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New GaGa! Listen To Judas HERE!!!

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Judas has arrived!!!

And he sounds like a smash hit!!!

Listen to Lady GaGa's new single, produced by RedOne, above!!!

LOVE it!!!!!!!!

P.S. CLICK HERE buy Judas on iTunes now!


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392 comments to “New GaGa! Listen To Judas HERE!!!”

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  1. 201

    Love it, love the beginning, middle and ending!! I'm in love with Judas!

  2. 202

    Lady Gaga is an artist. People must remember this. Artists re-invent themselves. She has re-invented herself many times. Artists also have influences, which he has many.. the most obvious is Madonna. What female artist hasn't been influenced by her? Just look at the music scene since 2008 when Lady Gaga came out. Pop music has changed so much and it has much to do with her. She is beyond her time. Every album has a different sound, a different message. I think Judas is a great song. I love the lyrics, the beat, everything. If you aren't a fan of Gaga to begin with, what are you trying to prove? It's just music. Go listen to something else.

  3. 203

    You can't even make out what she's saying!! its just "juda-daaa-daaa ga-ga-ga-gaaa" over and over. i hope this is a remix and the real song will be a lot better

  4. 204

    am i weird because i LIKE the beginning

  5. 205

    LOVE IT!!! CANT STOP DANCING!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 206

    WTF. Everything off of her new album is sounding like shit. I usually find her music catchy and fun… despite the fact that her "artistry" is complete bullshit.

  7. 207

    better than born this way anyways. feels like it's a song that's gonna grow on me

  8. 208

    I like it!!

  9. 209


  10. sj15 says – reply to this


    loove it, LOVE GAGA, and it grows on me with every listen, but doesn't it sound too much like music for walking down the runway?

  11. 211

    Awesome!!! This is really good. Trollers gonna troll…

  12. 212

    ~yawn~ Bad Romance meets Like A Prayer in a confessional.
    The refrain is catchy, but other than that… Same old, Same old.
    But the monsters will like it, I guess.

  13. 213

    It is not horrible, it's just not interesting.
    EuroTrash Club, yes.
    A classic, no.

  14. faiOo says – reply to this



  15. 215

    You can tell she's trying too hard… and isn't paying off! Oh well… I'll go back to Britney and can't wait for BEYONCE!!!

  16. 216

    It's OK, is not Bad Romance but it's still way better than Born this way! I spected so much from her.

  17. 217

    Does perez really have to make this breaking news? LOL! Get off Gaga's nuts!

  18. 218

    Ugh. It sucks :( Dissapointing. I have always cut people apart for saying she wouldn't last. I get the message behind "Born This Way" and I love it, but don't like the song or video. Now this one… and the "bones" on her face/head… I am still excited to see what song is next because it'll either be epic or the difinitive beginning to the downfall of her carreer!

  19. 219

    omg this song is more annoying then born this way I am not buying this album omg what do people see in her, she walks around half naked, promotes weed and alcohol diet and lies…. why do people think she is a good role model for anyone…. people wake up and smell the caca

  20. 220

    wow, what total generic dance crap - hopefully the cd comes with a hit of "E", 'cos that's the only way this shit will become a hit outside of clubs.

  21. 221


  22. Coqi says – reply to this


    Hardly a Gaga hater but this song honestly made me laugh.

  23. @v@ says – reply to this


    Slamming ricochet rubber hook. How to kick it. Those are the really fun ones to perform to put yourself in the zone on stage. Interesting lyrics.

  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    Crisp production. Doing my own backup, lol.

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: M: – You're an idiot, and have a closed mind.

  26. 226

    I love how the haters are only saying "bad song" or "sounds like Bad Romance" Bitches please at least she copied herself, although I don't think its a BR copy and what are you running out of songs to accuse GaGa of ripping off another artist?!


  27. 227

    This song sounds just like ALL HER SONGS….Don't get what the big deal is.
    Epic? Not!

  28. 228

    Amazing !!!!!!!!

  29. 229

    Worst song I have ever heard. Gaga used to be amazing back when the fame came out wtf happened

  30. 230

    WOW Amazing

  31. 231

    yes! Judas!

  32. 232

    Re: liamsmommyxx – I agree with you, Gaga is an artist and all artist have to re-invent themselves BUT re- invent your music too. It all sounds to much like the same o'l same. Madonna re-invented her look as well as her sound….Don't get me wrong I like Gaga but I liked her more when it was fresh.

  33. 233

    Another awesome hit! :)

  34. 234

    I really like it. Yeah, it is Bad Romance 2.0 and I can easily see her doing the bad romance dance routine to this but it's better and it's darker and i can see myself dancing to it in a club.

