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More Outrage Over Lady GaGa's Judas Video

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Which no one has seen - no one.

So, basically you're all freaking out over…nothing!

Reportedly, Lady GaGa plans on taking aim at some religous figures in her upcoming music video for Judas, including Mary Magdalene, a role she will allegedly take on herself. The Catholic Church has already said their peace on the subject (recap - they aren't happy), but now, a slew of prominent Latino groups from Phoenix are expressing their outrage as well.

Jorge Serrano of the civil rights group Take Back Aztlá took the original approach of comparing GaGa to Madonna, claiming:

“So, Lady Gaga is playing Mary Magdelene in her new video to ‘Judas.’ In the video, she witnesses a crime, falls in love with a Black Jesus figure and ends up saving the person wrongly accused of the crime. Wait—didn’t Madonna do that before? At least Madonna made people question religion and race. Lady Gaga is just exploiting the Catholic religion, which many Latinos follow,”

Yeah, that's not what people thought of Madonna 20 years ago! If you want to make a solid arguement, you better get your facts straight. Madonna got nothing but slack for her music videos with religious themes back in the day. Like A Prayer anyone???

Another group leader, Manual Longoria of Nuestros Reconquistos, had a similar opinoin to share of GaGaloo, but she also took aim at those who follow her music as well. She released a statement saying:

“Her song ‘Express Yourself’ already referred to Latina woman as ‘Cholas.’ She has already shown what a bigot she is. Now, she is going after Catholics? This woman is certainly repulsive, but her fans are not too bright for following allowing her message of racism and intolerance to travel."

First of all, bravo for comparing Born This Way to Express Yourself. Did you know you are the first one to do that?!

Second, what is really repulsive is formulating such a hateful opinion about a person or a group of people without having anything to back it up. You haven't seen the video! You have no idea what kind of angle she is going to bring to religion and the people from the Bible. You. Know.Nothing!

Because if you did, you would understand that GaGa's little monsters are the least intolerant group of people in the world. They, as does their mother monster, believe in inclusion and love for all, even people who judge them before getting to know them.

Save this for after the video comes out, huh? Right now, you're just wasting your breath and everyone's time.

[Image via WENN.]

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249 comments to “More Outrage Over Lady GaGa's Judas Video”

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  1. 101

    Good luck with copying EVERYTHING Madonna did, but poorly. Hey, you're making a ton of money doing it, so you're doing better then me there.

  2. jebus says – reply to this


    this tranny took her tumble,
    this tranny will soon fall
    thiss tranny's "haus" can't save her,
    this tranny will loose it all

  3. 103

    Re: beautifulchild – yea you could.. but then again no one is labeling Madonna Fans and Britney fans as "the most tolerant fan base in the world" are they? Exactly- please sit down.

  4. 104

    The black Jesus thing is way too Like A Prayer, she should at least do a few videos in-between the Madonna jackings… anyways that second Lady was a little extreme: "her message of racism and intolerance to travel" …thats just silly.

  5. 105

    Haters have shocking arguments -.-' BRAVO! at least I am clever enough to know that first of all ART is NOT exclusive , random people WITH no artistic knowledge tend to compare Gaga with Madonna while Madonna was compared to Monroe who was compared to……[i can go on y know] . So , I respect your not liking Gaga , but I honestly feel SORRY for the efforts you make to direct hatred towards her and her fans . No one ever asked you to understand her Art or praise her or understand her , you have no right to claim somethin about anyone without knowing them and that is not law it is common sense and ethics . so you are calling ME dump ? at least i have ELOQUENT arguments avout Gaga.My name is spiros and I live in greece and im telling y'all that you HAVE no right to judge anyone however feel free to judge, as you can see there is no harm , but the one that you sud judge before judging anyone else is you . offending and hating is easy and it suggests a weak character also what is funny is that 80+% of haters dont even ever take time to listen to her they just hate,but WHO CARES ?! also on the religion stuff , Renaissance is FULL of religious themes that didnt made anyone disrespectful or satanist BUT a great artist :D :D

  6. 106

    Dear Perez, I have nothing against Lady Gaga, i know you love her and I respect the opinions you have about her, but being that your not a catholic, you have no idea how this type of things hurts us, we have faith, love and trust about our religion, and MOST IMPORTANTLY WE ARE PROUD OF BEING CATHOLICTS!, you know, not every catholic is homophobic, I love gay people, and i fully support them. Theres no reason why we have to be attacked that way. I know our church has being harsh on you, but dont take it out on every catholic on earth!!!!! I think what lady gaga is doing is ridiculizing our beliefs, and hurting our feellings. I feel like Im being BULLIED, cause of my religion, and i Just cant believe how a tolerant, innocent and great person like Lady Gaga, is doing that to me.

