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TSA Officer Gives Young Child Full Body Search At Airport

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Is this really necessary?

Here's a video a YouTube user uploaded of a young girl being extensively searched by a Transportation Security Administration official while going through a security check-point at an airport.

We're pret-ty sure she's NOT a terrorist, nor is she hiding any crack rocks in her size 4 OshKosh B'gosh jeans.

The user who uploaded the video goes as far as to call the excessive touching in question as "groping".

What do U think? Was this security officer getting a little too touchy-feely with this girl or was she a legitimate security threat?

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142 comments to “TSA Officer Gives Young Child Full Body Search At Airport”

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  1. 101

    Re: KDIZZLL – While you may be right that brainwashing and 'following orders' happened in both of those cases no one happily strode into a concentration camp. Your ramblings are insulting to every person who suffered and/or died under those insane regimes. Also Israel was not the mastermind behind all world terrorist attacks, that's just rediculous.

  2. 102

    First of all, like so many have already said, it's sad that this is even an issue, but in this day & age it is. Secondly, it's terrible that this woman who is doing her job, is being made out to be "inappropriate". She is doing this search in public, with the child's parents standing by. She is calmly explaining everything she does, and certainly not groping her. It's the exact same search that is done to adults, and I have never felt like I was touched inappropriately by any security staff. Sure, the little girl may have felt a little scared, but I think it would have been appropriate for her parents to explain to her beforehand that something like this may happen. What I DO think is inappropriate was that this video was posted on the internet! Was the airport security woman a pedophile? From this video there's no way for me to judge that (I'm assuming she's not), but I can tell you there are plenty of pedophiles online, who would probably enjoy watching this! I think it was inappropriate for it to be posted anywhere online, including this site.

  3. 103

    People use their children to smuggle drugs and weapons all the time. There would have been a legit reason for them to do it, and HELLO, someone is videotaping….isn't that against the law? It would at least make security suspicious, so it could have been THAT that made them pat down the little girl, making it the adult who is filming's fault.

  4. 104

    Re: KDIZZLL – At the moment we are talking about this one incident.. so "the sky is falling" attitude from you is a moot point.. if we need the type of security you are talking about at some point then so be it.. if you are not the one that is doing anything wrong or going to hurt others then you have nothing to worry about..

  5. 105

    Re: alliswimgirl – Nobody knows the exact number of deaths, it was an estimate of how many died..i'm blogging not writing a novel Einstein. my point still stands and it doesn't revolve around the exact number of people killed anyway,but the parallels between 2 past dictatorships and tyranny in America right now, so stick your student loan up your *** because you still don't know sh!t. btw, I know wiki is peer reviewed, so you fail again.

  6. mac14 says – reply to this


    these are the saddest posts I have ever read.. if you think it's ok to have a full body search done on you just because you're flying then the fear mongering has worked.. we are all doomed to become oppressed, government controlled slaves… everyone should read Fahrenheit 451 because that's the future if people think that this is acceptable… sad

  7. mac14 says – reply to this


    Re: M-m-m-monster – you're ignorance to how those situations came about is dangerous.. don't comment on things you don't understand.. he didn't say anyone happily strode into a concentration camp but they were compliant… does that not raise red flags to you that the situations are even remotely comparable.. you're failure to recognize what actually happened is what is insulting

  8. mac14 says – reply to this


    all of you have become mindless shills who are afraid of the big bad boogey man or.. terrorist.. as you like to call him now

  9. 109

    Re: Tink66 – The sky is falling? pffft…. I could see why the only intelligent people on this site left a looong time ago.

  10. 110

    Considering how messed up some people and/or parents can be and hide drugs with their kids…i think this is pretty acceptable. The lady was very professional and handled this really well, she was explaining everything she was doing. In this day and age, its good to have everyone checked :)

  11. mac14 says – reply to this


    Re: alliswimgirl – you just proved you're unintelligent at the same time you were trying to prove you are .. who gets a masters degree in history? I bet you're doing really well with that degree.. you must be what.. a TA by now.. like anyone would listen to someone stupid enough to waste their money on such a pointless degree

  12. 112

    a little girl was caught smuggling €40000 into Hollnad the other day..

  13. 113

    Considering it would not seem out of the question for a young child to have something on them, I don't think it's wrong. I mean honestly, look at some of the "not terrorist" looking people who have turned out to actually do bad. That's the whole point, is it not? Yes she is young, but that's something a sick person could use to their advantage, as someone that age would typically be ignored and could possibly have something that could cause harm. It's just the world we live in…sadly.

  14. 114

    Re: KDIZZLL – Then maybe consider moving to a country where you don't have to worry about it? This is what the world has come to. We cannot stop people from committing crimes. We can't stop people from shoving bags of coke down kids throats, and worse, up their anus. Even if we revolted, we're not going to change drug pushers and terrorists in other countries. Go to Sweden if you're that concerned.

