn't anything. it is saying f**k you to all the people that ever helped you.
    Lindsay should not be allowed to act ever again! she blew it.

  55. 55

    Lindsay Lo, High on Blo, to jail she must Go

  56. 56

    Re: juliath – did you just say betty white is "not classy"…yeah, cause lindsay lohan is the epitome of classy, right? I think it's safe to say that Betty white has more than earned her right to say whatever the hell she wants..freedom of speech, Bucko- and for that matter, the way she conveyed her point was VERY classy- and true- she didn't trash talk them, she merely pointed out the fact- namely, the fact that people like lohan have been given so many great chances and have thrown them into the gutter. All in all, this sage, timeless and-yes- CLASSY golden girl (who actually contributed something to this world) can say whatever she wants about the trashy, disrespectful and self-entitled spoiled brat. I rest my case.

  57. 57

    People only wish they could have a life like Lindsey– to have fortune and fame. There are people who struggle to make ends meet. Betty is right! She has totally abused her fame and she gives nothing back except winding up in jail at tax payer's expense. You suck, Lindsey. Everyone in America says it, so what if Betty does? Get your life together, and maybe people wouldn't feel like telling you what trash you are.

  58. 58

    Well one of these "grown women" has had a very long and fruitful career. Without crotch shots, drunken falls, showing up late on set. etc, etc.
    The other "grown woman" has been in and out of court and jail.
    Lindsay's problem is she is following her train wreck mothers bat shit crazy ways.
    Distance yourself hire a awesome manager and be your own "Grown" person.

  59. 59

    "Lilo" is a fucking asshole.

  60. 60

    Re: curiousred

    A has-been? Betty is more popular than ever. You, as always, are stupid piece of shit.

  61. fiona says – reply to this


    I love Betty White, she is all class and beauty.
    Lohan and Sheen are the bottom of the pond, where the toxins pool.

  62. 62

    When you fall on your face walking out of a club when you are supposed to be sober and living a clean life you asked for comments. Tick tock! You crossed the line from actress to attention starved celebrity, soon nobody will be commenting - love it while it is still there.

  63. 63

    Reality check Linds - When youre an attention grabbing, substance abusing, mildly talented, pansexual, thieving fame 'ho, youre begging to have other people talk about you. Everything you do is for attention. Betty is right on.

  64. 64

    They should make T-shirts with that slogan!

  65. 65

    Re: @v@ – Howdy, @v@! I know I'm aging myself but I did know that Betty White's career began before WWII. She's amazing and I love her! Nearly everyone here is giving Ms. White proper respect but when morons like Curiousred chime in disrespecting both a living legend and a national treasure, well, I have to put them in their place. Take care :)

  66. 66

    Back when lindsay lohan was an actress I was a fan. and i would have defended her. but betty is right, sorry girl. if you want to continue being an actress you need to get over the fact that youre a laughing stock at the moment, get a project going and stop using the fact that youre a celebrity as an excuse for the dumb things youre doing to your life!

  67. 67

    Re: KIKI1986 – "SHUT UP LINDSAY!!!!
    They should make T-shirts with that slogan!"

    HA!!! :O) That's hysterical. I seriously think that people would buy them. It would be great if people lined up at the court house at her next court appearance wearing them. She'll get away with everything but the shirts still would be funny.

  68. 68

    Re: curiousred – Old has been? Where the fuck you been at? Jacking off in a closet? She is on one of the hottest shows right now and I do believe she was ask a question and she answered it. I doubt Betty needs the publicity, like LiLo and Charlie do. Ya fucking douche, get a clue and learn to keep up on current events. You wish you had the stamina and energy that Betty has.

  69. 69

    Re: CuddlyCarla – Aww what's the matter? Can't comprehend Betty answered a question a reporter asked her? You upset that she is right about LiLo? Get the fuck over it.

  70. 70

    OH $#!%….this is insane. Betty and Lindsay are about to start goin at it. Everyone knows Betty was speaking the truth and Lindsay just couldn't handle it. No ones a has been though even though drugs or age has effected someones abilities. Lindsay is wrong Betty right. EVERYBODY PICK A TEAM…this is gonna get ugly.

  71. 71

    Re: glamourextra – Booohooo No one forced LiLo to fuck up her career with drugs, she did that herself.

  72. 72

    Re: juliath – I guess you too didn't get the fact Betty was asked a question by a reporter and Betty answered it and she is right, so get over your fucking self

  73. 73

    Re: alexie silver – Fuck off ya douche she answered a question a reporter asked her. It's not her fault she is right, LiLo fucked her career up, so did Charlie, so pipe your ass down and go back into the corner where you belong douche

  74. 74

    Re: juliath – I think it's more like this… Betty commented on something she constantly saw everywhere. back in the early 19 hundreds WW1 and 2 were everywhere. Now instead of keeping up with the soldiers we keep up with crackheads who can't stay in rehab or something. Being from that era I believe it's starting to effect her. Commenting on it to me was the only way for people to realize what they were doing. Betty nor "Lilo" had a slam. As a matter of fact something as nice as that would be considered a complement in Brooklyn.

  75. 75

    Re: curiousred – moron lol

  76. 76

    I gotta side with Lindsay on this one. She's right. It's her business. Why is everyone keeps getting people attention by trying to give her some advice? She knew better but she just decided to do all the bad things. Does that make any sense? LOL. Whatever. I'm hungover.

