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10-Year-Old Boy Swims To Safety After Mother Drives Into River

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Such a sad story…but SUCH a brave young boy!

Last night, 25-year-old mother Lashanda Armstrong drove her minivan into NY's Hudson River following a domestic incident, killing herself and three children.

Her 10-year-old son, Lashaun, was fortunately able to escape through the window and swim to safety.

This is incredibly upsetting! We don't care what the "domestic incident" was that occurred…violence against oneself or others is NEVER the answer.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Lashaun during this extremely difficult time.

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55 comments to “10-Year-Old Boy Swims To Safety After Mother Drives Into River”

  1. 1

    Yeah because, you know, domestic violence isn't part of the issue, or anything.

  2. 2

    So brave!

  3. 3

    Celebrity gossip at it's best!

  4. 4

    LaShanda and LaShaun? I'm going to go out on limb here and assume they are blacks. Another shining example of whats wrong with society.

  5. 5

    How tragic and terribly sad. That's just messed up. Why not take the children to safety and leave them in a safe place. Those poor kids. Of course, those people that suffer from schizophrenia cannot reason out these things. Although, I don't know if the person had that disorder or not. What a nightmare it would be to not know the difference between real and fantasy.

  6. 6

    This does not seem to be celebrity news. Please stay on subject. Also violence against oneself is fine. Just keep others out of it. It was not really brave of the boy, just instinctive.

  7. 7

    I thought the mother let him out and he ran to the nearest fire station after the mother drove into the river..
    From Yahoo: "NEWBURGH, N.Y. - A woman who had just been involved in a domestic dispute loaded her four children into a minivan Tuesday night before letting one out and driving the rest of them into the Hudson River, firefighters said. The woman and three young children were killed."

  8. 8

    The little ones that drown with her are sons, ages 2 and 5, and her 11-month-old daughter. Another news station indicated that she had an argument with her boyfriend. Why didn't she just keep driving them out of town or to a shelter or to family or friends. —–This makes me so very sad.

  9. 9

  10. 10

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – Seriously! Preach that shit haha. I love you.

  11. 11

    this just brought tears to my eyes

  12. 12

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble
    your comments make you sound like an idiotic, revolting, son of a bitch! for you to make racial comments crosses the line. i hope you burn in hell!

  13. 13

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – I don't think race is the focus here, in fact there are very similar horrific situations that happened to white, Hispanic mothers and fathers, and probably every other race around the globe. I hate when people twist everything to fit their agenda… that goes for Perez banging the violence is never the answer drum too. I hope this little boy has some loving and stable force in his life. He will need it.

  14. 14

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – Typical racist white person.

  15. 15

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – That's what I thought when I read this on a different site. 25 with 4 kids already and the oldest one 10 you just know this was our welfare system at work.

  16. 16

    Since this happened in the town I work in, I feel the need to comment on this story.

    The mother got in a fight with the father of the 3 younger children, she drove in to the river and LaShaun was able to get the window down, swim in 40 degree water, and run 4 blocks to the fire station to get help. The police had been called to the residence 10 minutes prior for a domestic violence call, when they arrived, the apt. was empty.

    This has nothing to do with race and anyone insinuating that is ignorant. Just over a month ago a police officer was killed in the line of duty here responding to a domestic violence call involving WHITE people.

  17. 17

    LMAO at the idiots who claim I am "racist". You might be surprised to know that I voted for Obama and hopefully he slashes the budget on all of this ridiculous welfare that is being abused.

  18. 18

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – I just registered to this just to tell you that you are the reason why our country is like this. It's ignorant racist people like yourself. What happened today was a horrible tragedy that left a child without his mother or siblings. Who cares what color his skin is? I hope you get the help you need ..

  19. 19

    Wow, she was waaaay too young to be a mother, you can def. see that!

  20. 20

    I still don't understand why you post news like this.

  21. 21

    Read your news better…she let him out of the car b4 she drove it in. Doesnt make him any less brave…but if your going to report stuff, get your facts right.

  22. 22

    @kitcat412- if you read the updated reports, he was in the van when it went into the water, he was able to get the window down and swim to shore. You need to read the reports more carefully!

  23. 23

    Oh my gosh. This is horrible. I hate hearing about effing mothers killing their children! This is what she was trying to do right? WTF was she thinking?!?! I dont care how pissed off I am at anyone EVER I would never EVER do something like this to my babies. Oh goodness those poor babies had to drowned cause of they're stupid mom. So so sad.

