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Watch Natalie Portman Dance As A Pre-Teen!

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You can take back those ridiculous "5% dancing" claims, Miss Black Swan body double!

Natalie Portman clearly has dancing skillz as seen in the (above) video where Natalie tap danced her little ass off at the Stage Door Manor Performing Arts Summer Camp in the Catskills, New York back in the early '90s.

You can see her in action around 2:30. Prepare to be amazed.

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99 comments to “Watch Natalie Portman Dance As A Pre-Teen!”

  1. 1

    Black Swan was just released in Germany, as Black Schwantz.

  2. 2

    I still believe the body double.

  3. 3

    I wouldn't go that far with Perez's statement…there were several fumbles and her footwork wasn't smooth. It was a decent performance, but I wouldn't say that she "clearly has dancing skillz". She can dance, but I wouldn't label her as a dancer.

  4. sanaa says – reply to this


    I finally caved and rented the movie - I didn't hate it as much as I thought I would the music throughout is so beautiful! Natalie's flapping arms were so embarrassing to watch I had to avert my eyes, she did a good acting job but definitely not worth best actress oscar.

  5. 5

    I can't tell which one is her… Is she in the ballet portion? If she's just tap dancing that proves nothing… It's completely different.

  6. 6

    wow, even back then she was a terrible dancer. haha natalie is a joke. she can't even do her own dance moves. so she needs a more talented double.

  7. 7

    she isnt bad, but how can you tell us to watch that and say prepare to be amazed? that was pedestrian at best.

  8. 8


  9. 9

    no offense but she was the worst of the four

  10. jle says – reply to this


    Haha "prepare to be amazed". Perez, it's standard youth dancing… marking your steps, nothing is smooth… it's OK dancing but I would not go so far as to say she danced everything in Black Swan because of this video. I believe that there was a body double. I danced for years when I was younger and did not amount to much more then what was shown in that video. It takes a lot to do what is shown in Black Swan… and your technique and training needs to be flawless. Perez, i believe you are incredibly uncultured and have little knowledge of the world. You should do some more research before opening your mouth… about a lot of things. You believe too much.. and know too little.

  11. 11

    Re: jle – ohhh you are totally right!

  12. 12

    HOW THE HELL IS TAP AND BALLET THE SAME, GENIUS?? this proves diddley-squat. Its so obviously that chick was right about the 5% bullshiz.

    Should she have gotten the Oscar, sure. Less talented actors have gotten them in the past (CUBA GOODING JR, anyone?) but to say that she dance 85% of the time as on the same level as a professional ballet dancer is total crap.

  13. 13

    Ballet and tap are two totally different dance forms. You can hardly say that just because someone is alright at one form means that they'll be great at another. She did okay in this video. She was a kid, so I wasn't expecting much. Seemed like a standard, simple performance with nothing all that spectacular.

  14. 14

    Tap dancing has nothing to do with the years of training as a ballerina.

    you can't compare the two different types of dancing…

    give me a break and stop kissing her ass Perez…she did not dance as much as they say…..they are lying for her.

  15. 15

    i'm not sure which part of that i was supposed to be 'amazed' by ..? she was tap dancing, yea, but there was nothing special about it. i've seen worse, but i've also seen much much better. in any case, this is irrelevant. tap dancing is NOTHING like pointe ballet dancing, especially on a professional level. this video doesn't prove that she did most of her own dancing in black swan. to be quite honest, if anything, it may help the body double's case that she did most of the dancing ..

  16. 16


  17. 17

    Here is the thing, even if she was a GREAT dancer in this video, she was very young..around ten maybe? if your good at something when your younger it certainly doesn't mean it carries over with you as you grow over, if you don't continue to study/practice. I don't think she has been dancing consistantly since that age so this video means nothing.

  18. 18

    I can believe her lack of talent.