  7. 107

    another Madonna ripoff… Y A W N !

  8. 108

    Re: whattheeff817
    So basically you're screaming over a video that you haven't seen yet. Well, just because she doesn't share the same views as you, it doesn't make her less of a Catholic than you. I really wish the Catholics who are making such a big deal about this video were just as vocal, if not louder, about the abuses within the Catholic church.

  9. 109

    How is this suddenly a race thing?? I know plenty of catholics, and they are all white people… this is not an attack on "Latinos". Gimme a fucking break Mexicans, go worry about something relevant, like the face that drug cartels have taken over your country… I think the Gaga issue can wait.

  10. 110

    All Lady Gaga talk aside.. .. Perez's comments and "Arguments" are completely off base and really biased. I am not a Gaga fan..or a Catholic.. but I find it pathetic that perez wants tolerance for HIS beliefs and life style, but is not willing to grant that same tolerance to others who have opposing, or different beliefs. To be honest- I feel bad for perez, he’s a shell of a man who is grasping for straws and just looks like a child throwing a temper tantrum because people aren't following his agenda. Put your big boy pants on and deal with it..

  11. 111


  12. 112

    perez, you find it offensive when target doesn't let gay people pander in front of their stores.
    other people might find it offensive that lady gaga uses religion for shock value.
    she's a blatant madonna rip off with little musical talent.
    the only way she can keep people talking about her is to shock people, with what she wears, her music videos etc.
    i'm over it, everyone else will soon be too.

  13. jebus says – reply to this


    her inflated ego and overconfidence of this album being the "best of the 21st century" is already the biggest joke of the 21st century. she was pushed in our faces and we all gaged and threw up a bit in our mouthes and now the public, and celebrities can't fucking stand her. she does not have one original idea in that head of hers which her hair is falling out of because she cannot be authentic for one fucking day. she pretends to be. but she's not. she cant go her natural hair color. she can't wear normal clothing. she's a true fraud.

  14. 114

    Re: HolyFool – sorry to burst your bubble but in a Vanity Fair interview she admitted that she still uses coke.

  15. 115

    Re: MsJules
    How about I sit on your ugly face instead?

  16. 116

    Re: OriginalRecipe – Don't be so ignorant.. Latino does not just include Mexicans… !

  17. 117

    Re: MsJules – I realize that, I was being a little more specific towards Mr. Longoria of Nuevos Reconquistos. It only makes Lady Gaga(any celebrity) seem more relevant than they are, whenever these civil rights activists get involved.

  18. 118

    and** Take Back Aztlá. They are both Mexican-American groups.

  19. 119

    Re: Josh Joynes – did you really just tell the oldest church in the world the STFU?? you poor poor soul. truly i feel bad for you, she has the right to be herself but not the the expense of millions of people. she is harming the spiritual well being of people around the world. its obvious you dont care, but i do care and as much as she has the right to fight for gays i have the right to fight for my religion. and so does everyone else. you need to wake up and start thinking of bigger picture.

  20. 120

    Re: OriginalRecipe – The racism thing is about using the word chola.

  21. 121

    Re: megabug – piece of shit? You are ignorant….and closed-minded….No better than these people getting all bent and their panties in a twist about Gaga….She is an artist and a performer and she will push the envelope!! that is what we love about her…..The catholics can shut it too….most corrupt church ever….focus on stopping molestations instead of focusing on Gaga….love you girl!

  22. 122

    MAN!! Some of you people SUCK ASS!!! Your comments are so harsh on GaGa. Live and let live folks…. Remember the Golden Rule

  23. 123

    Re: sarasouth – She is turning her fans into a cult that do not understand anything. They follow what she does and make excuses for her.
    And i just LOVE how Perez was the first person to criticize Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson for having a song with the same beat, yet has never once said Lady Gaga's song compares to Madonna's.
    Re: HolyFool – No, she just does coke to stay stick thin. fail.Re: Roguelips – Your lovely Gaga does not support everyone obviously. If she wants to spread love she would not discriminate a person's religion and beliefs.

