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House In Negotiations, May Not Return For Eighth Season

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House fans may be out of luck.

With May sweeps coming up fast, Fox has yet to close any deals with House producers.

Owned by NBCUniversal, the studio is hoping that the show's network, Fox, will pick up the show for its eighth season, extending their negotiations until April 15.

If the two sides can't come to an agreement, NBCU plans to take the show to other networks, including, of course NBC.

Another thing that is keeping both sides from agreeing on a deal is that several of the show's cast members are currently negotiating their contracts as well.

None of them have yet signed on to another season with one of its stars, Robert Sean Leonard, hinting that he may leave at the end of this season.

In FACT, he's already committed to going back on stage and doing a Broadway revival of Born Yesterday that will coincide with the production of House's eighth season.

So much dramz!!

Things aren't looking good for the show. With production costs getting more expensive and a fall in viewership, the cards are definitely stacked up against them.

Hmm, we don't know.

What do U think? Does House have a chance of coming back?

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25 comments to “House In Negotiations, May Not Return For Eighth Season”

  1. 1

    SAD DAY.
    Wilson has to come back D:

  2. 2

    I like House, used to love it, but all the personal stories have gotten in the way of the medical mystery aspect, its heart.

  3. 3

    Great show - But maybe its time….

  4. 4

    This show used to be so good but then it got boring and predictable. Coupled with the fact that it would be on for 2 weeks then MIA for a month or so I never knew when it was on. I won't be sad if House isn't renewed.

  5. 5

    I got tired of it a few seasons back.

  6. 6

    I used to love watching House, now I can't remember the last time I watched it. It has gotten very predictable and kinda boring. Hugh Laurie needs to go back to being English and funny.

  7. 7

    Its crazy that Fox hasn't reached any deals because regardless of personal opinion that show brings them great ratings and earnings. I personally love the show, I dont watch it on its daily nights simply all the re-runs that air. So Obviously im no die-hard but do enjoy the show.

  8. 8

    As much as I love House I agree either its time to go or make some big changes.

  9. 7tizz says – reply to this


    I've never watched the show and everytime I see an ad for this show - I wonder if the lead actor has aids or if that's his storyline? He's far too tall and skinny to be taken seriously as a sex symbol (they promote him as such) and the cane is disturbing. Ugh, and don't get me started on that quazi beard, it works for men in their 30s, but makes a man in his 50s look like a homeless person.

  10. 10

    used to love this show, but the writing SUCKS NOW! same stories over and over again. Is House back on drugs again? can he be a GREAT DR. if he has Cuddy? Why would ANY HOSPITAL, all which struggle to survive, PAY A TEAM OF DRS. (4-5) TO COVER ONE, YES 1 MAJOR CASE! and a few freebies from their FREE CLINIC! I am always waiting for the Hospital to come out the throw the line 'we have the most MIND BLOWING PLASTIC SURGERY TEAM ON THE EAST COAST! Their PROFITS ALONE PAY FOR EVERY OTHER DEPT IN THIS HOSPITAL, so we can have Drs. like HOUSE have JUST ONE PATIENT allowing the research, progress and pt care beyond any other hospital IN THE WORLD!!!! we WILL be on the cover of the NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE EVERY OTHER MONTH! No, EVERY MONTH! and I, Dr. Cuddy will finally get a raise and be able to finally be able to trade in my 8th grade wardrobe, and get clothes THAT FIT ME!

  11. 11

    I thought it was decided that it wasn't coming back already?

  12. 12

    shit, this is not good news. i totally love house. 2 more seasons, please! this kinda news makes me wonder what the fuck is people watching. Glee? please. bullshit tv.

  13. 13

    I still love the show! Hope it returns for another season.

  14. 14

    Indeed, it might be time for House to go. Great show–I recommend watching it with a doctor or someone in the medical field to see if they can figure it out before House. The writers on that show are fantastic!!

  15. 15

    I love House. I've watched it since the beginning. I think all shows run their course and House may be getting close. However, I'll be sorry if they don't come back and I hope they can. House has always been such a well-written and acted television show.

  16. 16

    Meh. If you've seen one episode, you have seen them all.

  17. 17

    If the network would stop putting House new episodes on random long hiatuses then maybe more people would be watching. I never remember when it's on. WTF.

  18. 18

    Love House MD…..to me it is never predictable…..I have seen every single episode since it started. Please….just two more seasons or three or four or…..and Wilson - please stay.

  19. 19

    It has to at least for one more season. It's one of my favorite shows but I think it's had a good run and they should end it soon and not over do it!

  20. 20

    House is one of the few shows that I'll actually tune into network TV to watch. Other than a small handful of decent shows it's mostly all reality show bullshit.

  21. 21

    maybe there is a god after all….

  22. 22

    NO!!!!!!!! First Cold Case gets cancelled and now they might do the same to House? That just SUCKS! I really hope that it is renewed and that Robert Sean Leonard stays as Wilson, he is my favorite on the show.

  23. 23

    I liked it in the beginning then they brought on Olivia Wilde, stopped watching immediately, when she left I started watching it again, now that she is back I am done with it again. It has gotten very boring. Liked it better when he was on drugs. Storylines are stupid now.The Cuddy romance is way out of wack, so dumb. They can cancel. Wouldn't bother me in the least.

  24. 24

    I have been a loyal fan of the show since it started, but started to be disappointed when Olivia Wilde joined the cast. She is too smug and too much of a know-it-all and not a good actor. She did not have any chemistry with House or with Foreman and it was almost painful to watch her. Cuddy's romance with House is getting silly and I would really like to see more of Wilson featured, as Wilson and House do make the best couple on the show. I still hope the show will be renewed and, hopefully, some cast and story changes will be made.

  25. 25

    I used to love this show, but like gum that has been chewed too long, its starting to lose its flavor. I wish wilson would get some balls, house would get a life and stop whining like a little girl, that new girl would become a nun, Forman would get laid …as to the rest of them, they are boring (and I have a very boring life myself)…I used to like the science of the cases with a little personal thrown in, now it is just self-indulgent drivel trying to be cutting edge. Next.