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40 comments to “WTF?! Bret Easton Ellis Compares Glee To "Puddle of HIV"”

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    I feel that way after visiting this site.

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    This guy cranked out junk novels that Hollywood gobbled up like cocaine back in the day. Not one of his movies is watchable all these years later. Dated and boring. You had to have lived during the time the novels were written to relate to the characters. If it wasn't for Christian Bale American Pyscho would be unwatchable.

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    And here I thought I was the only one. Although, I might have said a puddle of STD's.

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    LOL that is a funny tweet!! LOVE IT!!

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    LMAO, funny because everytime I visit Mario's website I feel like I've stepped into a puddle of HIV too. Its no longer a secret that Mario is suffering from AIDS and he wants the government to shell out more money because of his stupidity. He even posted an article recently on how the government isn't putting enough money into AIDS research. Sorry Mario but we shoudn't have to pay for your desperate promiscuity.

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    Unprotected teen sex is an open invitation to contract HIV … both straight and gay. If that is what he meant… I can't disagree. It is the same for all of the shows targeting teens, from Nick to WB, Fox to MTV….

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    …I kind of just assumed he meant that he felt dirty watching a show about high school students in a glee club?

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    When Bret was at Bennington he use to suck off a buddy of mine who has the world's smallest dick. 2 inches hard!! no shit!! anyway, Bret, the only puddle i think of when I see that squished-up mug you call a face is the puddle that's created on your balls whenever you jack it or take a piss. LOL

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    Sorry fatboy, but most of us know what he means…and agree with him. GAY!

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    LOL - so funny!!! I know what he means!!

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    This has NOTHING to do with gays. From what I understand of this show, there's a lot of SEX… both heterosexual and homosexual…. which CAN lead to stds. Stop leading a witch hunt for things you find offensive, you hypocrite.

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    I am writing a song about that right now.

  14. jham says – reply to this



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    I believe he's talking about the promiscuity that goes on on the show i don't think he's targeting gays like ur thinking of course but there is unprotected sex that goes on alot and these ppl r supossed to be in HIGH SCHOOL! I believe that's what he's saying

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    Re: sockie – and you must like it because you keep coming back for more. what, you have like over 500 comments. lap it up asshole!

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    Pretty Damn Accurate from where Im standing. Why are you getting so wound up over a kids TV show. You're a thirty something bloke!

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    What an asshole, he criticizes but offers nothing constructive.

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    LOL. Hilarious. Keep 'em coming.

  20. 20

    It means he thinks the show sucks, and it does

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    Gross comment.

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    Pretty sure he's talking about everyone sleeping with everyone… especially since he's gay himself….

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    Here's a clue you phag, HIV isn't exclusively a gay man's disease. It's always about you isn't it? Oh yeah, I remember, you do have AIDS. Too bad.

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    ha haa haa!!!
    It means the show SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: sockie – Lololol!

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    Mario, everyone forgot abut this guy. American Psycho and Less than Zero are ready to be screened in rotation on Turner Classic Movies. You just gave him a dose of publicity.

  27. Lumie says – reply to this


    Oh, come on Perez, not everything is about gays! You just didn't understand what he meant. I think he's right, that was a funny comment.

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    Um, if you don't even understand what he means, then how the fuck are you offended by it? Bret Easton Ellis is gay, so I seriously doubt it some gay slur like you're wanting it to be.
    And what the hell is the deal with out these people posting on here that you, Perez, have HIV? Is this true. Will you just address the issue and say if you do or don't so people will quit bringing it up like its some dirty little secret, because if its true, you shouldn't be ashamed of it. You could create awareness by acknowledging it.

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    Re: sockie – hahaha

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    Re: VegasSchmegas – Agree. Sometimes he just sees what he wants to see.
    And Oh Em Gee Perez…. how can you even say "Consider yourself real low", like then you are out of this galaxy since you were one of those people who made Brittany Murphy anorexic. You are low, very low most of the times.

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    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – Are you making this up? If not where did you hear it? I have looked all over online and cannot find a thing about Perez being HIV positive.
    Perez is the first to bring other people's private business out in the open, so why would he be so ashamed about HIV?

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    I like this. Re: TrannyTakesATumble

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    haha Glee sucks.

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    ARE YOU HIV POSITIVE OR NOT???????????????????????

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    "What…does that even mean? Honestly! What part of this are we supposed to find funny? We just find it rather rude and insensitive. "

    Who's "we"?

    I thought it was kind of funny myself.

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    why is everything a gay issue with you…. stop looking for fights, you’re making YOURSELF a victim. he never mentioned anything with gays. honestly, I’m more offended by you because you would consider HIV only a gay disease. that’s your mentality not everyone elses.


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    Gotta be sad to be a one hit wonder cum middle aged coke whore still living in the nasty neon glow of the 1980's. If ever a human being deserved to die from the ravages of AIDS , it is Hetero filth like Brett Easton Ellis, who I hear per local rumor, likes to rimmed out by underage girls after a fresh bowel movement. May God strike this disgusting piece of heterosexual filth down in the most painfula nd violent of ways. He deserves a horrendous and prolonged death.

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    Glee may be terrible, but you can think of many other ways to rip on it other than that