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More Outrage Over Lady GaGa's Judas Video

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Which no one has seen - no one.

So, basically you're all freaking out over…nothing!

Reportedly, Lady GaGa plans on taking aim at some religous figures in her upcoming music video for Judas, including Mary Magdalene, a role she will allegedly take on herself. The Catholic Church has already said their peace on the subject (recap - they aren't happy), but now, a slew of prominent Latino groups from Phoenix are expressing their outrage as well.

Jorge Serrano of the civil rights group Take Back Aztlá took the original approach of comparing GaGa to Madonna, claiming:

“So, Lady Gaga is playing Mary Magdelene in her new video to ‘Judas.’ In the video, she witnesses a crime, falls in love with a Black Jesus figure and ends up saving the person wrongly accused of the crime. Wait—didn’t Madonna do that before? At least Madonna made people question religion and race. Lady Gaga is just exploiting the Catholic religion, which many Latinos follow,”

Yeah, that's not what people thought of Madonna 20 years ago! If you want to make a solid arguement, you better get your facts straight. Madonna got nothing but slack for her music videos with religious themes back in the day. Like A Prayer anyone???

Another group leader, Manual Longoria of Nuestros Reconquistos, had a similar opinoin to share of GaGaloo, but she also took aim at those who follow her music as well. She released a statement saying:

“Her song ‘Express Yourself’ already referred to Latina woman as ‘Cholas.’ She has already shown what a bigot she is. Now, she is going after Catholics? This woman is certainly repulsive, but her fans are not too bright for following allowing her message of racism and intolerance to travel."

First of all, bravo for comparing Born This Way to Express Yourself. Did you know you are the first one to do that?!

Second, what is really repulsive is formulating such a hateful opinion about a person or a group of people without having anything to back it up. You haven't seen the video! You have no idea what kind of angle she is going to bring to religion and the people from the Bible. You. Know.Nothing!

Because if you did, you would understand that GaGa's little monsters are the least intolerant group of people in the world. They, as does their mother monster, believe in inclusion and love for all, even people who judge them before getting to know them.

Save this for after the video comes out, huh? Right now, you're just wasting your breath and everyone's time.

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249 comments to “More Outrage Over Lady GaGa's Judas Video”

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  1. 201

    Re: Gaganheim Artists – Gaganheim - you're not a fan of Lady Gaga are you??? I wonder why you would take such a stance on lady gaga…think outside the box for once

  2. 202

    I mean, I can't imagine Catholics getting upset about anything!!!…especially about a music video about their religion. Perez, making fun of someone's argument doesn't make you an effective debater, it makes you a bully. In addition, Perez, you lead in blind faith because you are standing up for something you have admitted that no one has ever seen (i'm assuming you are in fact someone and thus would be included in that assumption). Lady Gaga may have a history of inclusion, but she also has a history of copying Madonna and if that means anything that means she's going to pick on the Catholic church soon enough - shocking right

  3. 203

    I think its funny that a leader of an organization entitled Take Back Aztla or Nuestros Reconquistos is defending Catholicism or arguing against identity politics because both statements are so ironic. Serrano is representing an organization, from what I am inferring from the title of the organization, is trying to not only defend civil rights but to bring Chicana/o/Latina/os back to their native roots. In my opinion, Serrano should not defend Catholicism, even if a large number of Chicana/o/Latina/os practice this religion because Catholicism is not the indigenous religion, but the assimilated religion. Furthermore, some people might better identify with the term Chola, rather than Mexican, Latina, Hispanic, etc. It's identity politics, and someone can not generalize what term can be coined correct versus incorrect. Lady Gaga's use of this term does not make her a biggot. Her message is not racist or intolerant, but I think being closed minded toward shunning specific terms becomes racist and intolerant.

  4. 204

    Re: Are you stupid?
    "Nor do they impress me."
    My intent wasn't to impress you. You're too boring for me to try to impress.
    "What is your point in saying that, "you can say exactly the same for people who like just ONE female artist."
    At first I thought you were feigning to be stupid, but, yeah, my assessment of you is correct. There's really no point in explaining it if you don't get it by now.
    "More particularly if I don't hold a person in high esteem, as in your case, then I care even less what they think.
    Oh, but you do, otherwise you wouldn't take time write these lengthy essays about how much you don't care.
    "I see very well why you defend the bullies. You are one.
    No, I just have zero tolerance for pompous, self-righteous jerks like you.
    "whatever infantile insult you're guaranteed to post back…. just remember, I don't really care."
    There you go again with your not caring. Yeah, I really am convinced you don't care.
    "So don't waste your last brain cell to come up with a witless remark."
    This coming from someone who lacks as much wit as he/she does a personality, and ends their tirade with the most overused cliché about brain cells. Sorry, but something tells me you're really not that qualified to discuss grey matter.