  19. 19

    Poor bitch who was doubling her probably just wanted some recognition but it almost nearly proves one of the themes of the movie which is that though ballet is beautiful, majestic, an intriguing…anyone who gets too hung up on it is likely to be a little bit…insane. You signed a contract, hussy, you couldn't resist the mula and you had a lot of talent to uphold the illusion this was Natalie Portman so take it like a champ and shut up. It wasn't a movie on the technical nuances of ballet, it was a storybook interpretation so quit whining.

  20. 20

    ok that was a shit show, but Black Swan was amazing

  21. 21

    I'm a professional dancer.

    Tap and ballet technique have nothing to do with each other. So no matter how good of a tap dancer she was (which trust me, she wasn't even close to mediocre), it would have nothing to do with her ballet "performance" in Black Swan.

    This is irrelevant.

  22. 22

    Natalie is actually in ALL three of the dance numbers. She studied all types of dance, INCLUDING ballet. She studied ballet until she was about 12/13. Lets just stop talking about all of this Sarah Lane bull. Natalie Portman gave a phenomenal performance. She deserved her Oscar 200% and no one can take that away from her. Natalie, Darren and the rest of the cast and crew created something beautiful.

  23. 23

    Natalie's still in hiding, therefore I believe the body double.

  24. 24

    she isn't great in this video, kinda sloppy, but you should give her credit in Black Swan. They needed an actress, not ballerina and she actually committed over a year of her life to prepare for this role. Obviously she can't dance a Swan Lake because that's what prima ballerina does! Many of the dancers in the company cannot dance Swan Lake properly and that's why they're in the background! I've been doing ballet since I was 5,I'm 17 now and I still don't have a proper technique to dance a Swan Lake. Give her a break, I'd like to see you to dance Swan Lake in a year while surviving on a very strict diet…

  25. 25

    firstoff tap and ballet are two different artforms. that would be like saying because someone played bass really well as a teenager that it totally made sense they became a guitar genius in their late twenties.

    second YOU SHOWED US A VIDEO WHERE HER FACE WAS REPEATEDLY PLACED ON THE BODY DOUBLE BEFORE THE OSCARS. Do you even remember that? it was to show how much CGI was used and in a ton of scenes her read was replaced.

  26. 26

    oh perez u so terrible lolllhahaha

    shes so gawky even then but has good arms maybe she went on to be a professional ballerina after this ..who knows

  27. 27

    Re: denverite – Um no she's not. She responded to the comments to E! a couple of days ago. Do your research. And she didn't stoop down to Sarah Lane's level. Natalie kept her response classy.

  28. 28

    I dont even know which one is her haha.

  29. 29

    Re: hotasurban – Only that she is famous, you arent.

  30. 30

    Re: Black Swan14 – as classy as a home wrecker birthing a bastard child…
    you are such a single white female

  31. 31

    Re: poorlittlerichiegirl – Why is she a home wrecker? Benjamin Millepied wasn't married, he wasn't engaged. People break up with people ALL the time. If breaking up with someone and then going out with someone else constitutes home wrecking, then every single person in the world is a home wrecker. Get over yourself.

  32. 32

    seriously…this is not even a litte bit good in any way!?
    and everyone saw the video of the ballet double, where you can see that natalie did almost no dancing…
    perez, you posted it yourself!!!!! how can you not know?!
    she deserved her oscar 100% for her acting,but not for dancing…
    which is fine, because she is no dancer, she is an actress….
    if she was that good, she could easily dance in any company now…..
    and if it was so easy, to be a primaballerina in 1 year….then hell, i'm hgoing to be a big and famous dancer!!!

  33. 33


  34. 34

    Thanks PErez. I love Natalie. No one expected her to be a prima ballerina for the movie. She is an actress . She acted. But the video shows she had training from a y9ung age and understood how to execute the various dance mocies. I also think she showed a lot of good, fluid arm movement and she was on her toes in this video. I can tell you from personal experience that early ballet training when you're eight or 9 or ten won't make you a dancer, but it will sure inform you so you're not starting at ground zero with adult training. She did very well.