  24. 124

    Re: spirosgr – I'm an artist with "artistic knowledge", and I still think she's copying Madonna and her "art" is little more than shock value. I respect that you like her. But not everyone who dislikes her is stupid or uneducated like you insinuated in your post.

  25. 125

    I would like to see if Lady Gaga would actually still be famous if she stopped these antics and did not have people like Perez up her ass. Like someone said, could her music stand by itself? Doubt it.

  26. 126

    How can you stand up for gay rights and demand everyone to hear you…yet you insult people's religion over and over again? This is not art or entertainment and let's be real for a second. Gaga just wants attention and therefore she's a famewhore that probably did sell her soul to the devil. It's getting very old very fast and sooner than later she'll be the crazy idiot nobody feels to listen to or give the time or day. Gay rights people should be ashamed of her because she's promoting HATE. I don't consider her a good role model for gays at all. She's a drug and alcohol addict…wait why do we need to be offended by her in the first place? I don't support her or care for her music anymore. There are better artist out there anyway.

  27. 127

    you defend this cray cray too much Perez. If this was any other artist, you would not.

  28. 128

    Oh come on Perez. They are right. Exploiting the Catholic church is just the current thing that Gaga is doing. It was hawking products before, now it's this and next year it will be Fairies. Gaga should be ashamed. So you preach about how people should be allowed to choose their lifestyle choice without being exploited for it, how about allowing people to choose their religion without exploiting a religion as a whole? Tolerance goes for religion as well as a gay lifestyle choice. You and Gaga are nothing but hypocrites.

  29. Coqi says – reply to this


    Holy shit, you sound like a cult member. Wow.

  30. 130

    "Because if you did, you would understand that GaGa's little monsters are the least intolerant group of people in the world. They, as does their mother monster, believe in inclusion and love for all, even people who judge them before getting to know them.”

    this is a cult, I swear. all of the ‘little monsters’ I’ve met preach this crap and think they are above everyone else, then go around putting other people down because they differ in opinion. I’m not generalizing here, I’m sure some ‘monsters’ are nice people, but that’s the biggest load of shit I’ve ever heard.

    perez, YOU are not doing ANYTHING for your cause. please, YOU calm down. these people are right. gaga is trying way too hard. I used to like her but she’s not all that she’s cracked up to be. madonna did everything for reason, she questioned things and pondered religions/societal thinking. gaga doesn’t do all of that. she is a ‘fame monster’ remember? she doesn’t aim to challenge people, she only aims for publicity and fame. crawl out of her ass, for fuck’s sake.

  31. 131

    How is it, that if someone disagrees with you, they're automatically full of 'hate?' So ignorant.

  32. 132

    Do you NOT know what "slack" means? Yay, journalism!

  33. 133

    tonight little monsters we're the cool kids at the party!

  34. 134

    you think the sun shines out of her ass.
    she is proving once again that she is not original!!!

  35. 135

    Mario, you are misusing the word slack in your posts today. Look it up and learn the proper usage of the word. Also, the Catholic Church hasn't said their "peace" on the subject, they have said their "piece" on the subject.

    If you are too ignorant to use the English language correctly, don't write a blog!

  36. 136

    I used to not like Britney fans back then, however now these flop monsters are by far the worse. Call them "intolerant group of people in the world" is just a joke. They hate and criticize other artists who push boundaries and label them as Lady GaGa copy cats. Hence why everyone calls her unoriginal, not hard to comprehend. Stay pressed flop monsters.

  37. 137

    Re: AngelaNp267 – You're so stupid. How well do you know her?? God, you're stupid.

  38. 138

    Re: spirosgr – Eloquent?? There is nothing eloquent about your arguments. For God sake, I could barely understand your comment. You need an english tutor.

  39. 139

    Gaga is such a Madonna wanna be! Madonna has been here and done that! I have NO idea why Gaga has such a following…

  40. 140

    I hope they cast is all black people in the video lol. I love the thought of people questioning a black Jesus, because then that MIGHT mean that God could possibly be a black man, and that would drive people INSANE, and I love the dramz. DRAMZ DRAMZ DRAMZ lolZ.

  41. 141

    Religion brings nothing but controversy. Lady GaGa is an amazing freaky bitch and I love her for it. She isn't afraid to tackle touchy subjects. She's using her influence over millions in a very positive way and for that I applaud her. If you don't like the video then don't fucking watch it and if you do watch it and end up not liking it then guess what? She's doesn't give a fuck, her fans don't give a fuck, so get the fuck over it. It's that simple.:)

  42. 142

    Re: A Voice of Sanity – Yes, my "theory" will be put to the test, and I'll be proved right. If you want to throw your life away, worshipping one of the thousands of "gods" out there, fine. There are too many religions for them all to be right. Chances are, your religion is bullshit, like most of the others. I believe in science, and that's all we need.

