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Appalling! Applebees Serves Alcohol To A Baby!

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Might want to stick to Chili's from here on out…

Check out the disturbing video (above) of a mother speaking about how her baby was served margarita mix instead of APPLE JUICE at an Applebee's restaurant!

Fortunately, after being rushed to the hospital, the baby was all right, but that's an unforgivable mistake as far as we're concerned.

How would U react if your baby was served alcohol at a restaurant?

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38 comments to “Appalling! Applebees Serves Alcohol To A Baby!”

  1. 1

    how the hell does that happen???? like someone poured booze into a sippy cup??? why wasnt that caught??

  2. 2

    it doesnt seem like they did it on purpose to be fair. this is why whenever im out with my friends kids we often taste their drinks before we give them to them if theyv been poured behind the bar. these things do happen.

  3. 3

    hell, he looks drunk in that picture they kept showing…………

  4. 4

    Its happened before. The last time it happened, the juice was in a well container that looked identical to one that had an alcoholic mix. Was a total accident, but it shouldn't have happened. Thats why my kid gets milk or water if we go out and even then I will still take a sip to make sure its ok.

  5. 5

    I don't get how this could have happened accidentally and if it were my child who was served alcohol. There would be hell to pay. There is no excuse for this and who ever was responsible should be fired and should have their serving license revoked. As well… Charged… Luckily this baby was ok but it could have ended alot worse. Thank god it didn't.

  6. 6

    i heard it was a mix up and it was all a mistake?

  7. 7

    Umm… hello??? Margarita MIX - not a margarita. Not alcoholic. Fools & idiots all around with that news story. Sheesh.

  8. 8

    How is margarita mix mistaken for apple juice? Also, if it was just the mix, then there should've been no alcohol in it. Something is missing from this story.

  9. 9

    Re: mamasonya – margarita mix does have alcohol in it, fyi

  10. 10

    Wow - that's cool. The parent should have made arrangements for the child. It's not the servers responsiblity. Seems like the child should have been happy!

  11. 11

    I work at Applebee's. The margarita mix does NOT contain alcohol. The alcohol is added after the mix is, because you don't know what kind of margarita you're going to make and each contain different alcohol. There is NO alcohol in any of the well containers, just juices and mixes. So the news media needs to get their stories fact checked.

  12. 12

    Re: laurenanney – Applebees margarita mix does not contain alcohol.

  13. 13

    this is what happens when parents think it's OK to bring their 3 year old toddlers to Applebees at late hours!!! / and yes; bottom shelf mixes have alcohol already mixed in.

  14. 14

    Much to do about nothing, did anyone else predict what the mother was going to look like?

  15. 15

    When I was about 10, I ordered a milk shake from Olive Garden. The first one they brought me was in a broken glass, the second one was alcoholic (a mudslide). The waitress put in the wrong thing because she was new and din't realize that there were two different drinks, one with and one without alcohol.

  16. 16

    either the server could've been too busy to notice they weren't getting apple juice.

    or it was some noob who saw that apple juice was out so they figured margarita juice was okay, probably thinking it didn't have alcohol. I highly doubt someone would do this purposefully.

  17. 17

    Margarita mix….. The mix itself is not alcohol… you have to add the tequila….. this article (and repost of it) seems to be missing a bunch of facts. Was there in fact tequila in the mix.. or was it just that- mix.

  18. 18

    Re: laurenanney – Not typically.. I dont know how many resteraunts you've been too.. But normally they add the alcohol AFTEr the mix.. especially if you consider the different types of tequila out there. They use the same mix to make a house margarita that they do if you were to ask for Patron tequila instead.

  19. 19

    Regardless if it has alcohol or not it's a mistake that should not happen. Dont put alcohol mix next to Apple juice. Or hire staff that read labels!!

  20. 20


  21. 21

    Some margarita mixes are all inclusive and already contain the alcohol and some don't. They come both ways. This one already had the alcohol because the tot ended up with a bac of .10 which is above the legal limit for even adults. It was on the news this morning. So that settles that. If the kid drank a lot more of it there could have been a real problem. He will probably be just fine.

  22. 22

    Re: Andie30 – they need to be able to understand and comprehend English which is an ongoing and increasing problem in America - just sayin……

  23. 23

    It's a mistake, and besides, a little alcohol won't kill the kid, it will just relax him.

  24. 24

    What kind of a monster mistakes the two, come on!!!!!!

  25. 25

    This is awful and all, but what I want to know is how the hell any kid could've gotten drunk off a long island ice tea, thinking it was apple juice the whole time. I can't even get my baby brother to drink v8, let alone something that tastes like hardcore liquor. Not…that I'd want to. Just saying.

  26. 26

    "unforgivable"? who ARE you? you're not the morality police. this is ridiculous and embarrassing

  27. 27

    Drama!! There must be A Lot missing to this Story Perez. Margarita Mix is Non Alcoholic! No reason to rush to the Hospital for a juice mix. Either the Mom is dramatic and wants $$$ or they made an actual Margarita?? Sounds like a bunch of nothing. If it was just the mix, send it back and get the right thing! No need to be all over the internet.

  28. 28

    Mistakes happen. Did this woman even check if the margarita mix had any alcohol in it? They dont usually. Sounds like she just wants the usual: $$$. Even if it did, life happens.

  29. 29

    Some of you people must not have kids, and hopefully never will! How someone could think this is funny is beyond me. Young children can die from drinking even a small amount of alcohol. And who cares if it was done on purpose or not? The juice should be kept seperate from the alcohol to ensure that this kind of stuff doesn't happen again.

  30. 30

    I was going to say doesn't margarita mix not have any alcohol in it yet. :S I am not sure though.

  31. 31

    Sounds like an accident that shouldn't have happened. BUT, as a bartender, I have never worked or heard of a bar using a margarita mix that comes pre-mixed with tequila in it. Your goal is to "upsell" and get the customer to buy top-shelf, but we all know this doesn't always happen. This is why the margarita mix isn't pre-mixed with tequila.

    My impression is this woman is looking for money, but obviously I don't know that for a fact. Regardless of the missing details to this story, I'm glad the kid is ok.

  32. 32

    A nig#@ trying to get free easy money she did not work for..What are the odds of that LOLOL

  33. 33

    im sure this story has been blown out of proportion

  34. 34

    Ok, margarita mix IS alcoholic. It might not have tequila mixed in but it does contain triple sec which IS alcohol, granted it has a low % of alcohol but then it wouldn't take much to affect a toddler.

  35. 35

    Re: Andrea Sciarillo – as a bartender I would have thought you'd know the ingredients of a basic margarita mix, ever heard of triple sec? Yes tequila isn't pre-mixed into the margarita mix but triple sec is.

  36. 36

    So who is screwing up the facts. Perez or ????. Margarita mix has no alcohol. Besides that why don't parents taste what is served to their children. I always did. No brainer.

  37. 37

    Re: NookiesWA – You have serious problems.

  38. 38

    Re: ilovejames – its a little viscious to label someone a monster because of a mistake…. geez lighten up.