  35. 35

    Oh, brother! That PROVES she didn't do any real dancing. That was awful! Very funny Perez, very funny.

  36. 36

    Perez, please stop insulting the real dancers out there.
    There are no signs here of talent in tap, nor ballet.
    Anyone who has an eye for the true art form of dance can tell you her upper body gave her lack of technique away in the film. One and a half years of training may sound amazing to those who don't know any better, but believe me: unless she was some kind of freakish ballet prodigy (which she obviously is not), she was not going to be able to perform the choreography as a professional dancer. HENCE, the body double! If everyone was honest about this, there wouldn't be so much controversy. Instead, they wanted to push for an oscar under the guise of Natalie actually doing most of the technical dancing. That's when it becomes fraudulent on their part.
    Stick to talking about what you know, Perez. As limited as it may be.

  37. ONIT says – reply to this


    The body double should be sued big time by Natalie, the production company and the studio.

  38. -MaK- says – reply to this


    doesn't prove anything IMO

  39. 39

    That was a waste of time. I usually don't watch videos that you post because they are typically useless.

  40. 40

    body double FTW sorry natalie

  41. 41

    BRITNEY SPEARS FEMME FATALE DEBUTS AT #1 THIS WEEK making BRITNEY SPERAS the first female ever to have six No.1 album debuts, and marks the second biggest album debut of the year but Mario does not want you to know that.

  42. itdlv says – reply to this


    Eww! I'm surprised that no one has caught on to what these PRE TEEN girls were dancing to? En Vogue's Giving Him Something He Can Feel has some racey lyrics for a pre teen… I'm just saying…

    Anyways, Natalie in her own is a talented actress & Sarah Lane worked hard & I'm sure she got some recognition but blew it all to shiz when she open her big mouth. It's Hollywood. Get over it. You got a paycheck! Great movie, though! Very Oscar worthy performance of Natalie.

  43. 43


  44. 44


    PROBABLY THE DELUSIONAL MODEL WHO THINKS SHE DESERVES CREDIT FOR THE OSCAR LOL. YOU DON'T! Natalie won the oscar for the character and acting not the dancing. In fact it was not the dancing the blew people away, but how perfect she developed the role.

  45. 45


  46. 46

    this was not amazing. it looked like she was killing a cockroach.

  47. 47

    What was so amazing about it? It was clumsy at best.

  48. 48

    Can someone explain to me why Perez constantly insists on being an idiot?

  49. 49

    her family is/was one that believed their child should be exposed to all forms of the arts early on and she took dance from an early age, and not just the 'once a week, half hour class' little girls do now adays. So, she does know Ballet, not well enough to ever perform IN A PERFESSIONAL Ballet, BUT remember-HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO FILM A MOVIE??? MONTHS!!! so, she could have done most of the moves, MANY MANY SHOTS, MANY CAMERAS, UNTIL THEY GOT THE ANGLE, SHOT, THEY NEEDED! A ballet, you don't have RETAKES! and having her 'boyfriend ' as the choreographer, who knows if the dancing was designed around WHAT SHE COULD DO WELL

  50. 50

    hahaha, oh Perez. I don't think I would say "She obviously has dancing skills!" just based on this video. This was an amateur performance. I danced for ten years and was never really good, and watched my teenage friends do tap and it looked like this. None of them were good ballerina's either.
    This proves nothing. Perhaps a more suitable caption would be "This is an old home movie of Natalie Portman tap dancing. Enjoy."

  51. 51

    She's an expert when it comes to mind control which the movie is all about.

  52. 52

    Re: Andre Matuch – He does it for the hits to his site. If he says something completely stupid, you can pretty much guarantee that people will respond. See, I just responded!

  53. 53

    I must be missing something …she looks like any other kid in a dance class.

  54. 54

    I cannot believe that every commenter missed the complete sarcasm in this post. Seriously… you are all taking this waaaay too seriously! :)

  55. 55

    Re: jle
    THIS. YES! Thank you, so true.