  43. 143

    you dont have to see the video. If you have seen any of the past seven videos of GaGa you already know she is gonna stoop to some level of depravity or another. She is either killing someone, throwing illuminati symbolism in your face, exploiting the gays, or portraying herself as a religious figure. Mary Magdalene shouldnt be much of a stretch for her considering she played God in born this way. Such a shame that all that talent is wasted. its no longer "what will gaga sing" its now "what will gaga wear?" or "what new controversy will she create" so over it

  44. 144

    Re: Empressraven – IF she is as talented as you seem to think, then why all the bullshit??? All she does is seek attention and her "music" isn't anything all that special. Lots of people can play the piano and write their own music. *yawns*

  45. 145

    I would expect you defend her. You thought it was all right for her to show up in her underwear at a baseball game and flip the bird to the crowd which had thousands of children. She is talented but defintely a little too full of herself

  46. 146

    Perez, Lady Gaga fans are some of the least tolerant of others. Especially when it comes to music, they troll virtually every video on youtube saying how lady gaga is either a way better artist then this person or this person is totally ripping off Gaga…

  47. 147

    Re: beautifulchild – Aww and you are part of "the little monsters that are the most tolerant fan base" right? My ass.

  48. Bytch says – reply to this


    Im sitting back and laughing my ass off. Remember when you RIPPED The SHIT out of Xtina for copying Lady gaga??? The entire WORLD is ripping the SHIT out of Lady Gaga now for copying madonna. Meet Karma, she's a real bitch. Your star is falling HARD.

  49. 149

    Re: MsJules
    Aww…cute attempt at a comeback. I don't claim to be a nice person, and I'm the least tolerant of Popeye-chinned, bad make-up wearing, drag queen-looking idiots like you. You define fierce? Bitch, please!

  50. 150

    I just took a good look at that picture …she's dam ugly.

  51. 151

    Lady Gaga is always on about how she wants to be a role model to young girls - she does drugs, prounces about in either NOTHING or MEAT and shags guys and girls in her videos.. PEREZ NEEDS TO STOP ACTING LIKE SHE'S PERFECT BECAUSE SHE ISN'T EVEN CLOSE. I wonder if he even READS the comments on here.

  52. 152

    Re: megabug – Amen. Not quite sure why anyone would engage in referring to themselves as a "Lil Monster." Doesn't sound like something I'd want to strive for.

  53. jsab says – reply to this


    Re: Maureen55 – Why would Gaga take on Islam if she's Catholic

  54. 154

    The sites taking longer then normal to post comments today .. clearly lol! Sorry for all the double posts (aka posts typed, figured they weren't being posted, and then having to retype and post..LOL) ;)

  55. 155

    I'm all for free speech, but there is something wrong when it's ok to bash Christianity, but if anyone says the slightest thing about Islam it's the end of the world and we have riots and people being murdered. I am sick of Muslims acting like they can control the world and that FREE countries aren't allowed to say anything about their religion. There might be some controversy surrounding the video, but if it was about Islam in any way, you can be assured that the video would not even be released because it would be too "offensive."

  56. 156

    I can't believe I've felt compelled to share my opinionon this god-forsaken, shouldn't-be-taken seriously blog. Yesterday, I thought better of myself but after 3 years of religiously (and I guess I should now use that term loosely) reading this blog, I think I'm done here.

    Since this is all coming from a gentleman who can't separate a person's belief system from their identity or positivity, I can't stand this blog anymore. I'm sick of someone attacking someone else and demeaning them because they hold opposing views. Really? Welcome to the world, jackass. All he consists of is trying to talk about his newfound perspective on being positive and not a bully, yet he's still as full of bullshit as he was a couple years ago-he's just channeling it in a different direction. At least back then he owned it, and shit, I found it funny as I'm sure many others did too-hence the exponential growth in fans. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm fully over this site now. Get your head out of your ass, Perez, and be the non-hypocritical person you want others to be like.

  57. 157

    Re: RyGUy543 – Too true.

  58. 158

    Re: why bother – What kind of a Catholic would put an inverted cross in her crotch (Alejandro video)?