  15. 115

    Re: squinoa – you are part of the problem with america…passively accepting all this shit…….for your idiot brain it was bush and our government who crashed those planes……they do this to condition "us" to accept our own enslavement….WAKE UP you fuking creep

  16. 116

    Re: adg100 – doin her job? yeah and mobsters who whack people are just "doing their job" that is such a load of crap…no one should be touching young girls or boys…..hey if a rapist or pedophile is explaining to you what they are doing when they are doing it I guess you would be ok since they are EXPLAINING it to you……..oh so it's ok cause it's called a "job" wow the dumbing down of america

  17. 117

    Re: eatmeat – for your info america has had enough security……further more no one would be able to highjack AMERICA THE SUPERPOWER….not unless it was orchestrated by our own government….war=propaganda=money=rape and pillage of other countries….just so you know the enemy isn't a bunch of unarmed cave people….AMERICA has the weapons and guns……you don't understand one thing about politics…….idiot

  18. 118

    I get why people may be upset but the office was explaining what she was doing and she wasn't harming the child. Smart terrorist will put stuff on their children if they know they can't be checked at the airport. Think about it; if a terrorist knew a child wouldn't get body searched, then they would for sure hide something on them; it has nothing to do with the child planting something on them self, rather with the parents. IM NOT SAYING THAT FAMILY was a terrorist, i'm just giving an example of an opportunity that terrorists would jump on.

    Many airports have random body searches. This past summer I was randomly searched. Out of all the tickets that come through the airport, some have a special mark that get randomly checked. People looked at me like why is she getting searched, even the officers were saying "that girl is really getting searched? I'm in my 20s but I look so young, so obviously they thought it was weird, but that's their job.

    Let's put it this way, would you rather get on a plan with someone not being body searched (who may have a bomb or something else on them) and possibly having a crash, or would you feel better going on a plane knowing that all the passengers are clean and not harmful to the other passengers, and that you will have a safe flight? Pretty sure I rather be safe; they're just doing their job.

  19. mac14 says – reply to this


    Re: corriedude – How much drugs could you honestly hide on a little kid like that? A couple grams at most? You seriously will give up your right not to be searched and patted down by a stranger, who is implying that you are a criminal, just so that someone can't get a couple baggies of coke onto an airplane? That is insane…

  20. 120

    Re: @v@ – exactly there are other means than to train people to be creeps and child molesters………we have so much advanced technology…even mice and dogs are trained to sniff out drugs…this was ubsurd and innapropriate…damn this country is hell period……a bunch of slimy bastards…hiding behind "jobs" i don't care how "professional" it is against human rights in my humble opinion….yet americans continue to support the fall of liberty and constitutional rights

  21. mac14 says – reply to this


    Re: Flossy Love Prezzers – ohhhh nooooo not money!! I would be terrified to be on a plane when a little kid has money on them! Step up the security!! That money could have weighed the whole plane down and crashed them into the ocean!!

  22. mac14 says – reply to this


    oh my god someone might have a personal stash of drugs on the plane!! We are all in grave danger!! Those drugs could fly out of their pockets and down my throat!! Please search people to make sure they don't have anything in their pockets!! .. morons

  23. mac14 says – reply to this


    Re: Bella_16 – do you demand that people are searched in other public settings? What about office buildings.. remember Oklahoma city, why don't you feel unsafe whenever you're in a big building? How about on other modes of public transport? Are you cowering in fear whenever you're on a bus? It's doesn't make any sense to be more afraid of a bomb on a plane then in any other social setting.. do you ever stand in line at mcdonalds and wonder if the person next you has explosives in their pocket? it's the same rationality except you've been conned into believe you need to fear people at the airport

  24. 124

    Re: cmebrkmedwn – thank you someone with some sense…yeah people in a cave have access to blow up america…right??? bush is a terrorist and is wanted for crimes against humanity in almost every country that's why he won't leave the states…….duh america! and obama is is cousin and this is not about color…it's priciple….the president is a salesman for one world order and war….only criminals create war…and america is the forerunner of drug and human trafficking..

  25. 125

    Re: MO-Jo316 – u r RETARDED! This has nothing to do with race u racist bitch!

  26. 126

    bravo for the TSA. something wasn't right with the kids scan so they patted her down! great job! ask any viet nam vet about cute kids, they can and have killed! so bravo!!!!!!!

  27. Draax says – reply to this


    How did this happen? Who's to blame?
    Well certainly there are those more responsible than others, but truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror. I know why you did it. I know you were afraid. Who wouldn't be? War and terrorism. There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense. Fear got the best of you … and now you let the TSA grope your children.

    It is time to wake up and take your country back.