  56. 56

    I do believe she a lot of the work in Black Swan, but this video should not be used as any "proof". She was tap dancing and it was rather awkward.

  57. 57

    This video proves nothing. She used a body double, A LOT. This was a very low budget talent show, and she wasn't even that good.

  58. 58

    well she did say she took dance as a kid. i believe that she did some dancing in the movie. but nothing that a body double could do. they both deserve praise and end of story. but the thing is it wasn't the body double's acting so natalie deserves her win. i dont know why everyone is bashing her shes a sweet girl who never said one thing insulting to the body double as to anyone else this could of went another way but she keeps it professional. i thins shes sweet and as for not speaking up shes obviously having a baby and has more things to worry about then who danced a couple of numbers in a already finished movie. you know cause having a baby if a life changing thing to some people.

  59. 59

    At which part was I supposed to feel "amazed"? -_-

  60. 60

    i still believe sarah lane. first of all, tap dance is EXTREMELY different to ballet…..with tap, a person can fool the untrained ear into believing that what it is hearing is technical perfection. with ballet, this fib is harder to pull off. second, natalie was not that good at all. her posture was slumped, her arms were not flailing but they were not stuck in their position as they should be in tap, and she had zero musicality. third, though we did not see natalie do ballet (hell, we don't even know if she studied it based on this video), the other girls, from the same studio were absolutely horrid. their technique was repulsive, i mean, even in fifth position they were turned in. by the time you reach preteen age, a decent studio would teach you AT LEAST to keep your toes to the opposite heel in fifth. therefore, i deduce that this studio and video lack credibility and that miss natalie portman danced a severely subordinate amount to the beautiful sarah lane.

  61. 61

    At which part was I supposed to feel "amazed"? hmmmmmmmmmm……. -_-

  62. 62

    and let me edit myself by saying that this is not a studio! rather, it is Stage Door, an extremely prestigious performing arts camp. that actually proves my point even more: this was clearly a very low level, and therefore i feel no amazement, as you so kindly told me to "prepare for"

  63. 63

    Re: Prudefemme – Amen sister! (Or brother!!)

  64. 64

    Oh god I thnk you made the real dancers point for her.. that was not amazing.. hahhahah - give me a break….

  65. 65

    i dont even have to read the other 60 posts to know we all think that this is stupid.
    natalie is precious and a very good actress, but if she was such a scary good dancer they wouldn't need a body double.
    they even use a body double for her butt in the awful "your highness".

  66. 66

    Natalie is not an oscar-worthy actress, nor has she ever been. She has improved over the years but this is mainly due to extensive coaching and acting lessons. The main reason she was ever givine roles were due to her looks… she fails in every other category in my opinion. Now if it wasn't for the spectacular dancing, I'm pretty sure her performance would not be considered oscar caliber. Let's face it. And now she's on a crusade to show she can dance by releasing ridiculous videos like these. I've heard of people claiming she is quite ego-cengric and full of herself… now I believe it. If she is so brilliant she should do something substantial with her life and this country than take the easy way out as a mediocre actress. It just proves she's not nearly as smart as she thinks she is. She's lucky being an actress helped her acceptance into Harvard.. where it would have been more useful to someone who would actually use that education. Just another selfish self–centered hollywood starlet.

  67. 67

    Re: lemonbird – I agree. People are focusing on her dancing when she is an actor. She never said that she is a dancer over an actor and people just keep attacking her. The movie was about ACTING. Enough said.

  68. 68

    Re: Troll_Police – I bet you are the one trolling considering the three posts next to each other were all in caps..just saying. And not everyone adds an avatar. I went months without one.

  69. 69

    lets not act coy, im sure a lot of strings were pulled to get herself into harvard.
    the breaks some people receive are amazing. hopefully she does something notable in her life and for others that would garner respect. otherwise, im really getting sick of hearing about this woman already. she was not very talented to begin with to deserve such admiration or notoriety.