  35. 235

    LMAO, its nothing but a recycled Bad Romance without the hook. I mean seriously those lyrics are awful and she's grasping for straws with the whole religious vibe. FAIL! Just as I predicted.

  36. 236

    wow, she still sucks. what a damn shocker.

  37. 237


  38. 238

    Re: zeebzob – You fucking said everything right there.
    This song is the best I've heard from her.

  39. 239

    She has raised her own bar so high and now we want something better and bigger. Sadly this isn't it.

  40. 240

    thats boring :(

  41. 241

    Re: Blibberblabber – i agree.

  42. 242

    Well, I totally agree that the begining is like Bad Romance 2.0 and the chorus is totally euro-trash.
    I'm somewhat annoyed at the Contraversial-for-the-sake-of-it Religious reference AGAIN! Apart from the fact that GaGa already did "EDGY" religious stuff (just to rile up the catholics!) in the crappy vid for Alejandro (S&M nuns?) and the 'Capital HIM' in Born this way. Madonna did it way better back in the day - Burning Crosses, Kissing Saints, Stigmata, Sex on the Altar etc etc - Got Banned from Italy by the POPE for that one.
    Loooong way to go yet GAGA…..

  43. IVIV says – reply to this


    this is from her self proclaimed "best album of the decade"? honestly, it sounds like a remix of Bad Romance. Which was her peak. Which is probably why she's ripping herself off. BR was her peak, which has came & went. I hope so anyways. the rarara gaga shit & the "still in love with judas baby" part has you recalling the "caught ina bad romance" part. There's absolutely nothing innovative, new, original, or groundbreaking about it. Anyone who's set foot in a club, or is aware of euro dance music has heard all of this before for decades. It sounds like she's going a bit industrial as well. It's not my thing, I have no desire to listen to it & I think it sucks but it's better than born this way. but that's not saying much now is it cause that was a complete piece of shit.

  44. 244

    Don't understand how alot of you can be so hateful and negative about this song….make something better yourself then!! If its not your cup of tea fine! but saying she should 'give up' and 'go away' etc , really? if u hate her so much why waste your time even writing on here. Gaga is awesome and shes not going anywhere!!!

  45. IVIV says – reply to this


    you gaga fans need to check out the 90's band "Aqua" lol if you think gaga is so innovative & awesome with dance music you'll shit your pants over Aqua. & yes they have theatrical crazy costumes & videos except they did it way before Gaga. Check it out & prove me wrong. Their singer is the original gaga of 90's euro dance.

  46. 246

    Perez is not brave enough to put a pole on the front page for this one.

  47. 247

    Too pop for me.

  48. 248

    why is everyone so Gaga over Gaga??? She is awful, can't write, all of her stuff sounds the same and is a rip off of everyone else, and she needs outlandish clothes to make her seem somewhat special.

  49. 249

    oh man i wish this was better… secretly havent liked either single from this album yet :( bad just plain bad

  50. 250

    oh man this is so bad! Both singles from this cd i havent liked :(

  51. 251

    Re: IVIV – The very first thing I thought when I heard this song is, "Sounds like something Aqua did in the 90s"!!! They had some pretty good songs too!

  52. 252

    To all haters:
    What are you doing here? You should be watching Britney's "dancing" version.
    As for me, I'll stay here and listen to this great song.

  53. 253

    I thought the song would be more serious, because of its title… but this is just plain shit!!

  54. 3l$@ says – reply to this


    I LOVE IT !

  55. 255

  56. 256

    too repetitive…not my style but whatever

  57. 257

    TO ALL THE HATERS: You are entitled to your opinion….However, why do you spew such hate….? You attack her looks and make comments that have more to do with YOU than her…If you do not like it, fine….But why the cruelty? Gaga is an original and somehow that strikes a hateful cord with you all….SCARY….I can assure you, she IS here to stay….So, if you are frustrated with that, go outside and work out your aggression (run, bike ride etc)-STOP TARGETING GAGA!!! Geez.

  58. IVIV says – reply to this


    I've said it on here before & I'll say it again…gaga team likes to release things whether it be a song, video, "special announcement" etc on the same days britney or christina announce something to put spotlight back on her. just like she delayed the alejandro video a million times, had the date set finally & then the day before Bionic was released she said she's delaying it again one more day (so it could be released the day Bionic was) she did the same thing with Britney & her gma performances with gaga vision & now that it's the day Britney releases the dance video for TTWE, she "leaks" Judas early lol

  59. 259


  60. 260

    so far the Britney album is better…

  61. 261

    no, thanx

  62. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: DomTrendy – lol me too! I liked me some Aqua in the 90's. if you look back on their stage shows, videos & costumes it's obvious gaga takes cues from them & the other euro dance bands. Aqua is from Denmark & their sound & image was consistent with everything they put out. It's too fake with gaga, as is everything about her. She talks herself up way too much.

