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Website Collects Donations To Send M. Night Shyamalan Back To Film School!

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Shyamalan Film School


Aww! Poor M. Night Shyamalan!

A new website has popped up on the World Wide Interweb devoted to sending the critically acclaimed berated filmmaker back to film school!

M. Night School is a "non-profit" accepting donations from anyone who cares about the preservation of the quality of future films enough to pay for the writer and director's re-education.

The website's pledge reads:

"If we all just donate one dollar, we can send M. Night Shyamalan back to NYU so he gets the help we all so desperately need. Lets make it happen so we can get him enrolled before he starts principal photography on 1000 A.E."

Ha! It's not all one big joke either!

Believe it or not, some people believe in this cause and are ACTUALLY donating!

After they raise enough money, the "organization" plans on presenting M. Night with "a giant check" while filming the event.

If he REFUSES his scholarship, the money will be used to set up a scholarship in his name, which aspiring filmmakers can submit their best work for a chance to win and go to NYU!

That's pretty cool! Kinda mean, but kinda cool!

In M. Night's defense, he was nominated for an Oscar AND a Teen Choice Award, so he has made some pret-ty good flicks.

Yes, as of late, he may have lost his touch, BUT we're confident he's got more Sixth Sense quality movies in that twisted brain of his!

Do U think M. Night Shyamalan should go back to film school before making any more movies?

[Image via WENN.]

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18 comments to “Website Collects Donations To Send M. Night Shyamalan Back To Film School!”

  1. 1

    well, I am starting my own fund, "send the Perez ass" back to school fund for mmk

  2. 2

    They should also send Woody Allen, Tim Burton, Steven Speilberg, and Oliver Stone back to school, because I haven't seen a hit from any of them recently. Tired of M.Night getting all the heat when these far more experienced directors have squandered their talents in shitty movies.

  3. 3

    This guy SUCKS ASS! 4 REALZ!
    all his movies sucked so BAD!! He needs to get out of show biz.
    After I saw the village, I never spent another penny on any of his movies. I've told people don't go see the movie from this guy it's gonna suck. Next thing you know people told me, I should have listened to you. Now none of my friends or family even care! So if he goes back or not, doesn't matter he has a bad rep.

  4. 4


  5. 5

    LOLZ loves this…I hope he turns it down though so someone more….talented? deserving? in need? …gets the $$$$

  6. 6

    Where do I donate?
    He is terrible.

  7. 7

    'Devil' was a fantastic movie.

  8. 8

    Mean but brilliant.

  9. 9

    I LOVE M. NIGHT!!! Leave him alone, haters!!! :p

  10. 10

    I find it hard to forgive him after "Last Airbender" aka "Exposition is a full movie right?"
    I think we should also send Oliver Stone and Tim Burton back while we're at it. Also Burton could use a lesson in just because you can have Johnny Depp and Helen Bonem Carter in your movies… doesn't mean you should.

  11. 11

    This man has a brilliant mind. I agree, The Village, The Happening and Lady in The Water had awful plots and I felt no inspiration to see Airbender, but It's unfair to comment and say "all" of his movies "suck" because that's blatantly untrue. Yes, many of his movies have not been that great but some of them definitely have. Sixth Sense is on the American Film Institute's list of top 100 movies (he directed, wrote and acted in it). It's equally unfair to speak badly about Allen, Burton, Spielberg and Stone. All of these men are included on every list of the 100 greatest directors of all time (Shyamalan is included on many of these lists) so I think it's ridiculous to hold these men to such standards because they are all amazing filmmakers and shouldn't be expected to produce only amazing and memorable works of art. There are so many parts to making a film. It's hard work and involves a ridiculous amount of details that most people wouldn't even realize, let alone understand. Even though everyone has a right to judge, your opinion can only be considered ignorant unless you truly understand the process and business of filmmaking. I've studied and worked on film for many years and I still consider myself rather naive when it comes to just how hard this line of work is.

  12. J.Mo says – reply to this


    I liked the Village, just did.

  13. 13

    He might excel at writing, much like Stephen King's manipulation of the reader's imagination. ~~~WARNING!!!~~~Do not send any donations if Perez's name is mentioned. He has already squandered an educational grant awarded a few years back. Or he lied…….

  14. 14

    His movies scare the crap out of me. So I like him. :-)

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Amazing how people react to anything that's really different. I've seen some really bad movies in my day, and none of them had his name on them, and some were by celebrated men. I haven't seen all of his movies, so maybe he tried some things that didn't work from a box office perspective. I really liked the ones I did see, but so did the box office. I hope he takes the cheque and takes the courses, combines his genius with the extra know how and outsells them all until he retires.

  16. 16

    Re: gayhoe – You spend money to watch films still? And his stuff's better than half of the crap Hollywood churns out anyway.

  17. 17

    He was nominated for a teen choice award?! Well then obviously hes an amazing director considering how hard it is to win that award. Just look at the previous winners like kristen stewart and the kardashians

  18. 18

    Re: gayhoe

    I agree, The Village was a fantastical joke. I totally lost interest in his work after seeing it.