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Avatar Sequels To Be Made In Manhattan…Beach

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avatar sequels to be made in manhattan beach

Did you get excited there for a moment, New Yorkers? Ha!

Last we heard about Avatar 2, Michelle Rodriguez was talking about the next film being set underwater.

Now, we're hearing that James Cameron and 20th Century Fox will be working on motion capture photography and high-tech production of the Avatar sequels out of a Manhattan Beach facility.

The studio is MASSIVE at 580,000 sq ft with 15 soundstages!

Here's what entertainment office specialist Jim Jacobsen of Industry Partners had to say about the new space:

“Given the two different requirements — needing soundstages like he had before and office space, and the fact that the Hercules Campus has started demolition, it’d make sense he’d be interested in a studio operation like Manhattan Beach Studios. 90,000 square feet of space on the Westside is very difficult to put together.”

Very cool.

Sounds like it will be exciting times in Manhattan Beach pret-ty soon!

[Image via WENN.]

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10 comments to “Avatar Sequels To Be Made In Manhattan…Beach”

  1. 1

    very few people get excited in manhattan Mario. Teens maybe, like when Pattinson films, but….. film crews film OUTSITE ALL THE TIME, and you get some on lookers-those who don't have jobs. BUT MOST NYCers are BUSY! and they are rushing by. It's been over 15 years since I worked in the city, BUT, I don't even know what movie was filming (worked near Grand Central) and the Director's ass'ts were TRYING TO GET BUSINESS PEOPLE as EXTRAS, what ever SCALE WAS FOR EXTRAS, for the day, and NO TAKERS. JUST LAUGHS. (a # of people in my building were stopped-either could not take the day off and/or scale was a slap in the face. They (mainly exec types) made alot more and did not want to be BOTHERED with the hollywood crap.

  2. 2

    and when I was alot younger, I forgot what comedy it was, but 4 men were trying to get away from some bad guys, and they walked around Broadway with a box over the 4 of them. AND NO ONE TOOK A SECOND GLANCE! The actor was amazed, but hey, you are in NY. I again, remember when Ghostbusters II was coming out, and I saw the GB 'ambulance' (city made them put BLUE LIGHTS ON) driving around Grand Central. I was young, I LOVED IT. Again, not too many people stopped, other than ME and some tourists with cameras. And besides Mario, what STUDIO COULD THEY FILM IT AT IN NYC? Silver cup too small. and if it is INDOORS, NO ONE WOULD KNOW ABOUT, NOR WOULD THEY CARE!!!! (as opposed to outdoors where, unless R. Pattison was in it, VERY FEW WOULD CARE!)

  3. 3

    Hey Mario, did ya hear, though, seriously, that they are pulling up bones, NOT THE SHOW BONES, BUT skeletons all over what they are saying 'GILGO BEACH' out on our Long Island? Basically, our JONES BEACH AREA? NOW, the first FOUR, YES, 4, have been identified as prostitutes, but they do not know about the other FIVE OR SIX! or if it is the SAME PERSON! Yes, we have a SERIAL KILLER OR KILLERS ON THE ISLAND, dumping bodies around nice beach houses(not really rich beach houses). now, this morning, they said some of these bodies may have been out there really long (first 4 18 months old) Real nice, BEAUTIFUL BEACHES THAT EVERYONE ENJOYS, FAMILIES, SINGLES, ETC. and some murdering degenerate (s) are murdering and disposing women (no matter what they do) along PUBLIC BEACHES. NOTHING IS SAFE ANYMORE. NOTHING

  4. 4

    The fact that Cameron is making Avatar 2 proves to me that Hollywood is all about money these days - not the art or the love of film. According to him, he had the idea for Avatar for at least a decade, but now he can just pull out a new movie in just a couple years? I don't think it's going to be so great, but of course, it'll be a moneymaker. Why couldn't he just be content with the first Avatar's HUGE success and make something new?

  5. 5

    For any of us (true) locals, this sucks and is not really all that exciting. We just want our beach down to be let alone and not turned into another Leguna or Malibu. Living so close to LA we understand the movies are going to encroach in our business, but this just really makes me sad. I live down the street from MB Raleigh Studios, our traffic will suck even more now, and when I'm back home on break from school (while they are filming) it's going to be freaking impossible to get anywhere, and the line up will be crowded with newbs. We are too small to handle any more traffic than we already do. I guess I won't be going to see Avatar, not out of protest really, but it always kills it for me when I see my hometown in movies…there is no way I can even pretend that it's real when I see my elementary school in the back ground. :( Even if we don't see any images of MB…whatever time this is going to be filmed, it's going to be a whole lot more difficult to get around.

  6. 6

    @MBLocal - give it a rest… and learn to spell por favor. I too am an MB native, born and raised and have worked next to Raleigh Studios for years. The movies do not encroach upon our city like they do others (like Westwood, for example, where there is either a premiere or a filming every week that shuts down streets and causes crazy traffic). Let's be honest, our humble beach town may have a studio and may be home to celebrities but no one cares. Traffic is not bad because of celebrities, it is bad because there are thousands of people crammed into the tiny South Bay AND if anything, we're more crowded because of the aerospace tech corps than the movie studios. You didn't see fans of "The OC" LINED UP, causing TRAFFIC jams every week because the OC was filmed in MB and chances are, you won't see this either with Cameron working out of Raleigh.

  7. 7

    This guy is ugly and makes films that may be innovative to look at, however the dialogue is some of the worst I have heard…..I hear he is an ego out-of-control too….He needs to get some work done (let's face it, IF he were a woman director, people would be critical of her looks if she looked this bad)….so I am taking this opportunity to say: MEN GET SOME WORK DONE!!!!

  8. 8

    By the way, I live in L.A. too and we are not thrilled about movies being made in our neighborhoods…..So, you too cool NYC people are not alone…..Celebs are everywhere and I see them as people, just like you and me….who cares…

  9. 9

    Re: sanfran1 – manhattan beach is not in new york, get a clue

  10. 10

    Re: MBlocal16 – give me a break! i lived there for years and they film all sorts of crap from pv to redondo beach to manhattan breach and you probably never really noticed AND UM HELLOW SOUNDSTAGE, you wont be seeing your elementary school in that movie…unless your school is in one of the soundstages
    GOD you are just embarrassing!
    last thing, if you don't like it, i recommend you leave southern california