  63. 263

    I'm a devoted Bitch, for sure. But I like Lady Gaga also, though not obsessed as I am with Godney(yes, i am a delusional britneyfan. i'll die for britney) and i like bad romance. now this song is great, i must say. but not as epic as her past singles..i don't like it so much..she gave her all for the past and there's nothing more of her this time. maybe her fans will going to like it, this judas song. but oh no, hold it against me and ttwe are two better songs than this and born this way. she had her moment of fame, noe i think shell be gone of she'll head to this same direction she is now. i know, the video to this will be crazy just to uplift this song.. i'm disappointe with gaga. but happy n the other hand.. why femme fatale vomits over this.

  64. 264

    I like it. Has a sort of 70's ABBA feel to it. Good job Gaga, another home run.

  65. 265

    This is fucking HOT, and all of you haters who are bagging on it can go suck a big fat one! If she collaborated with Janet it would be so epic! Go Gaga!

  66. 266

    What is awesome about this?

    It's not special. It's not good. It's not original.

    What I really hate about this? Some people, many people will buy this. But it's not good. She used to be good. Her first Album was good. This is not!

    I don't understand people sometimes. How can they buy this? Born this way sucks yet it was #1 for 5 weeks.

  67. 267

    HATE IT!! Just noise.
    Ive listen to it a few times but nothing.
    Loved Born This Way/ Express Yourself
    sorry die hard GaGa fans

  68. 268

    well here in europe we call this bumpercar music, and if you call this music then you are all retarded people, oh wait you are…but good news is that not all americans are like that.. perez, jersey shore, gaga etc are monkeys with a laptop, really this is the top music..if people like marvin gaye were alive would they say this is music..please

  69. 269

    The song is not bad,it's quite catchy actually.But she should stop singing about her relationship with luc carl.We got it,it's not really a smooth one but enough already!This theme keeps on repeating and repeating and repeating.This becomes really annoying.

  70. 270

    i don't like it!

  71. 271

    I think GaGa need to stop touring and actually get some thoughts down on paper. Both 'Born this Way' and 'Judas' sound 'rushed'. What I mean is, it sounds like she sat down and thought 'Whats the most controversial thing I can make a song out of?' It seems that the creativity, heart and soul are missing from these two new singles and it's very disappointing. If she wants to send messages, she needs to work for CNN. I just want her to 'feel' her music again.

  72. 272

    Some people forgot to put their ear condoms on! Uh oh!

  73. 273

    HOT? really? this sounds like a dance version of Jesus Christ Super Star but really bad. WTF once agin she sings the theme over and over agin to fill in places she doesn't have words for. WTF is wrong with you caca fans? you'll buy anything.

  74. 274

    Wow. That's gotta be the flat-out DUMBEST song I've heard since…well, "Born This Way".

  75. 275

    "In the most Biblical sense, I am beyond repentance
    Fame hooker, prostitute wench, vomits her mind
    But in the cultural sense I just speak in future tense
    Judas kiss me if offenced, or wear an ear condom next time"

    You guys are saying "Oh awesome!" Do you even know what she's saying? Wth is wrong with you guys?
    The catholic church is gonna rip her apart, and for once i don't mind.

  76. 276

    she sound latin

  77. 277

    Re: toyboy25 – "toyboy" is your nick as good as this song, did you had an epiphany

  78. 278

    The reason why it sounds like Eurovision is because it IS Eurovision. Check for yourselves on YouTube, the song is Insomnia-Jelena Karleusa

  79. 279

    ummmmm pure garbage?????? yup! Pure Garbage.

  80. IVIV says – reply to this


    I forgot to add it sounds like she's singing parts in Rihanna's Barbado's accent, am I right?

  81. ick says – reply to this


    not good, I just don't get it. Okay the mainstream pop is crap but this isn't really making a statement either? So bored, so tired, don't wanna give up…

  82. 282

    While i may not like lady gaga, i always liked her SONGS from her previous album, like someone said on here its like artists work so hard on their debut albums and theyre fresh and all of that then slumps on their second album. The beat to this song is sex but idk they're just something wrong with it…maybe the lyrics just isn't going with the beat or something. And to people saying its amazing, you're comparing it to born this way….compare it to her previous stuff and you'll see how you really feel.

