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Listen To GaGaloo Reveal New Lyric From Song On Born This Way

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As she says, she just can't stop writing!

In concert the other night, Lady GaGa revealed that she had written a new lyric to be added to a song on the Born This Way album. She explained to her audience the importance of being "relentless with kindness," which is something she has been thinking a lot of about these days and then revealed this line from one of her new songs:

"You've got to earn your lover in this part of town."

We like it. We like it a lot. We can't wait to hear the rest of it.

Until then, check out the video (above) to hear our wifey chat with the audience about being kind to one another.

Love you, GaGaloo!

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42 comments to “Listen To GaGaloo Reveal New Lyric From Song On Born This Way

  1. M: says – reply to this


    stop promotimg her seriously.we dont believe in a single ord this bitch says. u may be her friend but stop it. sh sucks. shes the biggest fraud in the business. she has no attitude. she isnt smart. shes destroyingit .-she isnt cool

  2. 2

    I was at this concert, in general admission! But you made a typo D: , she says you have to earn your "LEATHER" in this town.

  3. 3

    I love reading hateful comments about Gaga, more publicity please!.. I love it cause you haters are always complaining about her being a fame whore when you are the ones giving her THAT fame. (:

  4. 4

    I LOVE HER!!

  5. 5

    Oh look at that, another "inspirational" pop song. Lawl.

  6. 6

    For God's sake, just create a GagGag Perez sight and keep that skank off this site!! She just isn't that interesting to most people.

  7. 7

    wow one stupid mediocre song lyric…. this is newsworthy? Seriously you have to admit this is just a ridiculous post.

  8. 8

    The lyric seems generic to me. I dont know about this one. You had me all hyped up for Born this way and it fuckin' sucked. I think her time is nearing…

  9. 9

    TOO MUCH NOW PEREZ….TOO MUCH! Each post about this pop singer revelas that not only are you clearly paid under the table to promote her but also of your lack of integrity and unbiased journalism where you continue to post items about Gaga and even yourself despite the wave of protests and people calling you out on it. The total opposite of what your site used to be about. You now embrace what you used to oppose. Your statement on Ellen regarding your new leaf should've also disclosed your intent to sell out! But I guess you're rich and thats all that matters right.

  10. 10

    wow, what a genius. she came up with a new line for her Madonna rip off song. what a talent!!!

  11. 11

    Re: luisforgaga – Nice attempt at reverse psychology but non-gagag fans are smart enough to see right through that. Doesn't change the fact that Perez whores her out too much and she just isn't that good. Only you gays like her because she panders to you and she looks like a tranny to start with.

  12. 12

    Re: luisforgaga – I don't go to her shows, I don't buy her music, I don't pay much attention to her other than when I'm on Perez's site but somehow in your weird little monster brain you think I'm giving her publicity? HAHAHA. So delusional.

  13. 13

    o0o0ow omg so epic… rainbows sunshine bunnies and more! douche.. u think anything she does is fantastic..u are as lame as that crap bitch..

  14. 14

    Re: tenyearsgone
    You're not that smart, otherwise you would be much more clever in your retort, rather than coming up with an overdone tranny reference than came and went in 2008.

  15. 15

    Nasty hag, how bout some new music instead of stealing more of the gay's money with the same old songs.

  16. 16

    maybe you wanna post how Beutiful by xtina got the british award for the most inpirational song of the decade beating gaga's which came in 3rd. this song is a joke!!

  17. sj15 says – reply to this


    perez, i'm pretty sure she said: you gotta ear your LEATHER, not LOVER!

  18. 18

    Enough, enough, fuckin enough of this song.
    Honestly, I'm sick of it. It's not really a good song, not a song that will last for the next 20 years.
    Time for a new single, PLEASE!

  19. 19

    Wow she revealed a fucking sentence from a song. You are seriously creaming your panties over something that trivial? I really wish you would just die and yes I am being 100% serious about that.

  20. 20

    She said "earn your leather" NOT lover. :)

  21. 21

    why dont you put of the video where she falls… hahahahaha!!!
    all i have to say to that is… POR PENDEJA!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  22. 22

    Re: LICKLICKtheseRIBBS – He already did. Try searching for it.

  23. 23

    You like it….WHAT A SURPRISE!! if she shits on your face you like it.

  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    Magnanimity comes more easily when the bank account has several zeros. I smell Catholic schooling and the turn the other cheek thing. It beats being an asshole, for sure, but remember that some people don't get it and prefer and need a big tuning in or they'll strip you of everything they can manage to take. Walk softly, and carry a big stick. Maintain a balance of heart AND intellect.