  24. 24

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – Because us white people NEVER have babies at 14……or get on welfare. Go to the KKK forums, stay off this site racist.

  25. 25

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – You are racist and hateful in every sense of the word. If you're like this in real life, without the aid of anonymity, then I hope someone beats the ever living shit out of you.

  26. 26

    Sad :( I wish she would have found a place for the children instead of taking them with her. I am glad the little guy made it to safety, but I can't imagine what he is going through.

  27. 27

    Living about 10 minutes from Newburgh, it doesn't surprise me much about the domestic violence part, and no, not because of race. Newburgh is known for it's crime. But something like this is always sad, I can't imagine what the 10 year old must be feeling.

  28. 28

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – You're just mad because so-called minorities are quickly becoming the majority. Ha-ha!!! You will soon be surrounded by us everywhere you look. Better move to Norway if you want to be surrounded by white. Devil!!! :)

  29. 29

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – I'm with you. Blacks and their hip hop culture are ruining America. When hip hop became popular is when morals and self respect went down the drain.

  30. 30

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – omg, what you're saying is soOOO wrong, but extremely hilarious at the same time.

  31. 31

    this is absolutely horrible…

  32. 32

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – F*** YOU!!! She murder her kids because she happen to ble black. In fact the was a case of this happening in 1992, a WHITE WOMAN, killing her two boys and they sent that bitch to jail and excuted her. Americans always have to blame black people (or any other minority race) for your problems. The hip hop culture isn't the reason you are stupid and dumb. It's because your lazy, and always think you have to have easy. You might on top of technology and luxury but we under development countries work hard to give our generation the best education. And we work hard to get it.
    Tranny, its racist people like y

  33. 33

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – F*** YOU!!! She murder her kids because she happen to ble black. In fact the was a case of this happening in 1992, a WHITE WOMAN, killing her two boys and they sent that bitch to jail and excuted her. Americans always have to blame black people (or any other minority race) for your problems. The hip hop culture isn't the reason you are stupid and dumb. It's because your lazy, and always think you have to have easy. You might on top of technology and luxury but we under development countries work hard to give our generation the best education. And we work hard to get it.
    Tranny, its racist people like you who give america a bad name, with your hatred animosity, and stupid overt stereotypes. Ma Vanffculo your ass!!

  34. 34

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble

    hahaha that shits funny.

  35. 35

    I don't find any of this funny! 3 innocent children died. I swear this is a Mad World! Race does not play a role in this. You hear about this all the time.
    Some women are married and kill their kids. I just wish they would all think and put their children somewhere safe! RIP little angels you are in the arms of the angels now.

  36. 36

    if you notice "white people" are the only race ever accused of being racist…..I wounder why…..LOL they think they discovered America and that we owe them something, but here's a question how do you "discover" a place that someone else is already living?!!!

  37. 37

    AND if you want some stereotypes i can give you some!! Your ALL GWB lovers, you treat animals better than people, you have tiny dicks, YOU WISH YOU WERE BLACK (if not than why do you tan?!!), your REDNECKS, listen to country music, hate anything and everyone that doesnt agree with your way of life, and YOUR ALL FULL OF SHIT!!

  38. 38

    Re: pie107 – and you can't spell.

  39. 39

    Re: pie107 – Wow. What "tranny" said was bad, but your nasty remarks just blew him/her out of the water, you jerk. But there are many reasons why white people are mainly the ones being considered racist. For starters, a lot of white people were very racist back in the day, and some still are. Also because the white people either stay away from the majority black areas, OR they are too scared to admit that they have had racial incidents. I don't know about where you live, but where I live, some of the black people are EXTREMELY racist, WAY more so than the whites. I had to go to a majority black school growing up. Although I didn't talk to too much of anybody, white or black, I had nasty racist remarks made about my white skin color on a daily basis, and I never once said anything to them. But even though I got it bad, my black friend got it worse. She was what they called an "oreo" (meaning black on the outside and white on the inside) and she was even beaten up for not liking black men. And do you know why she preferred white people?? It's because she was a foster kid, and the only foster parents she had that didn't beat her up or molest her were the white ones. White people aren't perfect, but blacks DEFINITELY aren't angels, either. So don't go around acting like black folks are all sweet and innocent, when in reality YOUR comment was just as classless and trash-filled as tranny's- if not more!

