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32 comments to “Chris Brown Smashes Into Joe Jonas' Solo Album”

  1. 1

    I can imagine the sounds they'll be making together. But it wont end being recorded. Same sounds Bieber makes.

  2. 2

    Its not weird to me since Nick was producing for Chris Brown a couple of weeks ago.

    Anyways, I know it will be awesome.. Go Joe!

  3. Low says – reply to this


    Way to kill what's left of you career Joe Jonas.

  4. 4

    okay, just sounds strange, but, you did that on purpose Mario-smashes into Jonas album-might be a music phrase, but using a violent type phrase around him? and of course, the hate…. you will never… ever… GIVE CB A BREAK.. will you?

  5. Blunt says – reply to this


    stfu perez, Michael Jackson is the King of Pop and he's black. Tina Turner is the Queen of Rock n Roll and she's black. Skin color has shit to do with music. Eminem is white as snow and is called this generations Rap Guru. btw enough of picking on chris

  6. 6

    I think this will be a great change of pace for both.
    CB F.A.M.E album is nice…so I know he'll do Joe's song justice
    stop hatin on Chris…
    he makes good music

  7. 7

    eww joe! why! people are not paying to much attention to you anymore and they will never do if you work with him, whatevs

  8. 8

    it's pretty sad that there's even ONE post here resembling the views of "perez hilton." perez is a hypocrite! always claiming to be so against bullying but every chance he gets, he is bullying chris brown over any and everything! PEREZ is a bully. none of you know chris brown personally. and the mistake he made 2 years ago did not affect YOUR life personally. he served his sentence. you people act like everyone who makes a mistake in life should not be allowed to have a career…support of friends, family, or fans…should not be able to have a life, ect. it's just flat out ridiculous.

  9. 9

    Perez #sitdown. Chris' time hasnt come and gone its here to stay so face it. No matter how much you try to bully and bash, PURE talent will always prevail over gimmicks in the end. Chris is multi-talented and I believe he can create any sound. This is just like when ppl were shocked by his DWTS performance saying they thought he was a rapper and didnt know he did electro pop. Chris is talented and can do any type of music he puts his mind to so Perez, #haveaseat

  10. 10

    Perez just cant seem to stop talking about Chris all day every day, for someone he despises. Why don't you get off his d*ck–he doesnt want u Perez!

  11. @v@ says – reply to this



  12. 12

    i'm pretty sure this song will only sound good cuz chris is on it……………………………………………….. why is joe trying to do this music? im curious to hear it but i have a feeling it wont be very good…….. he'll always be a jonas brother to me…

  13. 13

    i guess because that wanted too and that will get people talking and people will wanna hear it. and im taking its gonna be a good song. so people will buy it, esp JB fans. so i think thats a pure genius marketing move

  14. 14

    I don't think you have to worry about Chris Brown adjusting indie pop rock, Perez. He's pretty versatile. The hate is getting pretty old, Perez. CB did something horrible two years ago… Are you ever going to let him live his life again?

    As long as he doesn't lay his hands on another woman, you need to let him do him, work on himself, and live his life. Because your snarky, smug, commentary isn't funny or insightful. Charlie Sheen has been doing far worse crap than Chris Brown these days and you've got nothing but love for Charlie. So you need to decide where you stand.

  15. 15

    Guess you were too busy bad mouthing CB to open your ears and eyes and see that the dude is living his life - unlike you who dream up negativity and live in the past. Must piss you off that CB is moving forward leaving you in the dust. Guess you smear campaign isn't working! Ha!

  16. 16

    YESSS I can't wait to hear it! your all haters!

  17. 17

    Joe Jonas is the crappiest Jonas ever… Electro indie pop rock…. Nick does all the writing, so how's he going to scam his way into the writing credits?

    And Chris Brown collab… Oh dear lord… Where's the ear plugs…

  18. 18

    get off chris brown his new album is amazing and theres nothing you can do about it. practice what you preach. your all about stopping bullying but what are you doing? exactly.

  19. 19

    perez you are the biggest hypocrite on this planet..you lied to everyones faces saying you were gonna change and everyone believed you.. of course you couldn't change..all that hate of yours comes from within..i hope you get help one day..you need it. on top of all that what the fuck are you talking about chris' moment has come n gone? YOU were the one that reported him to be #1 last week. get a grip on yourself. this is such a bad look for you.

  20. 20

    Why would Jonas want to do an album with someone so sick–he beats up women and still has no self restraint. He behaves like a spoiled, dangerous child and gets rewarded.

  21. 21

    Why can't you just move on from what went on two years ago— don't expect everyone else to hold a grudge against Chris Brown because your ass does. Go to hell Perez!

  22. 22

    Wow, it seems that Joe is so desperate and not to confident with himself. Why he do the solo album if he still need Chris B. to boost his album? Who else will be in his album? Milley Cyrus, Selena Gomes, Demi Lovato, or Justin Bieber??? LOL

  23. 23

    No matter what you say or do, you can't deny true talen. And Chris Brown is very talented so he'll continue to do well. Nobody wants to talk about the fact that Chris has had NUMEROUS number one and top ten songs this year. So why wouldn't Joe want to work with him?

  24. 24


  25. 25

    chris brown is a yucky creepy lady beater.

  26. 26

    chris brown is a yucky creepy lady beater.

    oh, and a super douche.

  27. 27

    Perez is an attention whore!! He knows that the Breezy subject will cause controversy when he post negative comments, and he most def know that we Breezy Stans will jump to his defense!! He does it to attract people to his blog..Shame on you Perez !!!!

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  29. 29

    Joe asked chris brown number one…you can google it. Two he knows as much as rihanna knows about country or rock…or anything of that nature…. Music is music

  30. 30

    I'm not very happy about this….How can Joe work this girl beater! Chris Brown is an abusive $#%$#%!! Stay away from him Joe! I love you but I don't approve

  31. 31

    first of all.. joe has sad multiple times that his album is more dancey-club music. second, regardless of what you say on here.. chris' album is pretty good and there's no denying that. and third, i think the song is going to end up being good… i would have never thought justin bieber would have collaborated with chris either.. or rascal flatts for that matter, and i like both of those songs.. i love coming to your page but lately you have been WAYY to biased for me and its pretty annoying. you praise the people you are "friends" with or whoever you wish you were friends with and put down the others. its rude and immature. grow up

  32. 32

    Re: SuperHannah – What will save people with comments like this like this from their ignorance?..