  77. 77

    I love Betty, but what she did here was name dropping. Lindsay has a right be upset. She used hers and Charlies name to get press, why else would she bring them up? Sure what she said is true, but why is she even talking about it? Hollywood is so fake, same with all the people in it.

  78. fiera says – reply to this


    C'mon Lindsay, you know what Betty said was right-it's hard to hear the truth !!!

  79. 79

    Betty hit the nail on the head. I feel like Lindsay always has the same response when anyone checks her. Get over yourself sister and get your shit together. It is pathetic!

  80. 80

    I've never much liked nor disliked Betty White.. But I think she is belittleing Lindsay's problems, who is she to judge? The world has changed quite a lot since she was young. And btw, according to IMDB Betty had her first role when she was 23, Lindsay was 6 -just saying. I really think that the movie industry is no place for children to grow up. Something went very wrong for Lindsay, but I don't really think it's Betty's place to judge her. How about mentoring her instead? Otherwise she is just gushing hate; and SHAME on her for that!

  81. 81

    What's strange is your behaviour the last few years Lindsay!
    Maybe it would be wise to listen & actually get your act together.

  82. 82

    lindz is just havin a bad few years let her be!

  83. 83

    shes allowed to defend herself. Damn. I know lindsay has fucked up a lot recently but that doesn't mean people have to go personally attack her out of no where. Now that's unprofessional..

  84. 84

    Who cares about this bitch anymore anyway. I am so sick and tired of hearing about this complete idiot… I don't even try to… it's on the news, on the radio, in the paper, in pop ups, there's no escaping. Sure, she has some talent but obviously she's got some work to do in the brains department. I can't wait until the day comes when people open their eyes to the absurdity of her behaviour over the past couple of years. Entitled, spoiled, ungrateful. That's all she is… with a little talent.

  85. 85

    Wow, look at LL acting as if she's taking the high road. Her name should never be used in the same sentence with legend Betty White. In fact, her response puts her a far worse light than usual. What a complete POS.

  86. tiya says – reply to this


    wow.. did linsday just reach a new EPIC low for herself? Betty white hit the nail on the head and instead of keeping quiet, you are challenging a LEGEND???

    PS: Betty white at 89 is getting work and you at 24 is on the verges of going to jail and NO WORK, may i add

    Bettty: EPIC WIN
    LINSDAY: -

  87. 87

    What I dont understand is why the paps even bother to go out their way to snap her anymore? THey would do much better with their time getting someone worthwhile? Betty is right she meant it in the nicest possible too. you go betty !!
    Lindsay seriously needs to reconsider showbiz right now .

  88. 88

    3 Words - The truth hurts. And her mom can go on the Today show and air her business but, every times some else let's that little brats name come out of their mouth she's offended, PUHHH-LEASE!

  89. 89

    Lindsay should listen to her instead of coming back at her.

  90. 90

    well its pretty embarrassing when a grown woman can't keep herself out of jail.. or follow simple society rules.

    i usually like lindsay but these days. just "wow". betty was right. and if you're going to be in the spotlight then be prepared to be talked about (even though the whole world talks about you) she should be used to this.. every one is thinking this including actors they're just too nice to say it outloud. and im sorry you're feelings got hurt. But maybe if you would think about others instead of yourself for once you will see that there is light on the other side. think about that.

  91. 91

    of course you dont understad Lindsey.. you never do.. thats why you are so fucked up… "winning"

  92. 92

    Um, Lindsay's right, wtf? She was attacked first so why shouldn't she say something? Betty wasn't trying to give her kind words of advice, she was being a bitch and putting Lindsay in the same category as Charlie Sheen?! And I think Lindsay's answer was perfect. Some old lady shouldn't be saying things like that about a 20 year old girl.

  93. 93


  94. @v@ says – reply to this


    When your antics are so obnoxious that a sweet, harmless 89 year old show biz matriarch says something publicly about it, and there's no A-Ha moment even then, perhaps you might consider going away for a while.

  95. 95

    Completely agree. You can't fire back at Betty White, Lindsay. You're trashy and she's a legend. She's made a lifelong career out of being a hardworking actress, one with class, unlike you. You abuse a lifestyle that most would kill for. Do something productive with your life for once and maybe people wouldn't have to call you out. Dumb ho.

  96. 96

    TEAM BETTY!!! Lilo truth hurts doesn't it? And besides Betty didn't bash anyone.. she simply pointed out the truth.. they were given excellent opportunities and squandered them away. Its a rough life Lindsay.. but Betty is 100% right.

  97. 97

    Re: curiousred – has been? LMAO.. Betty is still relevant in hollywood.. still making movies and is on hot in cleveland.. you don't get out much do you?

  98. 98

    Re: Ladyloowhoo – its not name dropping on Betty's part if she just answered the question posed to her. She did not bring them up.. she was asked and she answered. its not uncommon for reporters to ask celebs their opinions on current celeb scandals .. :)

  99. 99

    Why on earth would Lindsay release a statement ragarding someone else's opinion? She is so beyond pathetic. Her career has been over for years. I wish people would stop reporting about her so she could just go away once and for all!

  100. 100

    Dear Insanehan,

    You are one crazy ass ho. Keep diggin that hole deeper, baby, keep on diggin!

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