  59. 159

    Re: jsmrlmc – 'why don't you just report the news [without your]- opinions' Yeah, because as a GOSSIP journalist/blogger, that's how he got this job. Reporting the facts without opinion right? That's what gossip is right? That's what a blog's for, right? For fucks sake, did you even think before you posted that one?

  60. 160

    Re: Yenny87 – 'Chola' or 'cholo'(the masculine variation) refers to many different cultures and ideologies. It is not exclusive to the one definition, and she was not using it as a slur, so the intent for malice or racism is not prevelant. If it was a word that IS ONLY used for hateful or derogatory purposes, there'd be a problem. If she was using it to spite those of another culture- there'd be a problem, In a song called 'born this way'- which is a song about accepting the way you were born, and loving yourself for it? I don't think it's a problem. You're just looking for an excuse to pack a shit, and it's pretty fucking pathetic, don't you think?

  61. 161

    Madonna got people talking about religion and race? Yeah, whatever! Like people weren’t talking about it without her. Just like Lady Gaga, Madonna was in it for the same reason: shock value. Like now, people then were so caught up in the controversy of it all, there was no real dialogue going on back and forth. While I admire anyone who dares to go against the church, Madonna and Lady G. don’t hold a candle to artists like Diamanda Galas, Tori Amos, or Sinead O’Connor, all whom have questioned and blasted the church for its hypocrisy and practices without trying to shock for the sake of it or bring attention to themselves.

  62. 162

    These people have no life! the one thing they do is complain and keep people from moving forward. THey should be happy that she's religious and not insulting them and there conservative ways! f*cking idiots these people! I don't mine people that are religious but seriously they should stay out of it.

  63. 163

    Re: Duparella
    more tolerant of different religions? are you fucking serious?
    Religion is the the most Intolerant thing humanity has created and brainwashed into people. At least Gaga's doing her brainwashing with a catchy tune and tolerance for people of all ethnicities. (you know, ethnicity? something you're born with not choose to practice) :)

  64. 164

    This guy is promoting a video for gaga for free. She doesnt' have to do much now. All this hype better be good though… Gaga's losing it

  65. 165

    My God. Somebody tell the pope to shut the hell up. She's catholic, you stupid ass faces. You guys are forgetting that this lady is a REAL person, and you just think you can be a punk about it because you're some kid who thinks they're so cool for bashing someone online. Well, you're not. In fact, it just makes you appear as a loser even more. Enjoy eating lunch all by yourself tomorrow selfish kids that are bashing her.

  66. 166

    "GaGa's little monsters are the least intolerant group of people in the world. They, as does their mother monster, believe in inclusion and love for all, even people who judge them before getting to know them."

    Are you kidding me? I am pretty sure that droves of Gaga's "little monsters" are intolerant in some way or other. Don't describe them like they're some sort of clan of Buddhist monks because they're just fans of a particular artist.

    Also, if Lady Gaga was TRULY tolerant and believed in inclusion and love for ALL, she wouldn't be constantly making music videos taking pot shots at certain religious establishments. I would call this Judas video "judging Christianity before she gets to know it." Just saying.

  67. 167

    I'd also like to note that Gaga's "little monsters" are the FIRST people to jump onto a video by Christina or Britney and tear it to shreds and call them every obscene name under the sun. If they can't even be tolerant towards people with different musical tastes, how can you expect them to be tolerant and full of love towards anyone or anything else?

  68. @v@ says – reply to this


    The Catholic League isn't the Catholic Church, who you've stated has already said their 'peace' on it; and it's 'piece,' dear God, not peace.

  69. BreH says – reply to this


    First off, I LOVE Lady Gaga's music. loooove it. But. Lady Gaga is frankly, just getting fucking ridiculous. The weird costumes and gimmicks are getting old. the music videos make no sense to the songs. these antics shes pulling are going to start effecting her music (example: here). She needs to put down the pipe, razor, joint, acid, ectasy, whatever shes taking and take this shit seriously. people are looking up to her and shes starting to get involved in politics. NO ONE is going to take her seriously in politicis looking the way she does. If she wants to have an impact and make an ACTUAL difference she needs to start making herself presentable. now i know your defense for her antics is going to be "creativity" and "expression". Yes I'm all for that, but its getting to a point to where I think she just sits around stoned all day and thinks of weird shit to do to get attention. Shes starting to offend people and her fans with the ridiculous shit she pulls. My word of advice for Gaga: Sober up and start taking this seriously. And if you're not under some kind of recreational drugs go to counseling for christ's sake.