  40. 40

    Re: pie107 – If you'd actually learn how to spell and open up an American History book, you'd learn that YOUR people sold YOU to be slaves not white people. You'd also learn that a WHITE MAN set the slaves FREE! When most of the slaves were told they could leave most of them stayed with their masters because some of them treated them good and helped them provide for their families. Another thing… Egyptians were slaves, too! You moron! Learn your shit before you go talking about people being racist!

  41. 41

    Re: pie107 – Wow. You're an idiot. You need to realize something YOUR people sold YOU into slavery. A WHITE MAN set the slaves FREE! Maybe if you'd open a History book you'd know this.

  42. 42

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – eww so ignorant ur parents must be soo proud of you :| .
    Re: pie107 – and your just as bad as that idiot!

  43. 43


    This is definitely a sad story.

    I do not think it’s fair to skim over the fact that there was a domestic violence issue and simply not “care.” This sheds some light on the emotional/psychological effects of domestic violence and its detriment to the family unit. We do not know the financial or familial situation of this woman, nor do we know the type of menacing/manipulation and pain from which she may have been running away.

    Instead of glossing over the severe emotional effects that domestic violence has on people, you should take this moment to make readers aware that this problem is very much real. It’s not fair to completely disregard such a heavy issue. I’m, however, glad this child made it to safety.


  44. 44

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – You are very ignorant and racist. Cases like this one go on with whites as well. Andrea Yates(white woman) drowned her 5 children in Texas and Susan Eubanks (white woman) shot and killed her 4 sons in 1999. And to call those children niglets, you are a devil and need serious help. All I can do is pray for people like you. You talk about all the stereotypes of blacks but in fact a lot of white people do horrible and evil things as well don't limit violence to a race. There are people of all race that has problems. But this just shows your ignorance.

  45. 45

    Re: amynicole89 – LOL, aren't you all confusing things ? Because maybe african people "sold" others but if whites (english, american, french and so much more) weren't there to trade an human against a mirror (or any other shit those people never saw) things woulnd't be this way

  46. 46

    This is a HEARTBREAKING story. Those poor poor babies. I find it horrific that anyone would turn this into a racist issue! The woman was probably sick with bipolar or post pardom. Its terrible. To Tranny & Pie- YOU ARE BOTH VERY VERY IGNORANT!!! Probably just a product of your enviroment but I find it very very sad. Its because of people like the both of you that racism is even a issue anymore. Pie what makes you better then anyone else?? You are defending your race by using the same means that cause all these problems. You sound like a child…with issues of your own to boot. Tranny- Your name is tranny? You would think being that you dont even know what sex you are or want to be that you would have a little compassion to people who have been discriminated against. BECAUSE I'm sure it has happened to you. You are both sorry excuses for human beings and KARMA will get you! What comes around goes around!! RIP to those little angels and their mom. Your in Gods hands now.

  47. 47

    another example of a child not obeying their parents wishes…..what's wrong with kids today?……

  48. 48

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – I think you're on the wrong site, please relocate to Stormfront. Bye.

  49. 49

    The mom was 25 which means she had her first child at 15. She must have had a super hard life. May she be forgiven and rest in peace with her babies. Sending strength to Lashun. xoxoxo

  50. 50

    Re: gabegetsyouhighRe: TrannyTakesATumble – I wish someone would drive both of you into the Hudson River. :)

  51. 51

    Re: TrannyTakesATumbleRe: gabegetsyouhighRe: crickets – I hope you all get the shit beat out of you. Those are horrible comments to make about people who died. You definitely don't know their situation and just to judge them that way is wrong. Go fuck yourselves.

  52. 52

    Re: mcsqueel – oh you can go suck a dick really? So only hip hop has broken the morals in America? go fuck yourself too

  53. 53

    Re: amynicole89Re: PlayingTheAngelRe: pie107Re: ashywashy – Seriously ppl why are you making this a race issue? A mother and three children lost their lives, do you have any respect? Its shameful that this whole page is dedicated to such hate and not the real problem of domestic violence. Just stop. You all sound very ignorant

  54. 54

    yeah, you dont really care because she wasn't a gay man.

  55. 55

    headline is inaccurate and does not agree with the story reported