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Demi Lovato's 20/20 Interview To Air Next Week

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It's going to be a hard interview to watch, but also, an important one, especially if there is a young girl in your life or if you want to know Demi Lovato a little bit better.

ABC has announced that Demi's in-depth 20/20 interview with Robin Roberts is slated to air next Friday, April 22nd, at 10 PM. A preview of their interview will play that same day on Good Morning America.

What makes this interview so great is that no one is promoting it more than Demi herself. This morning, she took to her Twitter to encourage all of her young fans who are looking for some hope and guidance to tune into the special, tweeting:

"10 days until my GMA and 20/20 interview.. The 20/20 one will be more in depth.. I'm so excited to REALLY share my story with you all.."

And we're so proud of you for finding the courage to finally speak out about the issues you've been dealing with. You're such an icon to the younger generation and we hope your story reaches all of you fans who are in need of a positive role model.

[Image via WENN.]

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53 comments to “Demi Lovato's 20/20 Interview To Air Next Week”

  1. 1

    Not another spoiled-rotten teen celebrity's Throw Up story, soon to be a book & Lifetime Movie of the Week….

  2. 2

    Future trainwreck!! She already slapped the shit out some innocent girl. Lock her nasty dirty ass up!!

  3. 3

    Wow… She's a positive role model, for temporarily going psycho and punching some chick? REAL POSITIVE… Go crazy, get caught, get forced into rehab, and become a hero for young girls everywhere… Right? Just what our generation needs?

  4. 4

    Re: Ethan Scott Haden Hayes – Lol your. Stupidity continues to amaze me Ethan scot haze. For someone who doesn't like this chick, you sure do like to talk about her. You can't hate her that much if you're constantly talking about her like is. But I noticed that you supported Miley a few times in these posts. Which I find funny because you claim she's a bad role model for speaking out against eating disorders and pretty much raising awareness for the issue yet you support someone who has evidence against them for taking drugs and you support someone who pretty much throws hissiy fits whenever she doesnt get what she wants? Lol your stupidity makes me laugh.

  5. 5

    Re: Ethan Scott Haden Hayes – Also buddy she didn't "get caught" she admitted her issue and she voluntarily went into rehab. She wasn't forced into anything. I guess you haven't been keeping up on your celEb news but yeah. If you are going to bash someone. Get your facts straight you dumb ass.

  6. 6

    Re: diamondheart – One problem dumb ass. That bitch she slapped wasn't innocent. Nor was she sweet. You're a moron.

  7. 7

    Re: Ethan Scott Haden Hayes – She's a better role model than you mister "I like to judge people without even knowing them and impede the progress of self improvement for man kind" I'd rather side with someone who made a mistake in life than some hypocrite like you. She's ten times the person you are.

  8. 8

    Dear Perez, the bully has re-emerged.
    As following, "ThePerezHater" AND "Jeff Ting"

  9. 9

    Re: Ethan Scott Haden Hayes – Says the man who insults public figures that he doesn't know. Public figures with eating disorders and cutting issues as well. I guess you'll be going after cancer patients next? Hell why not go for the gusto and attack burn unit patients while you're at it lol. You're really gonna call me a bully when you base your posts off of assumptions? you're so damaged pal.

  10. 10

    Re: Ethan Scott Haden Hayes – You guys gotta read this comment mister Ethan Scott Haden, aka mister douche bag sent me. It's quite hysterical.

    "You're making me feel like absolute shit. If I died, and you were responsible. Would you be able to deal with yourself knowing you took a dad from a fifteen month old girl. Leaving my disabled husband on his own… Would you be able to deal with that?"

    Lol. this gets me every time. Are you for real dude? You have the balls to play the victim card after you bash someone that you don't even know in real life, someone that you don't even have a personal relationship with or even have a simple grasp of what they dealt with and you have the nerve to play the whole "why are you hurting me? wha wha wha" card? Are you that deplorable dude? You are what is wrong with this generation today. Your hypocrisy, your willingness to play the blame card on someone you don't even know or have a full GRASP of their situation about what happened? You're pathetic pal. You're the reason why this generation is messed up. Compared to you, she is exactly what this world needs. to fight douche bags like you.

  11. furt5 says – reply to this


    Oh no we have about 10 years till she ends up a skinny prostitute that Charlie Sheen does blow with!!!

  12. 12

    Re: Jeff Ting – So you know I've had an eating disorder? I've had a drug overdose, I've had a cutting problem, but I don't go smacking people cause of it. You want to insult me? Get to know me you piece of trash.