  70. 170

    As I've said before, I like some of Gaga's songs, but I am really not a fan of the woman. She is doing things that have been done before. Why would she do the same things that Madonna has done in the past if she wants to be taken seriously as an artist? I think she's run out of ideas and now just wants to use shock value to sell her stuff. If she applied her natural talent and her message of love and acceptance without all the crazy costumes and antics, she would be so much better off. Marilyn Manson did crazy shit, too, so it's not like the public hasn't been shocked and repulsed before. She really needs to find her own voice, instead of stealing ideas from better acts. When she first came onto the scene 3 or 4 years ago, she had so much promise. Her music was good, she was a bit different but not crazy different, she was more approachable, and she wasn't so hopped up on her own ego. If she can't come up with something more original, I think this is the beginning of her downward spiral. I know that a hell of a lot of people are cheering for that.

  71. 171

    I have no idea how you can call Gaga's little monsters the least intolerant people in the world. Have you met them all? How can you generalize millions of people in that way?! Didn't you just write a post about how one of her female fans mutilated their family cat before going to her concert with the cat's blood on her face?! You can be really hypocritical sometimes Perez…just sayin

  72. 172

    It really saddens me to see people judge her so easily. I feel that no matter how much good Gaga will display. People will still think bad of her. But all they have to do is put their judgment aside and listen to her messege. NOH8

  73. 173

    AND YOU GO PEREZ!!!!!!!!!!! Defend Mother Monster!!!!! Bitches don't know shit. Love how they are assuming shit. People are so ignorant. Oh well she is still going to slay!!! :) PAWS UP MONSTERS!!!! (")(")

  74. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: Ivybby – took the words right out of my mouth! Little Monsters "least intolerant group of people in the world, believe in inclusion and love for all"…yeah if it's opposite day lmao. little monsters run rampant online spreading hate & judgement while constantly trying to bring others down & comparing everyone to their "mother". they are only getting the judgement they throw at everyone else. it's like they don't think anyone has a right to be offended by the "chola/orient" lyrics or her religious imagery or anything else she does. they're sensitive subjects, she knows what she's doing taking them on, of course people will be offended. even if you aren't religious you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see why she's using these "shocking" tactics & costumes.

  75. 175

    Sounds like YOU are intolerant of people with religious beliefs and whose opinions happen to differ from yours…in other words you're being an asshole. This is nothing new, people assuming the worst of expressive artists. Just support her without "lowering yourself to their level" and if they arent as "enlightened" by her as you are, tough shit, tolerate that! Practive what you preach and stop being a douch bag!

  76. 176

    People can hate gaga all they want but gaga would never say anything bad about anyone or any group that is not what she stands for. And idk if you guys have notice gaga does what ever the hell she wants she obviously doesnt care what people say about her when it comes to madonna and she doesnt care about what people say when it comes to religion, but with that being said her goal is never to offend people if thats what you are thinking

  77. 177

    "Nowhere did I say it erased the fact or made GaGa fans less tolerant; I said you can say exactly the same for people who like just ONE female artist. You just read too far into it." So what exactly is the point you are making?
    "Well some people actually believe that Catholics are nutjobs (and not all people anti-Catholic are pro-gay). Why can't you respect their beliefs instead of criticizing them and calling them 'fucking bullies?' It goes both ways."
    So are you saying that if I thought you were an idiot, it would be OK for me to write that about you?

  78. 178

    SOOOOOOOO did everyone here read about how a "little monster" cut up her family cat and slabbed the blood on her face and stored the liver in a jewelry box before attending "mother monster's" concert? think i'm making this up? Perez reported it himself…. BUT he put it in the animal section where no one can ever comment…which then goes under the radar. Wouldn't that mean the girl is a weirdo? so why should she get help like you said Perez since lady gaga says its ok to be different and weird??? this is just the beginning. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee keep loving your mother monster! facken ridiculous what this world is coming to.

  79. 179

    Re: Are you stupid?
    "So what exactly is the point you are making?"
    The point was in regard to your rather illogical comment. If you don't get the point, then to answer your question, "Are You Stupid?" Well, yes, YOU are!
    "So are you saying that if I thought you were an idiot, it would be OK for me to write that about you?"
    Write whatever the hell about me you want. Your attacks are so elementary, and it's not like anyone on here takes you seriously. Besides, I already thought that about you upon reading your first idiotic ramblings.