  5. 205

    Re: OriginalRecipe – It's like what i said was wrongly interpreted, while i'm giving lady gaga some blame for INFLUENCING someone to do such thing, what other pop star do you know has had a fan do this? You know for a fact she says the craziest shit, true or not, she says them and its for the fact of sounding cool and different. An impressionable fan (kids & mentally ill) that sits there and believes everything gaga is saying is gonna wanna act as cool as her. While cutting a cat up isn't something gaga would do, it definitely sounds like something she COULD say…"i stored the cat's heart and liver in my make up box" sounds like some "cool" shit gaga would say. Either way this person might have psychological problem, but i'm just saying that shes a very popular person and while looking eccentric is all great, you can't be saying crazy shit just to complete the look.

  6. 206

    Re: Chavke – i shouldn't even reply to you because just by the tone of the comment i can see you're intelligence level is not that high and you're using the insult route to prove a "point." But just to entertain you, to your point 1. I know how to count, read and write! so no need to worry your little head about that okay? :) 2. What if to that woman expressing herself is through killing the cat? so shes crazy for that, but she will tell people she was just expressing herself because gaga says its ok, then what? 3. We were speaking of celebrities, no? i made it clear to state a few names because of what we've seen them do in videos and etc, don't generalize my statement for your advantage. To even get angry at the fact that you think i would say that to someone randomly for wearing a skampy outfit and not knowing the person at all would make me as dumb as you since you don't even know me. Ever heard of sarcasm? you think i would write "aweeesommmmeeee" because im really happy? then i'd be praising that woman that did that to the cat if i was that fucked up in the mind, please stop being a fucken douche. And i don't CARE if lady gaga goes down or not, is she paying for my fucken things? does she allow me to breath? will i die if she is or still not here? Opinions are like butt holes we all have one, and i have the right to mine.

  7. 207

    (cont.) Re: Chavke – 4. You're a fan of lady gaga? lady gaga refers to her fans as a little monsters, therefore you are a little monster. deal with it. And because listening to a short 3 minute song with auto tune and a catchy beat is SOOOOOO fucken horrible that it's going to control my life and make me stupid. really? you're obviously the one with the brain of mush. and 5. I actually read The Catcher in the Rye a few years ago, i know plenty and enough to know that john lennon was not in the book, had NOTHING to do with him, and to know that what the woman did had to do with lady gaga directly since she was dressing up to attend her show. Please stop categorizing anyone and everyone that doesn't share the same opinion towards lady gaga as dumbasses, retards and haters, that's actually one thing i see very common amongst her little monsters but SOME of them can actually voice their thoughts genuinely without insults ( via Re: OriginalRecipe – )

  8. 208

    Re: justtospeaktruth
    My intelligence level is not that high? Do you really want to go that route with me because, trust me, dear, I will crush you in that arena. If you actually knew what the hell you were talking about, I wouldn't waste my time insulting you, but anyone reading your posts could see that my comments to you are appropriate. You want to talk about categorizing? When did I ever say I was a Lady Gaga fan? You just assumed I was because I defended her, when I was only responding to some irrational comments you made about her and a certain crazed fan. I could care less if you hate Lady GaGa, but obviously your hatred for her is obstructing any rational thought on your part. You may be entitled to your opinions, but don't go on such silly rants and then try to pass your opinions off as facts, especially to people who know better.

  9. 209

    Re: justtospeaktruth
    Do you know anything about psychology? Do you understand the human mind? If this fan went on to say she did what she did because GaGa said it was OK (which Gaga didn't–another false assumption you keep making), then people would still think she's crazy. You're talking about one out of millions of fans. If you've ever done any research in the social sciences, that's hardly a large sample; some would call it an isolated case. From reading the story, the girl obviously had some mental problems. Obviously she didn't understand the concept of being yourself the way a lot of these celebrities mean it. No one's telling people to go kill animals because that's part of being themselves. Why can't YOU understand that?
    The fact that we're talking about celebrities doesn't give you the right to say they deserve to be attacked because of what they wear. Maybe you have a soft spot for people who can't differentiate between fantasy and reality, because maybe–I don't know–you're one of them? But you should really stop defending people with psychotic tendencies, then maybe people wouldn't accuse you of having a twisted mind.