  13. furt5 says – reply to this


    Re: Jeff Ting – hey dude you wanna fucking blow it out your ass! you might wanna go back to china or korea were you belong be you get you ass blown off

  14. 14

    Re: Jeff Ting – Ya, I never said that. Way to make shit up.

  15. 15

    Re: Jeff Ting – And don't you think if that was real, you should put it in full context of what you said to "me".

    If you want to make it convincing you have to have what you said to, I mean, common sense right?

  16. 16

    a banana and some apple juice?!!? somebody get this girl a big mac!

  17. 17

    Re: Ethan Scott Haden Hayes – So you did have one, yet you're insulting someone else that has an eating disorder and what not? Lol either way it doesn't make you look good dude. Either you are a bully or, you insult your own kind. No you don't go smacking people because of it. YOu go judging others without knowing them. You insult their intentions to do good and all that other stuff. You're worse.

  18. 18

    Re: Ethan Scott Haden Hayes – No you did say that. I have it on record and in PM's. lol. Nice try.

  19. 19

    Re: Ethan Scott Haden Hayes – Well this isn't about what I am saying. It's about what YOU are saying. I mean you're basically saying that people can't improve themselves. They have to live with their mistakes 24/7 which pretty much means no self improvement, no bettering yourselves through your mistakes, basically you're against self improvement. Yeah you're ten times worse than someone who smacked someone else for being a shitty friend.

  20. 20

    Re: furt5 – Wow such verbal pwnage coming from an invalid with a speech impediment. I'm so hurt. Oh woe is me. How will I cope with this verbal ownage? Lol. For real dude? come on.

  21. furt5 says – reply to this


    yuh know what fuck you Chink the only place you belong is six feet under the japan earthquake along with you family members so go suck it basterd!

  22. 22

    Re: Ethan Scott Haden Hayes – But I'm curious to know why someone who shared the same issues she did and still does would want to belittle someone with said issues? I mean you would think that you would want to ENCOURAGE someone to get better. Especially someone who is putting said issues in the light for people to see. Yet here you are trying to pass judgement and bully a public figure that you don't know? So basically you're pretty much an insult towards everything that you went through to get better.

    She may have smacked someone out of a co-morbid state of mind. But at least she never tried to hault someone's progress. That pretty much trumps your sorry ass. Nice try but you still look like a douche bag.

  23. 23

    Re: Jeff Ting – Easily forged, and you seem like the person who would do that.

  24. 24

    Re: Ethan Scott Haden Hayes – Nope. That came from a PM you sent me. And you know it. Looks like you're trying to back track lol.

  25. 25

    Re: furt5 – Lol. thank you. Your idiotic post proved my point.

  26. furt5 says – reply to this


    to my last post I am extremely sorry to anyone else who has lost some one to this tragedy I am just very annoyed of this arigent prick that choose to harass people/past conversation and just wish bad nature upon him!

  27. 27

    Re: Jeff Ting – Why should I tell you anything about my life? If you just choose to pretend I said stuff, or whatever. Why would I give you anymore ammo to pick on me in defense of somebody you clearly have an unhealthy obsession with.

  28. 28

    Re: Jeff Ting – No backtracking. Where on earth did you get me backtracking out of that? I just said if you were to post anything else, it could be easily forged. Which seems like something someone like you would go out of your way to do just to bully.

  29. 29

    Re: Ethan Scott Haden Hayes – I didn't say you pretended to say stuff. I am telling you that your actions are saying it right now. YOu're saying it to me right now. You use to be a cutter and someone with an eating disorder. Yet you are impeding the self progression of other people by insulting someone else who you don't know. THat's all you. Your ACTIONS say that. You're insulting someone who is trying to do a good thing. That is all you dude.

  30. 30

    Re: Ethan Scott Haden Hayes – But it's not forged. It's documented. Your actions are documenting it right now. Your PMS that you sent me are a blatant showcase of your hypocrisy. You bully other people you don't know, yet you want people to take sympathy towards you? That's completely hypocritical on your end and down right deplorable. How dare you play the judgement card when you yourself are doing something much worse than what she or anyone else in her position has done.

  31. 31

    Re: furt5 – No not at all. I mean what's wishing that someone partook in one of the biggest tragedies this year in some petty little post of yours right? You're a real humanitarian. Join the league of the extraordinary with mister hypocritical D bag. AKA Ethan Scott Haden Hates…I mean hayes. Sorry. Slip of the tongue.