  80. 180

    Re: justtospeaktruth – Wow! I looked up the story, that is INTENSE! I don't think Gaga is at fault here obviously. Their is always gonna be crazies. I don't feel like most of her fans like Gaga like as a cultic figure. I know I do not. There is plenty of stuff I will criticize her for (like telling everyone the song Born This Way is 'revolutionary' and the song of our generation , lol) … I don't like calling myself a "little monster" because it just sounds dumb to me. I'm a big Big Fan, but Gaga does not have an influence on my personal life at all, I think most of her fans feel the same.

  81. 181

    Re: justtospeaktruth
    Be fucking realistic! Of course the girl is a weirdo, and Lady GaGa, Perez, or anyone else wouldn't condone that behaviour. That's like saying all Britney fans are retards just from reading this.

  82. 182

    Re: OriginalRecipe – My point here is no celebrity should EVER ever ever allow someone to THINK they can act this way, lady gaga has a clear message "Be your crazy weird self and its ok!" tell me what person doesn't want to embody their idol? even if not to extremes as this case, but it's almost expected because i mean lady gaga is spewing some WEIRD sh#t and this is almost on the same level of weird sh#t. Even facking perez almost acts as if its ok by joking and saying "RIP kitty!" like wtf? who are we going to blame then? because things don't just happen withOUT any reason. Like im sure (maybe) those aren't gaga's intentions to have bitches acting crazy but shes being very careless with what she's portraying for the price of fame and $$$.
    YOU might not act out or go bananas, but you are only one voice, if this didn't happen AT ALL i wouldn't be assuming that her message is fucking people up. but it did, so there is nothing else for me to do but assume.

  83. 183

    and it was a make up case…. not a jewelry box. my apologies

  84. 184

    Perez, your a hypocrite. Your trying to preach about not being a bully etc. HELLO she's talking crap about a religion. How about being respectful of a persons gender, ethicist, and RELIGION.

  85. 185

    Re: Chavke – refer to my response to OriginalRecipe, and YOU be fucking realistic because you think just because YOU think its something wrong that they also do. You nor the rest of us don't know who/how lady gaga REALLY is nor any of the celebrities for that matter. so pipe down acting like you have brunch with them and they powder your butt.

  86. 186

    Re: justtospeaktruth
    So are you also going to assume that J.D. Salinger's "Catcher In The Rye" fucks people up because one fan of it shot John Lennon?

  87. 187

    Re: justtospeaktruth
    Don't get pissed off at me because I shot down your "truth!" You don't have to know any of these people to know that they wouldn't approve of that behaviour. Anyone with a sane mind wouldn't take a message like "Be Yourself" as some sort of approval to harm animals or people. But since you admit you don't who she really is, your point is moot,

  88. 188

    "Because if you did, you would understand that GaGa's little monsters are the least intolerant group of people in the world." Yeah, for gays, lesbians, bisexual, and trans-gendered people. Not every Lady Gaga fan is like this, but some Gaga fans, like Perez, are completely intolerant to other things like the Catholic religion here. If you want to see some of the most tolerant people in the world, go to Canada. Canada as a nation is tolerant (and other countries too this is just an example). Lady Gaga fans are generally intolerant. They are intolerant against anything other than Lady Gaga, including other artists! Some of them don't have any respect for other artists, that is not tolerant like you are saying Perez! And no, not every Lady Gaga fan is like what I just said, and I respect that about people and it would be wrong for me to label every Gaga fan as intolerant and hypocritical, but some of her fans are really bad. And I guess you get fans like that from every artist, but generally the ones that are like that are really bad because you see them on every other artists posts or videos dissing the other artist when they do something really cool and being all like "Gaga is better this person is irrelevant they need to retire Gaga forever!" or something like that. Just saying Perez.

  89. 189

    Re: Sissy Burden – this is a completely different scenario good sir/madam. NOW that man is crazy for reading something absolutely NORMAL and creating an idea from it to commit an assassination. Lady gaga's message is there already. seriously that was a bad comparison

  90. 190

    Re: Chavke – 1. i admitted YOU don't know who she is either genius. 2. anyone with a sane mind? so lady gaga makes music for only the sane minds? in hope that the crazy shit shes saying wont reach the crazy people? huh? 3. If this was a situation where Britney/Rihanna/Katty perry was almost attacked by a rapist for conducting themselves like whores i would be saying the exact same crap that they need to tone it down or they're asking for it or something along those lines. and 4. i'm not pissed off at you, you're just a little monster.