  10. 210

    Re: justtospeaktruth
    It's funny how you say listening to Britney doesn't control your life, but you seem to think GaGa controls the lives of her fans? I know many GaGa fans. They know how to turn on and off the "little monster." Stop acting like her fans are some under some haze every time she opens her mouth.
    As far as the way I approach you, I don't give a shit about how others on here do it. If you don't like what I have to say or how I say it, don't respond. And I do understand sarcasm. You're just not good at it.
    PS. After Lennon was shot by Chapman, Chapman was found with a copy of the book on him. Several other assassinations and assassination attempts were also associated with that book. If you actually knew anything about that book and its background, then you'd understand why that aforementioned reference kind of made sense. But it would be silly to blame an author for someone's actions as it would be to blame a pop singer, don't you think?

  11. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: Chavke – she killed the cat because lady gaga said it was ok because she was "born this way" lol sorry, I had to.

  12. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: †!!!SEMICOLON!!!SwedishSweetheart&# – "chola" doesn't rhyme with any other words in the song though, if it was left out or a different word was chosen it wouldn't affect the rhyme or flow.

  13. 213

    Re: Chavke – If i sat here and detailed every goddamn thing that was repeated in your post i would not be able to go out and enjoy judas at a club tonight *rolls eyes* there is nothing left to say honestly because this will keep going back and forth. Believe what you want and keep google-ing facts about controversies around The catcher in the rye (seriously tho… so apparent) Until further information regarding her case is put out, i don't think there is anything more for us to talk about. And i guess i really can't differentiate between fantasy and reality, maybe i should walk around half naked talking about unicorns….because… as you know that's reality. sigh, have a great one

  14. 214

    Re: beautifulchild – Riiiiiight! Entertaining!

  15. 215

    Re: Chavke – And im starting my junior year as a psych major (true story) and unless you're a psychologist or also a psych major, i doubt that psych 101 class you took is good enough to fool anyone on here to call your Dr. Chavke.

  16. 216

    Re: Chavke – And unless youre a psychologist or a psych major i doubt you can fool anyone on here (including me) with the confidence you gained from that intro to psych 101 class you took that apparently makes you think you're a psychologist. mmmkay? okay

  17. 217

    ehh my first comment didnt post and had to repost again but then it showed up. w.e it looks retarded but still the same shit.

  18. 218

    Re: justtospeaktruth
    Googling facts about controversies? Um…the whole Mark Chapman/Salinger connection is kind of common knowledge. I would think such an intellectual like you would know that already. Let me guess how you go into college. They had to fill some kind of quota for underprivileged or underdeveloped kids, or admissions was just slack the year you applied. As far as my qualifications go, I double majored in Psych/Sociology at a school much more prestigious than the 4th tier one you probably attend, so, yes I do know what I'm talking about. And you since you conveniently sidestepped anything I had to say with a lame excuse about having to go out, even though you previously wrote a goddamn book–grammatical errors and all–it's quite obvious you don't know shit. Have fun at the club. Maybe you'll end up somebody's pity fuck tonight.

  19. 219


  20. 220

    Re: Chavke – lmao am i really not that good at sarcasm? jesus i even inserted *rolls eyes* idk how else to point out sarcasm to you, it can't be me, you're just out of touch. So this is what you do with your degrees? My goodness. I would respect you if you were teaching me something new or at least brining valuable points like the intellectual educated person you claim to be, and i guarantee schooling has nothing to do with their students, your school might have been the top psychology program in the states but you still could be the biggest dumbass attending it by luck pulling a 2.0 just to get by, please don't give me that bullcrap. Grammatical errors are not acceptable in places they MATTER, here we have a piece of shit website that i wouldn't bother to care about revising my post, so pathetic of you to even use that as an insult by the way. And i seriously love the pity fuck comment, i just pictured a respected intellectual person saying it and it just really made me chuckle. thanks

  21. 221

    Re: Pegado1970 – Isn't the word latino for people that come from the latin america's? just saying…

  22. 222

    Re: Pegado1970 – latin americas'**** sorry there's grammar police watching the comments….