  28. 128

    whats the big deal. a little girl gets searched. she will get over it. the employee wasnt rude or anything. people act like the little girl is going to be damaged for life.

  29. 129

    Re: mac14

    I get what you're saying and respect your opinion, but when there's a bomb or something dangerous in the AIR, you can't go nowhere…all you can do is sit in your seat and wait to go down or explode. If it's in a building, then there's more of a chance of survival. Example.. 911.. if you were on the plane you died :( , but the people in the building, some did survive. Also, bomb attacks, specifically, are more common in planes, its sad but it's true.

    When I travel, I'm not afraid of going on an airplane and im not afraid of going anywhere else, like buildings or McDonalds. I personally could care less if I have to be searched. I know I have nothing and it's for safety so I could really care less. It's not like they are harassing anyone or making sexual comments or anything crude or unnecessary. I rather be safe than sorry…thats my reasoning.

    Also, no one can guarantee anywhere is safe, but i know many office buildings that have security guards and metal detectors, which help make it more safe. There will always be a chance for something to go wrong, and we can't 100% prevent it.

  30. 130

    Re: mac14 – just because it's not what you would study, don't knock it. I'm not a TA, nor is my degree a "waste". I've studied here in America as well as my home country. You shouldn't sneer at someone's major simply because it isn't your focus. I happen to enjoy all three of my majors and have found great success in my endeavors.

    best wishes to you and yours.

  31. 131

    The little girl will only be as scared as her parents are. The girl was clearly OK with it.

  32. 132

    Re: NookiesWA – Duh- It's not racial profiling, it's criminal profiling. I believe Israel's sophisticated system also has the ability to run background information checks and profiling at the time a potential passenger purchases their ticket weeks in advance of a flight.

  33. 133

    Fine, if you want someone sneaking drugs or something more dangerous on a kid it's your life. Look at all those parents that shop-lift using their children to hide the stuff. I think it was done with the respect it deserves. Grow up people and face the world. Children are not as innocent as they used to be.

  34. 134

    Re: mac14 – That makes me very sad that History is a useless degree : ( I imagine and would hope that it should be important for my children to know their History and would love for that to continue on as an important part of education.

  35. 135

    Re: KDIZZLL – That scares the bananas out of me, I've already got an incredibly overactive imagination lol

  36. 136

    Re: adg100 – I agree. The woman was doing her job and not doing anything wrong or that she wouldn't do to any other female. At least it was a woman doing this job also. Then I could see it being uncomfortable. There are sick terrorists that would probably try to hide something in a child thinking that they would not be searched. I would rather be safe.

  37. 137

    This would probably been less traumatic had this child's parents explained to her things that may happen in the airport when they went on their trip and that it was okay. Instead, they acted out infront of the child which scared her.

  38. 138

    Re: OhJustPickOne – You teach them to look out for pedophiles and give the best explanation they can on what pedophiles do are wrong and what they may act or appear like. Also, to let their parents know that something happened like that if they can. I'd say that's GOOD parenting.

  39. 139

    First, I don't know whether your terminology is the same in the US as here in the UK but a full body search here would involve a doctor sticking their fingers, well, I don't need to spell it out I'm sure. Second, the customs lady talked to the little girl all the way through, the child hardly seemed terrified and there was not so much as a hint of sexually motivated touching. Third, people can and do use their children to carry stuff, particularly drugs, someone comments about a diaper being removed from a child, that is an old and well-known way of smuggling drugs as, well, who would remove a kid's diaper? With the current high level terror threat for both the US and the UK, higher security and more searches at airports are unfortunately necessary for us to stay safe, we are now using full body scanners at some airports here in the UK rather than physical searches which, whilst being less intrusive, has raised concerns about the people who view the scans (i.e. they should not be viewing them in a sexual or inappopriate way, I think only men should view men and women view women, the same as for a search but this is not the case). As others have pointed out, searches and scans are a fact of modern day air travel, if you have an issue with you or your children being searched or scanned then use another method of travel!

  40. 140

    maybe the parents were more concerned about sending her through the xray machine

  41. 141

    Re: bella_bajcar – do you realize that you probably get more radiation by flying across country than by the body scanner? physics, you should learn it

  42. ka.06 says – reply to this


    It is a shame that American airports have come to this. Physicists and doctors have shown that the back scattering x-ray machines for frequent flyers that fly multiple times per month are at risk of cancer because of the ionization radiation. While TSA "claims" it isn't, I trust a PhD. instead of a rent-a-cop and our government. As for the pat down, I guess it really depends on the TSA agent you have that performs the search. While this TSA agent was respectful, I've seen videos of youtube of not so respectful searches. I'm surprised a geneticist here in the USA hasn't tried to duplicate Russia's super sniffing dogs. Definitely a better investment than the back scattering machines and pat downs.

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