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: M: – Aren't you just a peach.

  26. 26

    Re: JCPiscool – Plus two cool points for you for owning a Flop monster. :)

  27. 27

    She says "Leather" :p

  28. 28

    lol at this dumb post… it didn't even excite me, and I'm her biggest fan.

  29. 29

    Re: catlover – Thanks Cat!! hahahaha!!!!

  30. 30


  31. 31

    Re: tenyearsgone – This is the best idea yet!! A Gaga-Perez site! (lets face it thats a way better idea than "fit-perez" and "teddyhilton" which are a joke)… this way I don't have to hear about Charlie F*cking Sheen or Lindsay Lohan when I need my Gaga update….and y'all don't have to hear what Lady Gaga is up to everyday.

  32. 32

    First of all.. I cannot believe the hate you all have inside… so sorry for you!
    I've been following Gaga for the last couple of years.. must admit that at the beginning I was really reluctant to the thought of a new talented artist as we've been through almost 2 decades of untalented and boring people… then, I "gave her a chance" and opened my heart and to my surprise she just doesn't stop amaze me….
    I've just had the most f****** freaking AWESOME experience.. and she just blew my mind… I had (at last!!) the possibility to go to her concert in Fort Lauderdale yesterday, and I really have to go back to the pics and vids I took to believe it!
    She's the most talented and creative artist… she is that plant that grows in the middle of the dessert.. she's HOPE… in any and ALL aspects… She's the most wonderful Human Being, so thoughtful and 100% committed to encourage people -of all ages-… I stand for her in anything!

    By the way… for those interested in the post… this is not the video, it just looks alike… the new song is called "You and I" and she dedicated it to Clarence Clemons (Bruce Springsteen's saxophone player) who was in the audience as she said she wouldn't be her if she wouldn't had listened to his music while she was a kid…. Unfortunately, my vid is very short as my camera's battery was dying (~15 secs)

  33. p124 says – reply to this


    in tomorrow's news: GAGA TASKES A CRAP - it smells like Glade Vanilla Paradise

  34. 34

    Gaga promotes love and acceptance and none of you people writing the negative comments get it! Feel sorry for you in your life of negativity! Personally, I enjoy her music and message.

  35. 35

    Re: JCPiscool
    Well, each time you comment on one of her postings, when you could have just easily skipped it if you truly don't give a shit about her, you put those postings higher up on Perez' most commented list, which attracts more readers to that particular posting, as well as generates more hits for Perez. So yes, you are giving her more publicity, Mr. Delusional!

  36. 36

    I can't even believe this passes as news. Do you know what bugs me the most about it though…the outright, unquestionable praise that Lady Gaga always gets from this site!! And it's not like I don't like some of her stuff, but she's a musician - she's bound to do things that are terrible but you spin it around like it's always the newest, greatest thing in all of time!! I mean, in this instance, she released one line of a song and you were like, yeah, we like it, we feel it, this song is going to be amazing!! You heard one line of it…and it wasn't even with background music or with any general understanding of what the song is even about!!!! That'd be like watching a preview for a movie and all they showed was a picture of a car…this is not news - it's a paid for promotion

  37. 37

    I was there! she was inspirational!!!!!

  38. 38

    Teeeheee I was there!!!

  39. 39

    Please Perez, I am a Gaga fan (but NOT a little monster, I'm an individual not one of a herd of sheep) but you are doing her no favours with all this non-news you are posting, it just gives grist for the mill of all the haters on here. If you have real Gaga news then post as much as you want but this smacks of scraping the bottom of the barrel to me. Although, I do have to wonder why the haters bother to read every single thing you post about her, I might read an article about an artist I hate if I come across it (we all post about what we love and what we hate in the main) but I don't go out of my way to look for them, that would be sad :o P

  40. 40

    lover? FAIL
    isn't she your wifey, can't you just ask her the right lyrics?

  41. 41

    I was at this concert where a loyal fan threw a beautiful one sleeved leather jacket on to the stage. She wore the jacket for her next few songs. Before starting to sing you and i she mentions she cant stop writing and she doesn't know whats wrong with her. Gaga goes on by saying that another song shes been working on thats going to be on the Born this way album. mentions:

    " You've got to earn your LEATHER in this part of town"


  42. 42

    Re: M: – "She isn't smart" coming from the person who just posted the most embarrassing and grammatically flawed comment ever.