  23. 223

    Re: justtospeaktruth
    Is "rolling eyes" really supposed to convey sarcasm? Give me a fuckin' break. That's the equivalent of inserting LOL in a comment to act like you think something's funny even when the person on the other end knows you don't. Obviously the pity fuck comment was just my way to get your riled up, and I can see it did. And you can question the validity of my degrees or intelligence, but anyone can also say "True story…I'm a psychology student" as well, but I'm still waiting for you counterattack anything I said in my previous posts. Pretending you don't have the time to respond, even when you're showing you DO actually have the time since you posted like 4 times since my last comment just shows you're trying to distract from the fact you just have NOTHING to add. You can't teach an idiot something new whose mind is too closed to learn. You pulled the intelligence card, and now you want to act like things like grammar doesn't matter on a site like this. Whatever! Back-peddle all you want, but when I hear what this first year psychology student in his JUNIOR year try to prove he knows more than I do, I'll take you seriously.
    "Duh…John Lennon wasn't in the Catcher In The Rye..DUH..go google facts about your controversies…DUH What will she tell people if Gaga said it's OK? DUH I'm a Britney fan..so what" DUH!!!
    You can't get any further left of the bell curve than that.

  24. 224

    Re: Chavke – Excuse me, but you make it sound as if I have to prove something to you? I re-read your posts and what is there seriously to "counterattack" on?? I stated i feel that Lady gaga influenced this woman to do what she did, and you say i'm irrational for thinking that. Done deal. I don't state my opinions as facts….because i wouldn't call them opinions if they were facts. There are countless cases studied by psychiatrists that could SEEM to relate to this, and i'm sure you believe they all do just so you can prove a point. And apparently you don't believe i'm a psych major the same way i don't believe you have acquired neither degree. I never said gaga said it was ok for her to kill the cat, i repeat, i said she said it was ok to be whoever you are. So since im just such an idiot for relating what the girl did with gaga, maybe i should just say it wasn't gaga's fault at all right? because that's very rational. Whatever, you're very exhausting and to say you're not a lady gaga fan is a lie because not even a self proclaimed little monster would continue to fight for lady gaga as much as you are. You win, okay?

  25. 225

    Re: justtospeaktruth
    Well, that's where you're wrong. If someone on here said it was Britney's fault that little girls shave their heads and swing umbrellas at cars, I would defend Britney as well. But you are right…after sleeping on it, I do realize that this is exhausting, and I have been way too harsh on you. It's not in my nature to engage in internet warfare, as anyone who knows me would say to you that THAT isn't part of my personality at all, as most people describe me to be laid-back and very nonchalant about things, even apathetic. It's easy to get caught up in the anonymity of it all on here; I realize I'm starting to be like (gasp)..Perez! So I apologize for all the crass comments, which was really designed to get a rise out of you in the first place. So good luck in your college career and whatever path you may take in your journey in life. Peace.

  26. 226


  27. 227

    Re: Are you stupid? – I love you now.

  28. 228

    BrainDammage73 is completely right. I like Lady Gaga and her music, but this is just too much. It's not about music, feelings and sending right messages anymore. Fame obviously hit her and now she's putting on some stupid acts pretending to be sending good messages…I know you and her and some other people might think that crossing boundaries is the only way to be that successful and it what makes her famous, but there's so many successful artist that aren't doing that. Singing is supposed to be centered about the voice.

  29. 229

    i didnt think ur nose could fit that far up gaga's ass, but u surprise me again!
    congrats hun ;D

  30. 230

    Re: Chavke – And you know what? im seriously not a violent nor bashful person either. Of course i apologize too for even letting it get this far and i think we should have agreed to disagree at least 4 comments back. I actually love people and always believe they're misunderstood and always have good in them which is why i brought up this poor woman that did that, and also why psychology is my major. And i completely understand what you mean by the anonymity that we can all say w.e the fuck we want and get away with it, a very attractive idea lol but good luck with everything on your end too and let's never let fucken perez get us riled up if we ever cross paths again lol. Late

  31. 231

    jesus. these groups need to realize their opinions are doing fuck all but make them look ridiculous for calling out gaga on a video that nobody has seen yet. chill out, if someone wants to exploit religion that's their prerogative. many people are doing far worse than gaga, focus your attention on them perhaps?

  32. 232

    you guys are so damn lame its not even funny okay…. why would you go and talk shit about perez, are you guys mad just because he likes gaga and voices his own opinion on HIS OWN WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!! if you guys cant handle being called out then get the fuck off his web page!!! and you are all HATERSSSS gaga can say what ever she feels in her songs!! emphasis on "HER SONGSS" your all jealous that shes actually making a living unlike youpeople who sit around doing nothing but making comotion over a video you havent even saw yett!!!!!!!!! everyone has a right to say what they feel and i think gaga is an artist i love everything about her and stop compairing her to madonna shes an icon, something gaga will become over time!!!