  32. 32

    Re: Ethan Scott Haden Hayes – And you also admitted to me that you bullied public figures and other people in the past. THat is in my PM. I don't see how you're any better. Just because you never smacked someone doesn't mean you didn't do damage or did something worse. Frankly her actions are miniscule compared to yours.

  33. 33

    WTF? demi is an entertainer, not a role model for children. Mario is so removed from reality its actually quite sad.

  34. 34

    I really want that scarf.

  35. 35

    I had an eating disorder and cutting problem and the fact that you disgusting, ignorant pieces of trash are using that against an 18 year old is beyond wrong. She made a mistake and she had the balls to own up to it and do something about it. It's insensitive dicks like yourselves who make people like me feel like shit. Grow some balls and stop making sensitive, damaged people like myself feel like crap. If you've got nothing positive to say, DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL YOU BASTARDS! Enough said…..

  36. 36

    Re: ThePerezHater – Hey ”Dumb Ass”, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and just because the rest of us don't see how an 18 year old going into rehab as inspiring or as a good role model to younger kids it doesn't give you the right to go around hurling insults with your foul mouthed language, your ”stupidity” amazes me!

  37. 37

    I truly hope Demi uses her struggles to speak out for those who suffer from eating disorders. I am so happy to see her healing and her commitment to her recovery. It takes a ton of courage not just to GO to treatment, but to go in front of the whole world, and then be willing to talk about it.

    Anyone who disparages this young woman for her struggles is nothing but a coward.

  38. 38

    I like Robin Roberts, but she lost all validity with her interview with Sarah Palin a few months back. She had the perfect opportunity and blew it, IMHO

  39. 39

    Re: LydiaK – Is it me or are you Demi haters just naturally stupid? Lol. If you actually read my post, you'd see that it has nothing to do with liking someone or not. It has to do with the fact that the fucktard I was talking to is a giant hypocrite and an overall douche bag. I personally don't care if you don't see her as a role model. However the fact that someone who shared the same issues with her is impeding her to NOT bring this issue to light is pretty disgusting. Which I mentioned and obviously your general ineptitude doesn't force you to see that.

    Educate yourself you moron.

  40. 40

    I wish her the best in her recovery.

  41. 41

    Re: LydiaK – Took the words straight from my mouth, awesome opinion =]

  42. 42

    Re: ThePerezHater – OMG you are trully a piece of trash, you are probably Demi herself justifying her action. I feel terrible for you…Help is out there

  43. 43

    Re: diamondheart – This is coming from some idiot who believes the likes of Perez Hilton, and supports a dancer who robs from people with eating disorders as well as steals from friends. And I'm a piece of trash? Lol. You really are a fucking retard.

  44. 44

    Re: Ethan Scott Haden Hayes – Actually mister hypocritical hater, that isn't so much an opinion as it is a stupid statement. Then again bullies like you tend to roll in packs with other bullies right? Keep up the bs. You continue to prove my point.

  45. 45

    Re: LydiaK – “Hey ”Dumb Ass”, everyone is entitled to their own opinions”

    Not if it’s stupid. And yours is pretty ignorant. Then again it’s not as bad as mister Ethan Scott’s. That man just spews out ignorance lol/

    “and just because the rest of us don't see how an 18 year old going into rehab as inspiring or as a good role model to younger kids it doesn't give you the right to go around hurling insults with your foul mouthed language,”

    Yes it does. And I’ll tell you why. My post wasn’t about opinions. It was about the morons here thinking that they have an idea of a person based off of what they seen in the surface. Fact is neither of you know who she is, and for the most part, everyone else thinks she’s doing a good thing. Yet you want to stop her from reaching out to people with the same issues? That not only gives me the right to call you out for your douche baggery, but almost a civil service. So consider this my good deed for the day ;-)

  46. 46

    Re: ThePerezHater – Is it me or are YOU just ”naturally stupid??" You obv have a problem with understanding the simplest of things, i.e my response to you. So let me break it down for you and hopefully then you'll understand it a little bit better - I made a response to your foul mouthed language towards others on the comment boxes, as I thought it was disgusting and quite frankly something of the bullying kind, and evidently so as you continue to go around calling people dumb etc (maybe to make up for the fact that you yourself aren't the brightest).

    Further more, ”Yet you want to stop her from reaching out to people with the same issues?” - Yes, because that's why she's doing it, nothing to do with the thousands that she'll make off of it, not unless shes doing it for free which in that case I'll applaud her. And further, quite frankly I'd rather see a soldier who's the same age as her who's been off fighting at war get that TV slot that she has and get paid the thousands she'll get for doing it.