  70. 70

    Correct me if I'm wrong, actresses act. She was in a movie and portrayed a ballerina. So what if she had a body double, her ACTING was convincing.

  71. 71

    "Amazed"?? I don't think so^^

  72. 72

    Who honestly cares?

  73. 73

    I think she should have taken the high road and acknowledged the skills and talent of the contributor to her dancing rather than taking the ultimate low in taking credit for anothers work. I'm guessing this tape was released by her camp and it only proves she stinks and they all are very low themselves as well as petty. Sorry perez, I know you love her, but come on.

    As for the person who stated they also needed a double for her ass in a recent movie, I find that hilarious. Nice to know these people are not perfect even though they want you to think they are.

  74. 74

    For her role, she claims she practiced and did 85% of the dancing according to hubby after she was giving interviews (according to the dancer) making it seem like she did all of it. A part of her job was the dancing, but taking most of the credit that a professional did is pretty low. It's too bad, but unless you are famous and have major backing, you will get very little if any credit for your work while someone else take it all. Being just a little gratuitous and explanative to the dancer in person would have probably been sufficient enough but it seems she was too high on her rocker to do even that. I would be pissed off too. Unfortunately the dancer will probably never work in that town again.

  75. 75


  76. VGirl says – reply to this


    OMG people! I can't believe how sour and hateful some people are! Yes, Perez exaggerated. She is not that good as he said but this at least shows she has SOME dancing background. It is easier to learn some form of dance when you have SOME knowledge. Yes, she of course used a double. We all knew she was not going to do all those ballet scenes with just a year training. You wanna see awful ballet dancing? watch save the last dance. At least Natalie learned MUCH MUCH more than Julia Styles to look not only decent but I was really surprised. I'm sure even Zoe Saldana in Center stage had a double and she dances beautifully and was classically trained! She won the Oscar for her acting not the dancing get over it. And if you ever took ballet you could see she was trying to play the part just in the appereance and I think she nailed it (you know, dancer walk, sit in a certain way posture wise). No she is not going to be the principal at NYB or MCB but you boughtthat she was a ballet dancer in the movie!

  77. 77

    @janettalks…mainly out of your ass. Site your sources or it didn't happen. Sounds like someone is mega jelly over Natalie's successes in life!

  78. Jules says – reply to this


    im sure she can dance and def did a lot of training and most of her own work in the movie.. no doubt… but this tap was just a normal lil girl dancing.. not that great lol

  79. 79

    I agree with everyone here. These videos are definitely nothing spectacular. Maybe Grade 3 tap and Ballet? The ballet was all soft shoe…with unpointed, sickled feet, unstraight legs. She looks like a typical 10-12 year old in dance class, definitely no prodigy. Also, learning to dance point shoe when you haven't danced in ages is practically like learning to walk from scratch. I danced from the ages of 3-22, and at 14, that's when I started to learn point and it's definitely no easy feat!! I have no doubt that some scenes were Natalie, but she definitely used a double!!

  80. 80

    Looks like a really bad Bat Mitzah to me.

  81. 81

    amazed my ass.

  82. 82

    This Tap was not even good. It was a total mess. Not even hard steps. There is no comparison between Tap and Ballet anyways. And sorry Perez, I am not amazed as you said I would be.

  83. 83

    She isn't that good. But even if she was an amazing tap dancer back then (which she was far from) that is TOTALLY different then being a ballerina. I still believe the dance double. You can tell the few shots when it was her because her arms were HORRIBLE.

  84. 84

    Holy #$%##@ That. is. terrible. 10 year olds dance better. That dance studio should go out of business for charging parents money for no technique whatsoever. Awful. Awful.

    –I'm a ballet dancer.

  85. 85

    Re: Black Swan14 – Problem is he didnt break up with his live in girlfriend before he started seeing Nat.. dummy…

  86. 86

    Re: Troll_Police – Yes she won for he acting but she kept saying she did most of the dancing.. that is not true - she has crossed over the the type of actor that starts to believe they have done more then just acting - and become the lie that is acting..

