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Michael Douglas Back In Court To Face Ex

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Michael Douglas Has Some Legal Woes

It has been a messy split for Michael Douglas and his ex, Diandra Douglas, even though they split quite a few years ago.

In the divorce, it was said that Diandra would be getting a portion of what Michael has earned in movies he did during their marriage.

That's the reason why Michael can't figure out why she thinks she deserves any amount from one of his latest movies, Wall Street 2, because it wasn't even on the horizon when they split.

But she is relentless in thinking she does, so, she has asked the courts to reconsider the case that they threw out because they said it should be brought up in California.

Here's a bit of what went on inside the courtroom:

With Diandra Douglas looking on, the actor's lawyer noted his recent fight with throat cancer and said his ex "should be ashamed of herself" for seeking more money when she's gotten more than $51 million from him in the divorce and her stake in some earnings afterward. Her lawyers, meanwhile, mentioned his recent purchase of a $5 million-plus home near New York and his children's private schools.

We're not exactly sure what him buying himself a house and putting his kids through school has to do with him owing her money he has earned. Just as confused as he is!

It'll be inneresting to see if the judge ends up letting this go to court, but we don't really see why they would.

Do U think it should?

[Image via WENN.]

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19 comments to “Michael Douglas Back In Court To Face Ex”

  1. 1

    She must be going through that money like a madwoman. There's no other reason to be going after his earnings on a film that was made years after their divorce, except for pettiness. I hope to hell the court tells her to get a life.

  2. 2

    Disgusting! Michael worked and earned the money. He gave his ex $51 million. Her only job during the marriage was to nurture and parent their son, who ended up becoming a drug addict, felon and jail bird. Great job Diandra. And she wants more $$$ because….? Oh I know, he's got a younger hot wife!

  3. 3

    This woman should be ashamed of herself. Clearly she has taken Gordon Gekko's that "Greed Is Good".

  4. 4

    What a horrible person - she must have one huge pile of resentment and jealousy on her end. Micheal Douglas and Katherine are going through enough already - she needs to grow up and disappear

  5. 5

    What a fucking twat. You got $50 mil in the settlement, but now your butthurt that he still has a lot of money left over? Grow up and move on, you ungrateful bitch.

  6. 6

    probably lost her money with the great Bernie Madoff. So her poor planning

  7. 7

    On the one hand, it has been well reported he cheated on her during their marriage and this obviously hurt her deeply. On the other hand, it was 20 years ago — GET OVER IT! He may have purchased a $5 Million dollar home, but he and HIS WIFE both earn a lot of money & can afford such luxuries. Kind of gives you insight on what must have gone wrong with their son, and how intense his parents' self absorption was that he had to turn to drugs to escape and now wastes away in jail. This woman has been punishing her ex-husband for 20 years. How she must have treated her son?

  8. 8

    Yes, she needs to cut her loses and stop asking for money from this old man….I am not a Michael Douglas fan….he cheated on her throughout their marriage and she apparently thinks 51 million is not enough….She gives certain women a bad name….we women just want fairness, this woman obviously has issues…..not a good example…at all.

  9. 9

    When youre a serial adulterer who eventually dumps a spouse for a younger model, you're a fool to think life will be happily ever after. Especially when you keep raking it in.

  10. 10

    Greed Greed Greed. How disgusting. And as a bit of triva, greed is considered the worst of the 7 deadly sins, as in pursuit of financial excess and desire. Lucky for you Perez Gluttony and Lust aren'y as bad oddly, or else you'd be even more damned than u are already.

  11. 11

    This woman is simply disgusting… Michael should hire an assassin to get rid of her Botoxed ass…

  12. 12

    Gosh, is so unbelieveable that she thinks she deserves anything from the job HE DID. No man should marry anymore through that kind of legal settlements, they always end up losing much more than the women, in material. I bet all she done all this years was to exprime that guys pocket instead of taking care of his son, who is a looney zombie now at days. Shame on her.

  13. 13

    Proof that all women are gold digging useless whores.

  14. 14

    Throat cancer almost killed him. His wife was hospitalized for bi-polar management. Now he's in court with his ex-wife.

    There's a joke in there somewhere.

  15. 15

    Revenge of the ex-wife. She may have blown through most of the 51 million or lost it in bad investments and is desperate to top up her dwindling bank account. I hope her greedy ass gets thrown out of court. And yes, Michael cheated but surely she could have gotten out of the marriage a lot sooner than sticking around for 20 years.

  16. 16

    Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned
    Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.

  17. 17

    You can see by the responses here that if this case were to go in front of a jury, she'd get nothing! I'd vote for her to pay his legal costs, too. A greedy old witch who didn't bother to take care of her oldest child. She needs to forget about extorting her ex and focus on raising her new set of children.

  18. 18

    It does sound greedy BUT thats not the whole truth at all. In her divorse agreement it states that she is to get 50% of any "SPINOFF's" of any movie he made while they were married. Wall Street 2 come to mind. He is arguing that Wall Street 2 is a "Sequal" not a "Spinoff" therefore she is entitled to Nothing. So who's being greedy Michael or Deirdra? A deal is a deal you Both signed and agreed with the divorce papers. Why NY doesn't want to try it is because it feels California has more knowledge of movie deals aka is Wall Street 2 a spinoff and/or sequel considered the same in this respect. And they also got divorced in California.

  19. 19

    The reason the 5 mill. house comes up is only because shes trying to get atial in NY not California because they both live there, Micheal is claiming he doesn't live in NY he lives in Bermuda and is living in NY to be close to his Drs. However, he had moved to NY before cancer stricken because one of his children need a special school and Catherine was on broadway. They, all involved have plenty of money its Greed to the core this should have been settled out of court, lots of anger especially when your only child is 31 and in jail, and I still have to pay her. Its all over the NY papers