    Now to get back to the point that I was simply making but you had trouble grasping - Perez saying of how she's an icon; whinding up in rehab at 17 is nothing iconic of the sort. I don't hate the girl, I just don't find that sort of behavior inspiring in the slightest. With regards to yourself, take your limited vocabulary (”dumb ass, stupid") and bullying antics elsewhere, as it's all quite boring!

  47. 47

    Re: LydiaK – Oooh someone has their panties in a little knot. I assume it’s all the pressure of being a “law student” lol. I guess that’s what it’s called these days right? But I like how you automatically assume that MONEY is someone’s main goal of doing something. I guess all those people out there who make movies for their passion and actors and actresses who do artistic work are only in it FOR the money right? Cause god forbid that people also need FINANCES to…you know. SURVIVE lol. But no your right. Everyone out there who is trying to make it on television or is trying to help people are only doing it for their own financial gain. So the doctors out there who try to help people are only in it for the money right? AS for that solider is concerned, he would be paid too. So I guess that means you wouldn’t him or her to do it because that person would get money too?

    As far as what is “inspiring” goes. Perez wasn’t talking about her “behavior” but her actions to “get better” I thought that was clear but I guess even law students can’t read between the lines. Like I said to you before babe. You really need to change professions. There’s honor in janitorial duties. Hell maybe you’ll be lucky to clean one of those fancy law offices :-D

  48. 48

    Re: LydiaK – In all honesty. Are you sure you're a law student? Because I was under the impression that law students weren't invalids. I guess basic education let you down eh? That's ok. It's not you're fault that you're a simpleton ;-)

  49. 49

    Re: LydiaK – Also is she 18 or 17? You can't even keep track of her age, how do you expect me to take you seriously? lol. For real.

  50. 50

    Re: ThePerezHater – Firstly, she went into rehab at 17; secondly, she's now 18 - hope that clears up the confusion you had! Thirdly, the law talk - get over it! Just because i'm doing something that you'd probably aspire to be but never got to doesn't mean you have to get all bitchy with it, MOVE ON!! Fourthly, re the money issue. The difference between her, a doctor, and that soldier, is that they're doing things that actually make a substantial impact on others, i.e they save life's and in the case of the soldier, help protect our country by risking their own life's. And wake-up call, I didn't dispute anyone's passion, but in any job that one loves or hates, money comes into it! We all want to make a good amount of money to lead comfortable life's. However, I don't see the need for people to exploit themselves in order to make money, not unless they've actually done something for the good of man kind. I hope I've made myself perfectly clear.

  51. 51

    Re: LydiaK – Firstly. No she was 18 when she went into rehab. Secondly, she was 18 when she went into rehab. Thirdly. Why do you care what “talk” I use? You seem to be more gung ho to prove to me that you’re at “law school” more than anything else. Which gives me the impression that’s all BS. Fourthly how does this NOT make a substantial impact on others? Aren’t eating disorders a huge issue these days? How is this not helping people and what not? Maybe this isn’t to the extent as a doctor saving lives. But it’s still HELPING people isn’t it? And yes any job that one loves or hates, money DOES come out of it. So how is this different from any other job besides being on a much grander scale? And you are “exploiting” people per say. Why do you think general practicing doctor have “regular patients”? Why do you think the soldiers that go to Iraq, the ones that have heroic stories and what not are getting offers from news companies to tell their story? Because we want to hear it! That in a way is exploitation! So how is that any different than what she is doing? Ah duh?! Wake up call :-P

  52. 52

    Re: ThePerezHater – If you didn’t care, then you wouldn’t be bringing it up now would you? Again who are you trying to convince? Me or you? And I’ll stop with the Fast food references when you stop it with the pseudo intellectual BS that any idiot with half a brain can look up on a search engine. Actually don't. It's your most entertaining aspect :) And again who said this was ARGUING? This is a flame war you imbecile. This is hurling quips and insults back and forth. Why the hell would I waste energy giving a “constructive” argument to some random dunce who can’t even comprehend common sense? Let alone on Perez Hilton’s page? Lol oh god. Arguing on Perez Hilton’s page. That’s a good one thanks for the yucks ;-)

  53. 53

    I'm proud of Demi for taking the step to get help. Even if she was pushed to get it, at least she didn't fight it. It's not easy to ask for help & admit there's something wrong with you. She is a role model to others going through the same thing in the sense that she is making sure others know that there IS help out there & there IS hope. She still has a long way to go but I only wish her the best