  91. 191

    I used to like Gaga but i'm getting tired of her………….sounds too much like Madonna. Maybe its Madonna in disguise! xD

  92. 192

    Re: justtospeaktruth – Now now now, fake blood on stage and saying "be whoever you want to be, blah blah" is not saying you should go apeshit crazy! Almost ALL pop stars say that generic "free yourself, don't let anyone tell who you can be, etc " …. it's part of the Job! Of course Gaga isn't restricted to sane people, but NONE of the Media/pop-culture is… imagine how many stage bizarre acts like this have been inspired by movies! So you can't blame gaga for the cats death…seriously, no rational person would blame Gaga in this situation.

  93. 193

    your a hypocrite.

    the more and more you bitch about people bitching over GaGa makes me like her so much less!
    I still call myself a fan of GaGa coz i love her music, but im so over everything else, ESPECIALLY the fact you think she is God.

    Get over it and stop this pathetic tirade, Perez. Your being JUST as bad if not worse than the haters you bitching about.

  94. 194

    Re: OriginalRecipe – how many strange*** bizarre acts.

  95. 195

    Re: justtospeaktruth
    1) I'm surprised you actually know how to count, 2) I never said GaGa only makes music for sane people. I said only a sane mind would know that expressing who you are doesn't mean going out and harming people and things, 3) You would say to someone for dressing "whorish" that they asked for it? I bet you say that about actual rape victims that they asked for it, too. What a douche! That and the fact you're expressing delight and that it's "awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" that some sick twisted GaGa fan did something sickening because you think now it's going to bring down GaGa only shows you're the one with a fucked up mind, and 4) I never said I was a little monster, but if being a little monster means being the exact opposite of what you are, I don't take it as an insult at all. Obviously listening to all that autotuned Britney shit has turned your brain into mush. 5) The "Catcher In The Rye" comparison made above was actually a great comparison, but I'm assuming you know nothing about Salinger.

  96. 196

    Re: beautifulchild – Somehow your answers don't surprise me. Nor do they impress me. I didn't ask you what your point was in response to my comment. What is your point in saying that, "you can say exactly the same for people who like just ONE female artist." And if I was so worried what people on this site thought about me then I wouldn't post anything. More particularly if I don't hold a person in high esteem, as in your case, then I care even less what they think. I see very well why you defend the bullies. You are one. Oh yeah, and whatever infantile insult you're guaranteed to post back…. just remember, I don't really care. So don't waste your last brain cell to come up with a witless remark.

  97. 197

    Re: mortalwombat – Fair enough. I'll believe in thee Creator of the Universe and you believe in yourself and we'll see who's right in the end. But keep in mind that I believe in science AND God. You are taking a big gamble if you're wrong. Bygones by bygones.

  98. 198

    Keep it coming HATERS!! Keep hating on Gaga, she's obviously doing something right cuz she's got all of you haters talkin' the same old shit since Born This Way. You think that the comparisons to Madonna are really hurting her?? IF anything, you're helping her grow! She is a genius for being one of the most controversial artists out there right now, and her music is amazing. Who the fuck cares what you think.. you are NOBODY compared to the Queen..but thank you for adding to her momentum =)

  99. 199

    This debate is really pissing me off, does nobody bother to read posts properly? NOBODY has seen the Judas video yet so any remarks about possible content are pure SPECULATION, I've seen Madonna's black jesus mentioned 3 times in posts so far, not having seen it myself I can't be sure but I would be truly amazed if Gaga went down that route, all we know is the track is called Judas and there MAY be something about Mary Magdelene in there, operative word being MAY even so far as that is concerned! Here is a revolutionary idea, why don't you all wait until the video comes out and then make your comments from an informed perspective, or is that too logical for some of the idiots who use this site?

  100. pinki says – reply to this


    Er…The Catholic Church do not OWN Mary Magdelene or Judas. They did not WRITE the bible and they do not own the CATHOLIC RELIGION so if GAGA wants to play a role inspired from her own religion she can.
    There is no-one on this earth who can say she can't. Free Speech and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION anyone?
    To be honest the Catholic Church should be flattered. The Catholic Church is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay due a reinvention, it's so stuck in the past and needs to update its views.
    Oh, or should I say Catholic Chruch Business? As there's too much money in it it hardly seems like a religion anymore. Scary!

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