  83. 283

    Then listen to Madonna and stop wasting your time listening to Madonna, you wank!

  84. 284

    this song is fucking awesome. Haters, just keep on saying the same shit, "shes copying herself" how do you copy yourself???? lol or "shes done" "madonna is better" "godney's femme fatale is better" can ppl stfu already??? half of you trolls are fucking posers anyways. one i garantee that most of you weren't around when madonna was at her peak in the 80s. two, yall act like you know so much about music. 3. back when gaga came into the scene, i can prove to you that she had haters behind her calling just dance and poker face shit anf that it sucked?didnt we hear the same shit about btw back in feb? how long did it stay at #1 and in how long did it debut at #1? please stooop, let fans enjoy her music and stfu. like somoen on here previously said if it wasnt for gaga pop music wouldnt be where its at now. all that dancy shit "godney" and everyone else is doing wouldnt exist..think about it.

  85. 285

    What year is this, 1987? The song has nothing new to offer. I used to be such a big GaGa fan, but I will not be buying her new album. Over it.

  86. 286

    Re: bascelicna – LMAO SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE Jelena Karleusa SONG Insomnia

  87. 287

    Re: IVIVRe: IVIV – i used to LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Aqua lmaooooooo youre awesome for that comment

  88. 288

    This song is pretty forgettable. Most of her songs are just random sentences jumbled up to make a song. All her fans can't say nothing bad about this bitch. They think everything she does is the most epic thing in the world. You're all blinded and can't see through her stupidity and desperation to stay in the spotlight. I'm a hater and I'm proud of it. I'm going to forget I ever listened to this garbage and list to some REAL music with REAL meaning.

  89. 289

    Digging the New release from Lady Gaga… We'll be hearing this sony for at least 3 months..

  90. 290

    "Judas kiss me if offenced, or wear an ear condom next time" AWESOME lyrics!! Love the song! Keep up the amazing work, Gaga you genius!! I was at her concert in Lyon/France a few months ago and she really is epic on stage! And please you haters get lives!! Seriously what's the point of coming here saying you hate the song, Gaga and Perez Hilton?!

  91. J2thb says – reply to this


    I am sooo surprised to see these comments, I was sure people were gonna be hating on it…..this song is HORRIBLE!!!

  92. 292

    What I’m really not liking about Lady Gaga’s sound is the production. There’s no denying this is a catchy song - after one listen, I’ve got the chorus in my head. But the overall sound and backing track almost overwhelms the song, I feel like? And it was the same case for Born This Way, whereas with songs like Bad Romance, Poker Face or Just Dance, the production was a lot…slicker? Probably the wrong word to use, but the only one that’s coming to mind.

  93. 293


  94. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: Gerardo Caleb Tapia – actually gaga didn't bring back dance music, madonna did "confessions on a dancefloor" & britney did "blackout" before gaga.

  95. 295

    I am so perplexed that somehow people put Britney in the same category as Gaga….Britney does not write her own music or melodies (Gaga does), Brit can not play a musical instrument (Gaga does excellently) and the world-wide dominance Gaga has- Brit cannot compare…Not to mention all the charitable work Gaga does….I think Britney would not know how to intelligently comment on any world affair…..I took my niece to a Britney concert back when Brit was much younger ( I guess in her prime) AND I have seen Gaga several times…..The difference is astounding….Brit looks and performs just like her Mickey Mouse Club days….Gaga is a visionary and a phenom…..Don't like her? Cool just stop the hate. Thank you.

  96. 296

    Re: Delyth20 – she'd probably think what you said is genius.

  97. 297

    Half of you are soooooo stupid that you all actually think that because people on perez hate that it is dictating her career. Gaga said herself that this song is a continuation of bad romance as you can see both songs are about romances that are bad for you. SO yes it kinda is a part 2 of Bad Romance. You guys are just jealous…… sorry but gaga ROCKS.

  98. 298

    Re: like!!!COLON!!! whatever! – You don't regard writing your own music (melodies & lyrics) and playing musical instruments talented? What about an amazing voice? What or who can you offer that shows you know what you are talking about? Offer some substance please.

  99. 299

    Re: NIkKO1 – Oh honey, a girl that was on the Mickey Mouse Club is queen? see my previous posts comparing the two…..I just don't see it….of course, that is your opinion….I have mine….

  100. 300

    It isn't that great. I thought it would be so much better than this. Oh, well. Maybe third time's the charm?

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