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Lindsay Lohan, alongside Victoria Gotti - whom she is in talks to portray in the upcoming crime family's film Gotti: Three Generations - at a press event in New York today.

Producer Marc Fiore was even quoted saying:

"Lindsay is a terrific actress. Nothing has been finalized, but we are definitely in talks."

And Gotti herself once again had nothing but praise for the actress:

"I think she's incredible. I think she's a great actress. I think she can do … any role, really. I've always said that to her mom [Dina] when we met many years ago. Just watching her in The Parent Trap, I thought was adorable and she's a good kid. She had a little bit of a bumpy road recently. I think she's doing great; I think she's going to continue to do great and she's got a lot of people rooting for her."

Yeah - between her appearance at a press event for the film, and Victoria's support, we have a feeling that LiLo will be officially signed on in no time!

Here's hoping that that pesky trial won't mess this up - this is a huge step for her!

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14 comments to “SIGHting”

  1. 1

    Would love to see her get a decent job. Then maybe she can climb out of her rut.

  2. 2

    So are they going to film around her court appearances, upcoming trial, and possible prison sentence? You couldn't pay me to watch a film this skank is in.
    And Travolta as Gotti? Hahahahaha

  3. Blunt says – reply to this


    she's making $2.5mill for this role

  4. 4

    Thanks for the warning. Another movie I won't pay money to see.

  5. 5

    SO are they waiting for her to come out of prison to start the shoot?

  6. 6

    You mean she's rooting a lot of people…

  7. chiro says – reply to this


    If she's in this movie then no one will take it seriously! people keep saying she can act but that last time she did anything good was almost 15yrs ago! If you weigh 300lbs no one cares that you use to be a size 6!!!!!!!

  8. 8

    Lindsay was very excited because when they parted Victoria kissed her on both cheeks and made her an offer she couldn't refuse.

  9. 9

    pulllleeeeeeze..this is the same bs that went on around the linda lovelace movie. she even flew to cannes to help promote that film. she can't be insured. if she isn't insured, the money people won't provide the cash. these people are doing the same thing to her that the linda lovelace people did. use her for the torrent of publicity and speculation to generate interest in the movie. it is pathetic.

  10. 10

    Re: chiro – u said it perfectly.

  11. 11

    Once again, what a load of pure crap. Victoria Gotti has nothing to do with the production of this film and suggesting Trollhan doesn't mean anything. Trollhan actually looks the same age as Victoria and talk about two cases of bad hair extensions. Victoria says" Lindsay was adorable in parent trap"?Thats ancient history !! "She's a good kid"? She's a lying, deceiving, manipulative, phycotic, famewhoring thief,has been. Alot like Gotti. Gotti lied about so much on that trainwreck of a show she had. And since when are mobsters now celebrities. I guess she's taken time out from her foreclosure problems to produce Loser Lindsay. May be the Trollhan and Gotti long time friendship explains afew things. Furthermore, they have a press event to announce the film and the "REAL" actors who are being offered rolls are there and then there is Lindsay and Dina who everyone knows have not been offered anything. Starting to smell alot like the Linda Lovelace BS. Trollhans go away!!! Oh, and Lindsay, get ready for your only staring part coming up next week. Felony court !!Do I smell an oscar?

  12. 12

    I think she'd be great for the part.

  13. 13

    Lindsay will do Great in any movie she has the talent . Her trail is nothing more than a store trying to get their 15 mins of fame . Lindsay is a target .
    Yes Lindsay we are rooting for you ! You are Beautiful , Talented , and you Rock !
    Go get em Lindsay !

  14. 14

    Come on, Perez! Her "pesky" trial?!?!?! She CHOSE to go to trial instead of take a plea deal so it's her OWN DAMN FAULT!