  87. 87

    Tap dancing and ballet are NOTHING alike. God you're such an idiot.

  88. 88

    tap does not = ballet. I wonder how much natalie is paying portman to keep her in a positive light. this is getting old.

  89. 89

    Perez has like no integrity. Of course he's going to support Black Swan. The day of the release of the DVD he advertise it on his site. He's a freakin' sell out. He dressed up as the Swan to help the studio make more money. Perez, we're not idiots, we know perfectly well what it is your are trying to do. You are trying to convince us that the studio and Natalie Portman are right to say that she can dance. This video doesn't prove ANYTHING. It's not even ballet. You could at least found a video of her dancing ballet, and then we could have been more "accepting" and "amazed" by her dance skillz. She's freakin' 13 in this video. We are not stupid, and this is bad. And you need to stop selling out, and start reporting real gossip with no biases. Have we noticed he also doesn't say anything negative regarding Rihanna, Katy Perry, or Lady Gaga? Thats because I'm sure that they also pay you well to speak of them . . . So sad . . . so so sad . . .

  90. 90

    oh please she won an oscar because hes jew simple as that, good atcing bue come on the best parts are double dancers, fake wanna be dancer

  91. yujin says – reply to this


    arg,,,,wat was sh thinking?can somebody find her a professional choreographer!!! she really need some lessons.

  92. 92

    I'd say its possible that her dancing abilities have improved enough in 11 years to warrant her doing some of her dancing in Black Swan…but pointe ballet is no fucking joke and I'd believe her dance double did most of the work, especially the pointe work, you can't just learn that shit in a few months, your feet have to be conditioned to it early
    Besides which, isn't Dance Double-Gate over yet?

  93. 93

    I danced as a child too.. and did tap.. but that doesn't all of the sudden alllow me to become a prima ballerina some 15 years later… Tap and Ballet are COMPLETELY different from one another. Seeing her tap dance as a child no way debunks the rumors that her dance double did most of the work. Sorry charlie!

  94. 94

    Coming from a dance instructor, this clearly shows Natalie has very minimal dance experience and this was nothing to put up to show her "skills"..actually funny..definately believe the body double!!!!

  95. 95

    Nope, Still believe the body double. This is TAP dancing, the other was BALLET. HUGE differences!
    The Body double did 98% of the work, Natalie is just taking in what isn't hers, typical hollywood.

  96. 96

    Ya, I'm pretty sure I could fake my way to the tap dancing finals…tapping aint ballet. The body double is correct, you are not in the same class as dancers who have been doing it their whole lives just because you trained for over a year. Everyone admires that dedication but common sense dictates the two should not be compared.

  97. fa! says – reply to this


    ok, the question is why all this fighting and stuff? i mean, get over it natalie is a great actress and she deserved the oscar cause of her acting skills if the producers had wanted a real and experienced ballerina for the black swan then they should have hired the ballerina who's talking instead of natalie, i agree that the work of years for the ballerinas cannot be compared with just 1 exhausting year of training but common give her a break she's a actress and till now she has never said that shes a ballerina or has talked about her amazing dancing skills, the ballerina better mantain his mouth shut she already has been paid and everything and he know since the beginning that her face will never appear at the movie and that many things will be said different she agreed to that, why she talk now?

  98. 98

    first off, that was bad. not embarassingly bad, but she's got no natural talent. moving on. when did this movie stop being about the story and turn into an attempt to make people believe natalie portman is a sorceress who can do anything? if aronofsky thinks anyone savvy enough to follow the plot is stupid enough to believe someone can "pick up" professional-level ballet in a year and a half, he's deluded. but a body double doesn't ruin the movie for me. i'm pretty sure ellen burstyn didn't shoot up for requiem, but i still liked the movie.

  99. 99

    Re: gullly – no ya couldn't. tap isn't ballet. that doesn't mean it's easy.