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Suri Cruise Knows How To Throw Some Serious Shade!

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Uh-oh! She does NOT look pleased, and we doubt anyone will be spared her wrath!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were spotted out and about last night in NYC with their daughter Suri, whom they took to see American Idiot on Broadway, and then to dinner afterward, but as you can see (above), gurl was having NONE OF IT!

Perhaps the performance wasn't up to her sophisticated standards? Or maybe the meal was less than pleasing to her palette!

Either way, it's clear that hell hath no fury like a changeling celebrity child scorned!

LOLz! We kid, we kid!

We're sure she was just cranky after such an exciting day!

Hope you got some rest, lady!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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28 comments to “Suri Cruise Knows How To Throw Some Serious Shade!”

  1. 1

    fuck you perez & fuck you pap. leave the kids alone,

  2. 2

    How about a child-friendly schedule for a change, and saying no every so often, and setting up some play dates with actual kids?? She is not an accessory or a lap dog. And btw, spoiling a child doesn't mean giving your kids all the things you wish you'd had, it means ruining them for their later lives. (That's what "spoiled" means.)

  3. 3

    RME at paps, parents, perez …

  4. 4

    That little girl is developing a case of the fugly. It's time that her robotic mother and bizarro father take her out of the limelight and allow her a normal childhood that she rightfully deserves. Putting that little girl out there like that is not right. She is not some kind of accessory for mommy or daddy to wear.

  5. 5

    She is little kid that should have a curfew. Do they not give her any rules or discipline?? Does the cult think she is some kind of princess alien?

  6. 6

    Suri is going to be such a trainwreck when she grows up. Also when is Suri ever going to be allowed to walk? Suri you need a new set of parents who can actually parent. A stepford wife and an alien for parents is just not cutting it.

  7. 7

    I know shes only a little over 5, but she never seems to be happy and I dont think Ive ever actually seen her walk on her two feet. She's always grumpily being carted back and forth.

  8. 8

    It looks like she is just scrunching her nose. maybe she had an itch.

  9. 9

    I don't think I've ever seen suri walk on her own….she's over 5…let her walk…

  10. mw says – reply to this


    I cannot imagine my 5 year old would ever let me carry him everywhere like that. He is independent and likes to stand on his own 2 feet like every other 5 year old!!

  11. 11

    Re: Pablo Ochoa – when they're surrounded by hungry paparazzi shoving and pushing for a picture??? Come ON you people are fucking idiots, I wouldn't let my kid walk in that environment either

  12. 12

    so maybe like Broadway said, an itch ….. OR … if it was Tuesday NIGHT? THERE WAS A WILD THUNDER STORM LAST NIGHT HERE IN NY, from about 6pm -2 am ??? Raining on and off, T storm would go away, then 2 hours later, another one…maybe she heard, saw, the storm? and YES, Coco is right, the paps swarm them, doesn't MATTER IF THERE ARE BODYGUARDS, that little girl would get swallowed up, she is so little. Much easier to pick her up, MAKE HER FEEL SAFE AND PROTECTED.

  13. 13

    Hum American Idiot is fantastic, but it is not what I would call age-appropriate. Sex, drugs and war is not exactly the typical evening for a 5 years old girl! Just sayin..

  14. 14

    PAPS TAKE HUNDREDS OF PICS. then probably turn in the worse pics for celebs they want to make look bad. Yes, other sites, well some, have had pics of Suri ACTUALLY WALKING AND TALKING. But why show those when sites, rags, mags can FOOL EASILY PERSUADED PEOPLE that the Cruises CARRY HER EVERYWHERE. ALWAYS. Now, Suri is NOT IN THE PAPERS EVERY WEEK. Sometimes, she can go FOR WEEKS without a pic. SO, how do any of you know she does NOT PLAY WITH KIDS HER AGE? What is wrong with Suri going out to a Broadway show? OMG, she is going to bed at 1am!!!! Big Deal, it is not like she has to get up at 7am for WORK! OR SCHOOL! Suri lives a privilaged life. She will probably be homeschooled like her siblings. Even if she is not, when she is off on the east coast, She will probably be given her school work, and could do it at any time. Again, their lives are different then ours. You can not compare it to ours.

  15. 15

    Who the hell takes a 5 year old to see 'American Idiot'? Get a sitter! Everything I'm reading sounds as if Scientology encourages children to run the show…give those babies some structure and boundaries.

  16. 16

    First off, why the hell did they bring her to see American Idiot?! I've seen this show about twice, it is very good, but definitely not for 5 year olds! Sex scenes, drug use, cursing like crazy. Thats their first problem.

  17. 17

    It's nice to see celebrities with their kids, like Jennifer Garner. But Katie and Suri aren't normal! Sorry. You don't become girlfriends with your five year old! What's missing in your marriage, that you are so unnaturally intimate with your child? Katie needs friends and Suri REALLY needs friends who are 5!!!

  18. 18

    Funny how Tom and Nicole's adopted children NEVER got this much attention. Their mother saw that they had some privacy. This little girl is taken to places where the paps hang out, to age inappropriate venues, and her parents brag that she rules the roost. Her parents spend more money on her in a year than many families live on in a lifetime. This will not create happiness, it will likely result in depression, drug abuse, low self esteem and a lifetime of unhappiness. But I honestly think her parents don't care as long as it get's them publicity NOW. They really have no concept of "later".

  19. 19

    Seriously, a broadway show…and when is she going to start walking for herself?

  20. 20

    Re: cinderella256 – My thoughts exactly, there is a reason why Telecharge says its inappropriate for young children. Plus, its a long show for a kid to sit through, 90 minutes with no intermission.

  21. 21

    Great show! Just not kid friendly. She looks tired. Let the child sleep.

  22. 22

    Re: coco283 – Agree.

  23. 23

    Poor baby. She needs a schedule that's more child appropriate, with activities appropriate for a 5 year old. I don't blame her for putting up a fuss.

  24. 24

    Not only is she a spoiled brat, she's just plain UGLY!!!!!!

  25. 25

    Are these two planning on carrying Suri around till she's 20?

  26. 26

    More typical bullsh*t from Perez. He has NO idea why she's making a face? Could it be a flash from a camera? Maybe the crowds? Of course! But this LIAR Perez who was not even there, decides to use a photo, taken by someone else, using his name…taken from someone else and writing some BS words to go with the pic…. and voila…he has created….. nothing!!

    The kid is probably making a face like ANY child would. But Perez will try to make it seem like she is some monster. Not right Perez! I hope Tom Cruise goes after your lame ass.

  27. 27

    A Broadway play and then out to dinner. That sounds like an adult evening out to me. Not a play date for a 5 year old. She should of been at home with a grilled cheese and a cute dvd to watch with her nanny. Those two really are wacked out. No brains. Itls like they want the attention. And I am sorry and don't mean to be mean but Suri has to get alot of beauty sleep in. She needs it badly. Poor thing.

  28. 28

    …Or maybe she's wincing from the light of the fucking cameras? No kid should be subject to this.