  33. 233

    your arguments are so flawed about this subject. So what if people are offended, dont they have the right to be?
    Your worship of lady gaga is a little extreme… she is human… she CAN do wrong

  34. 234

    There are people out there who truly promote hatred… people who hurt and kill. People who take pleasure in real pain… and instead of people focusing their energy into stopping crap like that they focus it on someone who is only VOICING an opinion. As an artist she has a right to be creative and speak her mind.. if someone doesnt like it then change the channel, skip the song, read a different article. The problem is… its not what shes saying or doing its that she's doing it at all. People want to fight and argue. Seriously… stop complaining about the video and do something IMPORTANT with your time. If you're really so righteous and loving spend your time helping someone instead of complaining about a video. All it does it further promote the artist you claim to dislike. Stop being counter productive… make a real change.

  35. 235

    ew, CaCa

  36. 236


  37. 237

    I wish I could read all of this but I just CANNOT! LOL they must be too fuckin' old to remember what Madonna went through and WHAT THE STUPID GOSSIPING BULLSHIT LAME ASS MEDIA…KEYWORD…MEDIA!!!! MEDIA!!! SAID! Media is all bullshit. Whoever doesn't realize that is a fucking retard. Like gossip shit.

  38. 238

    Re: AngelaNp267 – Thank you……Lady GaGa is loving and tolerable….people just don't see that, cause of the way she expresses herself……I luv lady gaga and i happen to be catholic….right now my point is….why do u people care, have u seen the video yet…..NO! So stop wasting time….
    i'm with u angela!

  39. 239

    Copying Madonna? BWHAHAHAHAHA
    That means Buckdonna would had to actually learn how or be talented enough to write/compose her own music in order for Gaga to copy her. This place is full of ignorants…

  40. 240

    The world needs to FUCKING OPEN THEIR EYES. We do NOT live in the middle ages, MUSIC IS ABOUT EXPRESSION, AND PEOPLE CAN "EXPRESS THEMSELVES" WHETHER THEY HAVE A GAP IN THEIR TEETH OR WEAR DRESSES INSPIRED BY CONDOMS. There is NOTHING offensive about this song, and I doubt the video will be offensive too AS LADY GAGA IS CATHOLIC HERSELF. The religious people who find the need to hate a video that hasn't been released yet should GTFO and be more respectful and understanding of their peers, as they are taught to.

  41. 241

    Just an added piece of info, I MYSELF am from a catholic family. Perez is right, It doesn't matter where we come from, the little monsters are almost the ONLY tolerant group of people on this earth. I am proud.

  42. 242

    Perez, you have the greatest blogs and all, but sometimes, you're just too judgmental ! Please, don't just look at the negative sides of stuff and pay more attention to the positives !

  43. 243

    Why are ALL these haters ( of you, of Gaga, of homosexuals) on this forum N.E.Ways!!!! If you don't like, don't read it. Don't cruise and waste your 'precious' time! We will still be FabUlous without your unasked for opinion!
    It doesn't matter anyways- the most cynical & mouthiest are the ones who are the dumbest, blindest followers of 'I-T' or should I say H-I-M!!!

  44. 244

    Oh shut the fuck up dumbass pooprez. You're just making urself MORE stupid LMAO
    as stupid and "RETARDED" as fake caca and his "monsters" LMAO

  45. 245

    seriously people calm down…its about expressing yourself….its not about exploiting religion…the lyrics have meaning hidden within it…understand it….and try to concentrate on real religious problems rather then accusing Lady Gaga of exploitation….the song is amazing & the video will be epic… :)

  46. 246

    ohhhh man, here come the haters. no surprise…anyways, whether you haters like it or not, Lady GaGa has been named one of the most influential people in the world. does that not seem to process in your brain? clearly, she must be doing SOMETHING right or else her fan base would not have stayed as strong in numbers as it is now. anyone who opposes GaGa clearly has one problem; they cannot stand the fact to see a strong independent woman accomplish her goals regardless of what others may think. her many ways of grabbing the media's attention OBVIOUSLY seem to be somewhat of a success or else this argument would not be going on in the first place. at the end of the day, three things remain clear: 1. as long as she may live, she will continue to be the voice of the younger generation, 2. comments made by opposers will be easily disregarded and they will only be wasting their breath, and 3. her little monster's will remain loyal to their mama monster until her dying day. :)

  47. 247

    Re: megabug – umm first of all lady gaga hasnbt judged anybody, so calm down and dont talk to her like that!

  48. 248

    Ummm all of you jesus freaks out there have to calm down because lady gaga is only stating her opinions! so calm your asses down! jesus freaks these day!

  49. 249

    sad character she is. no talent just garbage spreading the illuminati new world agenda. I cross my fingers for the youth

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